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Sad news this week (cue the music from The Incredible Hulk) as someone announces his (or her) (hopefully temporary) retirement from the show (The title gives it away you idiot - ed). The aftershocks of this announcement will be felt for some time, or until Ste finds a way to fill in the spare three minutes.

Away from news that will bring a tear to a glass eye, we have a super-special guest in the form of Nick Cowen, who shows us how freelance journalism works as he not only works in the clean, pristine world of FM radio, but also is prepared to get dirty in the disgusting world of medium wave. Brrr.

There's a bumper letters section that we have to split into two sections. Listen to see if you won a copy of Dark Souls or if you were insulted by Ste when he was drunk.

Not a huge amount of features, but the ever reliable Derek and the reliably Week A Wiki Wah-Wah-ing Duncan are more than capable of keeping you entertained. We hope.

Team OLL x

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