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This is a bit of strange episode this one. The knights have all been chosen, and are currently sat around a round table singing in rounds. But it's too early for us to start season 8 so what do we do?

The correct answer is we go off to San Francisco to sit at the bottom of the stairs and interview gaming luminaries in association with Gamasutra at GDC. Yet how do we introduce ourselves to these luminaries? Is there some sort of calling card we can provide? Can we reduce 7 years, 160 hours of podcasts and about four literally unbroadcastable live shows into an hour long pre-recorded introduction?

Well, possibly. Team OLL went into their pre-record bunker to discuss how we got to where we are, how Ste will be going to GDC, if Los Angeles is above or below San Francisco (and getting it wrong) and how our party in association with Wild Rumpus and Venus Patrol will be the best gaming related party ever. Until Gamecity 2012 anyway.

Speaking of our amazing party, we still have one ticket left for sale. Surely you don't want to be the only person who isn't going? Well you can bid for this non-golden ticket by e-mailing us a monetary offer (despite Simon's best efforts to make us accept alternatives we will only be accepting monetary offers) to team [at] If you are the highest bid then you can have the ticket. The money will be going towards Resonance FM's fund raising drive. If you want to give them extra money to help keep them on the air then you can do so here (

Many thanks go to Ann this week for making something literally unbroadcastable into something that was literally broadcasted.

Team OLL x

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