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Sometimes we think we go a bit too obscure with the titles for our GMA-nominated podcasts. This one was inspired by our Super-Special Guest Gary Burchell, who is in the middle of creating the pirate game (but not the pirated game) Abandon Ship. See? It’s quite a clever title really. Gary told us all about Abandon Ship, which has been described as FTL meets Master and Commander and has been used by games journalists as an opportunity to do lots of poor puns. We asked Gary about what it was like to go indie, why he hasn’t put his name in the title and why water ships are better than space ships.

It’s also the week after the GMA awards so we EXCLUSIVELY reveal if we won and who managed to avoid putting their name on The List. We also remembered an incident that we’d really like to blank from our memories.

We also started a new news feature which every other GMA nominated podcast will be copying in the future and saw Rob Beer and Sega Badawi returning with their regular contributions. Ann made a special announcement and one piece of news got a little too close to home for Team OLL.

Team OLL x


1. This is embr - Affection
2. Toasterpastries - Mathluv

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Well folks, it's the final day of GDC 2016, and what an amazing time we've had. We've spoken to dozens of guests, hosted two epic Marioke sessions, experienced more virtual realities than we ever dreamed possible AND learned how to pronounce HTC Vive. Incredible scenes.

But before we go, join One Life Left, Gamasutra and super special guests Fred Wester from Paradox, Eric Zimmerman, Jesse Schell, Riot Games Kimberly Voll, Martine Spaans, Kanye Zone superstar Stephen Barlow, Robert Yang, Positech's Cliff Harris, Henrik Johansson from Mediocre Games, Dan Adelman, Robert and Peter Curry, and Anna Kipnis from Double Fine as we see out GDC in style.

Team OLL x

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Stories! Awards! Pink Pants! Join One Life Left, Gamasutra and twelve more super special guests as we guide you through the ins-and-outs of GDC 2016.

On today's show we're joined by Matti Larsson from Zordix, Joseph Humfrey and Tom Kail from inkle, industry legend Lorne Lanning, Steve Meretzky, Tadhg Kelly, Scott Brodie from Heart Shaped Games, Zach Gage, Chris McQuinn from DrinkBox Studios, Steve Gaynor, writer Chris Kohler, and Frank Cifaldi from Digital Eclipse.

Team OLL x
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It's day three at GDC, and now the expo's properly underway it's time to find out if this VR stuff is any good. Luckily we've got a small army of super-special guests to help us work that out.

Guests include Tommy Refenes from Team Meat, Ryan Burrell, educator Kerry Turner, Lee Perry, Robin-Yann Storm, FourbitFriday’s Tyriq Plummer, Jake Birkett from Grey Alien Games, Luuk van Aggelen and Bram Simonis from Pillow Games, Katie Goode of Triangular pixels and Gamasutra columnist Katherine Cross.


Team OLL x

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Show two from GDC, and the first from the convention floor! Join us and twelve super special guests as we talk about what's coming up this week, how many VR panels can fit into one lineup and we continue to ask the all-important question 'How do you pronounce Vive?'

Featuring John Warner from Over The Moon Games, Andy Nealen from NYU, Tarn Adams from Bay 12 Games, Kongregate co-founder Emily Greer, Fullbright's Nina Freeman, Henrike Lode from Lohika, Romana Ramzan from Glasgow Caledonian University, Professor Mary Flanagan, James Portnow from Snow Cannon Games, composer Laura Karpman, and Mare Sheppard & Raigan Burns from Metanet Software Inc.

Team OLL x

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One Life Left is back to present the official GDC podcast with our good friends Gamasutra. We thought we'd take it easy with our first show by having a relaxed recording in a hotel room, but what we ended up with was a bumper show packed full of more people than we've ever had on before. 

Join us as we talk to TWENTY-SIX (26) amazing guests, hear from developers new and old, chat about game jams and game collectives, discuss how to #network, and get into the big debate about how to pronounce the HTC Vive. 
On the show were:


Charles Cecil - Revolution Software

Martin Kvale - Independant

Tim Garbos - Triband

Joel Nyström - Ludosity

Hannah Flynn - Failbetter

Harry Tuffs - PixelTrickery

Lottie Bevan - Failbetter

Martine Spaans - Tamalaki Game Publishing

Jonatan Van Hove - Independant

Matt Boch - NYU

Sarah Brin - Autodesk

Simon Parkin - New Yorker/Gamasutra

Brandon Sheffield - Necrosoft Games

Rami Ismail - Vlambeer

Grant Shonkwiler - Epic Games

Dave Evans - Playcanvas

Brian Francis - Gamasutra

Adriel Wallick - Train Jam

Philippa Warr - Rock Paper Shotgun

Eline Muijres - Dutch Game Garden

Eduardo Ortiz Frau - Audio Producer

Shahid Kamal Ahmed - Independant

Alex Wawro - Gamasutra

Runa Haukland - Hamar Game Collective

Catharina Bohler - Hamar Game Collective

Marianne Lerdahl - Hamar Game Collective

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One Life Left returns after a two week break and everything has changed. Or at least one thing has: the caretaker is on holiday, which means Ste is back to uploading the podcast which means it's frankly some kind of miracle that you're even reading this. If there's a second miracle and you can hear it too, here's what to expect:

* Super special guest Rachael Reynolds talks Sunless Sea, Fallen London, drops some exclusive news involving another dev studio and teaches us how to do interviews

* The team discuss their various engagements, including Simon's fun at Develop, Ste's adventures in Joensuu and Ann's trip to Kelis

* There's some promotion for the not-at-all-confusing third #THIRDSDAY, this time on a Wednesday, i.e. potentially tonight, so see you at The Loading Bar

* Reviews, news, features, letters, etc. And lots of music, talking of which...

Track List:

1. Iron Ore - Sentiment

2. Klamm - Score

3. Calavera - About Us

4. Motionride - Whatever You Wish

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After a wonderful and refreshing break (where Simon's telly was used by former contributor Taliah to bond when her new boyfriend on Christmas Eve and Ste and Ann facetimed America and honeytrapped indie developers on New Years Eve) One Life Left is back! And we're hitting the ground running with no errors, unless you count losing the letters as an error, which it isn't, it's a feature (who says we don't learn anything from our interviews with developers?).

Luckily as our first Super-Special Guests of 2014/Year of Bidoof were David and Philippa, the creators of our GOTY which was the Ann Scantlebury-starring Going Around. As part of Simon's interview role-play, this week he took on the role of Jeremy Kyle and tried his best to split up David and Philippa, although he didn't go as far as having a lie detector test (we're saving that for Parko). We also found out what it's like to compete in a Game Jam, what year will be the most annoying this century and how David and Philippa decided on which of Team OLL should star in Going Around.

There were also returning features in the form of Sega Badawi and Doctor Avatar. And Simon argues with Gamasutra's Mike Rose about math(s), Ann temps on Pip's Not A Game podcast (feat. Tom Hatfield) and Ste comes up with a foolproof plan to win a GMA. Not only that, but we officially announce some exciting news for March.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Wiklund and Joule - Makebelieve girl
2. Zer0 Filt3r - Lost In Thought

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In all our nine seasons at One Life Left we've never had a walk out. We've never offended a guest so much that they stormed out of the studio never to return. That run had to break at some point, but we never thought that we could have offended our Super-Special Guest Keith Stuart - the most nicest man in videogames journalism. He came on the show (even though we got him the sack from The Guardian) to talk about his new Kickstarter, which is an excellent book about the Sega Megadrive. But it all turned sour. We thought we were ok to go to Cara's feature, but K Dog didn't like that, threw his headphones to the ground and stormed out. Awkward.

It took all the best efforts of our other Super-Special Guest Simon "Parko" Parkin to persuade him to come back into the studio. Our caretaker has tried to cover the majority of the blow-up, but you might still hear Keith's voice raise slightly and the fear in Parko's voice.

It's a shame because Parko was also on the show to promote a book, not to work on his fledgling career as a counsellor. Parko's book is an illustrated history of 151 games and he doesn't even need a Kickstarter to get it released. He's so edgy! And he owns a boat too! Although he doesn't really know what a meme is.

As well as our SSGs (and no Ste as he was still on his spirit walk in America) we also had features from Cara, Science Officer and Sega Badawi along with an announcement of new features from Philippa Warr, Leigh Alexander and One Life Left's Guy Cocker. There's talk about Ann getting a perm too, but the only way of finding out if the perm will happen is by buying a ticket for the Christmas Party (and attending). They're still available at but at current buying rates they'll be sold out before December so buy now!

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Master of magic theme - Anders Hesselbom/Rob Hubbard
2. Delta (main theme remix) - Moonove/Rob Hubbard
3. Jredd - Revolution X/Music is a Weapon

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It's hard being the class clown, always pretending to be happy and jolly. That nothing in the world can affect you, that you're everyone's friend. Sometimes though... Sometimes it just gets to you. Obviously as we're professional podcasters and radio show presenters you won't be able to notice, but just bear that in mind.

But however you listen to the show - be it through Youtube, itunes or our wesbite you're guaranteed an excellent show especially as our Super-Special Guest is Andrew Hewson from Hewson Consultants! We were a bit selfish in our interview with him and whilst we knew all of our listeners were desperate for his in depth knowledge on SSAP 13 (Accounting for Research and Development), we decided to move away from the Accountancy questions and instead asked him about the good old days of gaming. The days when you could send a cheque through the post and 7-10 business days later you'd receive a cassette through the post with a game on it. The days when you could play Paradroid, Uridium or Pinball Dreams. The days before your heart had been ripped out in front of your peers by someone saying the name "Guy Cocker" on stage.


As well as Andrew (who is writing an excellent book called Hints and Tips for Videogame Pioneers, with a Kickstarter coming soon), we have Science Office, Dr Avatar and Local News. We also answer the question 'What do you do with your close friends?' and perform a live experiment. As long as you're listening to this in November and have an Xbone.

Team OLL x

Keith Stuart was also on the show.


Track list:
1. The One Electronic - Biting The Pavement
2. Jakim - Colon D
3. Dilithium Lift

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