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Ok, so in our last episode the guest cancelled on us (but we had the excellent Mike Bithell to replace him). Luckily we had no problems this week, well apart from from Ste nearly missing the show due to the trains being English and therefore rubbish. And we suppose not having a show last week could be classed as a problem. Unfortunately our legal team have stressed that we can't reveal why it was cancelled, all we can do is say that the London 2012 Olympics Committee have yet to announce the Official Videogaming FM Radio Show of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Luckily our Super-Special Guest had no problems getting into the studio, which meant that we were happy to have New Star Games' Simon Read on the show. We took him on a tour of how his excellent iOS/Android/PC game New Star Soccer is rated around the world. He also dropped a few EXCLUSIVES! for us, but these EXCLUSIVES! are now becoming second nature for us.

And along with our Super-Special Guest, we had Derek Williams, the welcome return of Doctor Avatar and the equally as welcome return of thedoyouinverts. Surely this must have been worth the extra week's wait? Well, what if we told you someone other than Ann reads out a news story? Thought that would work.

Team OLL x


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