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Ste makes his return this week so that means we have a full compliment of presenters. But wait... Simon looks different. For one thing he's got his top on which is a first for 2012. Oh, it turns out Simon couldn't make it so he hired Guardian games journalist Keith Stuart to be his replacement. Which raises all kinds of questions about why Ste didn't need a replacement but Simon did. Does this mean Ste is irreplaceable? As with most things, we don't know.

We do know that our Super-Special Guest is worthy of that title as we welcome Paul Presley into the studio. He currently looks after the quarterly and three-monthly Continue magazine, but also has been round enough to have seen Simon when Simon first started in the industry. We get a bit of gossip about young Simon from Paul, however the majority of tales are still not suitable for the airwaves.

Keith gives us a bit of a preview for his How To Be A Games Journalist event (which will have finished by the time the podcast is up) by telling us the top five words not to use in a review, Ste enters a weird jet lag zone and the letters section takes on a medical theme. All of which are excellent, but not as excellent as our Videogame Karaoke will be this Thursday ( Be there.


Team OLL x 



1. awesomeforce - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

2. ChasingBleeps - Meteor shower

3. Jredd - Mystical Rush

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