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No Continues is One Life Left’s off-season weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss three different games that incorporate a single theme. Last week’s theme was ‘Adventure’. You can listen to episode 2 here*.


Next week’s theme is ‘Simulation’. Ignore what we said at the end of Episode 2, because the three games chosen for dissection by NC this week are:


1. Populous (Bullfrog, 1989)




Not easy. There's a Master System version online here, but the best way is to follow these instructions.


2. Sim City (Maxis, 1989)


Playable online via this link (only works in Internet Explorer) or through DOSbox emulation by downloading here. There are also iPhone / Android versions; since we're talking about the art of building a city rather than anything relating to the original version, those will suffice.



3. Photopia (Peter Favaro, 1986)


Play it here.


Play, listen and contribute to the show live on Resonance 104.4FM at 7pm on Monday evening, or we’ll see you back here for the podcast.

Team NC



* Honestly, the Zelda discussion is a bit vague and directionless, not least because we lost a couple of the group at the last minute. Apologies for that; we're learning the best way of doing this too, so things are going to be a little clumsy sometimes. SORRY. The other 45 minutes is radio book game group GOLD, though. Honestly.

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