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Don't call it a comeback! Call it a show that we recorded at Antenna in Nottingham on Thursday 25th April with multiple Super-Special Guests and the first recorded appearance of our FOTS badges-back.

It's a little teaser to remind you of our show before we're officially back, Back, BACK in September. So what do you learn in this episode? Well, aside from hearing about why Ann has put Prince Harry on the EOTS list and why Simon has been signed up by the ECB as a Gary Pratt-esque sub fielder, you mostly hear from our amazing SSGs and the equally amazing stuff that they're working on.

We have Neil Jones who despite being Australian doesn't start all of his sentences with "Aw look", Owen the House DJ explains how to best use a Tenori-on, Stefan Morris gives us a good excuse to touch people bums without having to sing the Cheeky Girls. We also hear about how to make game guide from Andrew Mills and Graham Spence teaches us about Swirling (which sounds a lot dodgier than it actually is).

And that's not all. We also sign up Sam Kay as a FOTS and Charlotte joins our ever increasing band of lawyers. OTHER PODCASTS BEWARE.

See you again in September!

Team OLL x

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