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The full team is back this week and no substitutions were allowed this week. Ann fancied a day off, but she knew that people depend on her for her in depth video game news that you can't get anywhere else. Except perhaps Europegamer (although they never end their news stories on an incredibly funny joke).

There was also no Super-Special Guest so this allowed the team to look at the biggest gaming stories in more detail. Which were mostly about us, obviously. Not only did we go through last week's Videogame Karaoke but we also announced that there will be another Videogame Karaoke at Not'num GameCity along with lots of Videogame based drink. Keep Thursday October 25th free. Unless you're Ann and tell everyone (incorrectly) that it was the Wednesday.

Another big story is that City of Heroes is still closing and being fans of the underdogs (especially if they are also fans of us and send us songs to play on the show) we put our name behind the campaign to keep it open. We fully expect NCSoft to reverse their decision pretty soon since our announcement.

We also try to see how the Government decides how a videogame is British. And get pretty confused. So business as usual then. Luckily Derek Williams and Doctor Avatar still know what they are doing and provide us with more top quality features. 


Team OLL x 



1. Klamm - Coffee Turbo 

2. YERZMYEY - Fifteen Colours 

3. Curt the Camera Guy Arndt - I Want My City Back

4. Jredd - Transcend 

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