One Life Left's Podcast

The final one of three OLL's that almost never were brings a new adventure: how can they do a show with no features, no music, no themes and a broken Mac? We join the broadcast at 7pm with The Bike Show's sassy salsa muffling abject panic in the Resonance FM studio:




Also this week:


+ The OBE discussion moves on with a look at what we can learn from the games industry professionals already honoured by HRH The Best Queen Ever




+ A review section manfully steered by Simon as Ste tries to put out bits of the studio that are (metaphorically???) on fire


Audio levels are a bit of a mess, particularly during the reviews section. As always we've tried to fix it in post production but it's not the best. Apologies for that.


Next week: Simon and Ann do the show on their own. Probably for the best.


See you soon!


Team OLL


PS I said this last week, and the week before that, but it deserves repeating for a second time: PLEASE remember to follow us on Twitter / Facebook / tell your friends / etc. We rely on word of mouth for publicity. WE NEED YOU AND CHERISH EVERY PIECE OF HELP YOU GIVE US. Thank you, thank you.

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