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It's the last OLL Knights this week so we are crowning the last knight for 2012. Do you crown knights? Perhaps because we're unsure about these things it might explain why we didn't get the OBE that we were trying to get last year. Or Charles Cecil and Miles Jacobson deliberately stopped us from joining their gang. Normal service will resume next week, except that's our GDC preview show where we talk about how we're all going to have a great time at GDC.

Anyway, we have three worthy challengers this week in Nick Cowen, Daniel Nye-Griffiths and Duncan Geere. All three are excellent writers, but only one can succeed. Unless it's a tie. How many questions will be answered by the two words "Tim Schafer"? How do beards tie in to becoming a knight? Why did we choose to have a memory round that took a long time to finish? What would Simon like to snog, marry or avoid? All these questions will be answered in this episode.

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Team OLL x

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