One Life Left's Podcast

After last week's chastening / celebratory debacle, a humbled team return determined to do justice to the One Life Left 'brand'. That means a mix of videogame chat, friendly sniping and a very special gaming guest. We're number one! Well, he is.



Who? Miles Jacobsen, Footballer Manager's gaffer, who gives some inspirational team talk, tells us how we can kill PC gaming and, typically, attempts to flaunt our review policy. 




++ Reviews, news, gossip and EXCLUSIVE information about the seque


++ Information about the One Life Left Christmas Party (17th December!)


++ A brilliant new track by the doyouinverts


One Life Left will be away next Monday (Ste's in Lyon) but back the week after when we'll have more information about the party and all kinds of other stuff. We're sure. We haven't exactly worked it out yet. Ten days is AGES away.


In the meantime, email us, say hi on Twitter, spread the word about the show and we'll add you to our special LOYAL LISTENER lists, etc.


love you,


Team OLL


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