One Life Left's Podcast

It's hard going back to work, even after only one week away. Except because of the sheer professionalism of Team OLL you won't notice that.

You might notice that we're missing some super special guests. Perhaps their Mums were allowing them an extra day off to stay at Center Parcs or to go to Skeggy Beach or something. Either way we'll have some super special guests for next week. Maybe.

As well as our excellent contributors (Derek, Doctor Avatar and Craig this week) we talk about CoDexp and Kanye attending the launch event. We're hopeful of getting R Kelly to come to our rival OLLExp event. What's that, he's cancelled? Ok, Bubba Sparxxx then. MC Hammer? Who can we have then? MC Skat Kat? We give up.

Team OLL x

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