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With no Ste in the studio today it means that all bets (and tops) are off. It also means that the show will go more smoothly than usual and the typical Curran errors will disappear. Well, sort of.

Luckily we didn't make an error in booking Adrian Barrett of Silverball Studios to become a Super-Special Guest. Not only is he an expert with the silver ball, but he's also an expert with the oval shaped ball (as long as it's during the night time and in Oxford). He tells us how you get authorisation from Nintendo to make a Mario game and also his other dreams, illusions and fantasies about pinball. If you remember the old Pro Pinball games then get over to his Kickstarter page now where Silverball are trying to remaster Pro Pinball for pretty much every system going.

Simon explains how he's progressed from pushing Phil Fish over in bars to pushing the general public out of very tall cranes in the interests of PR. But he also manages to get Doctor Avatar and Derek Williams mixed up. However, now we think about it, has anyone seen them both in the same room? Wait, we did. At our Christmas party a few years back. There's also a chance that we might have gotten the chiptune tracklisting mixed up, but we're sure you'll just listen to them all as they're all great.


Team OLL x 


Mystery Tracklist:

1. Dr Treble - Pon Pon Pon

2. Kola Kid - Like A Robot

3. Jredd - Mystical Rush

4. ABSRDST - Space Time Continuum

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