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So Simon's away this week after our caretaker foolishly agreed to let him have the time off. Perhaps said he could be on the guestlist at our GDC party with Wild Rumpus and Venus Patrol. Except there is no guestlist for him to go on.

Perhaps Simon being away might explain why we played our old theme for this week's episode. Wait, a better excuse is that we were having old members of the videogame establishment on the show so anything new might have caused them to worry.

Old Man Dreamweaver Kieron Gillen shows how he's kept in touch with videogames by telling us the differences between scrambled eggs and real eggs, whilst Dave 'I'm Dave Green' Green helps us increase the share price of Game.

Hang on, that excuse doesn't work because the Guiness Book of World Records Gaming Edition's Gaz Deaves isn't that old. Although Norris McWhirter did used to have a column in Zero magazine. (That was a parody column caretaker. You deserve stringing up for that one - Podcast Ed)

I suppose we'll just have to blame it on the same person that we blame every time something goes wrong. It's all your fault Parko.

Team OLL x

P.S. If anyone has worked out the naming convention for this series then tweet your answer to @onelifeleft and you'll get a prize that the Caretaker hasn't thought of yet.

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