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We always go on about our super-special guests in these introductions, so for a change why don't we put our excellent contributors at the front for once? In this episode we've got Derek Williams our constantly self-promoting market stall holder, Craig 'The Rage' McClelland our amazing gaming poet in residence, the doyouinverts moving from making fantastic music to helping you save money with their Austerity Pleasures and Doctor Avatar trying his superb best to stop our gaming superstars from dying.

And, of course, there's the listeners. Not only do you treat us with a bumper crop of letters, but you also joined us in our Google Hangout (although we then realised that only 10 people can hangout at once and our useless Caretaker didn't even tweet the link like we asked him too). We even had a special competition for those on the hangout, but you can still e-mail us your entries if you want to.

What else happened? Oh we talked about games for once (it must have been our anniversary or something) and Dave Green sent us some lyrics for Ann to sing to music. As long as she gets within a midge's minim of the start of when she needs to sing it will be great.

Team OLL x

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