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Welcome to the second part of catch-up trilogy! With Simon excused from duty, the episode from the 17th of January has a different tone to most episodes of One Life Left. Ste and Ann actually talk about games! I know. Imagine. Or better yet, listen.


Once you've listened please let us know what the episode was about? It has been ages and we can't bear to listen just in case it's unlistenable. That would be awkward.


Things we remember:


1) Some chat about the new OBE adventure.


2) ... Music? Features? More Taliah?


3) That's it.


See you shortly for part 3, which was a ludicrous nightmare for all kinds of reasons. But definitely fun.




Team OLL



PS I said this last week but it deserves repeating: PLEASE remember to follow us on Twitter / Facebook / tell your friends / etc. We rely on word of mouth for publicity. WE NEED YOU AND CHERISH EVERY PIECE OF HELP YOU GIVE US. Thank you, thank you.

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