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Back in May 2013, we went over to the country of Nordic to see their amazing games conference. And also to be taught that there is no such country as Nordic. It could be for this reason that we had to do the first show from a slaughterhouse. And even worse: with Parko.

But don't despair! We had some good guests on too! Joachim explains his game Flowstorm, Oscar Clark and Chris James drop in too. Ste then goes missing, just as we hear from Petri and Martin about Sexy Hiking and their meditative space strategy game Rymdkapsel.

Tom 'Cheese Doodles' Betts tells us about Sir/Madam You Are Being Hunted and how it is best to abbreviate it. Lau from the Copenhagen Games Collective organises us as well as the Indie Gaming Night (and introduces Ann to the game of Spin The Bottle). And we end the show by talking to Emma the COO/Producer/Magician of Nordic Games who reveals the secrets of how to make a great games conference without being kicked out of the magic circle.


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