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Annoyingly our attempt at doing a Wii U/EU pun for the title of this episode didn't really work when it was written out. So just make your own ones up, as long as you say them out loud. But anyway. One Life Left is back! After a summer break of about six weeks we were back in time (give or take a few weeks) for the start of Parliament so that we could finally talk about Brexit. We got Ian Dunt, the host of the Remainiacs podcast and Editor on, on as a Super-Special Guest to talk about Brexit but he kept wanting to relate it to videogames. Doesn't he know that we're Europe's only radio show about politics? Or did we get confused from our time away? That's possibly the answer. As well as our red hot Brexit chat we all did our usual spoken-word essay on What We Did In Our Holidays, updated the OLL style guide with the approved pronounciation of 'troll', and let you know which popular beat combos are good at Mario Kart. Ann told us her criteria for a good videogame, Ste gave us a Crimewatch update on his stolen laptop and one of our readers gave Ian the ultimate moral dilemma (great cars them moral dilemmas). Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track List: 1. Amateur LSDJ - Hardcore 2. adaMills - Mini Boss 3. hiro094 - Returnees
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It's the final episode of One Life Left before our summer break which means that it's mufti day. Actually, did everyone have a mufti day at school or was it a regional thing? Well everyone brought games in for their last day didn't they?

Despite there not being an England World Cup match on Monday Simon still didn't make it into the studio and he also neglected to book a Super-Special Guest so it was a Scanters and Ste Summer Special. This meant they got to talk about the most relevant topic in videogames this week, which was obviously haircuts.

There was also discussion about immersive theatre, a solid rain joke from Ann, we finally confirmed if we were HAPPY TO PAY FOR GAMES, and the Ste and Microphone feud continued. It'll probably still be going into Season 17.

Team OLL x


1. Deko - Pancakes
2. Feryl - Summer is Fading

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We had a Scanters-shape hole in the show today (why does HR keep approving her holiday requests?) which meant that Simon and Ste needed to do the news this week. Do you think that they planned ahead and wrote the news stories well in advance or decided to throw this week’s Super-Special Guest a curveball and asked him what he thought was good news?

It's a fairly easy question to answer, but we felt that Jim Rossignol from Big Robot would be the perfect SSG to be able to cope with this challenge. He's well known for his polite manner and definitely thinks that swearing isn't big (robot) or clever (robot). Jim also took the chance to tell us about Big Robot's soon-to-be-and-sort-of-already-released fifth game The Light Keeps Us Safe which is available on Steam Early Access.

There was some talk about how the OLL style guide differs to Eurogamer's, we tried to find out why we keep getting excluded from the important debates, and Jim remembered which reviews he forgot about writing.

Team OLL x


1. Crystal Cave - ada Mills
2. Castaway - Amateur LSDJ

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What does QVC stand for? Great products at great prices. OK, let's make this clearer: What do the letters in QVC stand for? You will find out the true answer during this week's episode of OLL. Which stands for One Life Left - a poor videogame radio show on a great radio station.

Our Super-Special Guest was Alex Fleetwood from Sensible Object, who has passed most of his training to be on QVC. He's been busy making Fabulous Beasts, then renaming it as Beasts of Balance, adding a new feature to Beasts of Balance (which is a potential OLL EXCLUSIVE), before moving onto Alexa powered board games like the travel trivia game When In Rome. Alex has also been trying to make Bingo more exciting, but annoying things like image rights have been getting in the way.

We also found out if Simon is annoyed by time travel, if Ste gets on with his microphone, and if Ann liked her hotel in Brighton. And football isn't coming home either, but if this is news to you only as a result of listening to this podcast then you probably weren't that bothered about it’s attendance anyway.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - Transformation
2. Amateur LSDJ - Storm Outro

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We had the full team in this week but no Super-Special Guest. We were going to get Jesse Lingard on to talk about Fortnite, but he was busy for some reason or other.

After our mini-break last week we came back to a very hot studio and Ste had made the mistake of not wearing shorts (luckily he didn’t make the additional mistake of not wearing trousers). We discussed what we got up to during Saturday’s football, Ann successfully workshopped a joke, Ste ordered some games in contradiction to his previous statements, and Simon has made some money.

We also found out that soon we will find out if we are more important than QVC, that Simon is a Catfish, and that at least two of our Significant Others listen to the show live. You can too at 7pm on Resonance FM.

Team OLL x


Tracklist: 1. Zer0 Filt3r - neato 2. Sanczo Zapiekanka - Pegasos Elegium 3. Amateur LSDJ - Armada

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Simon was back this week but we didn’t have a Super-Special Guest through no fault of our own. Honest. This meant that Ste had more time to talk about Mario Tennis Aces and if he loves it more than he loves Smash Bros. Simon decided to go headphones free and has discovered literally hundreds of pounds hiding in his attic (it’s the cupboard under the stairs that is where the real worthless items are).

We also found out that we are now on Spotify, Ann discovered that you can put JoyCons on your body, and we managed to solve Brexit through loot boxes. We debriefed the team about Marioke in Berlin and how it is different to UK Marioke (mostly it’s to do with smoking).

WARNING: Ste will be mostly talking about Lumines next week so be prepared for that.

Team OLL x


1. Ada Mills - Space Stage
2. Squoril - Atari Love Song

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Sometimes One Life Left is scheduled against big events, which means that some of our listeners usually have to catch up through these podcasts. Luckily this week all that was happening at 7pm was an England match - which pretty much everyone agreed was a 7/10 performance.

For some reason Simon was away this week (which HR are investigating), but he managed to book Luke Williams as a Super-Special Guest before he went off. Luke was on for his fourth or fifth appearance and took his third or fourth chance to talk about Worlds Adrift. Except this time Worlds Adrift has finally been released. As it’s an open world MMO we found out if Americans are nicer than Europeans, why Team OLL was missed off Bossa's big sky ship event, and if the game broke in a good way.

We thought of a great mod for The Last of Us 2, Ann decided she was going to become great at Fortnite, then realised that she was already a legend in Worlds Adrift, Ste showed even more love for Smash Bros, and we found out if Luke enjoyed swinging.

Team OLL x


1. Brink - Tough World
2. Pointless - Pulse Wave Rave Party
3. Klamm - Discoveries

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The full team is back in the studio for the second week in a row, so that should mean that we had no issues with playing jingles correct? Assuming that the Caretaker made the edits that needed doing then the answer is yes.

Our Super-Special Guest was the games designer and writer-for-hire of Little Mix fanfic Holly Gramazio. She clarified some points of order that related to our first episode of this season as she part-curates the amazing Now Play This festival and runs design superstar company Matheson Marcault - our favourite gaming company with the initials MM (at least until Media Molecule are on the show). We find out all about Holly’s new Kickstarter project Art Cards, which cards were rejected from Art Cards, whether people prefer to be Arty or to Party, and what border control think of her job.

Ann brought her backpack into the studio and also found a great loophole for doing E3 news that she should have implemented twelve years ago. Simon has a new purchase that he hasn’t opened yet and jointly proclaimed his love for Kingdom Hearts with Ste. We also found out why Ste has an Android phone. The answer probably won’t shock you.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - The Door into the Summer
2. Amateur LSDJ - Naval

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The full team were back from their bank holiday off including Simon (who had also taken another four months off for some (literally) small reason and we were willing to answer the most important question in gaming today: Is caviar vegetarian?

We managed to get Tom and Sam from Roll 7 into the studio to tell us all about their new game Laser League 1.0, which sounds (and is) excellent. We found out what it is like to be beaten at your own game, how useful feedback from the public is (remember to send in your letters to us) and what colour their new game is. Hey - some running jokes just span multiple seasons.

We also find out that Ste didn’t want Sam to talk very much on the show, if we had a shark in the studio, try to remember if we’re on Spotify (spoiler: not yet), and find out rough Simon is with his Switch.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - Doc (seems to have been deleted from Chipmusic - Ed)
2. sudstep - Beach Episode
3. amateur lsdj - Peace Outro

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We’re back! And as usual for us coming back for a new season, we’re not on next week. We also don’t have a Super-Special Guest, Super-Special Simon or the Super-Special reviews theme. So normal service has resumed.

We are also proud to announce that One Life Left is GDPR compliant, which famous person an Italian Ste looks like and that Ann has forgotten her headphone and hairdo preferences. There’s also a review of how Marioke has taken over the world and we tell you all how great Now Play This was.

Not only that you get to find out if our partners are snorers or not. As we said, normal service has resumed.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. ada Mills - prelude (NES)
2. Lognes - Artificial Intelligence Assistant
3. Justbeenwarpzoned - Ignorance

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This is our final episode from 2018’s GDC. Ste finally manages to get the subject onto ice cream, but we also got to speak to these fab* Super-Special Guests:
Robin-Yann Storm (@RYStorm)
Esben Kjær Ravn (@esbenravn)
Daniel Nye Griffiths (@D_Nye_Griffiths)
Mare Sheppard (@MareSheppard)
Raigan Burns (@raiganburns)
Carli Velocci (@velocciraptor)

Hosted by:
Bryant Francis (@rbryant2012)
Kris Graft (@krisgraft)
Ste Curran (@steishere)
Ann Scantlebury (@scanters)

Team OLL (and Team Gamasutra) x

* Clever wording we know, cheers

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Our fourth GDC episode sees us missing Kris for the first set of Super-Special Guests, but we manage to get him back partway through the show. Speaking of which, the Super-Special Guests on the show were:
Robin-Yann Storm (@rystorm)
Joel Nyström (@reallyjoel)
Nathalie Lawhead (@alienmelon)
Bennett Foddy (@bfod)
Robin Baumgarten (@robin_b)
Frank Cifaldi (@frankcifaldi)
Vincent Diamante (@vincentdiamante)

Hosted by:
Alex Wawro (@awawro)
Kris Graft (@krisgraft)
Ann Scantlebury (@scanters)
Ste Curran (@steishere)

Team OLL (and Team Gamasutra) x

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First there was an episode of One Life Left from GDC 2018. Then there was another one of it. Then there was another one of it (we need a new joke for episode 4). Featuring the following Super-Special Guests:
Jennifer Hazel (@rx_pixel)
Osama Dorias (@osamadorias)
Laura Bularca (@sarienn)
Emily Short (@emshort)
Will Porter (@batsphinx)
Andrew Barron (
Jennifer Scheurle (@Gaohmee)

Hosted by: Kris Graft (@krisgraft)
Ste Curran (@steishere)
Ann Scantlebury (@scanters)

Game played during the intro/outro: Puyo Puyo Tetris

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It's our second episode from GDC 2018. Featuring:
Jonathan Ying (@Fancymancer)
Kate Edwards (@geogrify)
Anna Lapinsh (@treslapin)
Gabby DaRienzo (@gabdar)
Luis de Leon (@luisfdeleon)
Brendan Greene (@playerunknown)
Ben Myres (@_benjamming)
Tammy Duplantis (@tambalaya)

Hosted by:
Kris Graft (@krisgraft)
Ste Curran (@steishere)
Ann Scantlebury (@scanters)

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Recorded live in San Francisco, 19/3/2018. Presented by Ann Scantlebury, Ste Curran and Gamasutra's Kris Graft. Guests: Jerry Belich (Jerrytron) Eline Muijres (Dutch Game Garden) Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) Martine Spaans (Tamalaki Games) Tadhg Kelly (What Games Are) Daniel Nye Griffiths (Improbable) Martin Jonasson (Grapefrukt) David McCarthy (Cygames) Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency) Adriel Wallick (Train Jam) Quintin Smith (Shut Up & Sit Down) Matt Boch (Harmonix) Leigh Alexander (Reigns: Her Majesty)
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Here is this week's podcast. 


No-one reads this bit anyway, do they?






Your friends at O??


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It’s Ste, Simon and Ann here. As we type this – each taking a word, because we broadcast in a democracy – we are in the midst of “The Beast From The East” which is 2018-speak for “Some Snow”.

Listeners in the UK will be familiar with Some Snow because when it happens The Man puts it on the news and in the papers. Trains get cancelled and right-wing idiots make a joke about global warming. The country comes to a standstill.

But not us! Oh no, at least two of us and hopefully a Super Special Guest made the arduous trek to Resonance Eff Em to bring you this show, which once again does not feature The Other One.

(Who is a little frustrated because he or she has been meaning to tell you about Celeste – great even though it’s hard – and Mercenary Kings – hard, even though it’s great – both solid 7/10s, full reviews to follow).

As ever, this is probably a brilliant show. The Other One hasn’t listened to it yet because it’d likely wake the baby and we literally frame our lives around trying to keep it asleep for a bit so we can catch up on East Enders.


Ste, Simon and Ann.



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Roses are red

Violets are flowers

Missed One Life Left?

Then enjoy this hour's


Hi Listeners.

HUGE Apologies for being so tardy with the podcast so far this year. All have us have been so busy, we’ve neglected our duty to you, our biggest fan.

We have found a short-term solution, though – one of us has been sacked from show and forced to upload the podcast, which also involves writing this bit. See if you can guess who.

This week, the show features Ste and Ann talking about stuff, which includes videogames and probably Marioke. I dunno, I haven’t heard it, I have a baby. Ste said I could do this bit whilst literally holding it but that’s not true. Have you ever held a baby? It takes, at the very least, half of your arms.

Anyway, I’m going to upload this now. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love from,

Ste, Simon, Ann

PS: Please help support Resonance FM - head to the fundraiser site here





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Right, the Caretaker stayed a lot later at work than expected today so this intro is going to be missing the (attempts at) jokes that you usually receive. There was no Simon this week or at our Christmas Party and Ann couldn’t be bothered to do any news, so we reviewed 2017 and Si Park’s review of 2017. Expect the CD of Resonance FM tunes to become a major part of the show in 2018.

We also gave the definitive list of iPad games which we shall type here for posterity:
Getting Over It
Anything by Zac Gage
Picross Galaxy
Reigns: Her Majesty
Anything by Simogo
Anything by Mediocre Games
Space Team
Desktop Dungeon
Any Synthesiser simulators

Cheerio and Merry Christmas!
Team OLL x


1. The Emu - Foodman in Duckland
2. Shizundeiru Chip - Sabertooth
3. METRO - Codename: Sailor V

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Due to a swollen tongue we were unable to have a Super-Special Guest this week. As this is likely to be the final episode of 2017 with the full team we took advantage of the extra time to complain about Animal Crossing and Battlefront 2.

Outside was pretty cold, but the studio was fairly hot so it was tops off for all attending - even the piano. It was Simon’s birthday last week and he took to his new hoverboard to become a YouTube/drug deal busting Superstar. Expect it to be in a canal near you at some point in 2018.

We also discussed which industry celebrities are confirmed for our Christmas Party. Ste is making preparations for Ste Life Left, Ann isn’t paying attention and Simon played PUBG for the first time ever. By the end of the show we were talking about nursery rhymes. Maybe we do need Super-Special Guests.

Team OLL x


1. PSS-270 - Mikromusikwerk 01
2. Frank Angelotti Is Dead - Careless Whisper

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As we approach December it becomes time for it to not only be tops on, but for double tops on along with hats and scarves. This week’s Super-Special Guest Teddy Dief held no truck with popular opinion and tried to go tops off from the very beginning of the show. He had flown into London to represent Square Enix Montréal in his role as Creative Director and we took the opportunity to ask what it was like working on AAA titles again after previously working on the indie title Hyper Light Drifter and also being in academia.

Teddy also told us about an online crane game that sounds really interesting, an EXCLUSIVE reveal about a game that he’s working on, who he tells taxi drivers that he works for and we tell him how he could use that information to his advantage. One Life Left: always looking to use a system to their benefit. Or to push Phil Fish over. One of the two.

We found out how many moons Ste has, how happy Simon is with Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Ann had to do some live editing of the news due to font troubles. What we didn’t find out is how we can get our show on Spotify. We’re missing out on literally fractions of pennies as a result of this. If only we hadn’t worn out our Caretaker during One Life Left Week.

Team OLL x


1. Warefaire - Heros And Hauntings
2. Sypher1590 - Oui Sí Waves

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We’re back to our usual podcasting schedule so from now on until the Caretaker’s next holiday (or our next holiday) you can expect a new episode to download at some random point on a Wednesday.

This week we had David Nadal from Eden Games as a Skype Super-Special Guest to talk about driving games and in particular Gear Club, which is to shortly come out on Switch. We try to find out how driving games have changed since Eden was founded in 1998, what players want from a driving simulator and if Gear Club has the most important car as a playable option: a blue Ford Focus.

In the show we announce that the tickets for our Christmas party have been delayed, but they’re on sale now. Which is a terribly confusing sentence. Anyway, if you want to come to our Christmas party and see if Father Keithmas will give you a present then click on the Eventbrite link at the bottom.

We also try to work out if No Man’s Sky is indie, which of the team would like a cat VR game, how popular Simon is on YouTube and if Radio Five Live listen to us for inspiration.

Team OLL x


1. lamsorz - Shade Storms
2. Klamm - Trauma

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This episode sees our latest attempt in Understanding Esports. The Super-Special Guest showing incredible patience as we ask obvious questions was Deborah Mensah-Bonsu from Space Ape Games. We find out when the first ever esport happened and how Twitter changed the world of esports. In addition we try to see if you can deliberately design a game to be an esport. Ann then uses this information to make her own esport.

Space Ape have made lots of games that can be classed as esports so Deborah was a good guest to have. But in order for their new game to become an esport we need one of the team to be a watcher. Which one will it be?

Ste was back from Finland so as punishment we put him a cupboard with a dodgy microphone for the first half, Simon works out a new way to monetise the show by entering a competition and Ann tries to remember if she's played The Witcher before.

Team OLL x


1. This Is Embr- Poison, Poison, Thorns!!
2. Amateur LSDJ - Marathon

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It was the night before Halloween and all spooky things were going on in the studio which was affecting the jingles. Or maybe Ste was in Finland, which meant Simon was operating the desk and muffed it up. No. It’s definitely the first of those two options. Spooky right?

What wasn’t spooky was our Super-Special Guest (or our ability to segue between topics). We got Jupiter Hadley on the show to talk about streaming indie games, her website which - no! but yes! - keeps track of all indie game jams, why she started streaming videogames and if a jam is better if it’s faster. Jupiter is nominated for a Golden Joystick and you could have voted when the show first aired, but it’s another unfortunate casualty of the Caretaker’s holiday. Sorry Jupiter.

As Super Mario Odyssey had just come out, Simon may have gone slightly overboard with the song selection in this episode. Was it worth it? You’ll find out in the reviews. Ann did a football joke, despite having jet lag from playing Mario when the clocks changed, we worked out the least scariest game, announced a Jack Attridge game and found out what Jupiter would do in an empty home.

Team OLL x


1. The Super Mario Players feat.Kate Davis - Jump Up, Super Star!
Itunes -
Web version -
2. Mario - Just Dance 3
3. Super Mario RPG/DjjD/Jehm Faulking - Tricky Labyrinth
4. Super Smash Bros/WillRock - Smash and Burn

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Right, the Caretaker went away for a week with strict instructions for the two episodes that he would miss to be uploaded each Wednesday. These instructions were not followed. Therefore this week is now going to be One Life Left Week. This episode from two weeks ago will be uploaded on Tuesday, the following episode on Friday and the next one on Monday. This should get us back up to speed. It also means Dan Marshall is going to be doing a heck of a lot of running this week.

So, what happened in this/that week’s episode? Ann was still playing Picross and managed to get juice all over the screen. Ste was doing Marioke in Sweden and also presented the Swedish Game Awards. Simon went to Blackpool for the Slime Fest and found out the correct way to talk to EthanGamerTV.

Our SSSG was Yan Kuzovlev from Weappy Studio, who called in to talk about their game This Is The Police which was about to be launched on Switch, but has now been out for ages. Sorry Yan, it’s not my fault. Yan talked about how This Is The Police had been received on PC and the other consoles and why (“the” - Ann) Switch was a logical choice for the next port.

There was also a bit of chat about the price of popcorn these days. You know the usual videogame chat.

Ste is away next/last week as he’s in Finland. Luckily the show will be in good hands right? Find out on Friday…

Team OLL x


1. Not entirely sure
2. Veenomn - My Haunted Ass
3. Son Of A Bit! - Chased By A Running Chupacabra
4. Donotrunwithpixels - Sorry For The Long Track Title, Here’s A Potato

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We tried getting Lewis Schaffer on the show to be able to find out if he really does eat toilet paper and, if so, whether he eats it folded to the front or back. But really we wanted his son on the show so we could finally work out what League of Legends actually is. Unfortunately we didn’t do a great job of arranging it so we contacted the next League of Legends expert we knew: HRH Lord Sir Charles Cecil.

Luckily we managed to catch Charles in a rare talkative mood and managed to find out lots of information. He’d just been to that burger shop Simon owns and told us various tales involving topics like the Congo (he didn’t tell us what he drank there), the Gunpowder plot, religion and Turkey (the country). We even managed to get a mini-audition for a new Weather Presenter on the show due to the strange weather across the country. And there’s an EXCLUSIVE! reveal about Charles’ latest game.

Other than that we were all a bit under the weather, reminisced about buying Tamagotchis, had a LIVE NEWS UPDATE from Ste and had some Local News.

We also announced our Final Marioke date of 10/11 and announced the Christmas Marioke date of 08/12. We’ll tell you where to buy the tickets for the Christmas event soon. See you there! Apart from Simon as he’s off.

Oh and expect delays in the upload of the podcast for the next two weeks as the Caretaker is off on holiday. He didn’t even check it with HR!

Team OLL x


1. Hide Your Tigers - Candlvwax!
2. Nanoloopbandit - Bank 7

Direct download: OLL_16_10_2017.mp3
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Alternative title: Babylon Zune

This episode was brought to you by the freshers’ flu. In fact, even the caretaker is writing this with a very snuffly left nostril. As a fun side quest why not see if you can count how many times we cough away from the microphone?

Our SSG (no additional S required) was James Parker from Ground Shatter. He risked our germ-filled studio to talk about his latest game Rico. It’s a co-op FPS where you kick doors and shoot men. Kind of Rainbow Six but with the boring bits removed (which depends on if you consider the non-shooty bits boring). Ste of last year would have hated this game but it’s now right up his violent street. James has even made the game incredibly timely by adding in a certain animal (that will probably be out of date in two weeks’ time). As Ann is in HR she asked a very pertinent ethical question about the baddies, but James had an apposite response.

Sorry about the different vocabulary in this episode intro. The cold must be affecting the caretaker in ways we didn’t know possible.

We also found out what Simon has found under his stairs, why Ste got sent dirty pants through the post and chatted about spiders and toilet roll a bit too much for a radio show about videogames. Sega Badawi informed us of Local News and we’ve come back from Finland via a castle in a river on an island. This is literally where videogame karaoke can take you.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Jerkemy – Zero Days Without A Gravity Wave Incident
2. MicroD – Rhotic Stagger

Direct download: OLL_09_10_2017.mp3
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There’s a fable about how you go on One Life Left twice: once on the way up and once on the way down. So what does it mean if you are on the show for a third time? In Tony Gowland’s case it means that you are releasing Binaries on Switch. Tony was on as a SDSSSG (Slightly Delayed Super-Special Guest) to tell us about the (lack of) difficulty in porting to the Switch, how helpful Nintendo are and if you should make a game controller smashingly frustrating. Tony is also making a game that’s a twin stick shooter influenced by Ghostbusters, which has to be great doesn’t it?

The team had an alright week. Ste had a week of teaching and Simon got a little confused about who Ste had actually been teaching, Ann walked in front of the Patron Saint of Resonance FM and Simon’s man crush is getting worse.

We also found out that we need to find a Nick Faldo to help Tony out, that Simon can tell brilliant jokes from a content perspective and that Sega Badawi is just about managing to find some local news. And Marioke is off to Dundee on 17 November so we’ll see you there.

Team OLL x


1. d0us - Tactical Bacon
2. Amateur LSDJ - Fleur

Direct download: OLL_02_10_2017.mp3
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This week saw the whole of Team OLL back in the studio and there’s been some major developments. Simon is getting into virtual currency, but only the type of virtual currency that costs him actual currency. Ann is potentially back in VR and Ste is keeping track on how many waters he has drunk. Well, for us they were pretty major.

For the second time in as many weeks we welcomed a Skype Super-Special Guest onto the show. This week’s one was Brandon Edler from Finish Line Games (dammit, we should’ve chosen The Edler Scrolls as the episode title). He was on mostly to talk about NBA, how nice people in Toronto are and how nice people in the Games Industry in Toronto are. Oh, and we let him talk about Finish Line’s excellent adventure game MAIZE, which has just been released onto PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

Maize is a videogame about sentient corn and was inspired by the classic Lucasarts games, as well as the new style of adventure games. We also found out how the move from PC to consoles has gone, how bored Brandon is of corn puns (ignore the episode title Brandon) and how many corn renderings does it take to set a PC on fire.

Sega Badawi finally uncovered some local news and we promoted our Marioke gig at Leamington Spa this Friday. It’s for charity so if you could come and add to the atmosphere you’d be even more of a FOTS than you already are.

Team OLL x


1. ATKstat – This Isn’t Over
2. Amateur LSDJ – Victory
3. YWN – Bqck In Bluck

Direct download: OLL_25_09_2017.mp3
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As our tradition with the second episode in a new season of One Life Left we do not have the full team in the studio. Unfortunately Ann drew the short straw and was absent due to illness, but she managed to send us in her news for Ste to read it out. Will he be a good Ann replacement?

We had a Skype Super-Special Guest this week and it was Jaakko Maaniemi from 10 Tons games. They are one of the elder statesmen of indie developers so it was interesting to get an experienced viewpoint of how indie games have changed over the years, which platform is currently the best and why, and what are the challenges for indies at the moment. He also spoke about 10 Tons latest game Time Recoil, which is a twin stick shooter that nods respectfully in the direction of Max Payne and Hotline Miami.

In addition to that we hear about Mario going tops off (he obviously listens to the show), try to work out if we are actually on air and we repurpose information from the internet for our own benefit.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Matt D – Watch Out!!
2. Jiar - We Did It Reddit!!
3. Cecil The Goat - Hoof In Hoof

Direct download: OLL_18_09_2017.mp3
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After going off on our summer holidays we’re back! But does this count as a new season or not? The official OLL Style Guide isn’t clear on the matter but we’ve taken a chance and decided that the fifteenth season starts here.

This is what we did on our holidays:
- Simon blanked both Ste and (FOTS) Rami in Germany
- Ann and Ste went to an esport
- Simon got annoyed by Sonic Mania
- We all found out that you can do other stuff on a Monday other than make a radio show

So in other words, it was business as usual. At least with Simon being back we managed to book a Super-Special Guest. Book being the special word as the SSG was Nate Crowley, author of 100 Best Video Games (That Never Existed). The book started life as a series of tweets to avoid writing a book, which seems a strange way of not writing a book. We found out what was the first game that Nate made up and how many people have been tricked by the book. We’re offering up our copy in an auction so put your bids in.

Team OLL x


1. Tangy Phoenix - Free
2. Cecil The Goat - Sometimes I Feel Good

Direct download: OLL_11_09_2017.mp3
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It’s our last show of the current season, and we were already one person down with Simon going to Canadia. But would Dan Marshall have listened to our pleas last week and be our Super-Special Guest, or will we remember to not mention him on the show?

In related news Ann does a review of Dan Marshall’s Behold The Kickmen and we had Sega Badawi as our Super-Special Guest. It was Sega’s first time in the studio and we took full advantage to ask him about reporting from the Mushroom Kingdom. We even got him to do a live local news, which he nearly did perfectly. Although he did slightly spoil Weaselspoon’s letter about Edinburgh by rabbiting on about footballers so the links below detail the shows that he mentioned.

The other link relates to the news story that Sega found out on his rounds. How will Ste and Ann react to his investigation? Presumably the same way that our CD player took the first attempt at playing the news jingle.

See you in about six weeks!

Team OLL x


1. Amateur LSDJ - Explosion
2. Feryl - Summer Is Fading
3. Alone - Your Eternal Adventures

Direct download: OLL_31_07_2017.mp3
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There’s no Super-Special Guest this week, despite our best efforts as you will find out during this episode. Instead the team get together to chat about videogames and prepare for our AGM. Have we all met our objectives for the year?

But mostly we spoke about Splatoon 2. Have you played Splatoon 2? It’s rather good.

We also referenced an old show presented by Craig Charles, cured and caused the common cold, busted the myth of Crash Bandicoot and Simon realised he could’ve stopped a disaster.

Cheerio and don’t get cooked… stay off the hook!
Team OLL x

Definitely not

1. Club Cult - Bull Shift
2. Klamm - Solar_Sailer
3. We Danced - Untilted 6

Direct download: OLL_24_07_2017.mp3
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After ten years of hosting One Life Left it seems that Ste thinks it’s time for an image change and he’s now going to become the bad boy of videogames. Not content with skinny dipping last week in Finland, we learnt about how he broke the rules in his youth. It’s a shocking revelation that we need to warn you about here so that it doesn’t offend you too much.

We were happy to finally be able to put a monetary value on how much an appearance on One Life Left will bring you, thanks to Gary Penn being our SSSG last week. Dan Marshall will be kick(ball)ing himself about how much he’s missing out due to his dodgy internet connection.

We also planned a trip to Bury, found out that Radiohead are trolling us and Ann found out what the lads do behind her back when the news is on.

Come to Married-oke this Friday - the Bad Boy won’t be there but it will still be fun!

Team OLL x


1. Johan Andersson - Ghost and Goblins (Surf Mix)
2. Veenomn - Big Beat
3. Sudstep - Like We Used To

Direct download: OLL_17_07_2017.mp3
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(Who, who, who, who?)

There’s no Ste this week. After literally getting out of his sick bed to dj at Ann’s wedding celebration he then literally went back to his sick bed. This meant that Simon was in charge of the studio so there could be problem with the wrong jingles being played. Luckily our Super-Special Guest that we’d booked ages ago wouldn’t let us down right?

We activated the ESSSG (Emergency Skype Super-Special Guest) beacon and Denki’s Gary Penn answered the call. He had a haircut especially for the show but it would also get an outing for his big interview with Jonathan Smith this week’s Develop Conference. Denki had been working on Crackdown 3, but have recently been taking the opportunity to test a few new game ideas out. One of which has come to fruition as Autonauts, which you can download for free on

We also spoke to Gary about working on magazines (which involved the Mario coin sound needing to be used), how making games helps you learn about ropes and which pubs he went to in Bath. There was also confirmation on the official OLL Style Guide pronunciation of and Ann got married!

And it was Engineer Week this week at Resonance FM. Thanks to our excellent engineers, we literally couldn’t do the show without you.

Team OLL x


1. Gigatron - Bubble Bobble Theme
2. Pinozulp - Gods (Into The Antanifull)
3. Captain MoreGain - Return To Monkey Island

Direct download: OLL_10_07_2017.mp3
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There was no Ann this week as she’s busy preparing for her wedding (this is also why we’re not doing a show next week). We also didn’t have a Super-Special Guest, but this was just as well as they would have been totally overshadowed by our live preordering special! Yes, in the same way that Sky Sports News only does well when it is transfer deadline day, this week’s episode saw live coverage of whether the space under Simon’s stairs would see an increase in items being stored in it. But would Ste also fall under the item’s spell? And would anyone regret their purchase by the end of the episode?

Without an SSG our listeners helped fill the void by sending us loads of excellent letters. Sega Badawi also helped for a minute with some Local News. The rest was covered by Simon’s grey joycon, Ste going back to trousers and a rather crap Glaswegian accent. Oh, and as this episode gets uploaded we’ll be at Unite Europe doing a Marioke with Simon Parkinson. What will we get him to do in Amsterdam? As with preordering in The Netherlands all bets are off. And probably tops too.

Team OLL x


1. Sudstep - Like We Used To
2. Pselodux - Columinata

Direct download: OLL_26_06_2017.mp3
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Blimey it’s been hot this week. So hot that the CD kept accidentally playing the wrong jingles. Yes that’s exactly why it did it this week. Nothing to do with us doing it wrong. FUN FACT: The alternative title for this week’s episode was going to be Jingle’s Rosy Rupeeland.

But instead we went for a title named after the last game that our SSG - Gwen Frey - helped make, which was The Flame and The Flood. She had just flown in from America and boy were her arms tired! We spoke to her about how her studio Molasses Flood came into being; which came first: The studio or the game; and what are the pros and cons of being a Kickstarter success. Ann also managed to get an EXCLUSIVE but it wasn’t as EXCLUSIVE as we hoped. So, more of an exclusive then.

We also got our legs out for radio, thought of another great monetisation idea and got maths wrong. Sega Badawi brought some local news and Ann got an injury at third base. Ouch.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. AJAXE - Death Lord Wasabi
2. Amateur lsdj - Igneous

Direct download: OLL_19_06_2017.mp3
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After a frantic week in the UK, we got the team together to talk a bit about E3. But where was Ann? We tried to check with HR, but we couldn’t contact her either. How strange.

Luckily we had a SSSG (Selfie Super-Special Guest) that made up for our missing newsreader: Anisa Sanusi. She had been on the show before during an Ann Life Left and also during GDC, but this was the first time she got to be interrogated by the heavyweights of videogame radio shows. And she did a great job at coping with us. We found out how you can become a UX/UI designer; why her current employer, Hutch Games, are great at making driving games; and how UX differs between mobile and consoles.

As well as all that we heard about how Simon used time travel last week, had a competition for a JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker and confirmed that we’re off to Amsterdam with Parkinson. And Sega Badawi could finally use the election in a story.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Amateur LSDJ - Chrysalis
2. Eduard - Lights Of Shanghai

Direct download: OLL_12_06_2017.mp3
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After the events in London over the weekend Team OLL decided to take a different approach. Without an SSG (Simon was off) or Simon (he was in Barcelona), Ann and Ste went through their favourite nice games. Whilst we normally try to be as positive as possible, us being positive about so many games may disconcert you. Luckily our CD player went on the blink during the reviews section and hearing our shoddy professionalism will reassure you that we’re still the same Team OLL.

We also did a bit of wedding admin, Ann ran on the beach in Scotland and Ste found out he was a super taster. Busy week.

Team OLL x

Track list:
1. m0n0deaf - k0ng0
2. saulc12 - the crunch

Direct download: OLL_05_06_2017.mp3
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It’s another Bank Holiday Monday so that means it’s time to check back into the Nordic Game Jam and see how things progressed since our last episode. The main issue is that 24 hours had passed since our last Game Jam episode so (in theory) people should have slept. We tried our best to find out the best and worst places to sleep at a Game Jam and also tried to see if snoring had affected any games created.

Luckily we managed to find lots of people who were on our previous episode so we got to see how their ideas (and teams) had changed and also got to speak to someone from the most exotic country attending.

We also came up with an idea for a Game Jam that we thought of two weeks ago, but was two weeks after this episode was recorded. On both times we appear to think it’s a new idea that we’ve had. This is what Game Jams can do to you.

Look in our links section below to see all the games that were created from the Jam. They’re all excellent.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. m0n0deaf - k0ng0
2. amateur lsdj - grounded
3. Eduard - Lights of Shanghai

Direct download: OLL_29_05_2017.mp3
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We start the episode a little confused. So confused that Ste mentions how it’s our first show together for a few weeks, er, except we were all together last week. Ste did have an excuse in that Team OLL got together over the week to once again give the gift of Marioke to Nordic Game. Apart from Simon who decided Belgium was much better, which it would have been but he failed to go to Ghent or Bobbejaanland.

Anyway, after last week’s lack of an SSG we went overboard by getting a guest who had just flown in from America - and boy were his arms tired! It was Glenn Gregory from ID@Xbox, which is the main route to getting your indie game onto to Xbox platform. We bombarded him with questions that he actually gave a straight answer to like: Is there still a place for traditional indie games? What does Ann need to do to promote her indie game that she hasn’t made yet? And: How many games have been released on the ID service? This last one wasn’t a question we asked, but we did find out the answer in the show.

One other thing that means Glenn will always be a Friend Of The Show is that he managed to give Ann and Ste the opportunity to audition to be a Sugababe. Were either of us successful? We may never know. We also had some Local News, had a joke stolen by time-travelling television people and realised we’re getting old. What a bummer of an ending.

Team OLL x


1. Veenomn – Big Boofer
2. amateurlsdj - Stellar

Direct download: OLL_23_05_2017.mp3
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Apologies for the delay in releasing this episode - our Caretaker was at a team build in Doncaster. Unfortunately Derek Williams wasn’t providing the after-dinner entertainment but there’s always next time.

Simon was finally back in the country and on the show after a world tour that took in Toronto, Great Yarmouth and Greece and also a flight that was delayed 27 hours. Luckily this meant that Simon had plenty of opportunities to play the Switch in various locations and with different people, including ex-contributors Taliah and Dexter. So without an SSG we decided to discuss the Switch in more detail. Do we think it will change the videogame world? Or how it will change the tea break at cricket matches? And can we persuade Ann to buy her own Switch?

We also found out if Ann passed her driving test, the first line of Ste’s Nordic Game talk and Simon’s cunning plan for his Playstation. Sega Badawi managed to find a non-election story and we had a good idea for a Game Jam.

Team OLL x


1. Kal – On My Own[sgb-mix]
2. Ocean Palace – Zero Leaf

Direct download: OLL_15_05_2017.mp3
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Another week without Simon, but we’ve been promised that he will definitely be here next week. However, going by his Twitter as at Wednesday, this promise might not be kept. At least Ste will be here, even though Simon thinks Ste won’t be.

As one of Simon’s roles is to book the SSGs, we had to resort to sending a signal out. Luckily Lukas Roper answered and became an SSSG (Skype Super-Special Guest). When Ann found out what Lukas had previously worked on you could hear her gasp in admiration and you can too. Lukas is currently working on the excellently named Corrupt Cup Contest, which is a tongue in cheek online multiplayer game based on the ongoing FIFA scandal. It sounds like it’ll be great fun, although if Team OLL decide to play each other it’ll be a little boring as we all play by the rules and won’t stab each other in the back. Maybe.

Ann tells us a very interesting fact about the oceans and gives us some useful lessons in hacking while Ste made a quite good joke about Whitstable and is worrying about his new talk. We also had a feature from Sega Badawi, who is finding it difficult to have news stories that aren’t about the UK election.

Team OLL x


1. Ampliflyer - Post Physical
2. Mute Hero - BGM 00

Direct download: OLL_08_05_2017.mp3
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Team OLL managed to get approval from our HR director to go and record a show from the floor of this year’s Nordic Game Jam, which was held in Copenhagen between 20 April and 23 April. So, as Resonance locked us out of the studio this week because of the bank holiday, we decided to release an episode from the first day of the Jam.

Team OLL x


1. Amateur LSDJ - Journey
2. Israel Junior - Spring Song
3. Vincentizghra - Mergefusion
4. YERZMYEY - Agartha
5. VCMG - Swashbuckler Saga

Direct download: OLL_01_05_20172.mp3
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After a break for the Easter holidays and to go to Denmark, we’re back! And, as usual for when we have a break for a holiday, we’ve left a member of Team OLL in another country.

And our Super-Special Guest had a very apt name for this week’s presenting team with Stephane (Ste + Ann) Ferrandiz from Gamevil making his first appearance on the show. He was here to talk about War of Crown, which has all the best bits of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics, but none of the bad bits. It’s also has real time PVP so we tried to find out how easy that is to do (presumably we’re thinking of doing it in Marioke).

We also spoke about Snooker, came up with a cheap way to make a mini NES and Ann told us about her massive bruise that happened at the Nordic Game Jam. It’s been a difficult two weeks.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Amateur LSDJ - Equestrian
2. DEgITx - Remember Your Name
3. Leave Luck To Hell - Pheonix Down Syndrome

Direct download: OLL_24_04_2017.mp3
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It’s the fourteenth season of One Life Left! Miracles can happen if you believe in them! For instance, Ste has a tan and could potentially be djing at Ann’s wedding for up to 22.5 minutes! Oh, and the caretaker could forget to press play and record, thereby missing important chat from the beginning of the episode so had to make a seamless edit (sort of)! Miracles!

Some people could argue that one such miracle would be Failbetter Games getting all of their Kickstarter money for Sunless Skies within one day, but we’re not too surprised by that as their games are rather excellent. And it was EXCLUSIVELY announced on One Life Left so it’s successful monetisation was assured.

This week’s Super-Special Guest was Cash Decuir from - no! But yes! - Failbetter Games so we got to talk to him about how you write for a game like Sunless Skies, what lessons were learnt from their previous Kickstarters and which flying insects are a force for good.

We had a debrief about our Marioke Live event, with the conclusion that it was excellent and that YOU should be there next time. Plus we raised enough money for Resonance that they’ll have no choice but to keep us on air. Sega Badawi gave us the latest Local News, Ann reviewed Wedding games and we also had a bit of goat butter chat. Standard videogame radio show stuff really.

Team OLL x


1. Himsy Pimsy - The Bell
2. Not too sure, we’ll update the website when we remember who did this

Direct download: OLL_10_04_2017.mp3
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It’s the last day for GDC X One Life Left presented by Gamasutra 2017 and we are all very sad, but luckily we have a sofa full of guests to cheer us up.


Today we talk pitches, perfecting vocal performances, and why there is blood on the walls and wine on Kris’ shoe.


Thanks to all our lovely guests, viewers and listeners. See you next year!


On the show were:

Brian Upton, Game On The Rails

Jon Ingold and Joe Humfrey, Inkle

Tony Gowland, Ant Workshop

Glen Gathard, Pinewood Studios

Sarah Elmaleh, Freelance Voice Actor

Stephen Barlow, Freelance Voice Actor

James Parker, Ground Shatter

Anisa Sanusi, Frontier

Chris Wilson, Cardboard Sword

Barbara Lippe, Entrez

Direct download: One_Life_Left_x_GDC_Presented_by_Gamasutra_Friday.mp3
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GDC X One Life Left presented by Gamasutra is joined by more brilliant guests for our show today. It’s Thursday, so the cracks are beginning to show, but we still managed some great networking. Tune in to find out which business deals we brokered on the sofa today.

On the show today were:

Mike Jungbluth, Volition

Ryan James, Naughty Dog

Rhodri Broadbent, Dakko Dakko

Andrew Maximov, Naughty Dog

Grace Carroll, Creative Assembly

Matt Lees and Paul Dean, Shut Up and Sit Down

Nic Tringali, Bithell Games

Teddy Diefenbach, Square Enix

Robin Arnott, Independent

Colin Northway, Northway Games

Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris, The Tiniest Shark

Michael Lee, Schell Games

Direct download: OLL_GDC_Thursday_MP3.mp3
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GDC X One Life Left presented by Gamasutra is live from the show floor, talking to more amazing guests and, for the first time ever, smelling their games.

Tune in tomorrow for more sensory experiences.

On the show today were:

Rebekah Saltsman, Finji

Kert Gartner,

Rayna Anderson, Eidos Montreal

Itay Keren, Untame

Tanya Short, Kitfox Games

Richard Rouse, Paranoid Productions

Herman Narula, Improbable

Martine Spaans, Tamalaki Publishing

Lisa Brown, Independent

Jenn Sandercock, Inquisiment

Alex Fleetwood, Sensible Object

Direct download: One_Life_Left_GDC_Wednesday_1st_March_2017.mp3
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GDC X One Life Left presented by Gamasutra is live on the conference floor and we are Twitch streaming together for the first time!

We’re joined by some incredible guests who chat carousels, cash and the coldest GDC on record. Tune in again tomorrow for more.

On the show were:

Gemma Thomson, Kaludoscope

Richard Lemarchand, USC

Holly Gramazio, Matheson Marcault

Mark Cooke, Shiny Shoe

Kenny Young, AudBod

Grant Shonkwiler, Shonkventures

Shawn Allen, NuChallenger

Emily Short, Spirit AI

Soren Johnson, Mohawk Games

Hannah Bunce, BBC

Tanya DePass, I Need Diverse Games

Brandon Sheffield, Necrosoft Games

Direct download: One_Life_Left_GDC_Tuesday_28th_February_2017.mp3
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We’re easing ourselves into GDC week with a low-key hotel room recording, but there is nothing low-key about our brilliant guests.

Adriel Wallick fills us in on how Train Jam went, Rami Ismail from Vlambeer talks to us about his talks this year, Unity’s Kerry Turner tells us what it’s like being on a booth.

We’re also joined by The New Yorker’s Simon Parkin, Shailesh Prabhu from Cape,  Mediocre’s Henrik Johansson, and Runa Haukland and Henriette Myrlund from Splash Jam.

If that’s us at low-key, imagine where we’ll be by the end of the week.

Direct download: OLL_GDC_Monday_270217.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:23pm EDT

It’s the final One Life Left of the season, before we go into our cocoon and emerge as One Life Left X Gamasutra for this year’s GDC. Unfortunately Simon didn’t obey our rules and went into hibernation earlier than expected due to a cold. This also probably means that Simon will be Patient Zero for this year’s Con Flu. One Life Left is always ahead of the game.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was the always-excellent Matt Sheret. Some might argue that he actually doesn’t have much to do with videogames and he was only on the show as he was in the area and answering our calls. But he’s actually very big in VR (our alternative title for this episode was Lawnmower Matt).

We also spoke about the hot topic of gender in Pokemon and gave a typical One Life Left response, found out which Batmen Ann identifies with and tried to remember where our Blackberry Playbooks were. And we give more info about our New York and San Francisco Marioke parties, the gist being: Get there early.

Cheerio and see you in America!
Team OLL x


1. Jellica - Side Rmx 4three
2. Klamm - Prisma
3. Plants of Prisms - ekononom

Direct download: OLL_20_02_2017.mp3
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This week’s show sees two BIG Marioke announcements. The first is that we’re doing a Marioke gig in New York on 24th February (we would put 24/02, but it would just confuse everyone who is going there). It promises to be a great event and not just because Simon won’t be there.

The second Marioke announcement involved our Super-Special Guests, Henry and Chris. They’re in a band that play live backing tracks to people singing songs. But hang on, don’t we have a side-project that changes the lyrics of karaoke songs to be about videogames? Is there some way that we combine these two aspects and make a Marioke with a live backing band? And perhaps we could make it a fundraising event for Resonance FM (the best radio station ever)? The answer to all these questions is YES.

Other than our amazing announcements we further developed our relationship with Lewis Schaffer, had a cameo appearance from Producer Chris and Ann confirmed that smoking is cool. She’ll probably have to speak to HR over the week about this.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Business Pastel - Mutual
2. POPCORNKID - Out The Sound

Direct download: OLL_13_02_2017.mp3
Category:Show -- posted at: 1:10pm EDT

It’s just the lads tonight as Ann had a migraine. And being a kind, trusting team at One Life Left we take her at her word and don’t try to work out where else she could be - at least for the first half-hour anyway.

We also failed to have a Super-Special Guest in the studio. But luckily that meant we could talk to David Heslop about videogame tv via Skype. David told us how difficult it is to get videogames on television (usually through a SCART lead or HDMI cable) and how frustrating that is considering the many opportunities that games offer children’s tv.

Normally Ann being away causes issues with the news, but luckily Ann came to the rescue. There was also a bit of Parkinson chat, Simon told us what it’s like to be a big deal on Twitter and Ste nearly broke his NDA. Ouch.

Team OLL x


1. Hide Your Tigers - Decaying Tigers
2. Enders Crusade - Xenocide
3. Shintarou Music - Hanging

Direct download: OLL_06_02_17.mp3
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One thing we always forget to check before each show is if Simon’s workplace proximity acquaintance John believes our Super-Special Guest for this week’s show is excellently named. Luckily this week we remembered and we can confirm that week’s SSG - Jake Tucker - has a John-Approved name.

Jake is currently writing for Rock Paper Shotgun, but has also been involved with Videobrains, which Vice described as TED talks for videogames. He’s also created a game called 20something that is based on his personal experiences and is currently working on a new game that will presumably be based on when he was on the show. Either that or Ste persuaded him to make a cricket themed sequel called 20twentysomething.

We also found out the difference between Itch and Steam, Ann made a slight mistake in her news that Ste and Simon were far too gentlemanly to point out, had a debate about Outrun (that was easily solved) and had features from Rob Beer and Sega Badawi.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Draggs Connor - Cats!!!-!
2. HEADBAND - Buddhic Bossa

Direct download: OLL_30_01_2017.mp3
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It’s difficult when you have a decision to make and both options are fantastic. On one hand we all had an invite back to Lewis Schaffer’s where we would have discussed how great both of our shows are and possibly someone would have understood Simon’s t-shirt reference. On the other hand we had a show to make and produce. And if we didn’t make the show would Lewis have invited us to his place?

Luckily there was an additional factor to bear in mind when making our decision as videogame legend Mev Dinc was on the show. We covered loads of topics from the 8 bit computers up to the present day, but it was good to find out the easiest way to port Enduro Racer from the Spectrum to the Amstrad, how/why First Samurai was possibly the most pirated game on the Amiga and what it was like to be one of the main people to make Ubisoft the success it is today.

We also found out that Ste has come up with some merch ideas (which might mean we finally have a chance of monetising our brand), Ann went on a walk (but forgot to play Pokemon Go) and Simon might not need to put his Wii U in the canal. Our GDC Marioke was advertised at the end of this show, but it’s already sold out so the news was a bit out of date (kind of like Sega Badawi’s Local News).

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. ATKstat - Pressure
2. Chrome Cobra - How Cobra Got His Groove Back

Direct download: OLL_23_01_2017.mp3
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It’s the first show of a new year (4AL* if you’re keeping note) and all the team is back. Ste returned from his overseas holiday to the Caribbean and Ann came back from Spain. Jamaica? Yes, otherwise she’d be hearing from our HR director.

To ease us into the new year, we got a guest in who is always willing to talk to us on numerous topics. Well, as long as that topic is the game that his company has recently released. It’s David McCarthy from Cygames! He managed to make all our questions relate to Cygames’ latest release Shadowverse, except for when we asked if Shadowverse was made by magicians. Shadowverse is Hearthstone meets Magic The Gathering and is played by 15 million Japanese people everyday, and 15 million people can’t be wrong (Insert EU Referendum reference here)!

We also found out if Ste has become bloodthirsty now his Mum says he can play violent games (Sub please check this), what DAU stands for, what Simon has recently ordered to put at the bottom of the canal and what is frustrating Ann. Sega Badawi also made a return and we announced a very special guest for next week (cue the Hallelujah chorus).

Team OLL x

* After Luigi


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It’s a Christmas special with lots of surprises so we don’t really want to spoil them in this intro (although the links bit does give it away a little). We guess we can tell you that Luke Williams from Bossa Studios was in to talk a little bit more about Worlds Adrift and what it’s like making a game where people are generally nice to each other. But any more information will affect your enjoyment of a show that is different to our usual ones but just as great.

Cheerio and Merry Christmas!
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This week’s Super-Special Guest is John Vega who works at Curve Digital as a business developer. Luckily as Simon was away, there was no conflict of interest in the interview section. Unluckily as Simon was away, there were lots of questions we could ask John about working with Simon. We found out what it is that a business developer does, what the success rate of the game pitches Curve receives is like and how we can improve our chances of getting our game published (probably by not asking personal questions about Simon).

Little Acre is one of the first games that John biz devved and it should be out now! John told us a little bit about what made him interested in the game and also that Lord Sir Charles Cecil had a small role in proceedings. That must mean it’s going to be great, or that a goat has been put into the game somewhere.

Ann proved her news hound credentials by uncovering the new name for Super Mario Run and also a new price point for the app. This news may be related to Ann’s new glasses which have a new prescription and make it hard for her to read accurately. Ste was feeling a bit melancholy about videogames. He’s obviously missing his guns, when the bells ring out for New Year’s Day he’ll have a great big smile on his face as 2017 is the Year of the Guns.

Team OLL x


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It’s a Christmas miracle: Simon’s back! He did forget to bring Sega Badawi or a Super-Special Guest with him but made it up by managing to get Skype working in our studio. This meant that we managed to get Gary Plowman on the show as our Super-Special Skype Guest. Gary spoke about his ZX Spectrum Code Club book, which is a good stocking filler for all family members (depending on the size of the stocking). Incredibly Gary has managed to get a Basic version of Flappy Birds working on the Spectrum which we’re already excited about coding. Gary allowed two thirds of Team OLL to reminisce about typing in programmes from magazines and books - along with the typos and misprints that caused the whole programme to fail.

Anyway, with Gary being our inaugural Skype guest it now opens the whole world to being Super-Special Guests. So if you live in a non-Brexit country and still want to be involved in One Life Left then let us know (offer also open to UK residents who just don’t fancy coming to London).

We spent last Sunday on a barge and did a super-secret Marioke project that will become clear at our Christmas party next week (which is already sold out). There’s also an in depth discussion of popcorn and we get our Sinclair Users and Your Sinclairs mixed up. What an (R tape loading) error.

Team OLL x


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Once again it’s another episode without Simon Byron and Sega Badawi. Actually, we’ve never seen Simon and Sega in the same room. Could they be the same person? We’ll try to find out by next week.

But anyway. This week’s episode started with a remixed version of the OLL theme due to a dodgy cd, luckily it wasn’t a portent of future issues to come as the show had absolutely no problems (assuming we remembered to edit them out). At least we started to make inroads into a special relationship with the other One Life Left (not that one). And Ste set a new world speed run for Braid.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was Stella Wisdom from the British Library. She was in to talk about her Off The Map competition which combines actual historical documents with actual interactive games. We found out about how it got started, what the theme for the next set of games is and about the Wordplay festival, which recently took place at the Library. And we didn’t make any sssh jokes. We’ve become so professional recently (assuming we remembered to edit out our mistakes).

Team OLL x


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We have two rules for our guests. No swearing. No banging. But, as you’ll find out on this week’s show, those rules do not apply to Team OLL. Obviously it’s because Simon wasn’t on the show so the rest of Team OLL felt we could break the rules. Worryingly this may mean that Simon is the responsible one of Team OLL.

For instance, Simon is responsible for booking our Super-Special Guests and he came up trumps this week with Ben Nicholson from Cape Guy Games. Or should that be Ben Nicholson, who is Cape Guy? We tried our best to work this out, but as usual we got incredibly confused. We’re blaming the incredibly quick studio changeover from Lewis Schaffer’s Nunhead Radio - which we now have to a fine art and shall be teaching our techniques to F1 pit crews across the world.

Anyway, Ben was on the show to talk about his new game Ski Three, which is a match three game crossed with an endless runner. We found out about who the game was aimed at and why that could have caused problems if it wasn’t good enough (luckily it was). Ann gave us all a live skiing lesson and Ste got confused between piracy and friendship.

We also had to commence dealing with our lawyers thanks to a tip-off from Jimmy at Loading Bar. Can any of our listeners in Norwich help us?

Team OLL x


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To paraphrase Adam and The Ants: Don’t bang. Don’t swear. Obey these two rules and you’ll do fine as a Super-Special Guest. And as Darren Wall from Read-Only Memory was on for his fourth appearance there’s no way that he would break those rules. Right?

Darren was promoting Read-Only Memory’s latest book which is about the Bitmap Brothers universe. After a brief history lesson for Ann we started to find out more details about them and tried to determine if the Bitmaps produced the first ever cool games. And how did Woolworths play into their creation? Unfortunately Darren failed to announce the next book that he’s working on, but we give him some great ideas. Mostly involving us.

Away from our SSG we named a bear (using a joke that The Caretaker made about a year and a half ago in a podcast description), Ste had a gym induction, Ann got a great gasp from one of her GOOD NEWS stories and Simon got distracted by the smell of the book. And Sega Badawi failed to get the GOOD NEWS ONLY memo.

Team OLL x


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The first OLL after bonfire night saw Team OLL one member down and slightly deflated after we got bored by fireworks. If only we knew what would happen in America on Tuesday!!!! (SATIRE) Anyway, with Simon away we forgot to do one of Simon’s Important Tasks. Luckily we didn’t forget to book a Super-Special Guest as Tom Cole came on the show to promote Adventure X - The Narrative Gaming Convention.

Tom told us who had been announced as Super-Special Guests at Adventure X and it was an impressive list containing the European-Cup winning John Robertson (we might have got the wrong J Robertson). The band that will be playing at the event sounded a little familiar, but Tom managed to talk us around and there may be logistical issues regarding the fireside chat. And it’s free so what’s stopping you from going?

Ste gave some incredibly useful advice for videogame journalists as well as being unbelievably happy about catching a Porygon. Ann is getting her photograph taken next week, Sega Badawi dropped some Local News and Rob Beer made his final Confession. We nearly missed out on a Proust reference, but Tom helped us make the connection (it turns out it’s an old arcade game that Atari made where you fly around on birds).

Team OLL x


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According to our bizarre way of numbering episodes we believe (excluding Ann Life Lefts, No Continues, GDC Specials, OLL Knights and LITERALLY UNBROADCASTABLE SHOWS) that this is our three hundredth episode. A number so special that we typed it out in words. And how did we celebrate it? The same way we celebrate every episode: By getting Ann to make Kieron Gillen cry uncontrollably through fear.

And what better way to celebrate our special anniversary by getting Flavourworks’ Jack Attridge in as a Super-Special Guest? It was a rhetorical question, but there is no better way. We tried our best to get Jack to announce the game that he’s been working on, but he claimed that he couldn’t do it due to ‘contracts’ and ‘legal agreements’. So instead we found out why the entire Attridge family hates Heavy Rain, why he was filming Ste in the studio and why he keeps making his lovers cry. Jack is also trying to make games less external and more internal, which we think means he’s doing a reimagining of Microcosm from the CD32.

We have some spooky news from Ann, talk about the dangers of social media and hear about the dangers of eye herpes. Sega Badawi provides some more local news with a Sooper-Special Guest and we try to find out where Google stick their doodles.

Happy 300 everyone!

Team OLL x


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For some reason there was a piano in the corner of the Resonance FM office and we felt it was a sign for Team OLL, not least because it had its top off. Two thirds of Team OLL had just flown in from Sweden (boy were our arms tired!) so we were still a little giddy from hosting an awards ceremony and giving hotel lobbies the gift of karaoke. Which reminds us: Come and see us this Saturday in Nottingham GameCity.

This week’s Super-Special Guest was Jamie Firth, who was on in his role as one half of Monkey 99 - the hot new company to help indies (and majors) produce their videogames. We find out if all publishers are evil, where indie game developers go wrong and if Jamie knew everything about his business partner before they joined forces. He really should have spoken to our HR director before he made the leap - it would have helped him immensely.

Next week is our three hundredth episode - expect us to forget and not do anything spectacular. But we’ll probably have the dependable Sega Badawi providing us with Local News as he did this week. We’ll also find out if Simon’s PSVR has finally made its voyage to the bottom of the canal where it will join his Wii. Fare thee well, Simon’s PSVR.

Team OLL x


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Sometimes we think we go a bit too obscure with the titles for our GMA-nominated podcasts. This one was inspired by our Super-Special Guest Gary Burchell, who is in the middle of creating the pirate game (but not the pirated game) Abandon Ship. See? It’s quite a clever title really. Gary told us all about Abandon Ship, which has been described as FTL meets Master and Commander and has been used by games journalists as an opportunity to do lots of poor puns. We asked Gary about what it was like to go indie, why he hasn’t put his name in the title and why water ships are better than space ships.

It’s also the week after the GMA awards so we EXCLUSIVELY reveal if we won and who managed to avoid putting their name on The List. We also remembered an incident that we’d really like to blank from our memories.

We also started a new news feature which every other GMA nominated podcast will be copying in the future and saw Rob Beer and Sega Badawi returning with their regular contributions. Ann made a special announcement and one piece of news got a little too close to home for Team OLL.

Team OLL x


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After an Ann-sized absence (or Ann-sence) last week we welcomed the return of our HR director and person who reads the full news story (and not just the url). But what did she get up to in Iceland? How deep did the conspiracy go? And how were eggs involved?

This week's Super-Special Guest did not bring any eggs, but he is a Cooke! It was Robbie Cooke from Rebellion who was on the show to promote what some are calling 'the best PS VR launch game' - Battlezone. It's an official VR version of the old Atari wireframe game and sounds really good. But we were more interested in how Rebellion bought the IP rights from Atari and how we could use it to improve our own standing in the videogame world.

We were also excited as the day after recording we were going to find out if we had won our second GMA. While you wait with baited breath to find out the result, keep listening to hear what Simon's son uses the most sophisticated of voice recognition technology to do, find out the latest local news from Sega Badawi and help us find out some gossip about Bithell's new mate Perko.

Team OLL x


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After a wonderful time at the Slush Play conference in Iceland, Ste successfully made it back to the studio. Ann didn't and neither did Ste's top. Unfortunately Simon was also going through sports jet lag due to the baseball and also because of him 'be'ing Alex Hunter. Yes, it's hard to believe but a game has finally knocked Star Wars Battlefront off. Perhaps it'll be joining Simon's Wii at the bottom of the canal before too long.

Our Super-Special Guest is James Long, who created a game that is Top Secret. It is based on Edward Snowden and the events leading up to him releasing his leaks. Perhaps we've said too much just by having James on our show, but we think we can tell you that it is a real time email game where you react to actual emails that were sent out at the time. And we provide clear evidence that you can monetise your brand on One Life Left through Simon, sorry 'Alex', buying the game on air. And, if we haven't made it clear enough, the game's name is Top Secret.

We also had some Confessions of a Part-Time Gamer, a bit of Local News and an Ann Investigates From Iceland. Well, maybe not the last one but we're going to pretend we did in our next show just to check if Ann listens to the show and reads this bit. Although going by our news section this week we probably shouldn't annoy her too much.

Team OLL x


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We regret to inform you that we haven’t found a use for the coin sound effect in this week’s episode. This is due to a surprisingly high level of competence from ourselves, which will never last. Iceland will be the main beneficiaries of our incompetence this week as Ann and Ste are going over to the Slush Play conference to do a Sigur Ros and Pollaponk based Marioke and to eat their body weight in Pipp chocolates. Ann is also going to be playing detective over there, hopefully she’s got a good jumper sorted out for it.

Martho Ghariani from Oasis Games was this week’s Super-Special Guest. He’d just flown in from New York and boy were his arms tired! Oasis Games is a Beijing based publisher who is bringing five Playstation VR games from China over to the west over the next few months. We heard about the developing console market in China and tried to learn even more about how VR will change the videogame industry. Perhaps with all our knowledge we’ll become the first-ever VR podcast? (Actually this is A Good Idea – Ed)

Mostly this week has been all about the hard cuts, and about us all hanging out with everyone else. Maybe they were Telegraph journalists. Rob Beer provided more Confessions of a Part-Time Gamer and Sega Badawi had some Local News. Our studio saw some action as we went through our bins, which risked annoying Digitiser 2000’s Mr. T and Simon spoke about cupping. Actually, we should have used the coin sound effect there.

Team OLL x


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We suppose we should start with the major news this week. Resonance FM now has beer mats. It is this promotional machine that has got us another GMA nomination in the category that keeps changing its name and has currently decided that it is Best Radio/Podcast Team. As we call ourselves Team OLL we're quietly confident that a team full of lads will win it again.

Actually, that wasn't the big news was it? The big news is that Ann is back. The annual winner of the GMA for best newsreader (well she would be if they held it) is off her sickbed and back into the studio. Although she might still be a little ill as halfway through the show she identified as a millenial.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was Lupine, who is often a presence at our Marioke events. He didn't have any games or items to promote so we just spoke about Marioke and tried to get him to confess to any nefarious activities. So a standard show really.

This week's returning features were Rob Beer's Confessions of a Part-Time Gamer and Sega Badawi's Local News. And we tried to get cast in Mass Effect: Andromeda, without actually checking if we signed a Non-Compete Clause in our contract for Behold The Kickmen. We may need to speak to our lawyers again.

Oh, we also asked for physical post without giving you our address. So let's put it here:
Team OLL
Resonance FM
144 Borough High Street
London SE1 1LB

Team OLL x


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As is standard with the second episode after a break One Life Left is an Ann down. But if you're the HR director what is the correct process for sick leave? How long do you talk about it on air? And how do you cover radio's best videogame news reader? The answer to that last question is how Ann feels: poorly.

Our Super-Special Guest were actually Guests as we welcomed James Parker and Tony Gowland into the studio. After we anointed them as The Last Shadow Puppets of Videogames we spoke to them about Binaries, which is coming out on consoles after being a big hit on the PC. We asked them how Binaries has changed on its transition to the consoles, the problems with setting a difficulty level and also how Lemmings 2: The Tribes helped shape the new version.

After a break Sega Badawi returned with the latest local news and we have (sit down for this) a new feature. Rob provided us with his confessions of a part time gamer, hopefully our lack of replying to his email last week won't stop him from sending more features in. We tried to clarify if Guy Cocker is on The List, spoke about prizes that we had won and prepared ourselves for GMA disappointment (at a whole new level of GMA disappointment).

Team OLL x


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Summer break is over, but One Life Left is back, Back, BACK! And it's been a long hot summer, being a three-button Monday. So what did we do over the holiday? Simon walked past Hugh Dennis, Ann had too much coffee and Ste did something that may get mentioned during the show. We also guested on other podcasts in an attempt to become videogames answer to Sean Paul/Ludacris. Except in most cases we were too hot for release, we blame the three undone buttons.

And in a break from our break-returning tradition we had a Super-Special Guest this week. In fact we had a real Scanters' Choice between comedy's Robin Ince and Failbetter Games' Hannah Flynn. The criteria we had for this week's SSG was how long they would be prepared to talk about Fallen London coming out on Android and about the forthcoming release of Zubmariner - the expansion to the amazing Sunless Sea. Oh, and their name had to fit the title for the episode that we had already chosen. We should get Robin on later in the series though.

We also spoke to Hannah about how annoying the internet can be at times. Come on internet, buck your ideas up. There was clarification on Keith Stuart's dedications, doubts about a few of our letter writers and full UNEDITED chat about Ste's RPOO (possibly spelt incorrectly).

So that's One Life Left. Recorded on a Monday, podcasted on a Wednesday. It's not like anything major like Mario being announced for the iphone would happen by then. Right?

Team OLL x


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2 Saulc12 - Kick
3 savemegod - Night Ride

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Sorry for the lack of a show last week, but it was in order to get you fully prepared for our summer break. Yep, we're off for all of August and will return to air on the 5th of September. So this means that we wanted to tie off our loose ends like Clive Anderson* before we go off to America / watch cricket / look for Pokemon / all three. Now if you recall, one thread that has been through all this season of OLL was David McCarthy's forthcoming soft/hard launch of BFB Champions Global Kick Off. And for this thread to be fully tied off we got David back in the studio to tell us about how it is going to be what experts (us) call "The Pokemon Go of football games". Well, Cybird are soft launching it in different countries like what Pokemon Go did so we feel safe enough to make that comparison.

Tomorrow (as in Wednesday 28/07) we're doing a special Pokeoke at the Loading Bar, which is a Marioke but only about Pokemon. It's going to be a one-off special so bring your pikachu jumpers, your best singing voice and a friend or (mew)two.

We also did a bit of Microsoft Role Play, made an announcement of behalf of Lewis Schaffer and found out that Captain Tsubasa is the Japanese version of Olive et Tom. And John Life Left made a return to the airwaves along with some Local News courtesy of Sega Badawi.

Cheerio and enjoy Summer!
Team OLL x

* By which we mean that we will tie off our loose ends like how Clive Anderson does it, not that Clive Anderson is a loose end.


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With Simon having booked the day off to do something special Team OLL was at a loss at how to replace him. Luckily Doncaster’s premier top-light entertainer and former market stall holder Derek Williams was passing by so he was willing to offer his help at no extra cost. Well, apart from the constant promotional considerations for his various side-projects that Derek took the opportunity to advertise at every gap in proceedings. But we highly recommend all of Derek’s side projects, as well as his above, below, front and back projects.

Another project that we highly recommend is Dreadbit Games’s Seraph and – no! But yes! – we had the creator of the game Daniel Leaver on the show to promote it. Seraph is a skill based acrobatic shooter inspired by a film starring Christian Bale, but not that one where he shouted at the film crew (that inspired how we treat people on The List when we’re at GameCity). Daniel showed us what the sound effect for slowing down is and also explained what he does at Dreadbit (2% director, with the rest (which we believe to be 68%) doing anything else to help with the game).

We also EXCLUSIVELY reveal who we think will be the new cover star of FIFA 17, curate for the pope (although he’s kind of a curate himself) and hear some local news from Sega Badawi (who is finding it difficult to find non-political stories to satirise). Oh and we play some live Pokemon Go, which we suspect is something you’ll be hearing for the next few months. Hey, it makes a change from VR doesn’t it?

Team OLL x


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It’s not often that Team OLL get to name an episode of the show after an obscure phrase in Amiga Power and – to be honest – we’d have rather not had the opportunity this week. Trust us, once you realise what this episode title refers to, you’ll never look at Ste the same way again. And it’s a shame as up to that point we were all getting on terribly well. Except for the incident before the show when Ste bumped into Simon coming out of a hotel. Apparently Simon was booking our Super-Special Guest into a room. This is the kind of treatment you can expect if you come onto our show and are not a tank.

And our Super-Special Guest this week came all the way from Lithuania so the hotel was needed. It was Tomas Sakalauskas from No Brakes Games, who came in to not share a hotel room but to talk about his new game Human Fall Flat. In the game you just control your hands (unlike Joe Hart) and use them to move around the level. It’s been a hit on the mythical website called YouTube (that we still don’t understand) so asked Tomas for any tips on how to make your game interesting on YouTube. Annoyingly going around wasn’t given as a good piece of advice as we're really good at that.

John Life Left made a welcome return to the airwaves and Sega Badawi gave us some local news that didn’t have a bit at the end that was added after the show was broadcast so that it didn’t look out of date. Absolutely no chance that happened. We also heard about Ann and Simon going off to smash capitalism, provisionally announced Marioke events for Sweden and Iceland and found out that Simon is going to be away for the next few weeks. Presumably he’s sharing hotel rooms with various game developers, either that or he’s giving Ste’s photo to the tank museum in Bovington, Dorset so that they're pre-warned.

Team OLL x


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2. Klamm - Count Zero
3. Naeroon - Wow!! Nice Job!!!-nice-job!-[my-first-lsdj]

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After a week of depressing news there was only one thing that we could do: Get the Guardian's Keith Stuart on the show and gently bully him. Except we didn't even feel like doing that, so we just talked to K-Stew about his book, A Boy Made Of Blocks, that is coming out soon. Oh, apart from the time when Stew-buryness let us use his Twitter, like in that show that Katherine Ryan does on itv2.

We also delayed the selling of our Marioke tickets for Develop in Brighton for gloomy reasons. However, we decided to start selling them during the show to see how the economy has bounced back since the events on Thursday. And we got to hear how the establishment is coping with the changes as Lord Sir Charles Cecil rang in (even though he should've known that we were on air).

Actually it was a fairly interactive show this week. We had the latest news from Sega Badawi, did a live rendition of the Doctor Who theme and also played Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival via flow chart (which appears to be the best way to play it). Will you enjoy it? If yes score 7/10, if no go to Serial.

Team OLL x


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2. Daitenshi - Layer Cake
3. MicroD - Marks of Wear

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You know it's going to be a great episode of One Life Left if at least one of Team OLL starts the episode with a damp groin. And boy oh boy do we have a damp groin for you! (Shouldn't that be 'great episode'? - Ed) Ann has passed her driving test and we've persuaded her to become the next Mike Bithell. She's already become a bit upset with Kotaku so she's well on the way to achieving that goal.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was Sean Cleaver from the world of freelance journalism and Hertfordshire. We asked him what it was like to cover E3 from the UK and interrogated him about why we weren't included in the guest list of content creators and influencers that attended the EA play event. We also tried to find out if Peter Moore still has his GTA tattoo, which got The Caretaker confused as he thought he was currently coach at Notts CCC. Sean is also planning on producing a gaming version of the (nngh) 5Live show Fighting Talk, which should be excellent providing one of Team OLL is on it every week.

Marioke is on tomorrow (providing you read this the day before Marioke is on), but there isn't a London one in July as we're going to have it in Brighton instead. Tickets will be available from Eventbrite tomorrow (providing etc.) and will be a fiver, unless you buy them on the door in which case they'll be a sixer. We also heard from Sega Badawi, Simon told us some toilet tales and we came up with an excellent business idea. Standard Monday innit.

Team OLL x


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3. Ceres - Chiptuner

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The gang is finally back together. Although Ste was still shaken after the grilling he got from Chef Scanters in last week's episode. Luckily Simon was back to interview this week's Super-Special Guest - David McCarthy from Cybird and Japan via France. He could finally reveal the game that he refused to tell us about last season, but perhaps we shouldn't discuss it in this episode intro out of spite. Nah, that doesn't sound like us does it? It's BFB Champions Global Kick-Off (all the cool kids call it BGBCGKO), which is a football management game for smart phones. We find out what early noughties football game BFBCGKO is most like, when it is coming out, whether it is in a hard or soft launch form and also what BFB stands for. Other than a great quality football game at a decent price.

Still related to football we all try to become voicemen in Dan Marshall's Behold The Kickmen. That is, if the Caretaker hasn't deleted our attempts out of the podcast out of spite. Nah, that doesn't sound like him does it? We also spoke a little about E3, but this episode was recorded on Monday so a lot of the news we found out is already out of date. Which is always the case, but feels even more keener during E3.

We try to discover who knows what 4K is, if Ann has her cockney rhyming slang correct and what John Carpenter is like as a festival act. There's also Sega Badawi along with confirmation of this month's Marioke and another Marioke at Brighton in July. Be there. If you can make it, we guess.

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After a week off due to the bank holiday (which the caretaker forgot to tell us about) we came back at full strength. Er, except Simon was off to sunny Spain. And Simon is usually the one who books the guests. So who do we know that has a new game coming out (and two others in development) and has a golden spring on his microphone? Yes, instead of an SSG this week, we have a SS-Ste. We find out what our SS-Ste was doing ten years ago, spoke about his new game Chime Sharp, how stressful kickstarters are and don't get any exclusives. Once again, Ste has let us down.

Away from our guest, we find that videogame fans annoy us and cheer us up in equal measures, say goodbye to Videogame Nation (and try to work out if they're on The List (High Def)) and Ste man-reviews Scanters as well as nearly becoming a Truther due to F-Zero. There's also Sega Badawi, who gives us some local news that was slightly more topical a week ago, but he forgot about the bank holiday break.

We normally have three paragraphs for each episode intro so here is one for you to enjoy.

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We're back from a mid-week trip to Nordic Game and managed to get Scanters successfully through customs, although she did come back with something that she got from a boat trip (congrats Ann - congrannts). Because it was so hot on Monday (unlike now) we had the window open, which means this week's show is naturalistic/noisy depending on your perspective/quality of headphones. There was also a dog in the studio before we went on air, which has now raised all kinds of questions that we need to ask of the people at Renaissance.

This week's Super-Special Guest is - dilly ding dilly dong - Becky Jowsey from Gamehub. And also from Leicester, which hopefully means that the dilly ding dilly dong reference now makes sense. Becky's taken on the incredibly easy task to explain videogames to parents who know nothing about them. This has involved playing lots of games for very long periods of time, with over 150 data points needing to be investigated for each game. The times when you just needed to know graphics, sound, playability and lastability are a long time ago. Becky also tells us why she thinks some parents choose to ignore the age rating system that's already in place.

Sega Badawi dropped some local news and an old contributor made a welcome return. In addition, we all got new chairs except for Simon, which was probably because we all knew he'd get Amiga Power's score for International Rugby Challenge incorrect (it's two percent AS ANY FULE KNO). Oh and you got to find out our superhero origin stories.

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It's not a new season of One Life Left if at least one of us can't make it to the second episode. And Scanters was very happy to take the hit for the team this episode to go boozing on the way to Oslo. It's a hard life being head of HR and News for Europe's leading videogame radio programme. Ann was so on top with her HRing this week by managing to arrange a news-reading substitute, although he did let her down slightly by having a bit of a Network moment. True newsreaders would never do that.

Frederico Fasce from ETT was this week's Super-Special Guest. He gave a very good reason as to why he wouldn't be able to attend our next Marioke event, which meant that we were prepared to ask him about Game Happens - the Italian gaming event he runs with his girlfriend - and the work that he does for ETT. As a result we confirmed how intelligent we were and also learnt about how games are useful in psychological testing (we'd have needed more than an hour for us to do that one).

We move into a fascinating sphere of audio adventures by giving a commentary about an old issue of Edge (warning: contains Nokia N-Gage news) and also got Simon's hot take on the toys to life market, which in turn led to us uncovering a whole new market to move into. And you get some Local News too.

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Hey everyone, we're back, Back, BACK. And you know that the show is going to be a great one when before it even starts two thirds of Team OLL gets kissed by Nunhead's own Lewis Schaffer. Although it doesn't help that we forget what number season we're on. But you know this as you can see it in the episode description. If you can't be bothered to scroll up, we've finally hit our teens.

While we were away Ste watched cricket, Ann became a Twitch superstar and Simon went to PAX. No surprises there then. What was a bit shocking (after all the talk at GDC) was that Ste is into VR - how could he turn on us like that? Wait, he's using it to make a cricket game? Ah, all is right with the world.

The Super-Special Guest this week is Simon Haynes, who is making Super Arcade Football. It's already in Steam Early Access and is an attempt to bring videogame football back to its fun arcade roots. We try to find how he has altered the rules of football to make it more fun as a videogame, what's it like to be a friendly rival to the runner Dan Marshall's Behold The Kickmen and can Simon think of a great metaphor for feedback?

As well as that, you provided and presided us with some excellent letters, Sega Badawi gave us some more Local News and everyone got invited to Ann's birthday party. Assuming you're ok with it being a Marioke event as well.

Team OLL x


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Well folks, it's the final day of GDC 2016, and what an amazing time we've had. We've spoken to dozens of guests, hosted two epic Marioke sessions, experienced more virtual realities than we ever dreamed possible AND learned how to pronounce HTC Vive. Incredible scenes.

But before we go, join One Life Left, Gamasutra and super special guests Fred Wester from Paradox, Eric Zimmerman, Jesse Schell, Riot Games Kimberly Voll, Martine Spaans, Kanye Zone superstar Stephen Barlow, Robert Yang, Positech's Cliff Harris, Henrik Johansson from Mediocre Games, Dan Adelman, Robert and Peter Curry, and Anna Kipnis from Double Fine as we see out GDC in style.

Team OLL x

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Stories! Awards! Pink Pants! Join One Life Left, Gamasutra and twelve more super special guests as we guide you through the ins-and-outs of GDC 2016.

On today's show we're joined by Matti Larsson from Zordix, Joseph Humfrey and Tom Kail from inkle, industry legend Lorne Lanning, Steve Meretzky, Tadhg Kelly, Scott Brodie from Heart Shaped Games, Zach Gage, Chris McQuinn from DrinkBox Studios, Steve Gaynor, writer Chris Kohler, and Frank Cifaldi from Digital Eclipse.

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It's day three at GDC, and now the expo's properly underway it's time to find out if this VR stuff is any good. Luckily we've got a small army of super-special guests to help us work that out.

Guests include Tommy Refenes from Team Meat, Ryan Burrell, educator Kerry Turner, Lee Perry, Robin-Yann Storm, FourbitFriday’s Tyriq Plummer, Jake Birkett from Grey Alien Games, Luuk van Aggelen and Bram Simonis from Pillow Games, Katie Goode of Triangular pixels and Gamasutra columnist Katherine Cross.


Team OLL x

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Show two from GDC, and the first from the convention floor! Join us and twelve super special guests as we talk about what's coming up this week, how many VR panels can fit into one lineup and we continue to ask the all-important question 'How do you pronounce Vive?'

Featuring John Warner from Over The Moon Games, Andy Nealen from NYU, Tarn Adams from Bay 12 Games, Kongregate co-founder Emily Greer, Fullbright's Nina Freeman, Henrike Lode from Lohika, Romana Ramzan from Glasgow Caledonian University, Professor Mary Flanagan, James Portnow from Snow Cannon Games, composer Laura Karpman, and Mare Sheppard & Raigan Burns from Metanet Software Inc.

Team OLL x

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One Life Left is back to present the official GDC podcast with our good friends Gamasutra. We thought we'd take it easy with our first show by having a relaxed recording in a hotel room, but what we ended up with was a bumper show packed full of more people than we've ever had on before. 

Join us as we talk to TWENTY-SIX (26) amazing guests, hear from developers new and old, chat about game jams and game collectives, discuss how to #network, and get into the big debate about how to pronounce the HTC Vive. 
On the show were:


Charles Cecil - Revolution Software

Martin Kvale - Independant

Tim Garbos - Triband

Joel Nyström - Ludosity

Hannah Flynn - Failbetter

Harry Tuffs - PixelTrickery

Lottie Bevan - Failbetter

Martine Spaans - Tamalaki Game Publishing

Jonatan Van Hove - Independant

Matt Boch - NYU

Sarah Brin - Autodesk

Simon Parkin - New Yorker/Gamasutra

Brandon Sheffield - Necrosoft Games

Rami Ismail - Vlambeer

Grant Shonkwiler - Epic Games

Dave Evans - Playcanvas

Brian Francis - Gamasutra

Adriel Wallick - Train Jam

Philippa Warr - Rock Paper Shotgun

Eline Muijres - Dutch Game Garden

Eduardo Ortiz Frau - Audio Producer

Shahid Kamal Ahmed - Independant

Alex Wawro - Gamasutra

Runa Haukland - Hamar Game Collective

Catharina Bohler - Hamar Game Collective

Marianne Lerdahl - Hamar Game Collective

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This week's episode is a Denmark special. And in order to celebrate Denmark we got the programmers of James Pond, 3D Construction Kit and the amazing International Rugby Challenge in to talk about it. Oh. Wait. We were thinking of Domark, not Denmark. Luckily our SSG booker didn't make such a mistake and, after Sandi Toksvig and Sofie Hagen refused to return our non-existent calls, we got Jacob and Simon from Gameswing on as our Super-Special Guests. They were there to talk about their new (and first) game Stikbold, which is coming out on XBox One and PC on 1st April and on PS4 a few days afterwards. We asked them about how the game developed from its early start as a Dodgeball game at the Nordic Game Jam to its expertly published current state.

We also found out that we really don't like the word sunsetting, fingernails being left in the studio or not being allowed booze on trains like they are in Denmark. This is our last episode before we go to GDC (which will be podcasted) and when we return we will be ten years old, so be prepared for an anniversary special. John Life Left and Sega Badawi provided some features and we also heard about the latest YouTube Superstar. Finally someone in the extended Team OLL will know how streaming works.

Team OLL x


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Welcome to episode 280 in One Life Left's quest to understand how Twitch actually works. This week's person trying to show how the video streaming service actually helps people understand videogames is Sam Murray - Coceo from Senshudo tv. He tells us about how he avoids all kinds of handers - both front and back kinds and possibly even side ones - to provide an unbiased set of reviews using Twitch. As well as that he got us annoyed because we never actually got any bribes when we worked at videogame magazines. OR MAYBE THAT'S WHAT WE WANT YOU TO THINK.

More importantly, as it was a Leap Day, Ann had the pick of three men to choose to propose to. Or would the patriarchy hold her back (again)? Simon's son had learnt a new swears and Simon learnt what his wife gets up to when he's not around. Sega Badawi dropped some local news on those assembled, we had some Conker chat that didn't involve K-Stew and we figured out how Tomorrowland affects reviews. It was a good show.

Team OLL x


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2. Panda Chan - TFATFJ - Corruption

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Psst, don't tell anyone, but this week's show is a gossip special. Unfortunately we don't quite know what this actually means, so we're not actually sure if any real gossip gets spoken during the show. If there is it's almost certainly scurrilous and without foundation, which is our favourite type of gossip (it usually involves conkers).

Our Super-Special Guest was Dan Simpson, who is a videogame poet (which sounds like a great idea for a feature - hint hint Craig The Rage). We asked Dan how he got into poetry, what proportion of indie developers like poetry immediately and also if there is anything that Kieron Gillen isn't prepared to introduce. Dan also created a crowd sourced poem for the National Museum of Scotland which sounds like something we'd do, if you replaced 'poem' with 'karaoke song' and 'National Museum of Scotland' with 'pub'.

We also found out what Belgium was like, turned down the London Games Festival, Ann went around the studio and Simon's wife isn't going cheese tasting. Sega Badawi provided us with some local news and we told you where you can get the last ever tickets to our GDC Marioke party. You should bid on them. Especially if you're going to GDC. Don't be the ones to miss out!

Team OLL x


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It takes a lot to be someone that Mike Bithell wouldn't be prepared to kiss. This week's Super-Special Guest - Tony Gowland from Ant Workshop - is just that person. Could it be because Tony has managed to make a game with a genuinely interesting idea and that has made Mike jealous? If anyone knows anything about jealously it's definitely One Life Left. If there were no jealousy in this business then we'd have a lot more GMA awards.

Anyway, Tony's game is called Binaries, it's out on the 4th April and he was only too happy to tell us the main colours of the game. And in Binaries knowing the colours is actually a key factor in the gameplay. Honestly, it's like our apparently stupid questions are actually incredibly clever. We also found out why Tony changed the name of the game and what's it's like to be championed by Mike Bithell.

John Life Left tried monetising his feature whilst Sega Badawi still did his purely for the benefit of news. In addition Ste gave some useful advice on running a Kickstarter, as well as doing a little rap. There was Jonathan Blow chat, a further update on our GDC Marioke Party (and what to do if you missed out on a ticket, but still want to come) and a quick mention of our Pre-GDC Marioke that's on this Friday.

Team OLL x


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It's always good to have gaming royalty on the show so we were happy to have Lord Sir Charles Cecil CBE on as our Super-Special Guest this week. He showed his experience by managing to get the most plugs ever within the first minute of his introduction. You don't run a software company for 25 years without developing some good promotional skills. And next month Revolution Software will indeed be 25 years old, so we took an audio tour through the history of Revolution discussing classics like Lure of The Temptress, Beneath A Steel Sky and their little known game called Broken Sword.

Charles also spoke about if the point and click game is still dead, announced a special version of Broken Sword that's available next month and also defended videogame journalists against ("The Hateful Eight" - ed). Not only that but he managed to offend Simon as well, which was bound to happen at some point. The bromance is over.

John Life Left and Sega Badawi provided us with some features (and we're always open to new ideas for contributions) and we had Dexter make a welcome return to the reviews section. And if you want to be a Super-Special Guest without going to the hassle of creating an amazing game then you can bid for the opportunity to do so at the Super-Special Resonance FM Auction. Look out for it on the Resonance FM website.

Team OLL x


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It's appears to have been deleted, but check anyway
2. Yuki Kakushi - It's Ok To Cry

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Sorry about the lack of a show last week, two thirds of Team OLL were ill but luckily we were all back to seventy percent full health, except for a microphone that was rather crackly. Poor microphone. This week's Super-Special Guest was the tea demanding Alex Fleetwood, who came in the show to show off Fabulous Beasts, which Ann has decided is "a mix of Pokemon and Jenga". We ask Alex about how his Kickstarter going and get a live update on the Power of OLL on sales. Alex also confirmed that Fabulous Beasts will definitely be ready by November. Unless it's delayed.

John Life Left made a return to our features section, along with Sega Badawi. Simon Parkinson incurred the wrath of Scanters, Simon had the latest news whispered through a door by Lord Sir Charles Cecil and Ste made a cricket bat on his computer. We're also incredibly close to confirming our GDC Marioke Party and Ste is doing a Reads Like A Seven event on 11/02. Why not attend both?

Team OLL x


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A long time ago Ste and Simon were in a crew with David McCarthy, who is this week's Super-Special Guest. They did fun things together like inventing video blogging, but it all got ruined when David got married. Because Ste and SImon alienated everyone there with a really bad best man speech. It was awful, imagine our comedy night in Nottingham but with even less jokes. Sorry, fewer.

Anyway, David is back he's working for Cybird in Japan and he might be prepared to tell us something about the new game that they're working on. At the very least he'll be able to help us work out our system for measuring how much a half wit is worth. David also attended Pocket Gamer Connect on the morning of our show, which is where our fifth joke #networking was invented so we have a mini-celebration in its honour.

We also confirmed how much a micro transaction is worth, Ann didn't have a driving lesson and Ste was genuinely shocked by a bit of Ann's news. Listen out for the gasp of disbelief! Sega Badawi provides some more local news and we advertise Marioke in Zurich with about six days notice. We might even see if Sepp Blatter wants to come to it. He's not up to much at the moment.

Team OLL x


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One Life Left has been hip to all the latest trends in video games ever since we got a cyber razor cut in order to play on our Super Nintendo, yet the streaming fever has passed us by. We did have a spell last year where we tried to Twitch regularly, but all it ended up with is us getting a funny gif of Scanters that we auctioned off for Resonance FM (who you should donate to if you get the chance). However, we're always willing to learn new things, particularly if they contain the key phrase 'monetise our brand' so we got Super-Special Guest and Twitch Superstar Katt Strike in the studio!

Katt told us all about streaming and how it ended up with her getting a new PC and a new job. This then lead into a debate on if streamers are replacing traditional reviews and then managed to inadvertently prove a point in our traditional reviews section. We confirmed that we will be attending GDC this year, Simon knocked over a bin, Ste opened Jack Bike-Show's post and Ann was touched by Lewis Schaffer. And Simon.

More importantly we had WORLD EXCLUSIVE HALF-LIFE 3 NEWS!!!!! At least we think we have some news. Listen to the show and decide. You'll also get to hear John Life Left and Sega Badawi!

Team OLL x


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3. For a Broken Earth - Leave a Trace[chvrches-lsdj-cover]

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One Life Left has started 2016 as it finished 2015. Well, Simon did as he's still playing Star Wars Battlefront. Ste stopped reading his emails over the break and Ann was at a wedding. And we had Christmas, obviously which was a strong seven out of ten this year. We thought that OLL Warm-Up act and excellent comedian Lewis Schaffer had bought us a present for our first show back and were really touched, but it turned out he'd just left a bag in the studio. Maybe he'll get us something for Valentine's Day?

Mike Bithell took the opportunity to be our first Super-Special guest of the year so he could tell us about the Vita release of Volume, which should be out by now. He was also given the chance to let us know which of five ideas he'll be working on as his main project for 2016, but he saw through our attempts with a straight bat. We did manage to speak about Bithmas which just keeps getting earlier and earlier in the year, and Mike's possible holiday to Disneyland in February.

Ste told us about how he's finally got bored with killing people, Simon explained how he got lessons on morality and humour from his son and Ann might be creating a game this year. Sega Badawi made a return and we had a new feature with John Life Left.

We're back at the Dalston Loading bar this month with another Marioke event and at some point this year we will be ten so we'll definitely be holding a special event for that.

Team OLL x


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Normally the last episode of the year is one where you reflect on the year and how it went. We tried to do this at the beginning before Ann's news, but then decided that our mix of great chiptunes, amazing guests and poor jokes were how we brought in 2015 so they'd be the best way to see it out. And we did it in style - Ste was back from Copenhagen, Simon brought in a board game and Ann wore a special Christmas outfit.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was Sean Wenham- the creator of The End of The World. We always thought that would be Parkinson. Anyway, Sean's game was inspired by a break up that he had three years ago so we asked him if it's good to wallow in misery, how the search function on the Android store works and what his wife thinks of the game.

Sega Badawi had some local news, along with a clip that sounded slightly familiar, Simon apologised for something that isn't actually on this episode and we announced that Kieron Gillen will be djing at our Christmas Party. YOU MUST BUY A TICKET NOW.

Cheerio and Merry Christmas!
Team OLL x


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1. TLG chiptunes - Yeah Maybe I Guess
2. x Critical Strike x - Jingle Bells!!-merry-xmas!
3. amburgerzorro - 3 Years

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Ste was in Copenhagen this week. Luckily, unlike that time Ann was away we didn't have to remember to get anyone in to do the news. Unfortunately we had to rely on Simon manning the desk and Ann not telling him to press the 'dump' button which meant around seven seconds of the episode was lost. And - most annoying of all - it meant we missed out on hearing this week's Super-Special Guest Tom Cole, research student at Goldsmiths and member of The Intelligent Games Games Intelligence Programme. We did only press it the once so we were able to find out how we can broaden and deepen (but not lengthen) emotional engagement in videogames, which games best do this, which games best do this that Simon isn't annoyed by and we also heard about the Adventure X festival that Tom is running this weekend (assuming you read this as soon as the podcast is uploaded).
And with Ste being away it meant that we had a gap in the market for a young up-and-comer to guest host, but unfortunately we gave it to Keith Stuart from the old media. Keith told us why he isn't fit to judge the best videogame of 2015 and he also did a pun and started to move in on Ann's territory. Obviously Ann wouldn't let this lie so raised a valid point about Keith 'be'ing Santa at our Christmas party (which you should all buy tickets for).
Next week is our last show of the year, so we're all bringing in board games it's a mufti day. Which in our case means we have to put tops on :(
Team OLL x
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1. Bitpusher2600 - Fish Fingers and Custard
2. marcb0t - Tarzan Boy (SMS version)
3. iDecade - Drone
4. Hide Your Tigers - Dr Danger
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This week's show was a little bit weird. Firstly, this week's Super-Special Guest Jon Hare said that we were part of the videogame industry. Obviously he hadn't read the results of this year's GMAs. Secondly, Jon provided us with an actual EXCLUSIVE!!! first play of the remix/demo version of Goal Scoring Superstar Hero to put on the show. We thought the only EXCLUSIVES!!! we could reveal were the colour of the game. And in case you're wondering, the main colour of Jon's new game Sociable Soccer is green, unless it's snowing in which case it's white.

We spoke to Jon about the development of Sociable Soccer, how Simon isn't the World Champion of it, but did manage to score the second ever headed goal and tried to work out the secret bit of coding to make our own version of Sociable Soccer. Ann was at a hen do in Copenhagen over the weekend, Simon and Ste were at a Chvrches gig whilst Sega Badawi just stayed in the news room to catch up on the latest events. We also heard from the mayor of Royal Leamington Spa (and possibly Ozzy Osbourne's nephew).

And the tickets for our Christmas party have finally been made available for sale. Please come. It will almost certainly be as great as last year's one.

Team OLL x


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1. atomsmasha - Kavinsky 1986[chiptune-8-bit]
2. Ice wolf - Distorted Relaxation
3. Sociable Soccer - Goal Scoring Superstar Hero (demo)
4. d0us - simkit

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Ann is back from being Big In Japannnnn because she drank all of their alcohol. This meant that we've had the full team back in the studio for the first time in ages. It also meant that Ste didn't have to worry about trying to figure out who would do the news. Although he didn't really have much time to worry about it last week if we think about it.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was our third most famous guest ever. This obviously means that he has as little to do with videogames as possible, and is not Simon Parkinson or K-Stew (they're still fighting it out down at the bottom). Oh, we'd probably say who he actually is at this point. It's Iain Morris, co-creator of The Inbetweeners. We found out how videogames helped inspire The Inbetweeners, if mentioning Pro Evo Soccer on a TV show gets you any freebies and what it's like to break Ricky Gervais' back (presumably it made him humble).

Ann told us that she was learning to drive, Ste scared all his cats away on Neko Atsume, Simon learnt that his son had some strange choice of phrases and Sega Badawi somehow managed to do some local news. Oh, and our Christmas party was announced for Friday 18/12, look for the details on Facebook (link in our, er, links section below). We'll tell you where to get tickets as soon as we can be bothered to set it up.

Team OLL x


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Due to Ann being in Japan, Ste being in India and Simon drinking in the afternoon there was no show last week. Luckily Ste and Simon managed to make it into the studio this week in order to provide you with some gaming related entertainment. However, would we remember to inform you as well as entertain through our acclaimed news section? Errm, sort of.

We did remember to book a Super-Special Guest and this week's SSG was Gareth Williams from Premier PR. It was probably for the best that Ann was off this week as last time Gareth was on the show he deeply offended her and the show was literally unbroadcastable. We spoke to Gareth about what it was like to be the proto Guy Cocker on CNN, how PR is different to journalism and who has the best idea for a video game?

Sega Badawi remembered to do some local news and we had a new feature from one of MCV's 30 under 30. And we sort-of announced our Christmas Party without actually confirming the date or where it would be held. But we're sure details like that won't hold you back.

Team OLL x


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1. Virtual Hawaii - Fountains
2. Quavosh - Pixel Jumper Tropical Theme
3. MilLs Dj- There's No End

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Last week we had a Marioke event at GameCity. It involved lots of drinking and singing. Nothing unusual there. But we've not seen Ann since, and some sources are saying that she ended up in Japan. Is she going to be the new Kojima?

As Ann was missing, we needed to make sure that her replacement was completely ethical and - most importantly - a man. So we got GameUnder, renegade gamer and former president of Electronic Arts to come in and do the news. We also got Henry Hoffman from Fiddlesticks and the most stylish man in games in as a Super-Special Guest. He told us his origin story, his new game Hue, his experimental VR game Aboard The Looking Glass and made an EXCLUSIVE! announcement that he probably shouldn't have made and we shouldn't be mentioning in CAPITAL LETTERS. Sorry.

We're also sorry that there won't be a show next week, it's all Ste's fault for going to India. Oh, and we're sorry for the spoilers that GameUnder might do during his news. While we're at it, sorry for mentioning TFI Friday during the show. We won't apologise for Sega Badawi, although some of his puns this week do get a little close to the edge.

Team OLL x


1. MotionRide - 99 Lives Left
2. Lamer Pinky - Way To Unity
3. Klamm - Icebreaker

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As ever, we start the show as we mean to go on. With the highest level of professionalism, and by swivelling. Although some members of the team might not be giving the usual percentage of effort that our listeners demand. See if you can work out who it is!

The Super-Special Guest for this week is Stefano Petrullo from Renaissance PR, who are not to be confused with Resonance FM. Stefano told us all about how Simon caused Stefano to split with his then-girlfriend, how doing PR for indies is different to the major publishers and general tales about being in the PR world.

We spoke a little about our Marioke event in Nottingham GameCity this Friday, Ste promoted his live Checkpoints recording this Thursday and Kieron Gillen let us down (again). Sega Badawi provided us with some local news but more importantly we talked about sausages in games. Oh and we decided which of the journalistic Sons was better: Ellison or Parkinson.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Daandruff - Roadblock
2. Power Supply - Super Flying Ice Cream Truck 2: Even Truckier[lsdj]-super-flying-ice-cream-truck-2-even-truckier
3. Kevin McCloud - Rhinoceros
4. Cheapshot - Giddy

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One thing we've learnt from TV Talent Shows is that the journey is important. And this week's guest, Kerry Turner, had a very special journey to get here. By which we mean that she nearly ended up at Portsmouth. Luckily she made the right connection and we got to talk to her about Make Play Code and how teaching women how to code is a lot like The Ring or like making a skirt. It sounded so good that Ste and Simon had to come up with some cunning plans.

We had GameUnder and Sega Badawi providing some features with a new Super-Special Guest Reviewer making his debut. Not only that but we turned Pip into a tv star, started our own awards ceremony and decided on how big Ann wanted her blanket.

And we didn't really mention the GMAs. They just don't deserve being in our house. But they know what they can do to improve things for next year.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Gepsjors - Nessy
2. Klamm - Heroquest

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There's no Simon this week as he was in Hawaii preparing to drink illicitly in airports. And because of that we sort-of forgot that we needed to book a Super-Special Guest. Luckily, our favourite Rising Star Philippa Warr took time out of her busy schedule watching DoubleFist win the esports World Cup to come and help us out (we might have got some of the World Cup info wrong).

Somehow a reference to Kanye West lead to a really sophisticated discussion about pricing in games. Which makes us wonder about where next week's D-12 Discussion Point will lead to, or perhaps talking about Nelly's plaster will give us a new insight about healing in games.

We also discussed all of our chances in the forthcoming Games Media Awards, received some actual post (some wanted, some unwanted), heard some Local News and Ste told us about how he did a curler. Fun times.

And our GameCity Marioke event has been announced, see below for the link but if you're lazy it'll be on Friday 30th October at Spanky Van Dykes.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Dire Hit - DX7 Test
2. Protoflight - Ignite

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For the first time this season we finally had all three presenters hosting. In order to commemorate this we all hosted the show standing up. This means that you need to be standing up to listen to this show in order to show us the respect we deserve. As we know that this will cause you some discomfort, we have decided to have a break from doing the show next week. We are nothing if not protective of our listeners.

This week's Super-Special Guest is James Parker from Ground Shatter. He told us all about his two (count 'em - two!) new games, Skyscrappers and Black and White Bushido. He told us why local multiplayer games deserve a comeback, which is just as well as that's what Skyscrappers is. Luckily Ann decided not to torpedo any of his ideas like she did with VR so both of the games should be coming out soon.

GameUnder continued his sterling work for the videogaming public and Sega Badawi informed us of a local news story. We also found out that Ste has a dodgy back, Ann has dyed her hair and Simon told us of his son's adventures in swearing. Not only that but Ann came up with the best analogy for Rocket League and James raised the bar for all SSGs to follow by giving us one of the best presents ever!

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Atari Tufty - P.F.M.
2. Theme from Skyscrappers
3. Jerkemy - With The Square of The Distance

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Fresh from last week's debate regarding the future of virtual reality systems, we substituted an ill Scanters for a fit Ste in order to continue the conversation. We also got Brynley Gibson in as a Super-Special Guest to pass on his knowledge from working on the Playstation VR. As one of the leading lights in Sony's London Studio he had lots to tell us, apart from anything that we could claim as an EXCLUSIVE.

With Ann off ill, and million dollar journalist/substitute newsreader Cara Ellison being busy in Scotland we had to rely on Ste for our news. Listen in to find out if he has learnt anything from eleven seasons of listening to Ann.

GameUnder continues his sterling undercover work at EA and Sega Badawi gives us the latest local news. We also find out how to induce motion sickness in people, discuss the Elite Dangerous purchase flow chart and work out if today's kids like Back To The Future.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. PSS270 - Plastic Humans
2. Chunter - We take the Future
3. Jerkemy - Substrate Independence
4. Justbeenwarpzoned - The Bastille of the Socially Awkward Teenager

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It's a problem having the same person coming into the studio. Sometimes you just run out of things to say to them. Luckily Ste was away this week so we had Mike Bithell in as a Super-Special Guest! Unfortunately he didn't tell us anything about his new game so The Caretaker had to use one of Mike's old games for the episode title again. And as we all know, The Caretaker is incredibly lazy.

Luckily, Mike Bithell is not incredibly lazy and was in to discuss how well Volume went down with everyone (and Metacritic). He was also meant to discuss his new game, but he didn't get the memo. Mostly because The Caretaker forgot to send it out. As he didn't get the other memo regarding the sending of memos.

Ann is one console down as she sold her Wii when she had a headache, rather than putting it in a bag at the bottom of the canal. Simon went to the Not Twin Peaks diner experience, nearly got run over by a Taxi in Croydon and started a bromance with Mike, who told us how he is spending his fortune. Ann also torpedoed everyone's dreams about virtual reality and Sega Badawi returned with his Local News.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Ubaldur - September
2. Candy Hippy Candy Hippy - Robot Dance Party
Appears to have been deleted - of you can find it let us know!

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Sometimes, if you've been really good and wish hard enough then your dreams will come true. This is one of those days. One Life Left is back for its twelfth season on the airwaves!

And everyone in the world must have been really, really good as it's time for another Ann Life Left. For those of you who haven't listened to Ann Life Left before what happens is Ann gets a load of people into the studio to talk about how games have had an effect on their lives and how amazing games are. It is consistently highly rated by our focus groups that the caretaker runs on our behalf to help improve our branding.

Helping Ann out is SSGP (Super-Special Guest Presenter) Philippa Warr from Rock Paper Shotgun who didn't talk about or play League of Legends for a whole hour so that must surely be reason enough to listen?

Team OLL x


1. Chibitech - Love is Insecurable (Dr Bouche remix)
2. Chipzel - Super Hexagon
3. Bus Blanchie - Bright Stars
4. ForABrokenEarth - Toriningen[2015-mix]
5. Klamm - Wildfire

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For the final time this season all of Team OLL was in the studio before we broke for our summer holidays. This meant we didn't have to wear our uniforms and we could even bring in board games to play. Ann nearly didn't make the show on time as she was waiting upstairs and wondering why she was hot. Ste was back from Finland with tales of gin and grapefruit, Placebo and Finland's answer to Justin Bieber. Simon was still developing his next game after Bang Man! took the gaming world by storm.

And thanks to our Super-Special Guest Ian Hamilton, Simon will be thinking of accessibility for gamers with disabilities. Ian was on to discuss the issues in improving accessibility and it seems that the little things matter a lot to most gamers. Annoyingly there's no actual legal enforcement to make games more accessible so most of the appetite to improve things is coming from the smaller companies. But we did find out which was the first AAA game with a dedicated blind accessibility option.

Ann had a very important Ann-nouncement, we talked tactics for the upcoming GMAs and Marioke makes more steps into invading Germany (which annoys the Caretaker as he prefers Monchengladbach to Koln). GameUnder continues to work undercover and Sega Badawi has some more local news. And even though we're on holiday you can still contact us via the usual methods and even finish making our game for us.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Laffe The Fox feat. Robot Orgy Massacre - The Amazing Adventures of Mr. Unadventurous
2. Motionride - Loading[lsdj-chiptune]
3. PleaseLoseBattle - Hangover Apocalypse

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With Ste in Finland listening to Placebo and performing Marioke it meant that Simon and Ann were in the studio by themselves. Well, apart from the Super-Special Guests. And we got some amazing Super-Special Guests with Alex and Sean from Castle Magazine and Eddie Lee from Funktronic Labs coming into the studio.

Alex and Sean were in to talk about Castle Magazine, which is due to launch in the first quarter of next year, providing that their crowdsourcing is successful and that they agree on how to correctly pronounce Castle. We had a look at their promotional postcards and queried their DPIs, before Ann got worried about what DPI stood for.

Our other Super-Special Guest Eddie was a major test of where Simon's loyalties lie. You see Eddie's new game - Nova 111 - is being published by Curve digital, which is where Simon's second less-important job is. Would Simon give Eddie the usual OLL interview treatment or would he not even ask what colour his game was? We did find out that it's a turn-based real-time action game and it's already picked up a few awards so it does sound like it'll be pretty good.

From our contributors we had Doctor Avatar making a return to the hospital wards and Sega Badawi providing some local news. We also found out that Simon is making a new game under the advice of Tom Francis, how Chinese holiday tours really make their money and that we shouldn't make Ritchie and Josh the talent handlers angry as they nearly destroyed the studio when they were calm.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Bitmap Brothers - Gods Theme
2. Spaszaki - Trance (Casio)
3. Brink - Joe Schmoe in Rio
4. Rob Hubbard - Crazy Comets theme
5. TLG Chiptunes - Mr Brightside

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Unfortunately having to do three episodes in a row took its first victim as Simon took the week off. But he forgot to check this with HR and with his appraisal due this wasn't a good time to be doing this. Luckily our HR is an incredibly efficient department and managed to get a highly qualified Super-Special Guest Host in Tim Hibbs from the Big Red Barrel podcast. We highly recommend his podcast for those rare weeks when we haven't done a show (but if you listen any other time you'll go on The List).

And in addition to our SSGH we also had a SSG! Kristian Andrews from Studio OwlBear came into the, er, studio to tell us about his game Barbara-Ian and to let out a Category C swear word. It's a Rogue-like (depending on the definition) based on a series of videos that Kristian sent to annoy Comedy Central/win a competition that Comedy Central had. We found out how Kristian had the idea to turn it into a video game and tried to come up with names for a sequel. Oh, and it's out on Friday!

GameUnder told us of his latest developments in games under development and Sega Badawi dropped some local news on those assembled. Team OLL decided that a trip to Montreal was in order, Ann had a photo with a Japanese rock band, Ste got incredibly worried about fridges and brainstormed a sequel to Chuckie Egg (that already exists). You might also pick up during this episode that Ste has launched a new Kickstarter, but we hardly mention it.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Buried For a Day - Pathways
2. Motionride - Utterless[edm-amiga-chiptune]
3. Brink - Joe Shmoe in Rio
4. Laffe the Fox - The Sweden Experience

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We're still trying to solve the mystery that is sweeping the gaming world: Where did Marioke disappear to in July? And furthermore: When is it being held in August? Hopefully we'll get a little closer to the truth in this week's episode.

Oh, and we did talk quite a bit about Her Story too, which made sense as this week's Super-Special Guest was its designer Sam Barlow. He came up on the sleeper from Portsmouth to tell us all about the game. Except for the plot. But hopefully you will understand from this episode that Her Story is a different type of game. The type of game that Simon dislikes, so what will he think of Her Story?

Away from Her Story we found out that Simon looked a little different, Ann was beach body ready and Ste met some men on the Internet. Sega Badawi and GameUnder provided us with some features and we got onto the hot, hot topic of fans in consoles.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Klamm - Rise
2. Kuro - Before It Ends
3. MilLs DJ - Reunited
4. Brink - It Is What It Is

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OK, so the one week break turned into a two week break, but you can trust that One Life Left will never let you down again. Except for Marioke in July which we've had to cancel. And we'll be going on our summer holidays before too long.

It's also pretty hot. Now, Team OLL are used to being hot, but this is an altogether different kind of hot. It's the type of hot that makes you have a can of Malibu and pineapple at the cricket and tricks you into thinking that your leggings will dry in time to go out. It's also the kind of hot where you reckon that hot and heat are words that are interchangeable.

This week's show is rather cultured as our Super-Special Guests were Darren Wall from Read Only Memory and Alex Wiltshire from The Streets. They were in to promote ROM's first self-funded book Britsoft: An Oral History, which involved speaking to the major players in the British coding scene such as Jon Hare, Mel Croucher and Peter Moulinex. We also found out how you get Nintendo to give you two million dollars, tried to work out who is this generation's Jeff Minter and Ste thought about Jez San.

GameUnder made a welcome return (along with a new microphone) and Sega Badawi told us about the latest local news (from two weeks ago). And we also promoted a certain special someone's new book about computer games, we really can't recommend it highly enough and we're certain that you'll enjoy their work so much. They really deserve every success with it.

Team OLL x

(Do we have to include this book in the links? Really? Oh alright then)

Track listing:
1. Jakim - Night Air
2. motionride - Un Petit Robot[lsdj-chiptune]
3. Sudstep - No Guts, No Glory
4. UFO - Moon

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When Ste's away, Team OLL will play... chiptune covers of Muse songs. Yes, Ste was scouting out the karaoke bars of Gothenburg looking for talent to attend our Housemarque Marioke Birthday Celebration. This meant that Simon was in charge of the show.

Unfortunately Simon immediately tells us that his shot his only child (with a Nerf gun) which means he probably isn't really responsible enough to run a radio show. Ann did recently become a triple Auntie so hopefully her instincts as an Aunt were enough to keep the show on track.

Replacing Ste was our SSGH (Super-Special Guest Host) Simon 'Parkinson' Parkin. He brought the class and weird umlaut things that you'd expect from someone at the New Yorker. Parkinson also spoke a little about his new book, but we forgot to ask what colour it is. This is why we need Ste.

But it wasn't just Parkinson, we also had Jack Attridge from Flavourworks on as a Super-Special Guest. He told us all about working at 22 Cans, what it was like to half-make Godus and showed Simon his latest game, which Simon then failed to tell us about. Simon even forgot to ask him what colour the game was, so we are thankful to Ann for keeping a hold on things.

Simon started to make space under his stairs for the new Steam Machine and Ann made some big steps into becoming an esports champion. Not only that but Sega Badawi informed us of some local news and we became a discount code for an amazing soundtrack album ( It almost makes you wish Ste could be away every week (that almost is incredibly important if you're reading this Ste).

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Muse - Reapers
2. Thing On A Spring - (Simon's go to chip tune)
3. Cybernoid 2: The Revenge
4. Rambo First Blood Part II loading theme (C64)

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After another bank holiday break, One Life Left is back! Hopefully you all managed to cope without us. We all went to Nordic Game, then Ann and Simon went off to Copenhagen and then Simon went off to Barcelona. Team OLL always sticks together.

This week's Super-Special Guest was Explosive Alan's Ash Denton. As you all know Team OLL has been trying to break into the YouTube/Twitch market for some time and we tried to find out from Ash the secret in monetising these areas. Apparently the secret is to make something that's unique and is actually rather good. So we're screwed then. Ash is also making the break into creating his own video game, it's all down to Mike Bithell. Which means it's all down to us.

We also got pretty worried about our listeners as it took a while for us to get any letters from them, and then we got even more worried about Guy Cocker. Ste told us about his fetish for photos of carrots, Ann got a new tattoo and Simon discovered that Martin Hollis connects everyone from a photographic perspective. And Sega Badawi updated us with the latest Local News.

Team OLL x


1. Hide Your Tigers - Smeltdown
2. We Danced - Tension
3. Motionride - Moo Moo Meadows Theme[mario-kart-wii-edm-chiptune-cover]-originally-by-asuka-ohta

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It's a fairly open secret in the games 'industry' that One Life Left are the only King Makers worth dealing with. Mike Bithell's success is entirely down to us and console makers worldwide have a direct feed to the cupboard under Simon's stairs knowing that if their console ends up in there they can consider it to be finished. So we were pleased to welcome Laughing Jackal's Al Evans back to the studio to see how his game Flame Over has been doing, what new systems it might be moving across to and how we might best upset Rock Paper Shotgun on his behalf (to be honest we just needed the excuse).

Simon was using his programming skills to try to hack Sony in order to get an Anniversary PS4, Ann started to make a game, Ste worried about his new talk and we all got concerned that we had upset GameUnder in some way. We never want to upset GameUnder.

As usual Sega Badawi provided some Local News, but we had the welcome return of Derek Williams. We also spoke about our partners and family members (sorry partners and family members), made preparations for Eurovision, reflected on Martin Hollis and asked: is Super Smash Brothers any good?

All this and we didn't wear any plaid.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Richard H Bright - S101 (HMS Dreadnought)
2. MilLS DJ - Comin' Home

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It's not very often that all of Team OLL gets to meet up outside of the Resonance FM studio, so when we do you know it's going to be memorable. Except that Ste apparently forgot everything that happened at Ann's birthday party over the weekend. Listen to this week's show to hear him slowly piece together the unbelievable chain of events.

Oh, but we do meet together every Third Thursday of the month to do Marioke, and the main enabler of this was this week's SSSG. We had James from the Loading bar in to go through our yearly Marioke appraisal. He also talked about the development of the Loading Bar, his favourite cocktail and made a request for a new Marioke song (that might have already been written between the show going out and this podcast being uploaded).

Sega Badawi was the only contributor this week so we had to rely on Simon telling us how he single handedly got Nintendo back into profit, Ste telling us about how KP will single handedly bring England cricket back to the top and Ann telling us what makes a cake not a cake. The answer to the latter point is when it's a jar, obv.

Team OLL x

1. 0b111 - Hallucinogenix
2. Sparky Rogers - Sound Inferno
3. Klamm - Vortex


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You can always guarantee that One Life Left never misses the chance to have a celebration. Except we forgot that this was our 250th episode, possibly because we've probably done more than 250 episodes due to spin-offs and literally unpodcastable episodes.

However, we did celebrate in a way by having Jon and Joe from Inkle Studios in as our Super-Special Guests! They told us all about what it's like not winning a Bafta (it's rather similar to not winning a GMA), how Inkle is much better than Steve Jackson and how you make an open world book. Their new game Sorcery! 3 sounds rather excellent and will undoubtedly miss out on a Bafta next year.

We also found out how Fearne Cotton is making extra pocket money by selling Xboxes, did some news near the end of the show, Ann went drinking, Ste and Simon played the same game and the letters section has been sponsored! By the company that Simon is joining next week. And we had the core contributing trio of Doctor Avatar, GameUnder and Sega Badawi.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Impulses - Overflow
2. Ob111 - Entering Ale Country

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One Life Left has always been a firm believer in helping the little guy out. It's why we've always applauded (quietly) when the GMA judges decided to give their podcast/radio show award those teams that aren't on FM. So we felt that having Holly and Kate from Toku Podcast on as our Super-Special Guests would be a good idea. We were wrong. They obviously hadn't learnt that if you wanted to become a success like Mike Bithell or the New Yorker's Simon 'Parkinson' Parkin then you needed to show us respect. Therefore this episode is a textbook example of how to ruin your career. (Although we're not sure if it's ours or theirs that is ruined)

And the show started off started off so well. Simon took the risk of doing the show without headphones, Ste found a CD of filler music and Ann was recovering from having two roasts in one day. Then it went wrong. Ann started to tell a very sexy news story that rapidly turned out to be not particularly sexy - especially once Ste added in a contribution from Gogglebox. Then we interviewed Holly and Kate and it went worse. We learnt that you can never trust Keith Stuart - tabloid journalist - and Ann got scammed by a videogame that turned her to drink.

We did have contributions from GameUnder and Sega Badawi and we had a round up of what happened at our last Marioke. Which reminds us that next month's Marioke is on 14/05, rather than the third Thursday, so you've got less time to get your lyrics sent in.

Team OLL x

Track list:
1. Mister Beep - Hornets Assault
2. Please Lose Battle - Eleven O'Clock


Direct download: OLL_20_04_2015.mp3
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After a mini break for Easter, where we only ate Mini Eggs and Mini Milks, One Life Left is back! Ste had managed to break an egg exactly in half, Ann went outside and Simon helped gamify Easter and also met our thirteenth listener. Ann managed to break an exclusive, which is that she's highly likely to be a major character in the new Grand Theft Auto film that's coming out. Apparently only one third of the cinema seats will be available at the beginning of the film, which the rest of the cinema being unlocked as the film goes one.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was Nitrome’s Aaron Steed. He told us all the gossip about Quinn's beginner Netrunner tournament (or BeQuinner tournament if you will) and how you identify which Flash games will work well on mobile. We also found out what are the main problems in creating a rogue like and how good we are at making Aaron forget the names of other good rogue likes.

GameUnder provided more evidence of the corruption in videogames whilst Sega Badawi provided his Local News too late for the live show so we had to insert it into the podcast. We received some post in our pigeon hole that wasn't actually as exciting that we thought would be and we started a beef with Radio 4.

Oh and if you read this on Wednesday 15/04 then come to #THIRDSDAY on Thursday 16/04! Simon won’t be there which might just be the incentive you need to attend.

Team OLL x


Track listing;
1. AtariTufty- Beeper X
2. Hurri Gameboy - Astro

Direct download: OLL_13_04_2015.mp3
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It's been a while since we were last on Resonance FM, but you will have no doubt been keeping up to date with our adventures by listening to our GDC podcasts. But there are few things that we held back as we needed time to reflect on them. What was Simon offered to bump people up the Marioke queue? Why have we not been added to the list of E3 attendees? What was David Braben watching on the flight back? Only one of these questions will be slightly answered. We're just not a match for the journalistic integrity of the 3am girls.

Our Super-Special Guest was someone who demanded we did improve our integrity as our regular contributor Gameunder came into the studio. He demanded to be able to disseminate how games could be made better, which game has caused all these problems in the industry and why Kieron Gillen is ultimately to blame.

We also had a mini-report about the National Videogame Arcade and learnt how to play Virtua Tennis without looking at the screen. Doctor Avatar and Sega Badawi provided recorded contributions to join in with Gameunder's live one.

We've not got a show next week due to Egg Day, but there is a Marioke on the 16th and we'll be having one at Develop. Possibly on the Tuesday but it'll be confirmed on our next episode.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Feryl - Broken Patterns
2. Bitwise - Pulse City
3. Jredd - Static Dash Zone

Direct download: OLL_30_03_2015.mp3
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One Life Left vs Gamasutra GDC2015 Show #4


Recorded live from the Moscone's North Hall in San Francisco at GDC2015


Presented by Ste Curran, Cara Ellison and Kris Graft, with very special guests:


Kate Edwards (IGDA)

Runa Haukland (Hamar Game Collective)

Chris Gomez (Writer and Game Designer)

Thomas Bidaux (ICO Partners)

Matt Boch (Harmonix)

Robert Yang (NYU)

Tom Vian (SFB Games)

Tadhg Kelly (Has a new book)



That's it for 2015. See you next year! Or keep listening, because we do something (a bit) like this every week. Subscribe to One Life Left here:


Direct download: OLL_GDC_4.mp3
Category:Show -- posted at: 10:01am EDT

One Life Left vs Gamasutra GDC2015 Show #3


Recorded live from the Moscone's North Hall in San Francisco, live at GDC 2015, and featuring some NSFW industrial language.


Presented by Simon Byron, Ste Curran, Cara Ellison and (briefly) Christian Nutt, with very special guests:


John Walker (RPS)

Frank Cifaldi (Other Ocean)

Michael Consoli (Cartwheel Games)

Chris Zukowski (Wizard Golf)

Bennett Foddy (

Trent Kusters (League of Geeks)

Forrest Dowling (The Molasses Flood)

John Ingold (Inkle)

Joseph Humfrey (Inkle)

Hannah Flynn (Failbetter)

Alexis Kennedy (Failbetter)

Rupert Meghnot (Burnout Game Ventures)

Oscar Clark (Unity)


ONE AGAIN, THIS PODCAST CONTAINS QUITE A BIT OF SWEARING / CURSING. Apologies in advance. Our bleep button was broken.




Direct download: OLL_GDC_3.mp3
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One Life Left vs Gamasutra GDC2015 Show #2


Recorded live from the Moscone's North Hall in San Francisco, live at GDC 2015.


Presented by Simon Byron, Ste Curran, Cara Ellison and Alex Wawro, with very special guests including:


Mike Bithell

Rob Manuel

Regner Blok-Andersen

Jory Prum

Gordon Midwood

Kerry Turner

Christy Marx

Drew Murray

Sarah Brin

and more, more, MORE.


More tomorrow! Subscribe to One Life Left here:


Direct download: OLL_GDC_2.mp3
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Recorded live from the Moscone's North Hall in San Francisco, live at GDC 2015.


Presented by Simon Byron, Ste Curran, Cara Ellison and Kris Graft, with very special guests:


Alex Fleetwood (Fabulous Beasts)

Damon Shelton (Naughty Dog)

Rami Ismail (Vlambeer)

Steve Theodore (Undead Labs)

Andrew Bennison (Prospect Games)

James Parker (Ground Shatter)

Teddy Diefenbach (Heart Machine)

Nels Anderson (Campo Santo)

Eline Muijres (Gameoven / Monogon Games) 

Robert Curry (Dinosaur Polo Club)


More tomorrow! Subscribe to One Life Left here:


Direct download: OLL_GDC_Episode_1.mp3
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With this episode we bring Ste's birthday celebrations to a close for the year. At least until his second birthday of the year in November which will take place at GameCity. As part of the celebrations we allowed the million dollar journalist Cara Ellison to Skype in from France to do the news in Ann's absence. She did a great job, apart from being unable to pronounce symphony correctly.

We had two - count 'em, two! - Super-Special Guests this week: Hannah Flynn and Liam Welton from Fail Better Games (a small team that is part of Fail Better Studios). We found out all about their new game - Sunless Sea, what it was like destroying Eurogamer's scoring system (and Parko) and nothing at all about what it was like working with Bioware.

There's also more development on our official OLL game, local news from Sega Badawi and more gritty games propaganda busting from Game Under. The only way we could make this episode better is by allowing you to hear Simon trying to get Skype to work on a Mac.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Wholesome Family Music - Dope Rhymez
2. Motion Ride - Phantom Party[edm-chiptune]
3. Klamm - Impulse


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After the time-travelling exploits of our last episode this one sees us return to our usual podcasting timetable. However, it starts with Simon having just been given a tub of Vaseline so maybe in the future we should stick to a confusing schedule.

It's a busy week for Team OLL with Simon preparing for #THIRDSDAY/Marioke, Ann getting ready for #networking at the Top 100 Women in Videogames event and Ste will be playing Spelunky and eating ice cream (for research). Everything else we just referred to our Super-Special Guest and Head of Everything at Different Cloth: Gordon Midwood (the caretaker had to use Linked In to find his surname).

As well as being Head of Everything Gordon also talked about his new game Drive! Drive! Drive!, despite not really telling us anything about it. We also found out a bit about where his Mum currently resides. Not only that but we heard the latest from Doctor Avatar's surgery, Sega Badawi's local news and Game Under tries to smash the corrupt gaming system.

What else do you need? Well, we learnt a new abbreviation in Poapf so if that was what you needed then you'll be ok.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. metatronaut - Peaks and Valleys
2. Jredd - City Shift

Direct download: OLL_16_02_2015.mp3
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This episode is a bit wibbly-wobbly chronology-wonology. It was recorded last week, when we thought that it was Resonance FM's Fund Raising Week but then we realised it was the week after so we didn't mention it anymore. However it is now Resonance FM's Fund Raising Week so we hope that you are now giving all you possibly can to the excellent radio station that literally makes us more than a podcast.

The other reason this podcast was a bit late was that the Caretaker was in Prague on a works conference #networking which meant that Ste was meant to be uploading this episode last week. However, being the incredibly clever person that he is, the fact that the actual fundraising show has been retconned into making it look like there was a proper reason for him not doing it.

Internal misunderstandings aside, it was a great show this week. Last week. Whatever. Ann stayed at Simon's for streaming fun and Ste watched the Superbowl, had jingle problems and kept his scarf on indoors. And we had Emily Gera, senior news reporter at Polygon, on as a Super-Special Guest! We found out what it has been like working at Polygon from the very beginning, what Emily misses from the old days of videogame magazines and how she is going to bring it back. More importantly we ask hard-hitting questions (from our listeners) about Pot Noodles.

As well as all this we had our usual features which were: Sega Badawi, Game Under, Ann talking about Going Around, Ste talking about Spelunky and Non-Intern Simon talking about BangMan!. This is also the final show featuring Intern Simon that we've podcasted. He's been a great help in making sure that Ann has included all the important news in her reports and we've enjoyed having him in the studio.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Doomsberry - Aeroplanespaceships
2. Lauk Metaals - Are You OK
3. Jakim (feat. Wing) - Attractor

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Team OLL is on a creative streak with season eleven. After last week's discovery of #networking, Ste decided to invent a new catchphrase. That he had been shouting to us constantly for the past ten seasons but we finally noticed that he was there. Also, those of you who write fanfic about us may be interested to know that one of Team OLL is having a sleepover at another's house. It will disappoint Stimon worshippers though.

This week's Super-Special Guest was Phil Robb from Turtle Rock Studios. We were the final stop on his world wide promotional tour so naturally we offered him a good rub down. After such a good start to the interview we then confused him about how we pronounce 'exception', he spoiled Left 4 Dead 2 for you and we found out what his co-operative and competitive shooter Evolve is going to be like. But does he swear?

In terms of features we had Sega Badawi, the second installment of Game Under and a returning contributor who isn't Derek Williams. Ste also realised that we could perhaps monetise our reviews, but then forgets about it and we also remembered to do some work on the official One Life Left game (which is to raise money for the excellent Resonance FM).

Team OLL x


Track listing:
1. Uncle Bibby - Repeep
2. Fearofdark - Love Sickness[2a03]
3. Motionride - 2d Glitch[edm-chiptune]
4. Mills DJ - Abuse

Direct download: OLL_26_01_2015.mp3
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It's a whole new season for a whole new One Life Left! We start season eleven with great news - we're going to China. Apparently the far east has yet to pick up on the karaoke craze and as part of our networking at our corporate event last week we have been handed an incredible opportunity. We also picked up a new joke so it was a highly productive session.

And to celebrate the new season we had a Super-Special Guest join us. And the lucky SSG was Catharina Due Bøhler from Shadow Puppeteer developers Sarepta studio. She started off fairly quiet, but soon proved to be as potty mouthed as all Norwegians are. Even worse she was highly offensive about our protege. Not Parko, the other one. The lethal one. In between her offending the nation we also managed to find some information about her excellent game Shadow Puppeteer.

In addition to Catharina we celebrated Ann being confirmed as one of the top ten women in the top one hundred women in videogames, Ste chaired a mini debate on Hotline Miami 2 and Non-Intern Simon's on/off love affair with Nintendo continued. Sega Badawi provided the latest local news and we had a new feature! Which was Duncan McKenzie's excellent Game Under.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Klamm - Just Chill
2. jmr- Nothing Can Be Fixed Here. God, Burn!!

Direct download: OLL_19_01_2015.mp3
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The constantly changing news reporter position saga is at an end as we welcome News Fox Ann 'Scoops' Scantlebury back after a two episode absence. Non-Intern Simon had also been away during the week enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Hamburg. But the main story of the day was how Ste managed to fight off two robbers who were on a moped. He truly is a hero. And it didn't affect him at all, well except for at the very beginning of the show.

Our SSG for this final episode of the season (don't worry - the new season starts next week) is SFB Games's Tom Vian. He was in to talk about their game Detective Grimoire and what their possible next game is going to be like. It makes Ste a little bit excited, if that helps in any way. We try to find out if Tom uses arrays in any of his games and find out how difficult it can be to communicate to your Kickstarter backers.

There's a return to surgery with Doctor Avatar and Sega Badawi provides us with some local news. Non-Intern Simon has to google 'acrostic', we find out the best spheres in games and Ann tells us how excited she is to be involved in our latest Resonance FM fund raising project.

Oh and Simon has launched Bang Man! on ios. You might not pick up on this during the show.

Team OLL x


Track list:

1. Motionride - Automatic Town[chiptune-rock]
2.  Ampliflyer - Maneuver

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It's a new year so it's time for a new look Team OLL! Well maybe not but Ann was ill on Monday so we had to come up a solution that didn't involve Sega Badawi. Luckily we found one in the Million Dollar Journalist (TM) Cara Ellison who was linking up live to the studio from Paris. She provided us with Le News Du Gaming, coped well with the slight lag in connection and told us how amazing Paris is. Stay amazing Paris.

However, despite Cara being both Super and Special she was not this week's Super-Special Guest. That honour went to Ben Maltz-Jones who works for voice over specialists OM UK. He told us how difficult it is doing voices for videogames, spoke a little about the Game of Thrones Telltale game and we tried to get him to tell us examples of bad voice overs in videogames in an attempt to get him blackballed from the industry.

We also found out what it's like having Christmas in Ramsay Street, workshopped some Cockney rhyming slang and discovered the official French nickname for Batman. There was a feature from a demoted Sega Badawi and we unveiled the OLL Project For 2015.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. nitro pulse - Hydro Beast
2. Ninten Kwon Do - Close Your Eyes, Listen, Now Dance

Direct download: OLL_05_01_2015.mp3
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Ann is in Oslo (which sounds like a cryptic crossword clue) so not only were we down a presenter, but someone else needed to do the news instead. Neither Non-Intern Simon nor Ste wanted to do it (too big and fashionable shoes to fill) but luckily we had just the person in mind. Unfortunately we forgot to tell Intern Simon and had to go to the bottom of the list.

Our Super-Special Guest was *INSERT EVERY SINGLE PUBLICATION HERE*'s Jordan Erica Webber who came in to learn from Ste on how to deal with Keith Stuart. We also found out why she uses three names, who she doesn't write for and where she fits into the Guardian family.

You might also pick up on the very subtle information that Non-Intern Simon has released his second ever game. It is called Bang Man and is almost on the first page of searches within Google Play for Bang Man. This then led us in to talking about Metacritic, if Metacritic has ever been wrong, if Tom Bramwell has ever been wrong and how to confuse Stuart Campbell. Useful information for anyone involved in video games.

Regular features in this show are Doctor Avatar's Surgery, Non-Intern Simon's Wii U Adventures and Does Non-Intern Simon Currently Love Or Hate Telltale Games? Except Non-Intern Simon is off next week so we won't get updates about the last two features until 2015.


Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Teomawki - Sugar High!!
2. Yerzmyey - Bizarre Creature
3. Klamm - Monsterland
4. UncleBibby - An UncleBibby Christmas

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Do you remember when Non-Intern Simon had a Wii? And can you remember the ultimate fate of that Wii? Non-Intern Simon doesn't which is why he has now bought a Wii U. Betting is now open for how long that Wii U will be actively used for. The winner will get the chance to throw a sack containing bricks, a Wii U controller (that Ann says is rather nice to touch) and some other 'items' into the canal.

This week's Super-Special Guest was the Bionic Man Luke Williams from Bossa Studios (he has had laser eye surgery). He was on the show to talk about his new game I Am Bread and how it is similar to Kim Kardashian's butt. This then caused Ste to get rather existential about raw toast and how it fits in with the world. We found out that I Am Bread was first made during a game jam at Bossa Studios so it could be called a jam sandwich (if you're prepared to give us the benefit of the doubt like Nicholas Parsons on Just A Minute). It's on Steam Early Access now and should be finished early next year.

We heard from Sega Badawi and Simon The Intern caught us up with all the gaming news that Ann missed off because she couldn't connect it to Taylor Swift. And we had the welcome return of our Top Five feature, but it might not be so welcome after all the puns Ste made. Sorry. We also learned that Non-Intern Simon scared Ann at night, what magazines Luke used to read in the old days and that Ste has trouble throwing his Vita.


Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Uncle Bibby - Pinch Me
2. Kodek - Lazy Fruit
3. MilLs DJ - Like A Kid Again
4. TEOMAWKI - Through My Eyes

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It's been a busy week. We were mentioned in Shortlist magazine in order to try and give a boost to a little known podcast called Serial. Hopefully this will help it attract the listeners it deserves. Ann's Mum's birthday was on Friday, so we were preparing all kinds of amazing treats and surprises for her. And Non-Intern Simon's drinking buddy Stewart Lee was on Lewis Schaffer's Nunhead Radio Show before us. So could this week's show match up to this?

PRESS REVEAL TO FIND OUT (Assuming 'reveal' is the play button on your mp3 player)

Well this week's Super-Special Guest was Mr Biffo from Digitiser (aka Paul Rose) so that meant there was no way we could fail. Unless we tried to get in our house using an Oyster card. Luckily two of us didn't try this so we got to ask Paul lots of questions about the excellent Digitiser, why he left Teletext, why he's brought Digitiser back and what it was like to write for Dirty Den. Simon also started to write a song for Paul to perform at our Christmas Party which will undoubtedly be amazing. But not as amazing as Digitiser 2000 is.

Sega Badawi provided some Local News and Super Roger World told us more tales from the coal face of digital acting. Not only that but Ste got more obsessed about the Chuckle Brothers than he usually is (which is very), Ann forgot the title of the film Small Soldiers and she also cut her nails.

Oh! And we sold out of tickets for our Christmas Party! But if you missed out on getting a ticket there is a possible chance of getting a ticket. Just listen to the show to find out!

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Klamm - Walkers 2nd
2. VCMG - Milky Way
3. Ocean Palace - The Elders Of Arcturus
4. 8 Bit Universe - Out Of The Woods

Direct download: OLL_01_12_2014.mp3
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It's been a week of ups and downs for Team OLL this week. Non-Intern Simon did his back in, but did meet his best mate Terry Alderton. Ann burst her eardrum, but she did find the smoke machine at our last Marioke session. Ste got caught googling Evangeline Lilly, but he did get to google Evangeline Lilly.

This week's Super-Special Guest was Phillip Asha from Trendy Entertainment. He had flown in from Florida to come on the show and boy were his arms tired! As well as giving us a chance to use that extremely poor joke Phillip was here to tell us all about Dungeon Defenders 2, how it is hard to make a sequel to a well-loved game and to not give us an exclusive. We also used Ann to calculate how much Trendy Entertainment had grown by and we think the answer she gave was correct.

Not only that but Doctor Avatar and Sega Badawi gave their usual excellent contributions, but it is the final appearance of Derek Williams for a while. Hopefully he'll return again soon. Perhaps he'll even be at our Christmas Party, which we subtly mention during the show. At the time of writing over half the tickets have gone so we advise buying your ticket now (unless you weren't coming anyway (which is a impossible situation)).

Oh and it was Non-Intern Simon's birthday! Happy birthday Non-Intern Simon!

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Solar Lune- JetLine
2. Anamanaguchi - Pop It
3. Klamm - Back To Reality

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The full team is finally back and we're not going anywhere. Except for Ann, who is going to Oslo in the near future. And Ste will probably have to do another talk somewhere far away. Oh, and Simon's train will most likely get delayed at some point. But Simon The Intern In The Corner will still be here for you.

And this week you also have Kirsten and Jon from Sidekick Books! They explain to us what it's like doing Videogame poetry (Craig will never tell us), how to do two player poetry and how Kieron Gillen was ahead of us (again). You'll enjoy their poetry even if Ste got slightly competitive in proving it wasn't as good as Marioke.

Sega Badawi has some local news and Derek Williams takes us by the hand and leads us through the streets of Doncaster. Where he'll show us something that'll make us change our minds.

Oh! And we officially announce the date of our Christmas party. But not the location. Or the price of the tickets. Or the Super-Special Guests! So keep Friday 19th December free and be somewhere in London.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Hurrigameboy - Eyes Closed Fingers Crossed
2. Fantastic Mr Lenix - Hoax Town
3. Brother Android - Wells Branch Park, Evening

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Hurrah! Ste is back from celebrating noted theme tune composer Iain Cook's birthday. Boo! Ann has a cold from GameCity. Boo! Simon is away for some unspecified reason. Hurrah! We have Dan Stubbs on the show as our Super-Special Guest.

And it was good that Dan came all the way from Plymouth to be on the show as his game - The Hit - sounded excellent. Dan taught Ste how to kill people properly and clarified that Ste does work for The Agency. Ann just wanted to use the game engine to make a Taylor Swift concert, but that's her standard response for anything these days.

In terms of features Derek Williams came back for another shop related song, Doctor Avatar treated another injury and Sega Badawi reported on some local news. We also explained about #THWEDNESDAY and how it differs from #THIRDSDAY (it's pretty difficult to follow).

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Alex Ochoa and Laffe The Fox - No Puedo Decirte Adios
2. Starman Stan - Copacetic
3. The One Electronic - Effervescent Iridescent
4. Maru303 - Trip Or Treat

Direct download: OLL_10_11_14.mp3
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It's time for the post-GameCity episode and this one is no exception. Because - as usual - GameCity was fantastic and everyone who attended our amazing Marioke session are automatically FOTS and will be removed from the list. Except for Pip. She knows what she did.

And once again Ste was absent from this show. Apparently he was at a friend's birthday party which we think was being held at the Wacky Warehouse and, because he was waiting for a responsible adult to pick him up, he couldn't make it back in time. However in order to compensate for this we had two (count 'em - two!) Super-Special Guests on the show. There was Size Five Games' Dan Marshall and Mike Cook from Ann's old alma mater Goldsmiths, University of London.

We found out all about Dan's new game the Swindle, found out what he thinks about looking at pasties online and what he thinks is the 51st best game of all time. Mike told us about how you can create games by doing nothing (apart from doing a lot of programming at the beginning), upset Dan with this information (but then cheered him up) and explained his procedural gamejam (that's already sold out).

We also found out about what you need to do if you find a Mike Bithell in your house, make an allegation about Jonathan Smith and Ann explains what a bot is. Super Roger World and Sega Badawi provided some features. That we played between some excellent chiptunes and us talking.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. YERZMYEY - Chasing
2. VCMG - Orbital
3. Jredd (feat. groovemaster 303) - Technocolor Street

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We start this episode having to say goodbye to an unsung member of Team OLL. One who has played an integral part in numerous episodes and we're not sure if we'll ever be the same again. Farewell Ann's nose stud (unless she's found you again).

However, we decided against making this episode a memorial to the memory of the stud and instead chose to ask this week's Super-Special Guest Read Only Memory's Darren Wallabout his own piercings. Oh, and we asked him about ROM's new book about the Sega Megadrive which was written by the fifth-placed loser of the Journalist's Journalist award at this year's GMAs. Or Keith Stuart as he is commonly known. We tried to find out who is the subject of the next book that Darren is working on, but instead got annoyed at the acknowledgment section in Keith's book.

Ann found out about a different type of STI, Simon got annoyed with public transport and Ste got confused about where ducklings live. We also debated the sexiness of Bitmap Brother Eric Matthews and had features from Sega Badawi and Super Roger World.

Make sure to come and sing with us at GameCity if you're there or if you can't make it then come to our Christmas Party which we'll confirm next week. Maybe.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Volt 44 - Night Of The Living Dead
2. Mister Beep - Slowing Down The Chaos
3. Syobonaction - Lilos
4. Groovemaster 303 - Pump It

Direct download: OLL_27_10_2014.mp3
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WARNING: Simon once again forgets about sound levels and decides to shout "Get out" at a very loud volume fairly early on in this episode. This will be very annoying, so be prepared. Guy Cocker never has to put up with stuff like this. Sorry.

But the rest of the show is at a good level for listening to. The quality? Well that's for you to decide. Ste is back for the first show in four weeks and as if to add the pressure we had Simon the intern doing some independent verification on how well we produce a radio show. Luckily we had an excellent Super-Special Guest in Laughing Jackal's Alasdair Evans who spoke about his latest release, the py-rogue-a-like Flame Over, if it has any ghosts in it and what Sony Mobile are like to work for.

Ste temporarily changed into being a thesaurus, Ann went overboard with the selfie stick and Simon had a weird emphasis on the word 'spreads'. We also had features from Super Roger World, Sega Badawi and possibly a Super-Special-Secret Contributor!

All from the GMA's second-favourite Radio Show or Podcast :(

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Weave Of K - Open Spaces
2. Klamm - Robot Warrior Plus
3. Bitamin - Connected

Direct download: OLL_20_10_2014.mp3
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We're sorry that we weren't on air last week, but Ann Life Left was so great that we felt you would need an extra week to recover. Whilst we allowed Simon to come back on air after he promised that he had learnt his lesson, Ste was being belligerent so we left him on a mountain in Norway. This resulted in a different show to the ones that you're used to. A show where mic levels and timetables were not appreciated.

However our Super-Special Guest Christos Reid was someone that we greatly appreciated. He came in at extremely short notice and proved to be an excellent guest. So much so that Simon had to merge the reviews and letters sections, but it was done so smoothly that you'll never notice. We found about Christos' time in media, why he created a game jam and what his Dad thought of his games.

Dr. Avatar made an appearance along with Sega Badawi. Sega has been moaning for ages about needing a weather presenter to help his local news feature so Simon and Ann decided to give a break to Cara Ellison who was in the middle of a typhoon in Japan. In the weeks to come we'll be auditioning Helen Lewis for our economics editor and Simon 'Parko' Parkin to be our Eye In The Sky.

Ste will be returning next week and we'll be moaning about losing in the GMAs. Unless something amazing happens! Other than this week's #THIRDSDAY which will definitely be amazing!

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Boy Without Batteries - Shake It Off
2. Volt 44 - Rockhawk
3. Arlen - Galactic Snax

Direct download: OLL_13_10_2014.mp3
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Sometimes - if we've been really good and very lucky - Ste and Simon are both unable to get to the studio. This means that Ann is given free reign and can curate her own videogame radio show. So we welcome into the studio Rock Paper Shotgun's Philippa Warr as a Super-Special Co-Presenter and Leigh Alexander, Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris, Kerry Turner and Monica Ion as the Super-Special Guests.

In addition to the four SSGs we had messages from all around the world from Arielle Grimes, Tina Kalinger, Nathalie De Los Santos and Merritt Kopas telling us about how they work with games. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this episode.

Next week all will be back to normal, for which we can only apologise.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. infodrive - You Won't Remember Me
2. powersupply - Underwater Cavern
3. my.Explosion - Why Do You Care?

Direct download: OLL_29_09_2014.mp3
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It's the second week back from our summer holiday's so obviously Team OLL are back to working perfectly in alignment. Except for the slightly dodgy start at the beginning, but that happens to every podcast and radio show right?
As usual after a #THIRDSDAY we analyse in rigorous details what were the successes (everything) and what were the failures (nothing). Except this time Simon wasn't there as he wanted to awkwardly interact with the repeating funny man who repeats things repeatedly Stewart Lee. Luckily this week's Super-Special Guest Ed Fear didn't meet Stewart Lee so he should have been at #THIRDSDAY, but he wasn't. So where was he then?
We never found out the answer to this so instead we decided to ask Ed about his new game which is Pigeon Dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend. Unfortunately we got confused about whether doves were pigeons, so we had to rely on Simon's wife on asking most of the questions. By the end of the show Simon and Ed were new BFFs which must have meant we were doing something right.
Ann started working as an amateur game designer, which didn't start that well and we perfected our video game producer impressions. Sega Badawi and Super Roger World made appearances too.
Ste and Simon are away next week which means next week is hosted by Ann. These are rare events but are always excellent so make sure you tune in!
Team OLL x
Track list:
1. Klamm - 8 bit shines
2. Jenny and the giants - I Wanna Be Your Lover
3. VCMG - Fphunk
Direct download: OLL_22_09_14.mp3
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Oh my God we're back again. Our summer break was so hectic that our parents refused to let us hang out with each other and it's only since school has started that we've been able to get together and talk about games and stuff.

Luckily Ollie Clarke is seen as a good influence so we were allowed to talk to him at great length about the amazing new game that he is working on - LA Cops. Unfortunately he wasn't allowed to tell us the exclusive news that he wanted to tell us, but if any synesthetes could translate what we did manage to find out it would help us greatly. We also found out if there was a red line between Simon and Ollie. What we found out may shock you (sorry we've got to get this habit out of our system).

Ann brought back an old joke but with a new twist, Ste tried to find out when it was best to ignore people, Simon had headphone and bag problems and we all got confused about what makes a niche. (Cheese, eggs, milk, cream and pastry - Hard of hearing Ed) We also had a really good discussion about GamerGate but chose to delete it from the podcast as we felt the general public wouldn't be able to cope with the truth. If it is included on this episode then something went wrong and we advise you not to listen to it.

What we do advise you to listen to are the features performed by Sega Badawi and Super Roger World. And our singing at the fifth #THIRDSDAY of the year! If you get this podcast on the day that it is released then you have NO EXCUSE for not attending. Unless you're Simon.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Legacy - Sad Machine (overheated remix)
2. Kremland - Disgo/CHROME
3. Klamm - Mega Man Rescues The Pink Girl

Direct download: OLL_15_09_2014.mp3
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This episode was actually recorded two weeks ago so prepare yourself for vintage/retro One Life Left. Ann had a karaoke injury, Simon was in a grump and Ste was possibly replaced by an imposter so we had to use the latest in eye tracking technology to suss him out.

Luckily we had an excellent Super-Special Guest in Ground Shatter's James Parker who came all the way from Bristol just to be on our show. Actually, this is why the episode is two weeks late as knowing the state of Britain's public transport he'll probably only just be getting home now! He told us what it was like to work with Mike Bithell before fame changed him, what you buy when you quit your job and - more importantly - a bit about the King of Fighters style game that he's working on.

And that's not all! We also had Vlambeer's Rami Ismail and the Train Jam's Adriel Wallick dropping in. Rami talked about his games distribution helpsite / Lady Diana's dead boyfriend tribute site whilst Adriel needed hashtag branding advice for the next Train Jam that's going to be held. Annoyingly it's not being held the day before Wednesday otherwise the most apt hashtag would be #ChooChooChoosday.

We also had Sega Badawi make a recorded appearance and lots of amazing letters from our amazing listeners. Hope you enjoy the summer holidays!

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Laffe The Fox - Heaven for Monsters
2. Stinkbug - Starlight Mall
3. Volt 44 - Zero
4. Klamm - Remember Super Mario/Super Mario Isn't Dead

Direct download: OLL_28_07_2014.mp3
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One Life Left returns after a two week break and everything has changed. Or at least one thing has: the caretaker is on holiday, which means Ste is back to uploading the podcast which means it's frankly some kind of miracle that you're even reading this. If there's a second miracle and you can hear it too, here's what to expect:

* Super special guest Rachael Reynolds talks Sunless Sea, Fallen London, drops some exclusive news involving another dev studio and teaches us how to do interviews

* The team discuss their various engagements, including Simon's fun at Develop, Ste's adventures in Joensuu and Ann's trip to Kelis

* There's some promotion for the not-at-all-confusing third #THIRDSDAY, this time on a Wednesday, i.e. potentially tonight, so see you at The Loading Bar

* Reviews, news, features, letters, etc. And lots of music, talking of which...

Track List:

1. Iron Ore - Sentiment

2. Klamm - Score

3. Calavera - About Us

4. Motionride - Whatever You Wish

Direct download: OLL_21_07_14.mp3
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One Life Left -- s10e06 -- #224 -- Run The Gauntlet

After her adventures in journalism Ann is moving into new worlds. She's going to join Pip in our roster of esport athletes by winning the co-ed Hearthstone tournament. The only possible spanner in this plan is that she doesn't really know what Hearthstone is. Will she be able to learn this important information during the show?

While Ann's working this out we interviewed this week's Super-Special Guest - Iain Simons from GameCity. We quizzed him about why GameCity is amazing (mostly for Iain to say why we're amazing), corrected him about the GameCity prize winners and found out about what's happening at the closing ceremony. But will the Sheriff that's attending the closing ceremony be Alan Rickman or Tony Robinson?

We also brain stormed ideas for what we're going to do for this year's GameCity, then gave up and offered you (yes you!) the chance to do it for us. Not only that, but we were given an EXCLUSIVE about an attendee that has got our pushing arms twitching in anticipation. In addition to all this amazing info we had features from Super Roger World and Sega Badawi.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Ypmid - Puzzles
2. 8 Bit Kidd - Slow death
3. Arc Of Dream - Descent
4. Cam - Safe Banana

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One Life Left -- s10e05 -- #223 -- Funky Collective

It's pretty tiring work curating the latest and more important video game news. Which is generally why Ann (and local news cub reporter Sega Badawi) steal it from Eurogamer. But last week. Last week was an exception. Ann did some journalism and it's tiring work. She also shed a little light on her unbiased method on how she curates the news (further to the curation that Eurogamer had already done).

And we needed to be on impressive journalistic form this week as our Super-Special Guest, Phil Elliott from Square Enix's Collective, used to be on Five Live. Despite previously only being used to medium wave, he stepped up admirably to FM surround sound. He told all about Collective, how it got off the ground, why it's Collective and not The Collective. Unfortunately Ste didn't get to pitch his idea for a Lara Croft karaoke card game. Fingers crossed it will see the light of day soon!

In other Ann related news she invented a new unit of measurement, managed to beat Million Pound Journalist Cara Ellison to the EXCLUSIVE review of the Kim Kardashian game, did an excellent visual joke and saw some tiger cubs. Simon became Philippa 'Pip' Warr's Moba/esports agent and Ste left his phone on.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Klamm - Ice And Fire
2. Stereochan - End Of The World
3. MotionRide  - Burn[chiptune]-cover-originally-by-ellie-goulding

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One Life Left -- s10e04 -- #222 -- Brogue Likes

One Life Left prides itself on its news team. Ann has been with the show as a cub reporter and we've seen her grow into the excellent news journalist that you hear today. But she doesn't really get the support from Simon and Ste that she deserves. As you will hear in this week's episode where the lads don't expect her to get any proper journalism done with respect to Atari and their LGBT statement. You can expect to hear the All Apologies music next week.

We didn't have to apologise to our Super-Special Guest this week who was Darren Grey from Roguelike Radio. He managed to help clear up the differences between Rogue and Roguelikes. Luckily we didn't ask him what the difference was between a Roguelike and The Like as it would have gotten terribly confusing. However, after our advice he will have to amend the name of his podcast slightly or he may be hearing from our legal team.

Also on the show Simon asks a rather technical programming question. He's changed. Ann thinks of skinny jeans and Ste talks about cricket. They haven't changed. Sega Badawi reads the local news and Super Roger World speaks to his agent. And if you would like to change the list of contributors (by creating a new feature) then send something in to the usual address. Thingy's going to do one again and she's been away for AGES.

There's a review of how our second #THIRDSDAY went down amongst the footy fans and Ann promoted the show during the Radius Festival by not actually mentioning the show. But that's because she's a journalist not a promoter. Plus Ste wasn't there to point at her, which is the usual gesture that makes her say our web address.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Kommisar - Cherry Cola
2. Chema64 - The Mother We Share
3. Imaginary - Strawberry Crush

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The OLL recorded before a #THIRDSDAY is fraught with danger. This one is no exception. Especially as we had World Cup (and Cricket (and hen do)) Fever. Could we do our usual exceptional radio show whilst knowing that commentators could be confused by goal line technology as we spoke. SPOILERS: Of course we could, we're (unpaid) professionals.

And Simon is still making steps towards becoming a professional games programmer / designer (Up, Down, Left, Right available for Android devices) so we went to someone with more experience in that area. Even though he's twelve years old. We got Sam Smith from Boxface Games in the studio to talk about his game Spacepants, what it's like being our grandchild and why Terry Cavanagh won't return his calls.

We also found that Ann can't whistle, that Simon can now make really good jokes about programming and try to figure out what's in THQ's bins. And as Ste was in charge of curating the music we had Sega Badawi making a return. It's an excellent show and one that you will show your appreciation of by attending #THIRDSDAY.

Team OLL x


1. Mike Bleeds - Sagittarius
2. MotionRide - Drones[chiptune]-cover-originally-by-rise-against
3. Lucas Noah + Nitro Pulse - 3D Dance

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One Life Left -- s10e02 -- #220 -- Dyer Straights

You may find this week's show lacking in something. You see, because Ste was making his way back from Sheffield's DocFest and Ann was moving house it meant that Simon had to curate the music and features for this episode. And Simon wasn't told if there were any features for this week. So there's no Sega Badawi, Dr. Avatar, Shipping Forecast or Super Roger World in this show. But that does mean that you get around four to five more minutes of interviewing time with our Super-Special Guests Steve McNeil and Sam Pamphilon!

Sam and Steve came in to get advice in advance of their appearance at Georg Backer's Radius Festival and also to tell us about their Go 8Bit event. We in turn told them about our gloriously terrible attempt at doing Videogame Stand Up in Nottingham. Unfortunately they then outdid us by remembering the John Barnes rap from World In Motion. They then dropped our former Karaoke King Rob/Weaselspoon in it by telling us how Rob made a game for them. Where's our game Rob?

Ste and Simon get confused about the correct way to pronounce Jredd and Ann gets confused about who voiced Thomas Was Alone. We also say goodbye to Log (curse of the GMAs), put Leo Tan in the Book of Records and Simon told us about the time that Simon and Ann did their stand up routine at a Christmas Party. It was rather bad. The Caretaker has a bootleg recording of it if anyone is interested.

Oh and SIMON RELEASED A GAME! It's actually rather good and we highly recommend it. A definite seven out of ten, but Google Play doesn't allow you to score it a seven so the official One Life Left style guide says you have to score it the closest to a seven. Which is five. Five out of five.

Team OLL x




Track list:

1. Jredd - Giga Snap

2. Motion Ride - Korobeinki[chiptune-punk]-30th-anniversary-of-tetris

3. Mr. Zongrs - The Pirate King Of Space


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One Life Left -- s10e01 -- #219 -- Ten-acious Ste

One Life Left is well known for keeping its promises. Managing to brand a certain day of the week for our karaoke event? DELIVERED. Making a superstar of Mike Bithell? DELIVERED. Promising not to mention 'that thing' we all know about Simon 'Parko' Parkin on air? DELIVERED. So when we promised that Georg Backer would come on the first episode of our tenth season and he'd bring along his PA then you knew there would be only one all caps word we'd write: DELIVERED.

Not only did we talk about Georg and Keith's new festival - Radius Festival - and how it will cope being placed against OLL Thirdsday, but we heard about Georg's dream location for a festival. And soon regretted hearing about his dreams. As usual we told Keith what to say to senior figures in the games industry when he'll meet them at E3, something which has made him reach the high levels he is currently reaching. And Ann got ejected by her chair. Which was the one Keith was meant to be using.

We got Sega Badawi detailing the latest local news. And also Doctor Avatar made an appearance. He is now an official Doctor which we think means that Parko can get 'that thing' looked at. Congratulations Doctor Avatar. Good luck Parko.

And being the first episode of a new season we came up with a task for the season. This one even sounds like we might even be able to achieve it. Although you'll probably all regret that this is the case.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. MotionRide - Zeero Two Three
2. Kubi - Polarity

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One Life Left -- s09e23 -- #218 -- Three's a Crowd(source)

One day we'll learn. Never allow the number of guests you have to equal the number of presenters. Keep the number advantage. This week we forgot this rule, mostly because we've just made it up for the purposes of this intro, but now it is enshrined in a podcast intro it is now legally binding (NOTE TO SELF: Check this with our lawyer).

So yes, we're back, Back, BACK. And this week with three (count 'em - three!) Super-Special Guests. If we were to pick one of the SSGs as a main SSG then we'd have to say that it would be Fuzzy Face Studios' Chris Thomas. He came to the studio to promote his new game Crobble, which is an excellent blend of Tetris and Scrabble. We tried to make him release the game on air, but Shane in Canada let us down. We hope you're happy Shane.

The other two sub-SSGs were the returning Georg Backer (who will also be returning in two weeks) and Michael Frederickson. They helped get us banned in Russia, swooned over Parkin's new Linked In photo and signed us up as the preferred media provider to the Radius Festival. The Radius Festival is a games festival that Georg is solely in charge of, with some help from his PA Keith Stuart. We're thinking of starting our own festival called the Diameter Festival as it will be twice as good as Georg's, but let's keep that between ourselves for now ok?

Also returning this week were Sega Badawi's Local News and Super Roger World. In fact, it's such a good show that we won't be having a show next week. Sorry about that, perhaps you could write a new Videogame Karaoke song for #Thirdsday, book tickets to Ste's new Reads Like A Seven event or just be really disappointed in us. Sorry.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Jredd - Urban Chill
2 Klamm - Mr. Fatman
3. Ultrasyd - Silly Venture

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Recorded on the afternoon of the 21st of March 2014, live from the Moscone Center with shattered voices and weary hearts, One Life Left presents OLL vs Gamasutra Show #5: FIVE STARS. Hosted by @byronicman, @steishere and @scanters, with a jovial @krisgraft fully representing the Gamasutra side of things, and starring Benedict Fritz (Dudeski), David Laskey (Tetrapulse), Adriaan de Jongh (Game Oven), Teddy Diefenbach & Alex Preston (Heart Machine), Nels Anderson (Campo Santo), Tadhg Kelly (Ouya), Rami Ismail (Vlambeer, still), Cindy Au (Kickstarter) and Steve Gaynor (Fullbright). Music from Rade (Under The Stars), Mister Beep (Hypervelocity Stars), Ocean Palace (Key of the Exiles), Brink (Aurora Borealis).

That's it for GDC 2014. We had the best time, and huge thanks to everyone at the conference and at Gamasutra for continuing to tolerate us. We'll be back on our regular Monday night schedule shortly, so do subscribe on iTunes to keep up ( -- until then you can find us at @onelifeleft on Twitter, and intermittently on See you soon!


Direct download: GDC2014_SHOW_5_EDITED.mp3
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Recorded on the afternoon of the 20th of March 2014, live from a noisy conference hall with increasingly raucous GDC-goers, One Life Left presents OLL vs Gamasutra Show #4: FOUR OF HEARTS. Hosted by Curran, Scantlebury and Byron, competently complemented by Kristian Graft (EIC, Gamasutra) and starring Ian Livingston (Ubisoft Montreal), Leo Tan (Turbine), Andreas Zecher (Spaces of Play), Jason Gregory (Naughty Dog), Kenneth Yeung (Capy Games), Matthew Woodward, (CCP Games, again!), Cameron Harris (Bioware), Austin Wintory (Independent Composer), Chris Dahlen (Independent Writer), Sarah Brin (Independent Curator), John Walker (Independent Rock Paper Shotgunner), Tom Betts (Big Robot), Richard Dansky (Central Clancy Writer, Ubisoft), Keith Guerette (Naughty Dog). Music from Drexegar (Fly Away With Me), Groovemaster303 (Step to the Funk), Jakim (The Opened Doors), Jansaw (Rise).

Direct download: GDC2014_SHOW_4_EDITED.mp3
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Recorded on the afternoon of the 19th of March 2014, live from the foot of the escalators in North Hall of the Moscone Center, One Life Left presents OLL vs Gamasutra Show #3: THE THREEQUEL. Hosted by Scantlebury, Byron and Curran, ably assisted by the rich tones of Kris Graft (EIC, Gamasutra) and starring Terry Cavanagh (Distractionware), Manveer Heir (Bioware, very handsome), Alex Fleetwood (ex-Hide&Seek), Peter Molyneux & Jack Attridge (22 Cans), Erin Catto (Blizzard), Matt Piersall (Gl33k), Daniel Benmergui (Storyteller / Ernesto), Sean Vanaman (Campo Santo), Rupert Loman (Eurogamer Network), Mare Sheppard & Raigan Burns (Metanet), Geoffrey Zatkin (Eedar), Chris HArvey (Drinkbox Studios). Music from Jredd (Silence), Frostbitewaveform (The Thaw), Kommisar (Caduceus), Laffe the Fox (Left Alone In Outer Space), Stinkbug (Afternoon Out).

Direct download: GDC2014_SHOW_3_EDIT.mp3
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Recorded on the afternoon of the 18th of March 2014, live from the show floor at GDC 2014, One Life Left presents OLL vs Gamasutra Show #2: BROADCAST HARDER. Hosted by Byron, Curran and Scantlebury, watched over by the soft eyes of Mike Rose (GamaSutra), and starring Benett Foddy ( / NYU), Chris Cornell (PaperDino), Peter Traylor & Chris McLaughlin (Vitei), Dave Evans (Play Canvas), Anna Kipnis (Double Fine), Ben Cousins (, Eric Zimmerman (NYU), Winifred Philips (Independent composer), Kellee Santiago (Indiefund / OUYA), and Brenda Romero (Loot Drop). Music from Stugard (Enceladus), Mills DJ (Radio Waves), Chasingbleeps (Master Kush), Feryl (The Last Riot Grrrl) and Klamm (World Civilisation).

Direct download: GDC2014_SHOW_2_EDITED.mp3
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Recorded on the evening of the 17th of March 2014, live from the 32nd floor of the Parc 55 hotel, One Life Left presents the first of its GDC 2014 shows. Hosted by Curran, Byron and Scantlebury, and starring Kris Graft (Gamasutra EIC), Adriel Wallick (Train Jam,, Zoe Quinn (, Leigh Alexander (Independent Woman pt II), Andy Schatz (Pocketwatch Games), Matt Boch (Harmonix), Jaime Woo (Gamergamp), Rami Ismail (Vlambeer), Michael Frederickson (Otter Spice Productions), Matthew Woodward (CCP Games). 

Direct download: GDC2014_SHOW_1_EDITED.mp3
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It's hard being the official King Maker of the videogames industry. Last year we crowned Mike Bithell and videogames haven't been the same since. And for that, we apologise. This means that we've been on the lookout for the new King for a few months. Now is the time of the coronation. The King is (not literally) dead. Long live the King!

But who is the King we hear you ask? And what games has he made that just consist of blocks and a funny voiceover by Danny Wallace? Well, it's Luke Williams from Boss Studios and he's made the excellent Surgeon Simulator that - get this - actually involves proper graphics. We've literally looked outside the box for this choice. And Luke was an excellent guest, explaining how entering the Global Game Jam and expecting a lack of sleep makes you come up with weird (but amazing) ideas for videogames. He also officially announced One Life Left as the official partners of Surgeon Simulator, thereby allowing us to go up and collect the Bafta award when Surgeon Simulator wins and told us how easy/difficult it is to come up with touch controls for the new iPad version of the game.

In addition to talking about surgery and medical procedures we had Doctor Avatar talking about surgery and medical procedures (except Doctor Avatar's are real procedures that should not be tried at home (or elsewhere)) and Sega Badawi with more local news.

Unfortunately this will be the last OLL for a few weeks as we've got to prepare ourselves for GDC. Last time we went we got in so much trouble by adding the letter u whenever we said the word color so we've had to undergo an intensive elocution course so that we will be understood by the Indie Developers attending. Tune in to our podcasts in association with Gamasutra around GDC to hear how successful they were. Also, buy tickets for our next karaoke event on April 12th. It promises to be fantastic, we already have new songs written that will be premiered there and you don't want to hear about these second hand. Vines, Audioboos, Sound clouds and Instagrams just won't do them justice.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Stugard - Enceladus
2. Galan - Arcade Dub
3. Commandycan - C Side

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As you all know, there was no official podcast of last week's show (although we hear the unofficial recordings are selling for thousands of bitcoins on Silk Road) due to us raising money for Resonance. We also announced the date and location for the first ever Spring Break Videogame Karaoke. Go to for more details and buy a ticket before they sell out!

Luckily this week we were back to a normal style show with a Super-Special Guest. Oh. Except the Super-Special Guest, Will from Rambo game makers Reef Entertainment was involved in a tram incident at Clacton (the Caretaker might have remembered this incorrectly) so he wasn't able to make the beginning of the show to talk about the challenges of making a game out of such an iconic film series or what physics you need to lob a tank at a helicopter. Would he even make the show at all (SPOILERS: Yes, and he was great)?

Still, such things happen from time to time. At least the core trio of Team OLL would be there for the start of the show. But wait? Where is the second hottest member of the team Ann 'Scoops' Scantlebury? Claiming that she was also delayed due to bus incidents (or possibly a perm taking longer than expected) we had to fill 20 minutes before we could start with the news. So instead we decided to have an #AMA, which apparently stands for Ask Us Anything. This meant we predicted the news, worked out what videogames pets like, shed a tear for the Trocadero and try to make our theme win a Classic FM poll.

However, our contributors didn't let us down with Super Roger World, Shipping Forecast and Birthday Boy Sega Badawi all returning to the airways. So all in all another amazing episode!

Team OLL x


1. defiantsystems - Bronson
2. Here Between You Me - Sometimes

Direct download: OLL_17_02_14.mp3
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In this week's show we have John and Simon from Olli Olli developers Roll 7. Luckily for them we forgot to go on about the Superbowl, which we were going to hilariously rename the SuperbOLL, and thinking about it probably wasn't going to work over the airwaves. We also forgot to mention our great idea to mash up OlliOlli and The Stanley Parable to make the Stan and Ollie Parables, which would detail the black and white adventures of one thin man and one fat man in a horn factory.

We did manage to ask them about working with Sony, what it's like annoying Dan Marshall (more to see if they found it different to how we find it), the colour of their new game but neglected to mention how much it would cost to use our likenesses for an OLLiOLLi spin off. Ah well. Scanters got recognised as a Twitter celebrity, gave hair and nightlife advice and the Team all decided that killing children was wrong.

As usual Sega Badawi provided some local news, but Science Officer and Super Roger World made their welcome returns. We also learn about how to control games using your brain waves, try an experiment and probably fail at it. It's what we do best.

And if you can please contribute to the Resonance FM fundraiser. They're an excellent station to work with and they'll be really freaked out that we just wrote nice things about them. Next week will be a telethon but on the radio so a radithon? Either way, it'll be fantastic so tune in.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Mister Beep - Hypervelocity Stars
2. Monomania - Blue
3. Legacy - Rade (under the stars)

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It's not often that we have Filey's favourite son on the show, and this week was no exception as Leo Blair (Tony Blairs' Dad) was unable to attend for some reason. So we had to settle for second best and allowed The Official Spokesperson for Videogames, Guy Cocker on as a Special Guest. Unfortunately we failed to kill Guy with kindness but did manage to maim him slightly with politeness. Guy also offered us dating advice while we told him about a further subject that he could specialise in at the BBC. We just like to offer support to those people starting in the business who obviously have lots to learn.

Simon also offered us support by giving Ann and Ste advice on how to stream over the internet, whilst withdrawing support from certain people who send us letters every week and also getting rather annoyed at listeners who dob us in to indie developers. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. We also learnt how much Jon Snow knows about videogames.

Doctor Avatar got some fan mail to go alongside the feature that he sent in, but it probably wasn't from the doyouinverts as the two factions had some 'beef' last week. It did result in a new song by the doyouinverts so it was worth it in the end. Sega Badawi reported on the latest videogame local news, but that's a given these days.

We're also going to do a benefit for Resonance FM some time in April so keep an eye out on our Twitter feed for confirmation of dates and how you can get to attend. It'll be fun*.

Team OLL x

* Fun not guaranteed and is dependent on amount of alcohol drunk.


Track list:
1. Klamm - Dreams About Something (Emerald)
2. the doyouinverts - Just TYT My Love
3. Jredd - Do The Tiido

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There's not many people who get to be returning Super-Special Guests on One Life Left. Obviously many have tried. Sure, we've had bribes and threats but the integrity of our journalism is too important for us to let it be affected by these tawdry attempts. For this week's show we had the excellent Keith Stuart from the Guardian (Britain's top Newspaper) who arrived not bearing gifts, but needing the toilet. And you'll get to see if he remembered to do up his flies by looking at the recorded live stream. Yes, this was the first ever episode of One Life Left to have a live video stream (except we might have done a Google+ hangout a few years back (and maybe once over an Android phone?)).

Keith didn't tell us his itunes password, but we did find out which console manufacturer he wants to be destroyed, how long it takes for him to write a news story and what he really thinks of Eurogamer. It's all shocking stuff. Ann is in the midst of a housing crisis so Ste and Satoru Iwata offered advice in varying levels of usefulness, Simon gets jealous when he finds out how much money Keith has made from Kickstarter and we have an almost grown up discussion about the pros and cons of narrative games. Sorry about that.

As usual Sega Badawi provides us with some local news, but we have another new feature making its debut (well, it would be a bit daft to have an old feature making its debut). Not only that, but you'll find out whether Team OLL prefer window or aisle seats, which is information no other videogame radio shows can provide.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Wiklund - Blaster
2. Volcano Kid - Super Robotic Encounters

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If we've learnt one thing over the nine seasons of One Life Left it's that the videogame industry only cares about money. Artistic integrity, great ideas, beautiful writing - none of this matters if your games doesn't sell in its millions and you make enough money to make another God game. With this in mind we were happy to welcome the first ever Million Pound Gaming Journalist - Cara Ellison - to the show.

Cara dropped by to explain how Patreon works and why it allows her to stay round indie developers houses without their approval. She also clarified which of the IGF nominees were not cool, how she'll be able to cope when Simon stops investing money in her Patreon and also gives her backing to our 'Free Christian Donlan' campaign. Which we've only just started.

Ann is getting tapped up again, she's been offered a new position over at the Bayside Diner and providing lunch at Lassiters. It'll be sad times if she goes. We make inroads into becoming the first Anglo-Chinese videogame radio show*, but get sidetracked by trying to find out how popular we are on Google. Sega Badawi offers up some local news, Keith Stuart lets us down and we have an ALL-NEW feature.

It's amazing times, we think you'll agree.

Team OLL x

* Chinese readers: Sorry about the terrible translation for the episode title, we had trouble putting in the accents on the letters


Track list:
1. defPREMIUM - lgpt)))``u r on my mind``
2. Klamm - otherworld

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After a wonderful and refreshing break (where Simon's telly was used by former contributor Taliah to bond when her new boyfriend on Christmas Eve and Ste and Ann facetimed America and honeytrapped indie developers on New Years Eve) One Life Left is back! And we're hitting the ground running with no errors, unless you count losing the letters as an error, which it isn't, it's a feature (who says we don't learn anything from our interviews with developers?).

Luckily as our first Super-Special Guests of 2014/Year of Bidoof were David and Philippa, the creators of our GOTY which was the Ann Scantlebury-starring Going Around. As part of Simon's interview role-play, this week he took on the role of Jeremy Kyle and tried his best to split up David and Philippa, although he didn't go as far as having a lie detector test (we're saving that for Parko). We also found out what it's like to compete in a Game Jam, what year will be the most annoying this century and how David and Philippa decided on which of Team OLL should star in Going Around.

There were also returning features in the form of Sega Badawi and Doctor Avatar. And Simon argues with Gamasutra's Mike Rose about math(s), Ann temps on Pip's Not A Game podcast (feat. Tom Hatfield) and Ste comes up with a foolproof plan to win a GMA. Not only that, but we officially announce some exciting news for March.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Wiklund and Joule - Makebelieve girl
2. Zer0 Filt3r - Lost In Thought

Direct download: OLL_07_01_14.mp3
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The one thing that's annoying about videogames (for the purposes of this introduction) - the ONE thing - are the various rules for international markets. We're not bothered about Japan getting Rhythm Tengoku two days before us or America getting to say fanny in their games, no the annoying thing is that apparently some other countries believe it's the Year of Luigi when we've always thought it's the Year of Bithell.

And as Luigi refused to return our calls we got Mike back on the show to make his third appearance and to let us know everything that he enjoyed about the year. We also found out a bit more about his new game, Volume, but more importantly we uncovered how many Sony Jumpers Mike was prepared to use his contacts to obtain. As long as the number was greater than or equal to three then we would be happy.

Naturally, we spend about half the episode talking about how great the Christmas party was and announce a possible new holiday to base a party around. Er, that is an existing holiday that we might also have a party at that time. Although getting an official One Life Left bank holiday announced could be a good mission for the new year.

We continued in our attempts to get Dan Marshall to keep running, had features from Sega Badawi, Doctor Avatar and Craig 'the Rage' McLelland and Ann got the new nickname Ann 'four Cornettos' Scantlebury. Nothing else of interest happened.


Cheerio and Merry Christmas!
Team OLL x


1. Ftf - I Have Come Here To Chew Bubblegum and Kick Ass
2. Genisisega - Segadrive
3. Lewis Thomas - Internet
4. Rees - O Come All Ye Faithful

Direct download: OLL_16_12_13.mp3
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One of the worst people to be is an enabler. To allow someone to become the worst that they can possibly be. One such person is today's Super-Special Guest, Marvel artist Jamie McKelvie. If it weren't for Jamie's great skills as an artist then Kieron Gillen wouldn't have been given the opportunity to see how it would actually look like if he got off with himself. Jamie helped create the monster that the comic world is still having to deal with to this day.

What else happened this week? We tried to help Dan Marshall with his running, we started the process of changing our name to Xbox One Life Left in order to get sponsorship (but got worried about a potential rival console/website) and Ste and Simon reviewed the PS4 and how it will affect litter in videogames.

On this episode we had features from Sega Badawi and Science Officer. We also managed to get confirmation from Jamie that OLLStudios obtained the official license for the Young Avengers videogame, Simon got pins put in his back and got his Monkey Island memories slightly mixed up and Ann started to learn a whole lotta history.

This episode also contains our final mention of the Christmas party as a future event. The current timetable is doors open at 6.30pm (tickets available on the door for £12), free bar starts at 7.00pm, 7.45pm is Secret Santa feat. the Guardian, 8.30pm P-Ann-to, 9.00pm Videogame Karaoke, 11.30pm CLOSE, 11.31pm+ AFTER PARTY.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Klamm - Solar Rider
2. Jredd - Galactic Smash (feat. Toni Leys)
3. Rez - Unreal Superhero 3
4. VCMG - Golden Lonely

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There's no Simon this week as he's gone over to France to let his greedy wizards eat cake so it's Pip Pip Hooray for Philippa 'Pippo' Warr who makes a second guest presenter appearance this season. Despite Pip's best efforts we did miss Simon this week as Ste was given the opportunity to talk about Cricket and Ann was allowed to speak at length about her new found love of Cornettos.

Despite these distractions we still found some time to discuss videogames and we even made the official call on who has won the current console war. Other radio shows might be unwilling to make a decision, but One Life Left is prepared to make those risky choices.

Not only that but we had Paul Ly from Brainbow on as a Super-Special Guest. He was in to talk about the new game that he had been working on, Doctor Newton: The Great Brain Adventure. Unfortunately he also had to deal with Ste trying to give him the nickname 'The Future Of Games' but he managed to cope with it admirably and helped us learn how long it takes to make a game. We also tried to learn how long it takes to knock us up, but Paul wisely declined to answer that.

We proudly announce that the Christmas party has sold out, but proudly announce that you can also buy entrance at the door if you're making a last minute decision to go. Pip tells us how quickly you should read a book before you go to bed, Ste gets us confused by the text adventure Paradise and Sega Badawi and Doctor Avatar contribute features. And we probably go on about drones a bit too much.

Team OLL x


1. VCMG - Golden Lonely
2. 8-BITchintendo - ReBirth

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It's weird how much of a difference a single letter makes. Changing an M to a W turned Mario from an athletic Princess rescuing plumber to a money-obsessed games designer who stinks of garlic. Similar changing an A to an E makes Parko no longer a diaeresis-obsessed games journalist who constantly loses his shoes to Jason 'Perko' Perkins - the managing director of Curve Studios who, along with Rob Clarke, is this episode's Super-Special Guest.

And we perhaps weren't in the best frame of mind, with this episode being recorded after Ann and Ste got the All Tomorrow's Parties festival shut down. The Curve boys did appear to be better prepared than us at the beginning of the show, but we soon found out that they had trouble with electronic devices. Which probably isn't the best inside of the Resonance FM studio with all of its electronic devices.

Inspired by Jeremy Paxman and his beard we tried a new method of interviewing, which immediately paid absolutely no dividends. So then Simon tried being nice which seemed to work much better. Perhaps we should try to be nicer to everyone (We agree - Parko and Keith Stuart). We did find out some exclusive gossip about Mike Bithell that blows apart what we previously knew about the creation of Thomas Was Alone.

As usual at this time of year we talk about the forthcoming Christmas party which is close to selling out despite Keith not keeping up with his end of the bargain. If you're coming please remember to bring some games for Secret Santa (and put what games system the games are for) and also be fully prepared for the Pipmas Anntomime that we'll be premiering that night (with a view to transferring to Broadway). If you're not coming then please feel free to provide us with more karaoke songs for us to sing.

Not only did we have all that in the show but we also had Local News and a returning Science Officer. The rest was all down to Ann, who scared her flatmate by playing a game, became a YouTube Superstar and also came up with the equation that six PS4s are the same as no PS4s.

Team OLL x

Links: (last time, promise)

1. Volt 44 - Daystepping
2. Bit wish - Embark
3. Kubbi - Concrete (renovation mix)

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Ste's back! Hurray! Finally the team is back together and nothing will ever split us up again! Unless Ste goes on a radio show by himself and Simon then books an interview with Medium Wave's Five Live (remembering to invite Ann for protection) thereby causing a massive split and possibly putting the Christmas party in doubt. But those chain of events will never happen would they? Well, they could, but the Christmas Party would never get cancelled (tickets still available at!).
Luckily we had some experts in the world of tearing apart previously strong structures/teams with our Super-Special Guests from Media Molecule, Michelle Ducker and Christophe Villedieu. They tell us all about their new game on the Vita, Tearaway*, but more importantly they tell us all about their secret treehouse. Which probably isn't so secret now they've spoken about it on the radio.
We reveal how the Assassin's Creed movie is likely to start, get confused about if there are still motion controlled coin-ops at the Trocadero, get further confused about the right number of sharks to guard an XBone and get really confused about Ann's accents. At least Sega Badawi, Doctor Avatar and Craig 'the Rage' McLelland brought some sense to the show. Oh, wait, the opposite of that (in a good way, natch).
And we get the EXCLUSIVE review of Twitter! Yes, hear it and weep Polygon! Who cares about the PS4 where there are social networks to review?
Team OLL x
* Our Caretaker was upset to find out that this isn't a sequel to Tearaway Thomas for the Amiga.

Track list:
1. J-Peg - Unison
2. Ktaettz - Dream Slayer Theme
3. National Broadcast Network - A Split Second of Anarchy

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In all our nine seasons at One Life Left we've never had a walk out. We've never offended a guest so much that they stormed out of the studio never to return. That run had to break at some point, but we never thought that we could have offended our Super-Special Guest Keith Stuart - the most nicest man in videogames journalism. He came on the show (even though we got him the sack from The Guardian) to talk about his new Kickstarter, which is an excellent book about the Sega Megadrive. But it all turned sour. We thought we were ok to go to Cara's feature, but K Dog didn't like that, threw his headphones to the ground and stormed out. Awkward.

It took all the best efforts of our other Super-Special Guest Simon "Parko" Parkin to persuade him to come back into the studio. Our caretaker has tried to cover the majority of the blow-up, but you might still hear Keith's voice raise slightly and the fear in Parko's voice.

It's a shame because Parko was also on the show to promote a book, not to work on his fledgling career as a counsellor. Parko's book is an illustrated history of 151 games and he doesn't even need a Kickstarter to get it released. He's so edgy! And he owns a boat too! Although he doesn't really know what a meme is.

As well as our SSGs (and no Ste as he was still on his spirit walk in America) we also had features from Cara, Science Officer and Sega Badawi along with an announcement of new features from Philippa Warr, Leigh Alexander and One Life Left's Guy Cocker. There's talk about Ann getting a perm too, but the only way of finding out if the perm will happen is by buying a ticket for the Christmas Party (and attending). They're still available at but at current buying rates they'll be sold out before December so buy now!

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Master of magic theme - Anders Hesselbom/Rob Hubbard
2. Delta (main theme remix) - Moonove/Rob Hubbard
3. Jredd - Revolution X/Music is a Weapon

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After last week's debacle where Simon didn't make it to the studio, he took all necessary precautions. He made sure that all trees near the train line were torn down and threw Lord Sir Charles Cecil out of his studio chair into the cold unforgiving London night. Unfortunately he also chucked Ste out who flew off to America in a grump/to give a talk at GDC Next.

Luckily we had the perfect replacements in Philippa Warr and Ed Fear. But which was the Super-Special Guest and which was the Super-Special co-presenter? We never actually decided, we were spending too much time giving Philippa secret missions at the Call Of Spooky launch or making Ed gip at Doctor Avatar's descriptions of a medical procedure.

More importantly we tried to find out if Ann's new glasses fit in her hair, used Ed's contacts to find out exclusive news regarding Jonathan Ross moving to Microsoft and worked out that Simon inadvertently won the GMA for Guy Cocker. Hopefully Guy will send it over now he realises the debt that he owes to us.

Even more importantly, we announced the date for our Christmas Party Feat. The Guardian. It's on Saturday 14th December and you should buy tickets at We're even having a pantomime this time. We would do an "oh yes we are" joke there, but we're not the type of podcast that goes for lazy humour. Wait, oh yes we are! LOL *sad face*.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Rambo first blood part 2 high score
2. Commando Theme
3. Thing on a Spring
4. Theme from Parallax

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Coming so soon after our Wink Murder/Videogame Karaoke event means that there's a chance that some of Team OOL might be a bit tired and emotional. Of course there's no chance of that happening to us (we're professional), although Simon does seem a little different. Not only that, but isn't that an MBE sticking out of his back pocket? Knowing the facts, we soon realised that Simon was actually Lord Sir Charles Cecil, filling in for Simon after a tree fell on the train track.

Even with Charles on the show (who is still preparing the new Broken Sword for release) we still had space for a Super-Special Guest, and luckily we had one in the form of Steve Gaynor from the Fullbright Company who told us how stories in games work (or should work). Recognising that he had expert knowledge regarding an incident at GameCity and Keith Stuart, we ask for his advice. Surely though, it wouldn't end up in Keith losing his job?

Other than Charles and Steve, there's a bit of a German theme to the show as Ste finds and reads some German text and Charles reveals the best German City. Nuremberg? Karlsruhe? Essen? It may surprise you to find out the answer.

There's also a whopping three features this week with Cara and Science Officer returning and Sega Badawi doing a rather poor joke. How can we top this next week?

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. defPREMIUM - Close but no Cigar
2. We The Sick - Midnight Drive
3. Kubbi - Void part 2

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We've moved on from the GMA 'controversy'. To be honest, we're finding the British Games Journalism scene too restricting for us. We need to look further afield, to the land of the free. And - look - our Super-Special Guest for this week's episode is GameSpot's Editor-in-Chief Justin Calvert. He flew in all the way from Oakland just to speak to us, and boy were his arms tired! Whilst we talk to him about what it was like working in the UK during the Golden Age of Videogame magazines, we're obviously more interested in what it's like working in America. And, more specifically, if there are three jobs going there in their podcast division.

We don't get a direct answer from Justin on the job front, but we do find out that he isn't Matt Bellamy's brother, that Brian Blessed isn't Ste's Uncle and also what exactly a Banbury Cake is. We also reveal one of most recent methods of confusing Parko, which is a fun game for all the family and we'll probably do a Kickstarter on it next year. Until then feel free to donate to Simon and Ste's Kickstarters via the links below.

As well as the doyouinverts we had Local News as this week's features. We were expecting something from Cara, but as usual we were professional as didn't draw attention to it during the show. We bounce some ideas around regarding our YouTube channel and also reveal that the date of our Christmas Party won't be 20/12.

We're also preparing for our GameCity event 'One Death Left'. Hopefully as many of you as possible will make the journey to Nottingham for this Friday. You can read more about it on the GameCity schedule (, but it'd be great to see you there.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Laffey the Fox - Circus Fox
2. the doyouinverts - Day One
3. Klamm - Woman in Red
4. Apterous - Jet pack Samurai/State of Mind

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It's hard being the class clown, always pretending to be happy and jolly. That nothing in the world can affect you, that you're everyone's friend. Sometimes though... Sometimes it just gets to you. Obviously as we're professional podcasters and radio show presenters you won't be able to notice, but just bear that in mind.

But however you listen to the show - be it through Youtube, itunes or our wesbite you're guaranteed an excellent show especially as our Super-Special Guest is Andrew Hewson from Hewson Consultants! We were a bit selfish in our interview with him and whilst we knew all of our listeners were desperate for his in depth knowledge on SSAP 13 (Accounting for Research and Development), we decided to move away from the Accountancy questions and instead asked him about the good old days of gaming. The days when you could send a cheque through the post and 7-10 business days later you'd receive a cassette through the post with a game on it. The days when you could play Paradroid, Uridium or Pinball Dreams. The days before your heart had been ripped out in front of your peers by someone saying the name "Guy Cocker" on stage.


As well as Andrew (who is writing an excellent book called Hints and Tips for Videogame Pioneers, with a Kickstarter coming soon), we have Science Office, Dr Avatar and Local News. We also answer the question 'What do you do with your close friends?' and perform a live experiment. As long as you're listening to this in November and have an Xbone.

Team OLL x

Keith Stuart was also on the show.


Track list:
1. The One Electronic - Biting The Pavement
2. Jakim - Colon D
3. Dilithium Lift

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It's hard being the class clown, always pretending to be happy and jolly. That nothing in the world can affect you, that you're everyone's friend. Sometimes though... Sometimes it just gets to you. Obviously as we're professional podcasters and radio show presenters you won't be able to notice, but just bear that in mind.

But however you listen to the show - be it through Youtube, itunes or our wesbite you're guaranteed an excellent show especially as our Super-Special Guest is Andrew Hewson from Hewson Consultants! We were a bit selfish in our interview with him and whilst we knew all of our listeners were desperate for his in depth knowledge on SSAP 13 (Accounting for Research and Development), we decided to move away from the Accountancy questions and instead asked him about the good old days of gaming. The days when you could send a cheque through the post and 7-10 business days later you'd receive a cassette through the post with a game on it. The days when you could play Paradroid, Uridium or Pinball Dreams. The days before your heart had been ripped out in front of your peers by someone saying the name "Guy Cocker" on stage.


As well as Andrew (who is writing an excellent book called Hints and Tips for Videogame Pioneers, with a Kickstarter coming soon), we have Science Office, Dr Avatar and Local News. We also answer the question 'What do you do with your close friends?' and perform a live experiment. As long as you're listening to this in November and have an Xbone.

Team OLL x

Keith Stuart was also on the show.


Track list:
1. The One Electronic - Biting The Pavement
2. Jakim - Colon D
3. Dilithium Lift

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Unbelievably we've finally reached our two hundredth episode. If you ignore the special episodes that didn't get numbered or the literally unbroadcastable episodes that we metaphorically never broadcasted. But in our official biography that this episode's Super-Special Guest Nicholas Lovell will be writing it will state that this was episode 200. And that it was performed with warm ears, thanks to Lewis Schaffer and his guests who were on before us. The fact that it was performed with cold torsos was due to our own foolish decisions.

So it's another amazing episode of OLL/OOL with the amazing Nicholas Lovell explaining how to make money when everything is free using his new book The Curve as a guide. This is something we've always been interested in, but never quite worked out. Apparently the first step is to find something that some people are prepared to pay for. This probably explains why we've never made any money from the podcast.

In terms of features it's the usual crew: Local News, Cara's Electric Dreams and Derek Williams' Free Market Economy. Hang on, Derek Williams? Surely not? There's only one way to find out (other than by it being fairly obvious now we've mentioned it in the show notes). And the doyouinverts try their best to make Detective Comic's Kieron Gillen cry again. We know how to do that, but it involves pushing him over.

What else happened? FOTS Steve Owen and Duncan Timiney wrote in, Simon learnt how to sell games to under fives and Ste had trouble telling his Arg from his Belle-bow*. Another amazing episode then.

Team OLL x

*  Apparently Belle Hardinge is a new character for season 6 of Made In Chelsea which makes this an amazing joke.


1. Klamm - Heart of Gold
2. Shintarou Music - An Introduction

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We're fairly Deep at Team One Life Left. Sometimes others when we've been Around The World tell us to Slow It Down, but we tell them It's Alright and we'll Stay Another Day.

Ahem. That might be an annoying intro, but we'll leave it up to you if it's as annoying as the Official Valve Theme popping up into this week's episode on a regular basis. Luckily our Super-Special Guest Darren Wall from Read -Only Memory manages to avoid the music and provides Ann with an EXCLUSIVE extract to read from his book 'Sensible Software 1986-1999'. Unfortunately the extract is about Simon but you can't win them all.

We hear about how ex-contributor Jon Hare got involved in an incident near some stairs. If we were a tabloid newspaper we would call this event 'Stair gate', but if there was a stair gate on the stairs then the incident wouldn't have occurred and we'd have got more confused than we already were. Or are. We're a bit confused.

You'll also find out what happened at the Eurogamer Party, what will be happening at the GMAs and what will be happening at GMA Defiance. But more importantly we'll answer the question: Is Simon aggressive due to video games?

And you'll also get to hear OLL Local News, Dr Avatar and Science Officer ( All you have to do is listen. And send us some dares for the GMAs/GMA Defiance. And make sure you attend our One Death Left event at GameCity. And send us a letter for our 200th Episode Spectacular.

Team OLL x


1. Yoshito Hinton - Hyper Horny Dinos!!
2. Yerzmyey - Deadly Labyrinth Of Lord Xyrx!!
3. Glooms - Kill the sound guy

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The GMA Nominated (and GMA Invited) Team One Life Left is like a finely trained pit crew. We make the short change over between us and Lewis Schaffer sound so smooth that you'd never realise all our tops came off in the transition. Unless Ann mentions it later in the show.

We do have a Super-Special Guest in the form of Panic Barn's Tim Constant, who isn't Ed Vaizey or Jason Bradbury. He does have a great game in development called Tiki Taka Soccer which Simon is very much looking forward to being the World Champion of. We also try to find out what he's prepared to do for $20 when we work out what we should have as rewards for Kickstarter projects.

What else happened? Duncan Timiney wrote in and incriminated himself for poor (or possibly good) parenting, we finally premiered Cara Ellison's new feature Electric Dreams and Craig 'the Rage' McLelland and Local News made returns. Ste showed how much of a hit he is with the ladies by explaining what happened what he invited Ann round to play some SNES games and we promoted a rival podcast without actually knowing what the rival podcast was. (Note to other podcasts: We are easily confused).

Oh! We almost forgot! We announced our event for Nottingham's GameCity. It's called One Death Left and will involve karaoke and murder, as we've worked out all excellent events usually comprise of those two things. It's going to be held on Friday 25th October so keep that night free.

Team OLL x


1. Fighting Free - Pixel Police
2. Fluid Volt - Amnesiac

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It's only been seven days since the last episode of One Life Left but so much has changed. Simon opened his bag live on air, Ste was prestalked by the Bike Show and Ann caught a cold and needs her duvet. Or was she putting in her excuses in order to take the day off work and play GTA V?

Luckily, we did have a super-special guest in the form of Superflat Games' Jasper Byrne. He claims to be 37 years old, but according to Simon he looks too young. Perhaps he gave his age in base-8? We also find out what it's like to be working on the same game for seven years, that Lone Survivor is coming out for the Vita and Jasper EXCLUSIVELY reveals some information on the new game that he's been developing.

We also update you on the England-Australia ODI score (Spoilers: England lost), Simon reveals his and Ste's Steam ids and we welcome the returning Craig 'the Rage' McLelland, OLL Local News and the long-absent Science Officer. Do you need anything else? Well, does learning about Simon's diet help? No, didn't think it would.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - pixelated life
2. The One Electronic - Chamomile

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Last week, that was just a warm up. This week, this is the real thing. Which means we're back, Back, BACK! With our eight/ninth season/series of the GMA nominated/GMA losing podcast/radio show One Life Left (delete to taste). All the usual presenters are present, er, and correct - although Ann appeared to be a little unsure that she was Ann (we're blaming her change of hair colour).

It's an episode of positives and negatives. Ann perfects her audition for GTA V, but this might mean the release will be delayed. Two new games consoles are announced, but the VitaLite pun doesn't really work said out loud so it can only be used here. And Simon gets kicked out of the IGDA, but we're not sure if this is good or bad.

What is good, is that we have ruler of Gamer Network, Rupert Loman on the show. Simon hits him hard with a hard hitting interview that is the trademark of One Life Left and manages to find out that Simon - and therefore One Life Left - is responsible for Eurogamer existing. We'll apologise next week, don't worry. Rupert does give us what might be the WORLD EXCLUSIVE review of Fifa 14. But we might have to apologise to EA for that next week.

All that, plus the welcome return of the doyouinverts and Doctor Avatar and a new feature in the form of OLL Local News.

Team OLL x


1. Bit Your Bitch - Love You Like A Long Song
2. the doyouinverts - Games Journalism LOL
3. Volt 44 - Why Isn't This Working
4. PSS 270 - Ghost Inside A Musical Box

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Let's cut the introductions, you know who we are. Or if you don't you'll at least know who Ste Curran is after listening to this season pilot episode.

Yes, the team is back and ready for action. Except this is a pre-season start warm up show which means that we don't have a guest and are likely to make mistakes, so be gentle. Already thrown by the lack of The Bike Show being on before us, we had to calm Simon down after he gets upset about not being on our GDC special episodes. Then Ste decides that talking is cumbersome and Simon explains how the games industry is racist.

The main thing is that we finally announce the next next generation console that you need to buy. If you have the money and actually want it, we guess.

We also finally decide on the correct way to write The List, and poor Dan Marshall is the first person of the new season to be pencilled in but he won't be the last (unless we rub his name out and then put him back in again).

The ninth season of One Life Left will officially launch next week, which means we'll have a guest and are likely to make mistakes, so be gentle.

Team OLL x

1. Klamm - Mr. Dream
2. For A Broken Earth - Kyubey
3. Kommisar - Sugar Coated Affections

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We said we'd never be here again. We said that Rovio needed to be far enough away that Angry Bird plushies wouldn't be able to reach us. Ann also said that she'd remember not to wear a short skirt. Promises are made to be broken.

Which meant that we found ourselves back on the balcony looking out on the hordes of people getting green Bad Piggies hoodies (or Angry Piggies if you're Ste) and generally enjoying the fun times at Nordic Game.

Luckily Simon managed to persuade enough videogame experts to follow him into the ladies toilets to come on the show. We start off with Parko and things rapidly improve from there with Klaus from Zoink bringing in his pink jelly arm and showing off his game Stick It To The Man. He also reads our minds and is not too disgusted with what he finds.

We've written a really good introduction for Will Freeman, but he couldn't be bothered to speak to us so we're officially putting him on The List. Even worse, this means we have to bring New Yorker's Parko back on to speak in his Brooklyn accent about his trousers (we're always thinking of our female demographic) and why he dumped his friends (who are only ever nice towards him) to go and get some food.

Then the ever-excellent Matt Boch from Harmonix explains a bit of his amazing talk and John from Gamestick helps Ann find out what his console can fit into. Oskar from Rovio comes up to the balcony for a peace talk, but only really passes on the show cold. Oh, he did offer us jobs on the official Angry Birds radio station which was rather nice and foolish of him. Then we end with TV's/PocketGamer's/Jet Lag's own Jon Jordan and try to work out the correct way to pronounce Ouya.

Team OLL x

Links: (say you'll go here BUT PULL OUT OF GOING)

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Back in May 2013, we went over to the country of Nordic to see their amazing games conference. And also to be taught that there is no such country as Nordic. It could be for this reason that we had to do the first show from a slaughterhouse. And even worse: with Parko.

But don't despair! We had some good guests on too! Joachim explains his game Flowstorm, Oscar Clark and Chris James drop in too. Ste then goes missing, just as we hear from Petri and Martin about Sexy Hiking and their meditative space strategy game Rymdkapsel.

Tom 'Cheese Doodles' Betts tells us about Sir/Madam You Are Being Hunted and how it is best to abbreviate it. Lau from the Copenhagen Games Collective organises us as well as the Indie Gaming Night (and introduces Ann to the game of Spin The Bottle). And we end the show by talking to Emma the COO/Producer/Magician of Nordic Games who reveals the secrets of how to make a great games conference without being kicked out of the magic circle.


Direct download: OLL_NG_2013_1.mp3
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Don't call it a comeback! Call it a show that we recorded at Antenna in Nottingham on Thursday 25th April with multiple Super-Special Guests and the first recorded appearance of our FOTS badges-back.

It's a little teaser to remind you of our show before we're officially back, Back, BACK in September. So what do you learn in this episode? Well, aside from hearing about why Ann has put Prince Harry on the EOTS list and why Simon has been signed up by the ECB as a Gary Pratt-esque sub fielder, you mostly hear from our amazing SSGs and the equally amazing stuff that they're working on.

We have Neil Jones who despite being Australian doesn't start all of his sentences with "Aw look", Owen the House DJ explains how to best use a Tenori-on, Stefan Morris gives us a good excuse to touch people bums without having to sing the Cheeky Girls. We also hear about how to make game guide from Andrew Mills and Graham Spence teaches us about Swirling (which sounds a lot dodgier than it actually is).

And that's not all. We also sign up Sam Kay as a FOTS and Charlotte joins our ever increasing band of lawyers. OTHER PODCASTS BEWARE.

See you again in September!

Team OLL x

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Episode 6. Presented by Ste Curran, Ann Scantlebury and Jenn Frank and one last amazing lineup of guests: Tom Buscaglia (The Game Attorney), John Walker (Rock Paper Shotgun), Mattie Brice (Kotaku / Critical Distance), Doug Wilson (Die Gute Fabrik), Brandon Sheffield (Necrosoft / Insert Credit), Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns (Metanet Software Inc), Teddy Diefenbach (Rad Dragon), Matt Boch (Harmonix Music Systems) and a final, choked-up appearance from Gamasutra Editor-in-Chief Kris Graft.

It's our last episode of GDC 2013, recorded on the show floor at lunchtime on Friday with a tremendous stream of guests, gently interrogated between a few brilliant pieces of chiptune music. Topics include cloning, gender in the videogame industry, finishing (making) games, inspiration, how to behave on walkways, videogame interfaces and the audacity of mimes. It has been an intense, wonderful, voice-shattering week at the Game Developer's Conference and this last hour is a good summary of the atmosphere we've felt throughout -- information and entertainment, random encounters and new friends, smart thoughts and stupid jokes. The single note of sadness is that it's all over for another year. Thanks to all our brilliant guests, to Gamasutra and to GDC and to you for listening. We'll talk to you soon.

Direct download: OLL_GDC_SHOW_SIX_EDITED.mp3
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Episode 5. Presented by Ste Curran, Ann Scantlebury and Michael Frederickson with Gamasutra representative Frank Cifaldi and another great lineup of interviewees: Seth Louey and Brian Corrigan (Mad Glory), Steve Gaynor (The Fullbright Company), Matt Boch (Harmonix Music Systems), Eric Zimmerman (NYU) and Georg Backer (Hot Sauce).

As the final lectures of Thursday finish, One Life Left convenes another diverse panel to chat some more about life making games in 2013. Topics include the allure of statistics, portals, secrets, storytelling, the Harmonix Music System, Ahhhcade, the perils of presenting at a conference and "swag". We also get to hear the tale of Jason Rohrer's spectacular victory at the final ever Game Design Challenge and Steve Gaynor explains how you put a house in a game. Brilliant bleeps and beats courtesy of break up the chatter; we'll be back tomorrow with our final broadcast from GDC 2013...

Direct download: OLL_GDC_SHOW_FIVE_EDITED.mp3
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Episode 4. Presented by Ste Curran, Ann Scantlebury and (eventually) Jenn Frank, sitting opposite Gamasutra colleague Christian Nutt and special guests Greg Rice (Double Fine), Patrick Hackett (Double Fine), Bennett Foddy (QWOP, GIRP, Pole Riders), Matthew Luhn (Pixar), Ben Liu (Pocket Gems), Daniel Cook (Spry Fox), and Anna Marsh (Lady Shotgun).

One Life Left's relentless schedule continues with another special show, recorded live on Thursday lunchtime at GDC2013 from our temporary home at the foot of the North Hall escalators in San Francisco's Moscone Center. Topics include how to stay motivated, the creative process in big and small studios, cross-media pollination, mobile gaming, life / work balance, and some more brainstorming around our hug-game "concept". It's midway through the conference, we're losing our voices - our minds have somewhat gone too - but we'll get through this together, team, and continue regret nothing except the limited number of hours in every brilliant day.

Direct download: OLL_GDC_SHOW_FOUR_EDITED.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:57pm EDT

Episode 3. Presented by Ste Curran, Ann Scantlebury and Michael Frederickson alongside Gamasutra representative Kris Graft  and a wonderful panel of guests: Thomas Bidaux (Ico Partners), Sarah Brin (Curator, Ahhhhcade), Anthony Johnston (writer on Dead Space and Zombie-U), and Cara Ellison (Rock Paper Shotgun)

Day three -- or one, depending on how well you can count -- of GDC comes to a close and One Life Left reports live from a fast-emptying show floor. Topics include Kickstarter, diversity, the challenges in writing for interactive media, the universality of zombies, hugs (again), schedule highlights and how to be disturbing. There's also an unnerving discovery over at the iam8bit stand and the team discover whether they're more interesting than a staircase. Add in some excellent chiptunes and you've got the third episode of our videogame talk show. Three more to come!

Direct download: OLL_GDC_SHOW_THREE_EDITED.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:43pm EDT

Episode 2. Presented by Ste Curran, Ann Scantlebury and Jenn Frank with today's amazing lineup Michael Pachter (Industry Analyst), Porpentine (Howlings Dogs), Margaret Robertson (Hide&Seek), Michael Brough (Glitch Tank), John Gibson (iam8bit), Chris Remo (Doublefine), Leigh Alexander (writing, singing, dancing, etc), Zoey Quinn (Depression Quest), Justin Who Approached Us And Said We Were Awesome (Telltale), Chris Dahlen (writer, narrative designer).

Our second episode at GDC, recorded live at lunchtime from the foot of the escalators in the North hall at the Moscone Centre. Topics include what we can do with $20, tiny games, two-player games, making people attractive, game narrative, getting jobs, hugging games and depression. A brilliant, diverse panel captures life from the show floor of the Game Developer -- random encounters, smart ideas and stream of consciousness serendipity. Lots of sweet music from the wonderful, too. This is the first of two shows recorded on the Wednesday -- look forward, or listen forward if you'd prefer, to episode three of six tomorrow... 

Category:general -- posted at: 10:41pm EDT

Episode 1. Presented by Ste Curran, Ann Scantlebury and Michael Frederickson with special guests Kris Graft (Gamasutra), Charles Cecil (Revolution), Manveer Heir (Bioware), Jonathon Banks (Telltale), Jenn Frank (Unwinnable / Super Hexagon), Leigh Alexander (LIFE, episodes passim), Frank Cifaldi (UBM), Sarah Elmaleh (Voice Actor, p-pop-teacher) and Matthew Burns (University of Washington).

An introduction to One Life Left and Gamasutra's conference-capturing adventure, recorded live at a small gathering on Tuesday evening on the 34th floor of the Marriott Marquis. Topics include the conference itself, industry inclusivity, education, creativity, art direction, journalism, obscenity, hugs, puerility and combinations therein. A few brilliant chiptunes, the sound of an increasingly rowdy party in the background and the occasional minor technical hitch complete the warm, welcoming, sort-of-competent audio signature One Life Left's tolerant listeners have embraced over the last seven years. Which type of embrace? Listen, decide for yourself and we'll be back with the first show from the show floor very, very soon...

Direct download: OLL_GDC2013_1.mp3
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No Continues is One Life Left's off-season weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss different games that incorporate a single theme. This week's theme is 'Let's see what happens if Ann and Ste swan off to San Francisco to record some shows with Gamasutra and leave Simon to do a show all by himself'.

And the resulting show is surprisingly broadcastable. We hear about how becoming a Super-Special Guest gets you automatic membership to Noel Edmonds' Dream Factory and the new and returning members to that factory floor are very excited by this news. The lucky people are Spilt Milk Studio's Andrew Smith, Savy Gamer's Lewie P, writer for hire Jamie Firth and Tom Trewhella who is a boy.

Despite Ann being away in GDC land, we still manage to get some news on the show as Ann's Intern jumps off the subs bench to tell us all about excel games and what Ann thinks about Tetris. To be honest, we were just surprised that Ann has even heard of Tetris.

In addition to all this we find out what Simon thought of when we was on Gamesmaster (at least the thoughts of someone who sounds a bit like him) and we find out what Ste really stands for (he stands for nothing - he's open to bribes).



1. Martin Galway - Rambo Loading Theme (C64)

2. Innocent Deception - Snake Eater Theme (OC Remix)

3. Apocalypse Theme (OC Remix)

4. Muse - Starlight (remix)

Direct download: OLL_25_03_2013.mp3
Category:Show -- posted at: 3:21pm EDT

No Continues is One Life Left's off-season weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss different games that incorporate a single theme. This week's theme is 'Creativity'.


Aiofe -
Daria -
Gemma -
Matt -


Playpen -
Folding Story -
Draw Something -
Drawception -
Tone Matrix -
Tony B -
Online Sequencer -

Extra credit:

Doodle or Die -


1. Balloon Bear - Slack Jawed

2. Deep Shade - Rocket Chaser

Play, listen and contribute to the show live on Resonance 104.4FM at 7pm on Monday evening, or we'll see you back here for the podcast. Next week is our preview show for GDC 2013. Well, the two percent of GDC that doesn't involve drinking and/or karaoke anyway.

Team NC

Direct download: OLL_NC_012.mp3
Category:Show -- posted at: 4:59pm EDT

One Life Left: No Continues 011 -- Humour

No Continues is One Life Left's off-season weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss different games that incorporate a single theme. This week's theme is 'Humour'.


Aiofe -
Gemma -
Katy -


Lost Pig -

Murder Dog - 

Clop -

Art Game -

Achievement Unlocked -

Lee Lees Quest 2 -

Extra credit:

Portal 2
Secret of Monkey Island
The Cave
Drunk Guy
Shove Pro
Mean Girls (the film, not the game)


1. Klamm - Mechanical Soul

2. Laffe The Fox - Hyper Trouble

Play, listen and contribute to the show live on Resonance 104.4FM at 7pm on Monday evening, or we'll see you back here for the podcast. We'll announce next week's games on Twitter/Facebook/Google+.

Team NC

Direct download: OLL_NC_011.mp3
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No Continues is One Life Left's off-season weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss different games that incorporate a single theme. This week's theme is 'Love'.


Cara -
Gav -
Gemma -
Jon/Log -


Bumpy Road -

Richard and Alice -

Actual Sunlight -

Slave of God -


1. Chasing Bleeps - Robots Don't Cry

2. Fufugagakikilala - Danger Ranger

3. Jredd - Slow Jam

Play, listen and contribute to the show live on Resonance 104.4FM at 7pm on Monday evening, or we'll see you back here for the podcast. We'll announce next week's games on Twitter/Facebook/Google+.

Team NC

Direct download: OLL_NC_010.mp3
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No Continues is One Life Left's off-season weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss different games that incorporate a single theme. This week's theme is 'Work'.


Jon/Log -
Katy -
Matt -
Steve -


1. Diner Dash:
ios -
android -
online -

2. Space Station 13 -

3. John Deere Drive Green -

4. Cart Life -

5. Unmanned -

Bonus Extra Credit Game:
Every Day The Same Dream -


1. The Flight Away - Sega Lounge

2. Adhrast - The Supernova[wip]-[1xlsdj]

3. Acharis - When You Sleep

Play, listen and contribute to the show live on Resonance 104.4FM at 7pm on Monday evening, or we'll see you back here for the podcast. We'll announce next week's games on Twitter/Facebook/Google+.

Team NC

Direct download: OLL_NC_009.mp3
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One Life Left: No Continues 008 -- Curiosity

No Continues is One Life Left's off-season weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss different games that incorporate a single theme. This week's theme is 'Curiosity'.


Aiofe -
Cara -
Daria -
Gav -


1. Amazing Alex:
iphone -
android -

2. Proteus:

3. Space Engine: 

4. P Moulinex's Curiosity:
iphone -
android -

5. Furiosity:


1. National Broadcast Network - 7 Billion Volts

2. Hutsvoid - Snow Over Snow

3. Sleepy Time Jesse - Meeting The Forest Elder

Play, listen and contribute to the show live on Resonance 104.4FM at 7pm on Monday evening, or we’ll see you back here for the podcast. We'll announce next week's games on Twitter/Facebook/Google+.

Team NC

Direct download: OLL_NC_008.mp3
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No Continues is One Life Left's off-season weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss three different games that incorporate a single theme. This week's theme was 'Fear'.


1. Which

2. Hide

3. Slender

Extra credits:

1. Forbidden

2. Amnesia

3. Don't look back (also available on ios and Android)


1. Klamm - Ypsilons Dream

2. Jredd - Storm of the Dark Moon (featuring Groovmaster303 and Dropbit)

3. Downstate - I Never Think About You Anymore (featuring Slenderman)

Play, listen and contribute to the show live on Resonance 104.4FM at 7pm on Monday evening, or we’ll see you back here for the podcast. We'll announce next week's games on Twitter/Facebook/Google+.

Team NC

Direct download: OLL_NC_007.mp3
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It's the final One Life Left of the season. This is sad news. Ann might be ill. This also sad news. Ste was in Norway. We're unsure of the news status for this. Simon can't go to GDC with the rest of Team One Life Left as he's getting married*. This is sad news for the Blackberry Playbook and all females. What's even worse than all of this is that it is Derek Williams' final Free Market Economy.

He's been a near-constant electronic presence on our show and we're going to miss the 3 minutes he regularly filled up while Simon went out for a fag break, Ste read about Taylor Swift and Ann fixed her tights. If you miss him too then catch him at his market stall in Doncaster or wait to see if his Jan Doyle Band play a gig near you.

Still, every Yamaha/Korg/Moog cloud has a silver lining and we're glad to have Nicholas Lister on the show to give us more advice on how to make the One Life Left Videogame. He's busy developing his first game Imp Paired which prevented Ann from multitasking so it's sure to be a success. We also learn about how long it takes to nearly become an architect and FOTS Michael Frederickson sent in a parcel that made Ste gasp a little on air. It's totally understandable when you hear what it was though.

Team OLL x

* Although I (the caretaker) wasn't even asked if I wanted to go :(


1. Ocean Palace - A Hateful Shade

2. Breakbeat/Heartbeat - Explore

3. Elektrohobo - Workinprog

4. Groovemaster303 - Castle of Shards (YM2612)

Direct download: OLL_28_01_2013.mp3
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It's the penultimate OLL of the season and as usual we've decided to go all out for our second to last show. We have a Super-Special Guest in the form of Hot Sauce's Law Abiding (in Greece anyway) Georg Backer who shows amazing patience in praising our ideas for our new game even though we're beginners at this sort of thing (Ste especially). Georg also tells us what it is like to work for Jonathan Ross and what it was like to work for Peter Moulinex.

As well as Georg we also discover that Hookshot LNC have their own podcast (apparently it's been around for months - who knew?), Simon reinforces his status as the Michael Winslow of Videogames by adding a machine gun to his excited noise from last week, we hear tales of how the voice of God goes to the toilet and Ste says we don't have a Steam group even though we literally do. There's also Derek Williams, but we can always rely on Derek can't we? Can't we?


Team OLL x



1. Jredd - Blue Ska

2. skyhaunt - Nostalgia

3. Klamm - Good

Direct download: OLL_21_01_2013.mp3
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The one thing you can trust with One Life Left is that we are never late, and you'll find this out in today's episode which starts incredibly smoothly and finishes in style (NOTE TO CARETAKER: Edit out the bit where Ste enters the studio late due to British Transport, thereby putting off Simon and causing problems with our CD player). There's no SSG this week, but we can understand this as they're obviously all preparing ideas for own new game that we're writing so that they look silly when they finally do come on the show.

You can also help with the game design too! (Providing you do not expect any financial recompense for any ideas that you come up with and we use) Just send them in to our e-mail address and we'd be only too happy to use them, especially if it means we have less to do.

Simon and Ste had less to do this week as Ann returned to show how to do a proper news feature which in this episode made Simon's excited noise happen. We also heard how Ste stole money from FFOTS Zach Gage, along with features from Derek Williams and Press XY to Continue. So another great episode from One Life Left. Maybe.

Team OLL x


1. One White Noise - Back to Spain

2. Graviton Flux - Nucleogenic Decay

3. Jansaw - Smashing

Direct download: OLL_14_01_2013.mp3
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Ok, first show of the year, let's do a roll call.

Simon? Here Sir, but he's been talking to strangers in Day Z again Sir.

Simon's top? He's absent Sir.

Tsk, that's always the case. Super-Special Guest? Yes Sir, we've got Mike Bithell to make third appearance. He's been promoted to milk monitor and Chief Design Officer to help Team OLL create the best videogame that has ever been made after his amazing game Thomas Was Alone did well in the IGF awards.

Danny Wallace? It's best he's not here Sir.

Ste? Here Sir, and he seems not have jet lag this time.

Scanters? Scanters? Scanters? I think she's ill Sir, or she's got a ladder in her tights again.

Well who will do the news? We can do it Sir, it's not difficult. You'll not even notice that she's missing, it'll be that smooth.

Ok. Incredibly long and complex introduction to the episode in an attempt to hide the caretaker's lack of inspiration? Unfortunately he was always here Sir.


Team OLL x



1. qb - Meant to Be

2. sadpanda - Die Jung (Ke-dollar sign-ha remix)

3. onewhitenoise - Back To Spain

Direct download: OLL_07_01_2013.mp3
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There was a chance that Ste was nearly not going to make the recording of this show. He claims it was because the train was late, but did he stop for a pasty? And if so had it cooled enough for it to still be VAT free? Or did he mean the other type of pasty?

At least FOTS Leo Tan managed to make it on time to the show and he came all the way from America. How is he finding it across the pond? Has he offended the whole country yet or just their videogame journalists? All will be revealed in this episode.

We also have a new feature in Press XY to Continue, Derek Williams provides us with another Free Market Economy and we explain the reasoning behind the tweet we made to Daniel Nye Griffiths during the show. Unfortunately while we were recording this episode Polygon broke into our houses and took photos of where we 'game', expect to see that bit under the stairs where Simon's Wii used to live on their website soon :(

This will be the last episode before Christmas so enjoy the Winterval (sorry Ann)!

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - T E R M I N A T E D

2. Jan Hacker - The Thirteenth Christmas Number 3

3. Jredd - Firecracker

Direct download: OLL_17_12_2012.mp3
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If there's one person that One Life Left chooses to follow as their leader in life other than Taylor Swift or Martin Hollis then it has to be Dean Gaffney. So when we read that he had applied to join MI5 we thought that if we got an actual spy on the show then it would help us in our quest to Be Like Dean.

Unfortunately Simon read the e-mail wrong and booked Matthew Reynolds, gaming editor for Digital Spy. But that actually turned out to be a great decision as we're a radio show about videogames and we're not sure Judi Dench would be able to tell us much about the Wii U (although Nintendo have probably signed her up for an advert).

Matthew tells us what it's like to work for the Internet's fourteenth best website and what the Wii U is actually like to play as Nintendo didn't send us one after that incident with Shigsy we can't talk about. He also manages to avoid staring at Simon's massive coldsore, getting confused by Ste's hungover questioning and the thing Ann did that was literally unbroadcastable.

However, he did let slip about the housewarming party that he's holding on the same day as our Christmas Party. So that's our after party sorted, we just have the hotel lobby and the room to arrange now. 

Team OLL x



1. Jredd - Limitless

2. Peekachoo - Pilgrimage

3. Ocean palace - Tetrahydrocannabinol

4. Hektagon - Tayo

Direct download: OLL_03_12_2012.mp3
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Here's a transcript that one of Team OLL had with their boyfriend on the recently banned ios game Boyfriend Maker:

"I love going on dates with you"

"Nothing much"

"Have you listened to the latest One Life Left? It has Ed Fear from Mediatonic on there. He helps the team design their new social game that will take over the world."

"Robots and humans will always live in peace with each other!"

"There's also a discussion about Peter Molyneux and how amazing his name game will be. Although we're a bit worried with what's happened to Milo. Do you see Milo where you are?"

"Oops I don't know what to say..."

"You don't have to say anything. Unless you can say if you've seen Pat Garrett and Julian 'Jaz' Rignall in the same room together"


"Perhaps they'll be at the OLL Christmas Party to be held on December 15th."

"Up momma's house."

"I think that's the after party."

"Oh yea sorry"

"What happens after the afterparty?"

"Depends on what you believe"

"Ann says it's the hotel lobby"


"What do you think of Derek Williams?"

"She's a beautiful girl who stands up for what she think is right and doesnt let what people say get to her. She's had a rough life but with her friends and family she will make it through just fine."


"I really know she is very kind on u and she love u so much right? and she is very cutie :)"

"If you were to score our date out of ten, what would you give it?"




Team OLL x



1. Volt 44 - Twenty Two

2. Auxcide - Blue Planet - Earthscape - Eos[live-raw]

3. Solarbear - Pterodactyls

4. Ferretboy - Gameboy Dreams

Direct download: OLL_26_11_12.mp3
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Due to circumstances beyond our control (his football kit was still in the wash) Ste couldn't make it in today, so naturally we got on to hypothetical phone to ask our hypothetical friends at Hookshot Lnc if we could borrow Parko to be a guest presenter. The language we heard down the phone we literally unbroadcastable (although that doesn't appear to stop them having a podcast) so we had to turn to Gav Murphy from Regular Features instead. Which actually turned out to be such a good idea that we're now pretending the call to Hookshot Lnc was actually a hypothetical one.


And as well as Gav we had a Super-Special Guest in the form of Rising Star Games' Yen Hau. Despite failing in his role as product marketing manager by not bringing in any food, he did manage to give us some Deadly Premonition t-shirts that we'll give away next week to the best letters.


We also told you about our excellent Christmas Party which looks likely to be our best ever. Mostly because we're doing some actual planning this time around, which as you'll all know is very unlike us. If you fancy coming then go to



Team OLL x




1. SpellingPhailer - Coffe and Crayons

2. Soleviio - The Boy who fought the Lightning


3. Dr. RemiX - Dub Quest

Direct download: OLL_19_11_12.mp3
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It's not often we have someone on the show who started in videogames around the same time as Simon, usually because they've seen Simon with his top off so often that they refuse to be near him again, but SSG Steve Boxer is a man who is prepared to take that risk. We ask him what it is like to work under a leader/dessert eater like Keith Stuart at the Guardian and the difficulties that were had working under a maker of rudie magazines*. We also told an ENTIRELY HYPOTHETICAL story about Keith Stuart's GTA5 interview.

And at least Steve had somewhere to go after the show as he had been invited to the Codblopsii event. All we had to do was to watch Ste walk around London in his Stockport County kit muttering to himself about Taylor Swift and Westfield. Come on PRs, invite us to your new launch parties, we're totally prepared to sell ourselves for some tiny hamburgers and sixty dollars. And that's to share between us.


Team OLL x 

* We're trying to not attract the attentions of work filters.



1. Switch-On - Old Abandoned Cave

2. Indiaton - spooked 

Direct download: OLL_12_11_2012.mp3
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There's one thing we pride ourselves on at One Life Left and it's our professionalism. Actually, that might be an over-exaggeration, but we enjoy being Europe's only Videogame FM Radio Show as it means we have to show a bit more class than those AM radio or internet only shows. There's always a chance that a SSG could ruin things for us, so we make sure that they are well informed about the three rules of radio. If they break any of those then we could be in trouble.

Lucky then that there's no chance our SSSSG (Super-Sub Super-Special Guest) Hamish Todd from Girih Games would break those rules and cause us any problems right? Of course not. Instead Hamish tells us about how easy it is to not finish stuff and how Jonathan Blow is an inspiration when designing games (which goes against one of Simon's personal rules of videogame radio). We also possibly uncover an explanation as to why Ron Atkinson (breaker of rule number 3) kept referring to a footballing move as 'eyebrows'.

As well as this we have our regular features with Derek Williams, Simon Offends A Country (France this time), Wondering Which Animals Have Breasts on their Backs and a round-up of our new social media enterprise #chatterbOLLx. Ok, one of those is a regular feature, but surely the other three must return in future episodes. And we don't mention Taylor Swift as much as we thought we would (that's likely to happen next week).

Team OLL x 



1. Ultrasyd - I Will Dance Now! (STe)!-ste 

2. nonfinite - Eclipse (Note! Snare Rush Mix)!-snare-rush-mix

Direct download: OLL_05_11_2012.mp3
Category:Show -- posted at: 4:20pm EDT

In a land of distrust, and a time of hashtags, the destiny of a great videogame empire rests on the shoulders of a young radio show and podcast. Its name... One Life Left.

Although we should probably give grudging respect to our two Super-Special Guests who also help us discuss how videogame journalism is going to the dogs. In the corner of the fine upstanding British Game Press we have Rob Crossley, Associate Editor from CVG. He talks about the differences between the trade press and the consumer press. SPOILERS: There aren't many differences nowadays as long as you're interested in paint.

In the other corner representing American Gaming Journalism we have Leigh Alexander, Editor-at-large at Gamasutra and part-time Weather Girl. As well as telling us how the UK and US games press differs, she informs us about Wuzzles and gives us tips on the best way to get a free PS3.

And because of what's happening in journalism it means we can't go on about our karaoke as much as we usually do. We know, we've got sad faces all round as well. We do have time to talk about Derek Williams' amazing stage presence and how it helps make you more attractive to the opposite sex. If you want to join the Derek Williams Fan Club then please send a postal order for five pounds attached to a self-addressed Games Media Award to One Life Left c/o Resonance FM.

All this and the return of Craig The Rage? We spoil you sometimes.



1. Volt 44 - Dime and a Half 

2. severeTstormer - Dunce Dance 

3. National Broadcast Network - Disco Train

Direct download: OLL_29_10_12.mp3
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We'll admit it, losing the GMA this year hit us hard. People take loss in different ways and we decided to imagine it was a happier time. Say three years ago when people actually liked us enough to give us awards. Or send in letters.

One person who still likes us is Paul Kercal, our Super-Special Guest for this week's episode. He cheered us up by doing some amazing drawings on his numerous tablets, which we'll be uploading to the website soon. It was also interesting to hear how he first met Simon, which may have been the first 'first meeting of Simon' story that could actually be broadcast on the radio.

But how did Ann first meet Ste? The truth (as imagined by Simon) will be heard in this episode. There's also a birthday shout-out to Friend of the Show Leigh Alexander who will also be attending our Videogame Karaoke that is happening this Thursday at 9pm in Nottingham (as long as you're reading this before the event has started).

It all adds up to another excellent episode of One Life Left! Well, apart from losing the GMAs again. That bit really sucked.



1. Zeropass - Bound to Nothing 

2. The VIRUS Empire - Proximity Defense

3. skyhaunt - Ghost Night Festival 

4. Les Incoiffables - Mayuko Takata

Direct download: OLL_22_10_12.mp3
Category:Show -- posted at: 3:36pm EDT

We're in full preparation for the GMAs which for most nominees means they're getting speeches ready in case they win, but in our case we're just doing lots of press-ups with our tops off to get ready to push over various gaming luminaries. If you're going there be warned: you could be on our list. (There is no list, we just push over people who get within range if we've had enough to drink).

Luckily our super-special guests Ben Hogg and Daniela Pietrosanu from board game distributors Esdevium didn't need to be pushed into coming on our show. They were won over by our possibly award-winning professionalism such as Ste turning up literally as we were going on air, Ann cracking up at one of her own jokes and Simon. We did get lots of good board gaming ideas and got annoyed at those licensing deals that mean we can't buy the Uncharted board game over here. Perhaps we should ask Lord Sir Charles Cecil to buy us one when he's over in America picking up his Kickstarter millions.

Annoyingly Ann forgot to ask Ben and Daniela about her idea for SingStar: Take That The Board Game. We're sure she'll have a working version available at our Christmas party for us all to enjoy.


Team OLL x 



1. Solarbear - How to Properly Use a Semi Colon

2. National Broadcast Network - Our Eyes Will Become Lasers 

3. hutsvoid - On the... 

4. Sketchman3 - Nite Ride 

5. Jredd - Beyond (our CD skipped a bit so listen to the proper version) 

Direct download: OLL_15_10_12.mp3
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The full team is back this week and no substitutions were allowed this week. Ann fancied a day off, but she knew that people depend on her for her in depth video game news that you can't get anywhere else. Except perhaps Europegamer (although they never end their news stories on an incredibly funny joke).

There was also no Super-Special Guest so this allowed the team to look at the biggest gaming stories in more detail. Which were mostly about us, obviously. Not only did we go through last week's Videogame Karaoke but we also announced that there will be another Videogame Karaoke at Not'num GameCity along with lots of Videogame based drink. Keep Thursday October 25th free. Unless you're Ann and tell everyone (incorrectly) that it was the Wednesday.

Another big story is that City of Heroes is still closing and being fans of the underdogs (especially if they are also fans of us and send us songs to play on the show) we put our name behind the campaign to keep it open. We fully expect NCSoft to reverse their decision pretty soon since our announcement.

We also try to see how the Government decides how a videogame is British. And get pretty confused. So business as usual then. Luckily Derek Williams and Doctor Avatar still know what they are doing and provide us with more top quality features. 


Team OLL x 



1. Klamm - Coffee Turbo 

2. YERZMYEY - Fifteen Colours 

3. Curt the Camera Guy Arndt - I Want My City Back

4. Jredd - Transcend 

Direct download: OLL_08_10_12.mp3
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Ste makes his return this week so that means we have a full compliment of presenters. But wait... Simon looks different. For one thing he's got his top on which is a first for 2012. Oh, it turns out Simon couldn't make it so he hired Guardian games journalist Keith Stuart to be his replacement. Which raises all kinds of questions about why Ste didn't need a replacement but Simon did. Does this mean Ste is irreplaceable? As with most things, we don't know.

We do know that our Super-Special Guest is worthy of that title as we welcome Paul Presley into the studio. He currently looks after the quarterly and three-monthly Continue magazine, but also has been round enough to have seen Simon when Simon first started in the industry. We get a bit of gossip about young Simon from Paul, however the majority of tales are still not suitable for the airwaves.

Keith gives us a bit of a preview for his How To Be A Games Journalist event (which will have finished by the time the podcast is up) by telling us the top five words not to use in a review, Ste enters a weird jet lag zone and the letters section takes on a medical theme. All of which are excellent, but not as excellent as our Videogame Karaoke will be this Thursday ( Be there.


Team OLL x 



1. awesomeforce - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

2. ChasingBleeps - Meteor shower

3. Jredd - Mystical Rush

Direct download: OLL_01_10_12.mp3
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With no Ste in the studio today it means that all bets (and tops) are off. It also means that the show will go more smoothly than usual and the typical Curran errors will disappear. Well, sort of.

Luckily we didn't make an error in booking Adrian Barrett of Silverball Studios to become a Super-Special Guest. Not only is he an expert with the silver ball, but he's also an expert with the oval shaped ball (as long as it's during the night time and in Oxford). He tells us how you get authorisation from Nintendo to make a Mario game and also his other dreams, illusions and fantasies about pinball. If you remember the old Pro Pinball games then get over to his Kickstarter page now where Silverball are trying to remaster Pro Pinball for pretty much every system going.

Simon explains how he's progressed from pushing Phil Fish over in bars to pushing the general public out of very tall cranes in the interests of PR. But he also manages to get Doctor Avatar and Derek Williams mixed up. However, now we think about it, has anyone seen them both in the same room? Wait, we did. At our Christmas party a few years back. There's also a chance that we might have gotten the chiptune tracklisting mixed up, but we're sure you'll just listen to them all as they're all great.


Team OLL x 


Mystery Tracklist:

1. Dr Treble - Pon Pon Pon

2. Kola Kid - Like A Robot

3. Jredd - Mystical Rush

4. ABSRDST - Space Time Continuum

Direct download: OLL_24_09_12.mp3
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We've often been accused of being biased in our reviews and particularly with our reviews scores. People have laid the unfounded claim that we're in the pocket of the evil corporations (and sometimes of the equally evil indies). One particularly hurtful charge said that we were puppets of the gaming industry.

But thanks to Edgar and Bryce of the Salle Pierre Lamy podcast we have seen that being a puppet isn't so bad. Especially if you drink lots of risky beforehand. Yes, in a FM-broadcast videogames radio show EXCLUSIVE! we have puppets as our Super Special Guests. Who were actually some of our most coherent guests for a long time. Edgar and Bryce even brought in a competition prize for you listeners to win so they easily fit into our top three SSGs who were made of fabric.

This is also the only podcast where you will learn the definitive differences between Cross-bye, cross-play, share shaves, use vita as a ps3 controller, ps minis and ps1 back catalogue. Please remember our easy to learn method and impress all your friends.

And you are all invited to our Videogame Karaoke which will be held on October 4th at the Walkabout Temple. Why not indicate if you are going on Facebook?


Team OLL x



1. Klamm - Angry Rambo

2. Michael Z Land

3. Faking Amnesia - So Soon

4. Kola Kid - Purple Drank

5. Monotron - Goodbye and Farewell

Direct download: OLL_17_09_2012.mp3
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There's one thing One Life Left is famed for and that's being the UK's only FM videogames radioshow. Except apparently we're not anymore. But we are back, Back, BACK! with an all-new episode of your favourite gaming podcast. Except apparently we're not anymore. (We're assuming you've pushed us up to being your favourite podcast overall right?)

And this is a bumper episode as we have Simon P on the show! Luckily we're not desperate enough to have Parko back as a guest, but we have the creator of Fluid Football, Simon Prytherch as a Super Special Guest. He helps us understand the changes in Steam's Greenlight. Why didn't we get the exclusive on what colour light Steam were going to use? Our powers are fading.

You could be excused for thinking that Simon would be enough for one show. But our listeners deserve more so we got Matt and John from Harmonix on the show. They seemed to feel that they were the better dancers as they'd been on a tour of Asia showing off the fourth-wall breaking, time-travelling Dance Central 3, but they were soon put into their places by our fantastic replication of Oops Upside Your Head. This wasn't when we were on air so you'll have to take our word for it.

Don't forget our videogame karaoke is going to be from 7pm on Thursday October 4th at the Walkabout near Temple in London. Be there and bring your best dance moves.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - Cobra
2. awesomecat - gangnam style

Direct download: OLL_10_09_2012.mp3
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It's the third OLL Golld and haven't we come far over these three episodes? Well, we've been on holiday so we've gone far but we're not sure if that counts. Either way you're guaranteed some excellent features in this episode as Raina goes to Funspot, Odds On gives tips and Chiara is still trying to get out of rural Japan. Exciting right?

This episode contains features from the episodes originally aired on 12/06/2006 and 19/06/2006. God, we were so young then :(

Team OLL x


12/06/2006 - Ms. Snacman
12/06/2006 - Craig 'the Rage' McClelland
12/06/2006 - Raina Lee
12/06/2006 - Professor Game/Doctor Watch
12/06/2006 - Odds On OD
12/06/2006 - Chiara
19/06/2006 - Professor Game/Doctor Watch
19/06/2006 - Craig 'the Rage' McClelland
19/06/2006 - Raina Lee
19/06/2006 - Odds On OD
19/06/2006 - Chiara
19/06/2006 - Derek Williams

Direct download: OLL_GOLLD_3.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:32pm EDT

We've had no complaints about last week's best of episode (not even from Parko - we must be doing something wrong) so we'll stick with it again. This week we've got the features from the episodes broadcast on 22/05/2006, 29/05/2006 and 05/06/2006.

It's the same contributors as last week except we also have Chiara making her debut. We sent her to Japan to become One Life Left's Japanese Contributor but Ann got the tickets mixed up so she never actually got to Tokyo. Whatever happened to Chiara? We kind of forgot, we hope she's ok :(

Anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy hearing Odds On OD make predictions about the Wii, Raina Lee talking about her blossoming love-life, Doctor Watch's camping and Ms. Snacman cooking. And there's Derek and Craig showing that even six years back they were as amazing as they are now. Is that a compliment or are we saying they've showed no signs of improvement? It was meant as a compliment. Unless Parko thinks we're writing about him again, in which case it definitely wasn't.

Team OLL x

22/05/2006 - Ms. Snacman
22/05/2006 - Craig 'the Rage' McClelland
22/05/2006 - Chiara
22/05/2006 - Derek Williams
29/05/2006 - Ms. Snacman
29/05/2006 - Craig 'the Rage' McClelland
29/05/2006 - Chiara
29/05/2006 - Raina Lee
29/05/2006 - Odds On OD
29/05/2006 - Professor Game/Doctor Watch
29/05/2006 - Derek Williams
05/06/2006 - Ms. Snacman
05/06/2006 - Craig 'the Rage' McClelland
05/06/2006 - Raina Lee
05/06/2006 - Professor Game/Doctor Watch
05/06/2006 - Odds On OD
05/06/2006 - Derek Williams

Direct download: OLL_GOLLD_02.mp3
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So we're on holiday again. But this time we've tried to provide some holiday cover by delving into our archives.

Do you remember when we buried that time capsule in the OLL Garden? It was next to that six foot hole that we've kept there in case so-called friends decide to appear on the Eurogamer podcast. Anyway, we recently went back to it and found that some of the features were literally ok to put on a holiday podcast.

And here it is. The first ever appearances of Odds on OD, Derek Williams and Craig 'The Rage' McClelland along with some people you might not have heard of. Hopefully it's of interest to you. Let us know either way via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or on the website.

Team OLL x

24/04/2006 Professor Game and Doctor Watch
24/04/2006 Odds On OD
24/04/2006 Derek Williams
01/05/2006 Professor Game and Doctor Watch
01/05/2006 Odds On OD
01/05/2006 Derek Williams
08/05/2006 Craig 'The Rage' McClelland
08/05/2006 Odds On OD
08/05/2006 Raina Lee
08/05/2006 Ms Snacman
08/05/2006 Professor Game and Doctor Watch
08/05/2006 Derek Williams

Direct download: OLL_GOLLD_01.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:51pm EDT

It's a rather over-used phrase but One Life Left is back. And this time we're back for good and there's no way that we're going to go on an immediate three week break due to misunderstandings. Oh. We promise that we'll do a full October. (Although we won't mention what year just in case we can't raise the bail for Simon again)

Anyway, at least this is an excellent show to go on a break with and we think it will be considered the real Olympic closing ceremony. But unlike the BBC we don't go on about the games for all of the show. No, in fact there's a bumper news section which almost takes up half the show. Eurogamer must be proud.

And we have a superb super-special guest in the New Statesman's Helen Lewis (or should that be Shoe Statesman?). Is she able to defend her obviously-incorrect theory that the score of seven out of ten should be outlawed? What does she think of the term 'Girlfriend mode'? Who does she think is better out of Justin Bieber and *Nsync? What shoe would she like someone to turn into? And did she threaten to overrule Kieron Gillen? Not all will be answered in this episode, because we forgot to ask one of them but the rest will be.

As well as Derek Williams (do we need to mention that Derek is on the episode? (Yes - Derek Williams)), Simon returns from his community service and Mick Rossiter sends in another Our Game. We also announce the first London appearance of Videogame Karaoke, if you ignore the attempt to do it at Shoreditch which we advise you do. Keep October 3rd free, we'll put an update on our facebook page soon.

Team OLL x


1. National Broadcast Network - Give Them Blood
2. Balloon Bear - Born To Lose
3. Jredd - Neon Star Field

Direct download: OLL_13_08_2012.mp3
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We still don't have a Simon this week, and there's not even another Simon to replace him so it's just Ann and Ste hosting today. This means that tops stay firmly on, but Ste does get his legs out for the listeners.

And perhaps it's the air to his knees that caused him to temporarily confuse our Super-Special Guest Brynley Gibson with Britney Spears, although Brynley wearing the schoolgirl outfit didn't help.

What did help was Brynley bringing in Art Academy, the latest game he has executive produced for Headstrong Games. Ann hasn't picked up a pencil or pen since her last Ann Art feature so she needed some tips and tricks which Art Academy provided.

That means that Ann Art has returned so if you can identify all of her videogame drawings from Ste and Brynley's descriptions then e-mail us and you could win a prize.

But surely having a show with all these features and Derek Williams and Dr. Avatar means you have already won?

Team OLL x


1. MilLs Dj - Cosmic Crash
2. NUCLACE - Over Encumbered
3. Balloon Bear - Untitled Demo
4. Jellica - Tat do I is Owl

Direct download: OLL_30_07_2012.mp3
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Finally, everything is back to normal. No legal issues causing us to miss a week, no trips to Sweden or San Francisco breaking up the series. So let's have a roll call. Ste? Check. Ann? Check. Simon? Check - wait - you look different Simon. For one thing you have your top on. And you also have a Pong tattoo on your arm.

Oh, of course! Simon Byron had booked the day off for holiday so instead we welcome EOTS/FOTS/SSG/G Simon 'Parko' Parkin. He explains the differences between writing for Eurogamer and writing for the Guardian in such a way that it's likely he won't be employed by either of them anymore. But they should keep him employed as we think his failed poetry method of reviewing is great.

The features this week are the excellent Derek Williams, Craig 'The Rage' McClelland and Duncan Timiney. That is: they're all excellent. Not just Derek. Please don't send in any more letters of complaint. Unless they're about Parko.

Our listeners sent in a load of prospective tattoos for Parko to add to the Pong one. Which one did he choose? The only way to find out is to listen to this episode.

Team OLL x



1. Je mappelle - Lobby

2. Axilion - Behaviour

3. AnthRamen - Nocturnal Bits

Direct download: OLL_23_07_2012.mp3
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Ok, so in our last episode the guest cancelled on us (but we had the excellent Mike Bithell to replace him). Luckily we had no problems this week, well apart from from Ste nearly missing the show due to the trains being English and therefore rubbish. And we suppose not having a show last week could be classed as a problem. Unfortunately our legal team have stressed that we can't reveal why it was cancelled, all we can do is say that the London 2012 Olympics Committee have yet to announce the Official Videogaming FM Radio Show of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Luckily our Super-Special Guest had no problems getting into the studio, which meant that we were happy to have New Star Games' Simon Read on the show. We took him on a tour of how his excellent iOS/Android/PC game New Star Soccer is rated around the world. He also dropped a few EXCLUSIVES! for us, but these EXCLUSIVES! are now becoming second nature for us.

And along with our Super-Special Guest, we had Derek Williams, the welcome return of Doctor Avatar and the equally as welcome return of thedoyouinverts. Surely this must have been worth the extra week's wait? Well, what if we told you someone other than Ann reads out a news story? Thought that would work.

Team OLL x


National Broadcast Network - Sonic Revenge Squad

Unicorn Dream Attack - An Offering

Kubbi - Last Save Loaded

Direct download: OLL_16_07_2012.mp3
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It's another amazing episode of One Life Left this week and we're proud to announce that Randy Pitchford is on our to show talk about Borderlands 2 and - sorry, what? He'd rather spend more time with his family? What are we going to do now? Who would be stupid enough to come on our show and the very last minute? Perhaps we could ask Danny Wallace, if he wasn't too busy ignoring his roots...

It's another amazing episode of One Life Left and we're proud to announce the welcome return of FOTS and helmer of the excellent Thomas Was Alone, Mike Bithell. Well, he helmed it, but it was mostly our idea. You'll find out in the show if Ste can manage to stop Mike talking about himself and 'his' game for one minute. Tsk, anyone would think he was the guest or something.

And slowly but surely the regular features are starting to return. As well as Derek Williams, we see the season returns of Craig 'The Rage' McLelland and Duncan 'Week O' Wiki Wah Wah' Timiney. So there's your OLL guarantee of excellence (no claims can be made if this guarantee is not met).

Team OLL x


Not links:

Downstate - What Sarah Said (
NationalBroadcastNetwork - Arcade Empire (
Je Mappelle - Red Gateway (
Nonfinite - Salvage Spirit (

Direct download: OLL_02_07_2012.mp3
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Oh my God we're back again. You could argue that last week we said we were back, but this is the proper launch of season 8. It must be because Derek Williams is back with a new Free Market Economy.

And not only is Derek back, but we have a Super Special-Guest on the show in the form of Kanye Zone's Michael Frederickson. Admittedly he was on the show about five episodes back, but by our calculations (and our long break) that means it was around October 2011. Why not go on Michael's game and try to make it a dime day?

Ann gives us one of her best jokes ever, see if your opinion matches with hers. She and Michael also give us first-hand knowledge of the Hitman advert controversy, whilst Ste tells us of a big secret in the world of Tetris.

Team OLL x


Kubbi - Juggernaut (
nonfinite - If Desperation Was Enough (
mo. - Uncharted Worlds - Mass Effect Cover (
Girl Posse - Climax - Usher Cover (

Direct download: OLL_25_06_2012.mp3
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We're back, Back, BACK! To talk about what we got up to in E3, which shouldn't take too long as only Ste went there and he spent most of it with his eyes closed sat on a bean bag.

But without a Super-Special Guest we have no choice but to talk about games. Luckily, we manage to work out exactly when games changed. And we almost decide if that's a good thing or not. Ste also tells us about the future of games journalism and how difficult is has become to write articles in the web era.

Unbelievably we then talk about the sexism in games issue. And take it seriously. Is something wrong with us? No, that's the gaming industry.

Normal service with all the usual features will resume next week. We’ll leave you to decide if it's a good thing or not.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_18_06_12.mp3
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So it's our second day at Nordic Games and this time we present death from above. Er, we mean Nordic videogame conference news and interviews from above.

Ste tells us what he got up to in his bedroom, Simon tells us about breakfast cutlery and Ann tells us where go to drinking after you leave the after party (again).

We manage to trick a few people into becoming FOTS and get all kinds of EXCLUSIVES from them, but mostly we try to get them to insult Ste's presentation. Simon also tells us about how he wants to get into snuff. We hope he means that thing you sniff and not those types of movies, but if it's only him on the show next time then you'll have your answer.

Thanks again to Nordic Games for allowing us back into their conference, especially after what happened last time we went.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OneLifeLeft110612_NordicGames.mp3
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Our jetsetting lifestyle has meant that we've not been able to podcast for a while. We have done some live shows on Resonance, but whilst these were literally broadcastable, our caretaker had a nervous breakdown in trying to edit out the mistakes so it's probably for the best that they stay off the internet.

However, we did manage to get this episode from Nordic Games out. As you'd expect the Sc-ann-dinavians were very welcoming and managed to get Simon in a blindfold after about sixteen minutes, which almost beats Martin Hollis' record of fifteen and a half minutes. Better luck next time!

There's too many amazing guests that we had on the show to list, plus the caretaker is very wary of offending people by spelling their names wrong. Still, listen to this show you'll find out what to do if you're with Ann on a cruise ship and there's a zombie attack.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OneLifeLeft280512_NordicGame.mp3
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So here it is: One Life Left's final show from GDC. Against all odds the team have made it through six shows without any truly mortifying incidents. As long as they only have a couple of guests today things should be fi... Oh God.

Deep breath: Dwight Okahara and Chris Olander from Insomniac kick things off and explain GDC from the positions of newbie and veteran. Outsider artist Michael Frederickson talks all about the brilliant Journalist / Creator multiclassers Brandon Sheffield and Simon Parkin tell us about the best things they've seen at GDC this year. Popcap's Production Director Joe McDonagh lets us know about personal boundaries and inappropriate touching. Lord of HTML5 Darius Kazemi talks about the Pirate Kart, while One Life Left listener Ian fills in our performance sheet (are we bigger or smaller in real life?). Elliot Trinidad explains what it's like to try to stealth-demo an indiegame (in this case Pop Pop Battle J). Jon Blow talks about The Witness and his starring role in a new movie. Steve Jackson pops by for a chat at the very last, while the very final words fall to -- who else? -- Martin Hollis.

We had the best time. Thanks for listening. We've been One Life Left and you've been very patient. See you next year!

Direct download: OLL_GDC6_FINAL_2.mp3
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The day after the One Life Left (Venus Patrol) (Wild Rumpus) party and the team aren't feeling all that clever. Thank goodness, then, they have an all-star cast of clever guests to get them through the lunch hour.

Who? There's Matt Boch from Harmonix and Nathan Vella from Capy(bara) who ably hold down the fort with some nonchalantly delivered game theory. Waiting to get paid? So are we, so there's a sight of relief when Cindy Au from Kickstarter arrives and sets Simon thinking about monetization (ie how can we access the Idle Thumbs riches?). Tim Rogers (9/10 in Edge) waits patiently in the wings then pretends he wasn't waiting at all (9/10 in Edge) and really he could think of many (9/10 in Edge) better things to do than be (9/10 in Edge) right here promoting his game. Zach Barth tells us about Spacechem and helps OLL create a new genre, then Chris Remo pops in to show the team how to do the podcasting part of radio properly. And somewhere in the middle Martin Hollis wanders in to bring Ste some lunch.

It's fun, fragmented, flippant and unfocussed: it's One Life Left, live from the show floor at GDC 2012. Final episode tomorrow!

Direct download: OLL_GDC4_FINAL_2.mp3
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Steeled by a night of Moriarty-inspired karaoke the team spent the first lunchtime of GDC broadcasting live from the show floor in a thoroughfare dominated by wild-eyed men on the hunt for free T-shirts. Amazing guests, stupid chat, impromptu tangents and classic chiptunes: it's One Life Left, dropping the show LIVE from GDC 2012.

Actually, it's a bit of a day of dropping: Bennett Foddy (GIRP, QWOP) drops his coffee, and Paulina Bozek (Singstar, Closet Swap) considers dropping some clothing. Julian Merceron (Square Enix) drops rumours, Zach Gage (Spell Tower, Bit Pilot) drops names, and Jan Plass (NYU Associate Prof / Games for Change) drops some academic science. Martin Hollis (Goldeneye, new romantic) does not drop down drunk but there's always that chance, while Warren Spector (etc.) just drops by as if hanging out with lifetime achievement award recipients is the most natural thing in the world. Which, at GDC, it is.

The second episode of One Life Left: Live at GDC will be uploaded tomorrow!

Direct download: OLL_GDC2_FINAL.mp3
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One Life Left's third evening broadcast from GDC 2012 sees the team return to their private room in the South Hall. They're joined by a smart, chatty, focussed / drained group of industry experts to discuss the final day of GDC.

On that amazing panel:

MODEL CITIZEN Alice Taylor (Makielabs)


NEWS HUNTER / GATHERER Jon Jordan (Pocket Gamer)

HISTORICAL NAMEDROPPER Frank Cifaldi (Gamasutra)

And on the agenda for today:

What have they seen? What have they missed? Are developers modern rockstars? How do you get into the secret parties? Where is Phil Fish? And what IS the difference between kids and kilts?

Download / listen here.

Direct download: OLL_GDC5_FINAL.mp3
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One Life Left's second broadcast from GDC 2012 takes place inside the North Hall thoroughfare, but don't let the background chatter distract you from today's amazing panel.

On that amazing panel today:

ACADEMIC WITH POLEMIC Ian Bogost (Persuasive Games)

DANCING KING Matt Boch (Harmonix)

FOXY CREATOR Daniel Cook (Spry Fox)

ARTISTIC CURATOR Sarah Brin (Too many jobs to list)

PORK-PIE JOURNALIST Alex Wiltshire (Edge Online)


The panel discuss today's sessions, the things they're excited about for the next week and try to find a theme for this year's GDC. There's an illuminating discussion about "gamification",  the manifold purposes of conferences like this and advice on how to get everyone's Mums / Moms involved in videogames.

Download / listen here.

Direct download: OLL_GDC3_FINAL.mp3
Category:Show -- posted at: 6:04pm EDT

It's One Life Left's first broadcast from GDC 2012, in which the team join Gamasutra and a  star-studded panel to look GDC culture. Listen in as the panel discussing today's hot topics, tomorrow's must-see sessions and last night's Like-a-Prayer shame.

On the panel today:

FORTHRIGHT WRITER Evan Skolnick (LucasArts)

ESTHER VISIONARY Dan Pinchbeck (thechineseroom)

JOUST KING Douglas Wilson (Die Gute Fabrik)

FABULOUS JOURNEYWOMAN Kellee Santiago (thatgamecompany)

LUMINOUS PROFESSOR Brian Moriarty (Worcestor Polytechnic Institute)

ENCHANTING CHANTEUSE Leigh Alexander (Cry Me A River)

Tonight our guests sparkling conversation features recommendations for things to do at GDC, recollections from GDC's past (going all the way back to GDC #1) and predictions for the future.  There's also breaking news about Dan Pinchbeck's bright orange sneakers.

Download / listen here.

Direct download: OLL_GDC1_FINAL.mp3
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This is a bit of strange episode this one. The knights have all been chosen, and are currently sat around a round table singing in rounds. But it's too early for us to start season 8 so what do we do?

The correct answer is we go off to San Francisco to sit at the bottom of the stairs and interview gaming luminaries in association with Gamasutra at GDC. Yet how do we introduce ourselves to these luminaries? Is there some sort of calling card we can provide? Can we reduce 7 years, 160 hours of podcasts and about four literally unbroadcastable live shows into an hour long pre-recorded introduction?

Well, possibly. Team OLL went into their pre-record bunker to discuss how we got to where we are, how Ste will be going to GDC, if Los Angeles is above or below San Francisco (and getting it wrong) and how our party in association with Wild Rumpus and Venus Patrol will be the best gaming related party ever. Until Gamecity 2012 anyway.

Speaking of our amazing party, we still have one ticket left for sale. Surely you don't want to be the only person who isn't going? Well you can bid for this non-golden ticket by e-mailing us a monetary offer (despite Simon's best efforts to make us accept alternatives we will only be accepting monetary offers) to team [at] If you are the highest bid then you can have the ticket. The money will be going towards Resonance FM's fund raising drive. If you want to give them extra money to help keep them on the air then you can do so here (

Many thanks go to Ann this week for making something literally unbroadcastable into something that was literally broadcasted.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_GDC0_27_02_12.mp3
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It's the last OLL Knights this week so we are crowning the last knight for 2012. Do you crown knights? Perhaps because we're unsure about these things it might explain why we didn't get the OBE that we were trying to get last year. Or Charles Cecil and Miles Jacobson deliberately stopped us from joining their gang. Normal service will resume next week, except that's our GDC preview show where we talk about how we're all going to have a great time at GDC.

Anyway, we have three worthy challengers this week in Nick Cowen, Daniel Nye-Griffiths and Duncan Geere. All three are excellent writers, but only one can succeed. Unless it's a tie. How many questions will be answered by the two words "Tim Schafer"? How do beards tie in to becoming a knight? Why did we choose to have a memory round that took a long time to finish? What would Simon like to snog, marry or avoid? All these questions will be answered in this episode.

And remember: if you want One Life Left to maintain its hold over all other gaming podcasts by us being on an FM radio station, then you can donate money by texting RZFM14 £5 or RZFM14 £10 to 70070 (UK only, we think). Or by going to and donating online.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLLK6_20_02_12.mp3
Category:Show -- posted at: 4:41pm EDT

You know, we've been testing our prospective knights on many factors. Usually it's how will they cope selling a game with a really bizarre name that Ste found randomly on the internet, but generally we're only testing them on their videogame knowledge.

At this point it is traditional to put in an UNTIL NOW bit of text to surprise you, and Team One Life Left is never one to break with tradition.


Oh, wait. Now it looks like we were breaking with tradition there. We're not. We don't even break with the tradition of Valentine's Day as our three knights are tested on their chivalry and valour as they all aim to procure their favourite game characters hand by using their verbal skills, as opposed to their broadswords.

But which three knights will be the ones to take on this challenge? Why it's Neon Kelly from, Ed Fear from Curve Studios and Martin Hollis from not killing Rare off.

If you want to show your chivalry then you can donate to the Resonance FM fund raising drive. We wouldn't be able to use our amazing FM abilities without Resonance so you should donate as much as possible. For those of you who aren't that chivalrous then if you e-mail us evidence of you donating (see you can win a piece of Ann's News Script that has the 'essence' of Ann on it.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLLK5_13_02_12.mp3
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So Simon's away this week after our caretaker foolishly agreed to let him have the time off. Perhaps said he could be on the guestlist at our GDC party with Wild Rumpus and Venus Patrol. Except there is no guestlist for him to go on.

Perhaps Simon being away might explain why we played our old theme for this week's episode. Wait, a better excuse is that we were having old members of the videogame establishment on the show so anything new might have caused them to worry.

Old Man Dreamweaver Kieron Gillen shows how he's kept in touch with videogames by telling us the differences between scrambled eggs and real eggs, whilst Dave 'I'm Dave Green' Green helps us increase the share price of Game.

Hang on, that excuse doesn't work because the Guiness Book of World Records Gaming Edition's Gaz Deaves isn't that old. Although Norris McWhirter did used to have a column in Zero magazine. (That was a parody column caretaker. You deserve stringing up for that one - Podcast Ed)

I suppose we'll just have to blame it on the same person that we blame every time something goes wrong. It's all your fault Parko.

Team OLL x

P.S. If anyone has worked out the naming convention for this series then tweet your answer to @onelifeleft and you'll get a prize that the Caretaker hasn't thought of yet.

Direct download: OLLK4_06_02_12_2.mp3
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Good evening adventurers.

OLL Knights, the quizzy spin-off that asks the question “Why are One Life Left talking about videogames?” makes it into is third week with another astonishing panel.

Who’s that sitting among the Red Mushrooms? It’s Ron Festejo, Noodlfroot game designer, ex-Sony wonderkid and all round good egg (mushroom?). What majesty will he produce in Knights’ popular game design challenge?

Look, over there, skating on a green shell! It’s Mike Channell, Official Xbox magazine wizard and triathlete out-of-training. How will he cope with Six Degrees of Peter Molyneux?

And there, underneath the yellow stars! It’s Hollie... Bennett! Ex-of-Destructoid, now of Namco, scorer of points and seductress of communities. But will she still be smiling after Ann’s news round?

These questions – and more – answered within this all new episode of One Life Left Knights. Enjoy!



Team OLL


Direct download: OLLK3_30_01_12.mp3
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Welcome dungeoneers!

It's rather quiet in the OLL Castle at the moment. Luckily we have our weekly jousting/quiz contests to keep our spirits up. This week is no exception. Shall we see who are our brave knights this week?

The Red Mushrooms are represented by Matt Lees from the Official Xbox Magazine. Will he be able to get through the Knights' Challenge without needing to sidestep left or right or ask "Where am I?".

Spellcasting "G I B B A G E" is Dan Marshall from Size Zero Games. Surely the Yellow Stars have never had a finer champion. Except for last week. And maybe the next few episodes after this one.

Andrew Smith from Spilt Milk Studios took on the mantle for the Green Shells. Can he finish the whole episode without his skull breaking apart slowly because he didn't get any food in his knapsack? ("That's too many Knightmare references" - Caretaker Ed)

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLLK2_23_01_12.mp3
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It's time for OLL Knights to be unleashed on a waiting world. First off we'll start with a warning - this podcast contains lots of Parko.

As well as Parko, we have some SSCs* in the form of Dave and Nicky from Nintendisco and Mark Walton from Gamespot. We decided that we needed to choose which of the three teams were the best so we pitted them in a ingenious gaming quiz.

Who will win? You decide. Oh no, wait. We've already decided. All we know is that when Simon's top comes off, we're all losers.

Team OLL x

* Super Special Contestants

Direct download: OLLK1_16_01_12_l.mp3
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Happy New Year listeners! Hopefully you had a good festive period, but it probably wasn't as good as the one the Resonance FM computer had. He was obviously still feeling the after-effects of partying throughout Christmas and kept crashing every so often to be sick in the corner. He also caused the feed to skip every so often.

Our Super Special Guest was Dan Clark from Mealtime Strategy, and he coped rather well with our poor attempts at punning food dishes from video games, as well as the PC going on the blink. Have we mentioned that enough already?

At least the Resonance PC actually turned up for the show as we had no contributors this week. Presumably they're all still burning off those Christmas calories using that Zumba game that Daria is always mentioning.

Whilst this is the last episode of the season, we announce our special GDC show and also OLL Nites/Nights/Knights (we'll work out the spelling soon). We also would like to invite you all to the next Wild Rumpus event that will be held on Thursday 2nd February at 93 Wild East. Come and be pushed over by Team OLL in person!

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_09_01_12.mp3
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As a special Christmas treat, here is the last show of the year uploaded on a Monday for the first time ever this series!

We had Ian Willey and James Everard from My Note Games in the studio to help make the episode even more Christmassy by helping us learn how to play the recorder. We think you'll find it was a huge success. If by success you mean 'as good as Little Mix'.

Our four wise contributors were Derek Williams, Duncan Timiney, Doctor Avatar and Craig 'the Rage' McLelland (live in the studio!). Luckily we didn't have time to include the Grinch Simon 'Parko' Parkin on the show. Daria is also on the podcast, but as the only woman we could think that was associated with Christmas was the Virgin Mary we decided to stop the Christmas analogies.

Truly it is the most wonderful time of the year. Except for when Peter Andre or Katie Price has a documentary on ITV2 or Living.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_12_12_11.mp3
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We hit the ground running mid-theme on this week's episode as the stream didn't work. Luckily our hero was Resonance's own Chris, who managed to retrieve this episode. And we're grateful that we did as we have a Super-Special Guest in the form of Lewie Procter from Savy Gamer. We ask him about how to save money on videogames, but really we were more interested in finding out when the Rock Paper Shotgun Annual General Meeting was taking place. We plan on forming an 'Occupy RPS' commune outside the venue where these fat cats will be (actually we rather like RPS, it's just an excuse to do some chants - chanting is the same as karaoke right?).

The excellent Derek Williams and Odds On OD return to our features and Daria changes things with the Command Market Economy, although the actual games in the chart aren't that different.

There's also more news about the traitorous and perverted Simon 'Parko' Parkin. Honestly, that boy is becoming a lost cause. To think, we stood up for him after his incredibly wrong Uncharted 3 score.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_05_12_11.mp3
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Now you may think that we're a bit harsh slagging off our rivals that only work through Medium Wave, but at least we don't go as far as Simon's company does to other PR firms. It's mostly the fault of our SSG and FOTS Pete Oliver from Namco Bandai as his Fight Club brings out the alpha male in all of us, apart from Ste and Ann who just want to do karaoke (for a change).

We try to keep the show as Skyrim and karaoke free as possible, but we may lapse into speaking about it for a few brief moments. And it was mostly Pete that caused it. Honest. And he was definitely acting in an official Namco capacity when he confirmed the Xbox Loop and agreed to sponsor the newly announced OLLCON that is being held in January (LEGAL DISCLAIMER: He definitely wasn't. Or was he?)

Old School fans of One Life Left will hear some names dropped that may cause memories in the back of your minds, and two of those come back to do some excellent features. As does Daria who may have cause to worry about one of the returning contributors...

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_28_11_11.mp3
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Remember when we kept annoying you lot by going on about the karaoke? Well we're not going to do the same with our Christmas Party as you'll find out in this week's episode. We even keep our Skyrim talk to a minimum - sixty minutes is a minimum right?

Ste and Simon offer the warmest of non-secrective handshakes and Ann offers her laptop to Tris Defries of Rising Star Games. He tells us about the latest in Japanese games and we try to improve our listening skills by talking over him.

As well as Daria, we welcome the return of Doctor Avatar and Craig 'the Rage' McClelland. And there's also Kory from the Miriam Webster Dictionary Service who helps us soar like an eagle, before making us crash like a bandicoot.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_21_11_11.mp3
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We may go on about the latest Big New Game a bit too much in this episode. But we find time to stop talking about COD:MW3 and mention Skyrim a few times. Well more than a few times. In fact we mention it so much that our recording cut out for thirty seconds partway through Ste's review of Skyrim, but we feel confident that this won't affect your knowledge of Skyrim. You might not realise how much Ste likes to drink in parks though. If we get the FULL UNEDITED review then we'll make it available, although we might have to improve our sneaking skills so we can get it past The Man first.

As well as impressing Ann with our Skyrim talk, we also have Nik Blower from Nordic Games on the show and he seems just as into Skyrim as Ann does. He manages to pull us away from Skyrim for a few moments so that he can talk about his new We Sing game. However, he fails to tell us that Muenchner Freiheit are on We Sing Deutsche Hits (except it's not Keeping The Dream Alive - fingers crossed for the sequel though!).

The majority of our contributors were too busy playing Skyrim to send anything in this week, but Daria managed to get something to us. It was, as usual, amazing. But not as amazing as Skyrim.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_14_11_11.mp3
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Surprisingly, despite two of the team being within lawsuit distance on J Bieber we don't go on about him all episode and instead talk about videogames. Yes, it's that time of year when the Christmas lights go on, tops come off and One Life Left actually mention games.

After having no super-special guests we go overboard this episode with both Oli Clarke Smith and Phil Crabtree from Quarter Punch Circle Game Works in the studio and also Jen from The Bike Show making a cameo appearance. Whilst Oli and Phil were perfect guests talking about their excellent game Wonton 51, Jen was a totally different proposition. Why did she keep making notes when Ste was moving the faders? Why did she keep talking into the collar of her jacket? What reason could she have for leaving the show part way through? We'll make sure to ask her when we have lunch with her at the sushi restaurant she's invited us to.

As for contributors we've got three of those as well. Daria turns all Rory Bremners on us and shows her amazing range of voices, Odds On OD gives us some useful tips and Craig sends us all back to our University dorms through his poetry.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_07_11_11.mp3
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First off, we're sorry. You'll find out why in this week's episode.

Secondly, we're really sorry. Because we didn't have a guest booked for this week's episode so we have to talk about what we got up to in the week.

Thirdly, we're really, truly sorry. For ruining our annual pilgrimage up to the Midlands (Nottingham is as far north as Ann is prepared to go*) with drunken antics and flower based shenanigans.

Hang on, apart from the flower bit (which totes wasn't our fault) don't we do this every episode after Gamecity? Oh yeah, it's all coming back to us now! Anyway, in between blurry, drunken memories Daria and Duncan help us understand Halloween in Russia and Rivalries in games (no mention of us versus Eurogamer though).  Ariel answers another question from a listener sandwiched between some bleeping noises and Ste also gives the definitive Uncharted 3 review that will blow the whole games industry open!

Team OLL x

* Although we hear our caretaker works in the website mines in Yorkshire. He is a braver man than us.
Direct download: OLL_31_10_11.mp3
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It's another amazing show with your favourite pop group One Life Left. Today, joining  Simon (the tops off totty!), Ste (the shy and sensitive one!) and Scanters (the girl!) is music industry expert Paulina Bozek! She talks to us about fashion, Singstar, J Bieber turning on the Christmas lights (relax girls, he's sort-of dating someone!) and when is the optimum time to take your top off while singing!

Ahem, sorry - I don't know what happened there. I'm sure once we do our karaoke night this Friday we'll get all the pop out of our system. Except for Ann and Ste.

But it's another excellent, possibly GMA winning episode today with Daria and Craig providing some excellent features. There's also the return of someone who hasn't been on FM radio for a long while, it certainly surprised us when we got his e-mail. Mostly because we thought he wouldn't get out so qucikly.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_24_10_11.mp3
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The alternative title for this one was going to be Nagoya Rumpus 8, but we thought that was going to be too obscure, even for our listeners. If you do get it, then award yourself an extra FOTS point.

The FOTS/SSG for this OLL episode is the VVG Marie Foulston from the much, much better than OK Wild Rumpus. As she wasn't developing any games (well, none that she'd tell us about) we were light on colour EXCLUSIVES, but we did manage to find out that Wild Rumpus will be collaborating with us at our karaoke night during GameCity. It's like when Peter met Jordan. They might even be at our Christmas party, along with Rock Paper Shotgun. Because the one thing our Christmas parties need are more people in the small-ish upper deck of the Blue Posts.

In the run up to the GMAs our contributors still bring excellent features with Daria's Command and Flu Market Economy and Duncan looks at big packages because Simon told him to.

Perhaps we should have asked our new contributor, Siri, if we're going to win the GMAs this year. Then we would know how much to drink at this year's awards. Oh well, we'll have to drink enough to forget, just like every other year.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_17_10_11.mp3
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It seems like it was only last week that Perestroika happened (or was it Glasnost, we find it so hard to tell with these modern haircuts) and One Life Left was made free of the cruel oppressor that took over our airwaves for three minutes every week. Oh, who are we kidding, we still miss you and your constantly self-promoting ways Derek. But Comrade Daria is hopefully a worthy replacement with her Command Market Economy.

Our super-special guest Alex May, tries to hide some exclusives from us and - for the most part - he succeeds, but we manage to get some colours announced for our fans of colours in games. He also has a smooth voice that made at least one person in the OLL chat room go weak at the knees. But that might have been when they saw how much a hotel room in Nottingham costs.

Apologies for the delay in uploading this, there were issues with our caretaker's broadband. We also have the usual apology for anyone offended by Craig's poem, but you should be used to that by now.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_10_10_11.mp3
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Sad news this week (cue the music from The Incredible Hulk) as someone announces his (or her) (hopefully temporary) retirement from the show (The title gives it away you idiot - ed). The aftershocks of this announcement will be felt for some time, or until Ste finds a way to fill in the spare three minutes.

Away from news that will bring a tear to a glass eye, we have a super-special guest in the form of Nick Cowen, who shows us how freelance journalism works as he not only works in the clean, pristine world of FM radio, but also is prepared to get dirty in the disgusting world of medium wave. Brrr.

There's a bumper letters section that we have to split into two sections. Listen to see if you won a copy of Dark Souls or if you were insulted by Ste when he was drunk.

Not a huge amount of features, but the ever reliable Derek and the reliably Week A Wiki Wah-Wah-ing Duncan are more than capable of keeping you entertained. We hope.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_03_10_11.mp3
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One Life Left is a radio show about videogames. Prepare to die! This week the team talk about Dark Souls. Prepare to die! They recall the EG Expo and the party afterwards. Prepare to die! They remember how they behaved. Prepare to die, inwardly, on-air. SORRY EVERYONE.

Also in this episode:

++ The longest news story in OLL history!

++ A somewhat laborious analogy for the difficulty in Dark Souls which will only work for people familiar with early 2000s UK pop, i.e. Ste and Ann and other Popjustice veterans

++ An EXCLUSIVE Sabrepulse track! Sort of. It might be exclusive. Let's say it's exclusive

Also more brilliant music, reviews and some fabulous features including the last of the current batch from game designer Ella. Join OLL in thanking and congratulating her. We hope she'll be back for Season 8...

This is the final week without our caretaker so expect a better description and more timely podcast next week. It can't come soon enough, frankly. Real work is exhausting!

Until then,

Team OLL


Direct download: OLL_s07e13.mp3
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Bonjour! Welcome to a very French One Life Left, or at least a very French first few seconds for no reason that we can determine. Any ideas why Ann's gone Gallic? Emails to the usual address. We'd love some letters next week...

Also on the show:

++ Special guest, GMA Lady-in-Chief Caroline Miller gives OLL the once over before the commiseration ceremony at the end of the month

++ A Zumba-d out Derek Williams makes a special appeal for musicians to lend him a helping hand

++ The team spend a whole song trying to find a rhyme for 'Virgin'

And the usual features, news, reviews and chat. Music this week courtesy of Je Mappelle, Fantomenk, MisfitChris and Victory Road. Tune in on Monday for a new episode or bide your sweet time for another podcast next week. It takes an awful lot to get it up for you these days, you know (no offence). Hopefully we'll manage to get next week's episode on the internet before our beloved Fluffer / Caretaker returns from his much deserved break... 

Until then,

Team OLL xxx

Direct download: OLL_s07e12.mp3
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We feel bad for Techland, the creators of Dead Island. All that work they did on making a really good trailer ruined by them sending the wrong version by accident.

Luckily, we don't do anything as daft here at One Life Left. There's still no super-special guest so it's just Ste, Ann and the Feminist Whore presenting. However, we more than make up for this by providing you with a haunting Glee-style rendition of the Assassin's Creed theme. Except without any twenty five year-old pretending to be cheerleaders.

We also help explain how to make games via the medium of cakes. It's just like that episode of Ace Of Cakes where they made a cake, but about videogames.

Contributors this week are Derek, the doyouinverts' Austerity Pleasures, Ella's Game Design Masterclass and Matt & Steve's Amazing Pokemon Week. Something for everyone, as long as everyone likes either the games chart, cheap games, how to make games or Pokemon.

In other fourth-wall breaking news, the caretaker is going on holiday for two weeks so Ste will be back in charge of uploading the next two podcasts. Therefore do not expect them to be released every Tuesday like the caretaker has almost done every week. And how do you repay him? By tweeting the show or writing to the website moaning about how it was a few hours late or because there wasn't even a show that week. You lot deserve Ste and his poor podcast uploading timekeeping skills.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_12_09_11.mp3
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It's hard going back to work, even after only one week away. Except because of the sheer professionalism of Team OLL you won't notice that.

You might notice that we're missing some super special guests. Perhaps their Mums were allowing them an extra day off to stay at Center Parcs or to go to Skeggy Beach or something. Either way we'll have some super special guests for next week. Maybe.

As well as our excellent contributors (Derek, Doctor Avatar and Craig this week) we talk about CoDexp and Kanye attending the launch event. We're hopeful of getting R Kelly to come to our rival OLLExp event. What's that, he's cancelled? Ok, Bubba Sparxxx then. MC Hammer? Who can we have then? MC Skat Kat? We give up.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_05_09_11.mp3
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There's nothing we enjoy more than talking about putting sensors on our body and seeing how aroused games make us. Luckily this week we finally have an excuse to do so as Graham McAllister from Vertical Slice talks to us about - no! but yes! - measuring arousal from a professional gaming capacity. Try to hear the part where Graham applies the sensors to Ste. All we can say is Graham has very cold hands, but a warm heart.

Simon is also back from Canada and Germany and we've missed his amazingly smooth segue-waying ability. It's so smooth that you won't even realise when we move onto something new. Simon also tells us about GDC Europe and the talk he attended that was hosted by The Honourable Lord Sir Charles Cecil.

Contributors this week are Derek Williams, the doyouinverts' Austerity Pleasures, Matt and Steve's Amazing Pokemon Week (and not Mel and Kim as our caretaker originally wrote it), a new Our Game Letter and the always excellent Ella giving more advice to budding (and experienced) game designers.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_22_08_11.mp3
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First off, we owe an apology to Simon. Last week we accused him of sabotaging our show, but now we've had the time to think it was probably of our our rivals for the GMAs. Especially since we've been the victims of further skulduggery which made us delay uploading this week's podcast. It couldn't have been fellow GMA nominee and last week's guest Jane Douglas could it? No, almost certainly not.

We do have another super-special guest presenter this week in Noodlefruit's Ron Festejo. Will he recognise us after four years away? Probably, once we start making errors. At least he helps us fix broken Nintendo.

And there's our amazing contributors Derek Williams, Doctor Avatar, Ariel Angelotti and Craig 'the Rage' McLelland. So it's another episode of the excellent GMA nominated gaming radio show. And it's on the super-excellent FM radio, not crackly medium wave!

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_15_08_11.mp3
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Okay London, we hear you. Perhaps Simon being away and forgetting to tip that waitress was too much for you to deal with. But there was no need to riot over it.

Especially as we had an excellent replacement with GameSpot's Jane Douglas. She coped pretty well with our typically hard hitting questions and also with the microphone problems we had. Sorry about that, Simon must have taken the correct leads with him as a form of sabotage.

The doyouinverts keep trying to save us money through legal methods with their Austerity Pleasures, Matt and Steve have another Amazing Pokemon Week and Ella creates a new gaming masterpiece.

Was Derek on this week's show? We honestly can't remember (Note to Caretaker - delete Derek's bit from this podcast. He needs to know his place).

All this and we announce the dates for our GameCity Karaoke Night! So be there or be somewhere else!

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_08_08_11.mp3
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We always go on about our super-special guests in these introductions, so for a change why don't we put our excellent contributors at the front for once? In this episode we've got Derek Williams our constantly self-promoting market stall holder, Craig 'The Rage' McClelland our amazing gaming poet in residence, the doyouinverts moving from making fantastic music to helping you save money with their Austerity Pleasures and Doctor Avatar trying his superb best to stop our gaming superstars from dying.

And, of course, there's the listeners. Not only do you treat us with a bumper crop of letters, but you also joined us in our Google Hangout (although we then realised that only 10 people can hangout at once and our useless Caretaker didn't even tweet the link like we asked him too). We even had a special competition for those on the hangout, but you can still e-mail us your entries if you want to.

What else happened? Oh we talked about games for once (it must have been our anniversary or something) and Dave Green sent us some lyrics for Ann to sing to music. As long as she gets within a midge's minim of the start of when she needs to sing it will be great.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_01_08_2011.mp3
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WARNING: This episode of One Life Left may contains Muse songs sung by Simon Byron.

With that warning out of the way we can assure you that the rest of this week's episode of One Life Left is excellent (not that Simon's singing isn't, but you know...). It's even a prize-winning episode as Simon awards a game to the best letter. There'll be a game to win next week as well, so be sure to write in.

One person who is already a prize-winning writer is our super-special guest - Official Xbox 360 Magazine's globe-trotting Mike Channell. We grill him as you'd expect from the expert interviewers that we are. Donate to Mike's triathlon at

Derek Williams continues his look at the charts, while Duncan sheds some light on Do The Know It's Christmas (no warning required for this one). We also have the welcome returns of Ella Lavelle and Ariel Angelotti.

If you have any good lyrics for 8-bit Karaoke then send them in to the usual address and you could have your creation sung by Simon! Oh, and let us know if you're mates with Midge Ure, we'll be nice to him. Promise.

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_25_07_2011.mp3
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As you all know, we've been holding excellent parties in the Blue Posts for a good few years (along with some sexy after parties in various hotel lobbies). Unfortunately Rock Paper Shotgun failed to acknowledge this fact so we call them out on air over it.

That's not all, as Ann and Simon give a lovely rendition of what the One Life Left Christmas single could sound like. We eagerly await to hear what Rock Paper Shotgun's single will be. Knowing them it'll probably be featuring the Judas MC Simon 'Parky' Parkin.

Not that we're full of hate. In fact we're full of love for our excellent contributors Derek Williams, the doyouinverts austerity measures, Our Game, Doctor Avatar and Matt and Steve's Amazing Pokemon Week. There's also love for Leigh Alexander in the letters section, but will she accept the offer? Tune in next week to find out!

Team OLL x

Direct download: OLL_18_07_2011.mp3
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If there's one thing that One Life Left knows our readers like then it's EXCLUSIVES. And if there are two things they like then they are EXCLUSIVES about the colours of games. We use our interviewing skills to get this information out of Mike Bithell from Bossa Studios, along with using our social media skills to see what our listeners who don't work or sleep with him think about Mike as a person.

As well as this there are two new features, Ella Lavelle takes over the youngest correspondent mantle and Q Games' Ariel Angelotti tells us about the differences between Japanese and Western gamers. If you have any questions for Ariel then send them to her on twitter @arielotti. We also have a 3D special as Derek Williams, Duncan Timiney and the doyouinverts all contribute in their own excellent ways.

One more thing, we proclaim Simon Parkin as a Judas in this episode. Sometimes we regret things that are said live on air and remove them from the podcast. Please note that we kept the Simon Parkin bit in.

Team OLL x

Lonely Tunes - Don't Be Afraid Of Being Alone
the doyouinverts - Unleash The Simulated Family
Jredd featuring Groovemaster 303 - Volt City

Direct download: OLL_11_07_2011.mp3
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Never let it be said that One Life Left is not prepared for all emergencies and when your resident News Fox is ill, then that's a pretty big emergency.

Luckily substitute News Fox Harjeet managed to slip into Ann's poorly shoes successfully. But where would Harjeet copy the news from? Would it be from Ann's favourite Eurogamer or would she look further afield?

As well as Derek Williams promoting himself and the welcome return of burglar-chasing Craig 'the Rage' McClelland and his Twelve Ages of Craig, we also have two new features with Our Game (literally a new feature in the writer's case) and Matt and Steve's Amazing Week. And don't forget the announcement of our secret project for the year. With a line-up like that how could we fail? Well, Ste and Simon are still presenting so it's highly likely.

Direct download: OLL_04_07_2011.mp3
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Ann Life Left, much like a total lunar eclipse, does not happen often. And when it does you'd better make sure you're around to see it live, because releasing it as a podcast will usually take in excess of a week. That's how a lunar eclipse works, right?

It's all worth it though, because here she is - the Scanters' Party Quiz edition!

Two teams. Some ill-conceived quiz formatting. Questions about videogames that are probably correct. BUZZERS AND BELLS.

Super big thanks to Ed, Claire, Simon and Hannah for being the teams. They really were good teams (although, without giving anything away, one was better than the other).

See you next time Ste and Simon go on a naked fishing holiday together!


Direct download: OLL_x09_Ann_Life_Left_2.mp3
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We know, you're upset that Lulzsec have disbanded. But this world just isn't big enough for both them and One Life Left to be around in.

What we're trying to say is we're back, Back, BACK! With a new website, a new scoring system and some new features. Well, two out of three isn't that bad. Or is it one out of three?

In this week's episode we also speak to our super-special guest Adam Marsh from about how to pick up strange men on trains using a 3DS. Occasionally we mention his website, but as it's about games we keep it to a safe minimum.

Other subjects we touch on are Ste and Ann's superhero alter-egos, people spotting Derek live on the show, the perils of finding a replacement for Taliah and Simon's strange hand gestures. So another game-centric episode in other words.

Also feel free to contact us via the usual address if you would like to contribute to the show, or just send us a letter if you want.


Team OLL


VCMG - Caffeine

Pirates with Paper Hats - Halo

Yerzmyey - Critical Error

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E3 2011 is three weeks away. Or is it? Join Simon, Ann and games industry luminaries Michael French (editor-in-chief, MCV) and Nicholas Lovell (director, as they:

* Talk about E3s gone by. Learn all about the time Simon heard actual gunshots, the cost of EA's screen, and whether a $7billion party is a good idea

* Spoil E3 2011 by revealing what will be announced. We go there so you don't have to go there.

* Forget to properly credit the music tracks, most of which are from 8BC or YouTube.

Next week, Ste will be back from the pub to present another OLL spin-off. Or is it Ann Life Left? I don't think we ever got to the bottom of it.

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No Continues is One Life Left’s off-season weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss three different games that incorporate a single theme. Last week’s theme was 'Building'. You can listen to Episode 6 here.

This is the last episode of No Continues for the forseeable future. Thank you for your feedback and for enduring our experiment. There'll be news on One Life Left's return very soon. Watch our Twitter feed for more information.


Team OLL / NC


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No Continues is One Life Left’s off-season weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss three different games that incorporate a single theme. Last week’s theme was 'Physics'. You can listen to Episode 5 here.


Next week’s theme is ‘Building’. The three games chosen for dissection by NC this week are:

1. Tetris (Alexey Pajitnov, 1984)

Play it everywhere. I mean, come on. or


2. Bridge Builder (Chronic Logic, 2000)

All kinds of versions available here.


3. Minecraft (Markus Persson, 2009)

Play it here:


Play, listen and contribute to the show live on Resonance 104.4FM at 7pm on Monday evening, or we’ll see you back here for the podcast.

Team NC


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No Continues is One Life Left’s off-season weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss three different games that incorporate a single theme. Last week’s theme was ‘Platforms’. You can listen to Episode 4 here.


Next week’s theme is ‘Physics’. The three games chosen for dissection by NC this week are:

1. Thrust (Jeremy Smith, 1986)

Play it here.


2. Peggle (Sukhbir Sidhu / Brian Rothstein, 2007)

You can find this on most formats now -- the PC version is here ( but the iPod version comes recommended too. 


3. GIRP (and QWOP) (Dr. Bennett Foddy, 2011)

Play it here:


Play, listen and contribute to the show live on Resonance 104.4FM at 7pm on Monday evening, or we’ll see you back here for the podcast.

Team NC


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No Continues is One Life Left’s off-season weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss three different games that incorporate a single theme. Last week’s theme was ‘Simulation’. You can listen to Episode 3 here.

Next week’s theme is ‘Platforms’. The three games chosen for dissection by NC this week are:

1. Chuckie Egg (A&F Software, 1983)

Play it here:

2. Super Mario World (Nintendo, 1990)

Best played on the SNES, of course, but you'll be able to emulate it with no problem (assuming you own the original, of course, or whatever the spurious piracy-enabling reason du jour is). There are remakes and reissues available for the Game Boy Advance, Wii and GameCube, so I'd favour those if you can't find the original cartridge.

3. Knytt Stories (Nifflas, 2007)

Play it here:

Play, listen and contribute to the show live on Resonance 104.4FM at 7pm on Monday evening, or we’ll see you back here for the podcast.

Team NC

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No Continues is One Life Left’s off-season weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss three different games that incorporate a single theme. Last week’s theme was ‘Adventure’. You can listen to episode 2 here*.


Next week’s theme is ‘Simulation’. Ignore what we said at the end of Episode 2, because the three games chosen for dissection by NC this week are:


1. Populous (Bullfrog, 1989)




Not easy. There's a Master System version online here, but the best way is to follow these instructions.


2. Sim City (Maxis, 1989)


Playable online via this link (only works in Internet Explorer) or through DOSbox emulation by downloading here. There are also iPhone / Android versions; since we're talking about the art of building a city rather than anything relating to the original version, those will suffice.



3. Photopia (Peter Favaro, 1986)


Play it here.


Play, listen and contribute to the show live on Resonance 104.4FM at 7pm on Monday evening, or we’ll see you back here for the podcast.

Team NC



* Honestly, the Zelda discussion is a bit vague and directionless, not least because we lost a couple of the group at the last minute. Apologies for that; we're learning the best way of doing this too, so things are going to be a little clumsy sometimes. SORRY. The other 45 minutes is radio book game group GOLD, though. Honestly.

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No Continues is One Life Left's off-season Weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss three different games that incorporate a single theme. Last week's theme was 'Mazes'. You can listen to episode 1 here.


Next week's theme is 'Adventure'. The three games chosen for dissection by NC this week are:


1. The Legend of Zelda (NES, 1986)

Play it here.


2. The Secret of Monkey Island (LucasArts, 1990)

PC version available through Steam, iPhone / iPod Touch


3. Photopia (Adam Cadre, 1998)

Play it here.


Play, listen and contribute to the show live on Resonance 104.4FM at 7pm on Monday evening, or we'll see you back here for the podcast.


Team NC


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It's the very last episode of Season 6 and that means the team, typically, are in a boistrous, last-day-of-school mood. Which is fortunate because they've only got one pre-recorded feature and an hour of airtime to fill. So, videogames, eh? What're they all about? And etc. Spring Break!


Also in #144:


++ Lots of pre-GDC chat. How accurate were our predictions? Did we even predict anything, or just giggle a lot? 


++ OLL retrofuturespective discussion: a bit of looking backwards, a dash of looking forwards. Do we have any plans? What are those plans? Oh.


++ Some news, some reviews, some OBE-chat. You know the drill. It's been a long season. And a fun one, right? Right? Right?


And that's it. One Life Left will be back in April. But keep your ears on Resonance 104.4FM and your eye on this feed because we'll be doing other things in between.




Team OLL


PS If you want to contribute to the new series of OLL get in touch.


PPS See you soon! Love you xxxxx

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Ste's back and it's his birthday -- twenty-one again, etc. But more importantly, perhaps, it's Valentines day which means the One Life Left studio is full of love. For videogames? Well, some of them...



Also in this episode:


++ Ste finds out about plans for the fifth anniversary party


++ Ste finds out what Simon and Ann talked about last week


++ Ste finds out why he shouldn't let the other two run the show for a week


Of course, the positive thing about episode #142 was that it appeared, albeit HIDEOUSLY TAGGED, on the internet less that 24 hours after recording. This is not the case here, obviously. Sorry! But it won't be a problem for Season 7. More details to follow...


See you on Monday for the final show of the year.




Team OLL


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Wait! Check your calendars. Is it a Thursday? No. A Friday? Nope. SaturdaySundayWednesday? Sorry.

Maybe it’s Monday at 7:00pm and you are listening live? Then how comes you’re on a bus or a train or running a run or something?

Yep, as a sort-of apology for our recent lack of podcasting urgency, we present yesterday’s show. If you touch it you will see it is still warm.

So, in our penultimate penultimate show of this series:

STE! Banished from the studio for being too damn sexy!

SIMON and ANN! Host!

LEO TAN! Returns.

Fine music is played, members of the games industry who have been honoured by the Queen are threatened with extreme physical violence, and we have four EXCELLENT features.

It is an okay show. 7/10.

Hey, we’re not here next week – but please don’t let that stop you from writing us words, We’ve had few suggestions on how to further our OBE/MBE/C3PO aspirations, so get cracking on those.And if you can't think of anything, write us a letter anyway - we will literally be giving away T-shirts on our next show to people what write us. 

See you the week after next!

Simon, Ann (and sexy Ste). xxx

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The final one of three OLL's that almost never were brings a new adventure: how can they do a show with no features, no music, no themes and a broken Mac? We join the broadcast at 7pm with The Bike Show's sassy salsa muffling abject panic in the Resonance FM studio:




Also this week:


+ The OBE discussion moves on with a look at what we can learn from the games industry professionals already honoured by HRH The Best Queen Ever




+ A review section manfully steered by Simon as Ste tries to put out bits of the studio that are (metaphorically???) on fire


Audio levels are a bit of a mess, particularly during the reviews section. As always we've tried to fix it in post production but it's not the best. Apologies for that.


Next week: Simon and Ann do the show on their own. Probably for the best.


See you soon!


Team OLL


PS I said this last week, and the week before that, but it deserves repeating for a second time: PLEASE remember to follow us on Twitter / Facebook / tell your friends / etc. We rely on word of mouth for publicity. WE NEED YOU AND CHERISH EVERY PIECE OF HELP YOU GIVE US. Thank you, thank you.

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Welcome to the second part of catch-up trilogy! With Simon excused from duty, the episode from the 17th of January has a different tone to most episodes of One Life Left. Ste and Ann actually talk about games! I know. Imagine. Or better yet, listen.


Once you've listened please let us know what the episode was about? It has been ages and we can't bear to listen just in case it's unlistenable. That would be awkward.


Things we remember:


1) Some chat about the new OBE adventure.


2) ... Music? Features? More Taliah?


3) That's it.


See you shortly for part 3, which was a ludicrous nightmare for all kinds of reasons. But definitely fun.




Team OLL



PS I said this last week but it deserves repeating: PLEASE remember to follow us on Twitter / Facebook / tell your friends / etc. We rely on word of mouth for publicity. WE NEED YOU AND CHERISH EVERY PIECE OF HELP YOU GIVE US. Thank you, thank you.

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One Life Left shows are like buses. They're noisy, difficult to control, dangerous to cyclists and they have very little to do with videogames. No, wait, that's not right...




Isn't it something to do with how you wait ages for one and then (potentially) three come along at once? Like:


1) This episode, which was lost for two weeks before Ste managed to locate the memory card (which came perilously close to the washing machine)...


2) Last week's episode, which didn't record (because we had to borrow one from Resonance, which turned out not to work) but we're hoping for a bootleg copy tomorrow...


and 3) Tomorrow's episode, which you can hear live on Resonance 104.4FM or streamed at at 7pm. Normally we'd tell you to wait for the podcast, but, etc.


We'll be addressing our 'timing' 'issues' in Season 6*, 


In this episode, the first of the trilogy, please find some minor amount of videogame discussion alongside One Life Left's plans for 2011 and lots of brilliant music / features. It's going to be a good year.




Team OLL



PS Remember to follow us on Twitter / Facebook / tell your friends / etc. We rely on word of mouth for publicity. WE NEED YOU AND CHERISH EVERY PIECE OF HELP YOU GIVE US. Although we were on the iTunes front page over Christmas, apparently. Thank goodness the featured show wasn't an end-of-year car-crash or anything, right? HMM.


* Someone else is going to put the episodes online, basically.

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It's the final show of 2010! A time to draw upon everything we've learnt this year and celebrate what a great / terrible year it's been for videogames (which? Help us out). A time, too, to reflect on our personal triumphs and disasters and to produce one more: former or latter, it's One Life Left #138.




In this Episode (which has far more to do with parties than games):


++ Ste and Simon return from three days of drinking at All Tomorrows Parties, stumbling croak-voiced through the episode, guided by Ann and her celebratory mince pies


++ Simon interviews Edgar Wright! That is actually true. The mince pies thing is true too, but still.


++ Ann recalls the best news stories of the year and invents a new party game to do with numbers! She genuinely saves this episode. 


Good on her. And good on you, too, for listening to us in 2010. We've had a wonderful time and are totally grateful for all your letters, tweets, comments and downloads. We'll thank you properly at our CHRISTMAS PARTY, which is this Saturday in London. Please come. Facebook link is here:


We'll see you there. Happy Christmas, New Year and everything else,


Ste, Simon and Ann


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The call back, a popular comedic device the team learnt about while studying for their sets at Nottingham Game City, involves 'calling back' to a subject you've already discussed with the audience. Howzat relevant? Because, with their videogame standup out of the way, the team can concentrate on something else they don't know how to do. Cricket!



More call backs in Episode #136:


++ The thorny issue of the lateness of the podcast pops up again. At least it's out in the same week this time. Sorry, listener(s).


++ Once again we claim we're going to riff on something AND NEVER DO. I think we must have done that at least a dozen times across the last five years. Still, at least it gives you something to write in about, right?


++ We also threw a fake rock-star-style hissy fit at Resonance before the show started because The Bike Show was hosting a live caller and we like to pretend they get treated better than we do. Which frankly they probably should, but that's not the point, because they don't. So that's sort of to do with calling... Back... too?


That's it. Music on the show from Ultrasyd, Danimal Cannon and pk! pk! No show next week, but do write us letters, send us things and play up, play up and play the game.




Team OLL


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No time for explanation as we're rushing out RIGHT THIS MOMENT to record episode 17, which says more about our scheduling than it does about the quality of this episode of One Life Left. Sorry! It's full of stuff about games except mostly not about games, although there really is some stuff about games this time.



++ Ste talks about Game Connection at Lyon

++ Simon talks about X Factor

++ Ann talks. Just generally, she talks

The name of the episode implies we would like you to send us post. That is still true. We would also like you to come to our Christmas Party. Invite inside the show, or on Facebook, or on our Twitter, etc.

Come to our Christmas Party!


Team OLL


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After last week's chastening / celebratory debacle, a humbled team return determined to do justice to the One Life Left 'brand'. That means a mix of videogame chat, friendly sniping and a very special gaming guest. We're number one! Well, he is.



Who? Miles Jacobsen, Footballer Manager's gaffer, who gives some inspirational team talk, tells us how we can kill PC gaming and, typically, attempts to flaunt our review policy. 




++ Reviews, news, gossip and EXCLUSIVE information about the seque


++ Information about the One Life Left Christmas Party (17th December!)


++ A brilliant new track by the doyouinverts


One Life Left will be away next Monday (Ste's in Lyon) but back the week after when we'll have more information about the party and all kinds of other stuff. We're sure. We haven't exactly worked it out yet. Ten days is AGES away.


In the meantime, email us, say hi on Twitter, spread the word about the show and we'll add you to our special LOYAL LISTENER lists, etc.


love you,


Team OLL


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With their commitments clear for the forseeable future, the demob-happy One Life Left team collectively exhale. For an hour. Injokes, indulgence and intermittent attempts at professionalism, it's an episode that almost never was and probably shouldn't be. Hm. 



Srsly. We almost didn't podcast this; it was going to be a 'lost episode' that the publishers would release long after we'd split up in an attempt to cash in on Simon's notoriety. The other option was to put it up as late in the day as possible, ie on the Monday of the next episode, which is what's happening.


Please find enclosed one episode of One Life Left, featuring Leo Tan, some amazing music, excellent contributions from Derek and Duncan, and us. Being idiots.


Tune in to Resonance 104.4FM tonight at 7pm to hear a better one. Promise.


Team OLL


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Excuse the brevity, lateness and general incompetence, but we're Writing this in a hotel four hours before we go on stage for One Laugh Left. So we sort of have other things on our mind. E.g. Being funny / avoiding bottles.



In this episode:


++ Nigel Taylor, who is anything but nasty, joins us to talk about stand-up comedy, how it goes write and how ours could go wrong


++ Other things that we can't remember right now


There was no episode this week because we were too busy 'preparing' for tonight, so apologies for that too. We'll all be back on Monday though and you'll be able to find out what happened (though we're sure you'll have heard about that on our Twitter, anyway) (if you're not following us, why not?).


Wish us luck, Team OLL-ers,


Ste, Simon and Ann


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As One Life Left moves closer to its videogame stand-up comedy debut, the team are joined by Actual Real Life Comic Catie Wilkins, who explains to the team what being on stage under pressure to be funny is really like. Turns out it's genuinely no laughing matter.


Ulp. Also this episode (which is the last before the team lose the right to call themselves OFFICIAL BEST BROADCASTERS, incidentally):


++ Poetry from Craig The Rage, new music from the doyouinverts, Derek Williams issues some wisdom from his market stall and Dr Avatar receives another patient


++ Lots of Twitter jokes and Ann receives a suggestion for a feature from a listener. More letters, please, to


++ News, gossip and reviews. Ste reviews Solitaire again. IT HAS BEEN A DIFFICULT WEEK


Music this episode from minusbaby, downstate and Daemon Hatfield.


Join us next Monday (or Thursday for the podcast) when we'll be joined by another comical studio guest. Write and tweet in the meantime. Oh, and if you do something PARTICULARLY nice / helpful we'll add you to our One Life Left Twitter Listeners list, which is a terribly desirable badge of honour, right?


See you soon!


Team OLL xxx

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No special studio guest this episode which means the One Life Left team can forgo politeness and professionalism and just be themselves. What does THAT mean? Pointless pop culture chat, fractious behaviour and the smallest bits of videogame gossip / insight, apparently. It's episode 11!




(Insight? Yes, OK, let's go with that and see if anyone calls us out.)


Also in Episode 11:


++ ALL NEW EX EX EX EXCLUSIVE material from The Doyouinverts! 


++ News on OLL's half-hearted Resonance co


++ A robot comedian


Also music from Copy, L-Tron and Electric Children.


Tickets are now SOLD OUT for the preview show at The Blue Posts on the 23rd. If you want to attend your best shot is to email the address in the show and we'll put you on a waiting list. If you turn up we'll do our best to squeeze you in the room but no guarantees. You can totally drink with us afterwards, though. 


Please do add us on Twitter, tell people about the show and generally perform the services of the marketing budget we wish we had. 


OH. And send us letters! We love your letters.


See you next Monday,


Team OLL




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Let's put videogames to one side for a moment, as if we didn't do that enough already. With under four weeks to go until the One Life Left team's latest public humiliation it's time to get serious. About comedy. 


With that in mind, please welcome Radio 4 comedy producer and very special guest Tilusha to the studio.




++ Videogame features, including Derek Williams!


++ Chiptune music, including tracks by IAYD and Massive Until Morning!


++ Reviews, previews and general gossip.


If that seems vague that's because we recorded this six days ago and every word I type here is another moment this isn't being podcast. SORRY.


Email us some letters. Book tickets for our preview show on the 23rd in London. Add us on Twitter. Do all those kinds of things! Yes! And again, sorry for the podcast delay, we were too busy negotiating a new contract with Resonance. We're demanding a shed! They're demanding professionalism. We'll work something out.

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Stop us if you've heard this one before, but musical guests are like buses. You don't have one for 128 episodes and then two come along at once. What? You've heard if before? And it doesn't really work as a joke? Oh God.



No worries, still plenty of time. 


On this week's show:


++ One Life Left welcomes 8-bit superstars Sabrepulse and Natty to the studio. They chat! They bleep! They play the hits!


++ One Life Left announces a SECRET SPECIAL EVENT for London listeners (or those dedicated / foolish enough to travel down on the 23rd). Listen for details.


++ One Life Left talks about cricket.


Musical contributions include little's scale's brilliant Bitshifter cover, The Rapids by Fighter X and our studio guests. Share and enjoy.


See you Monday, live on 104.4 FM or podcast later in the week. Add us on Twitter! We'll tell you all our secrets, promise. 


Ste, Simon and Ann


Direct download: OLL_s06e09.mp3
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In which, with their comedy gig still far enough away for the whole thing to seem funny, the team are joined by Curve Studios' Ed Fear for the usual mix of somewhat game-related stuff and nonsense.



Also in this episode:


++ Ann 'interrogates' Ed to find out some exclusive game news for the show


++ The return of Ann Art and all the sketchiness that entails


++ A brilliant new feature and instructions for audience participation


Music from the fabulous Henry Homesweet, Apricorn and Shirobon. 


Add us on Twitter / Facebook and try to listen to the live show later today (Monday) on 104.4FM in London or elsewhere -- will try and get the podcast up earlier this week, too. Honestly.


Team OLL


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Team OLL are back from their summer holiday in Cologne. What happened? How are preparations for the One Laugh Left comedy night going? And has Ann managed to Get Vaizey? Find out here!




Also in this episode:


++ Ste considers the 3DS, remains confused


++ Derek considers the length of games, remains unsure


++ Craig the Rage considers you, remains sexy


Music in this episode from 4mat, Smiletron and Euan Lynn. 


Send us letters, stalk us on Twitter. Apologies for the podcasting delay and we'll see you Monday evening 7pm on Resonance 104.4FM or later in the week right here.



Direct download: OLL_s06e07.mp3
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Knock knock! Who's there? It's the One Life Left team, doing some early groundwork for their One Laugh Left comedy evening at Nottingham! The One Life Left team who? Exactly.




Don't worry, it gets better. A bit better.


Also in this episode: no, actually no idea about that, either. Since we recorded it a few weeks ago and it has been SOME TIME, you'll have to find out yourself and please, please accept my huge apologies this is late. First there was the whole ankle thing (possibly explained in this episode, I forget) and then our host was being all not-worky.


Ignore the warnings at the end of the show because they're out of date now. We will be back for real (and on a normal schedule) from next Monday. Letters, tweets and features to the usual address, please.


Ste + Team OLL


Direct download: OLL_s06e06.mp3
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You can tell there's a problem from the very start. Only five episodes into the new season and the team have reverted to the old theme. Something's gone wrong. But what? Or who? And what happens next?


Find out in this week's exciting episode of (sometimes partially) videogame radio show One Life Left.


Also in #125:


++ A barely-thought-through pitch for a videogame is made and softly rejected


++ A challenge is set for next week's OLL (and there's a theme for the letter's section too)


++ It's difficult to remember, really. It was all a bit frantic


Music this episode from J8b!t and DEADBEATBLAST. And AN Other, too. Any help?


One Life Left is at The Big Chill this Saturday. I know, we're surprised, too. Find us at the Swap Meet area on the Friday and Saturday. 


As usual, follow us on Twitter, tell your friends, subscribe to the podcast and email us.


See you Monday for the last OLL for a few weeks.


Team OLL


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"No Future!" sang some pop group, once, and maybe they were singing about OLL #124, where's News Editor Duncan Geere joins the team to talk about what happens next. What happens next? The same thing as last time, apparently, but in 3D!!!!! OMG.


Also on #124:


++ Ste begins the show in a bit of a mood and talks about videogames far too much


++ Ann promises to do an Ann Art for next week. You might have to remind her


++ Simon holds OLL's first ever live Twitter competition. You really should be following us


Music from Device, Coda + Cancel and -- apparently -- "Ant1", although I'm still struggling with that. All help appreciated.


You can also help us out by:


Telling you friends

Posting on forums

Following and tweeting about us

Sending us things in the post

Behaving pleasantly on public transport


See you on Monday!


Team OLL


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One Life Left -- s06e03 -- #123 -- Gossip Boys

This episode we're joined by Gamesbrief's Nicholas Lovell, who has just written a book on How To Publish A Game. Intrigued? Intimidated? Don't worry; highbrow discussion falls to lowbrow gossip pretty soon, including one especially salacious item involving Mark 'Unreal' Rein and a baby.


Also in episode #123, which we really should have done something special for but we didn't remember:


++ Ann learns something about Hello Games


++ Simon instigates a new Listener Recruitment Programme


++ Ste (eventually) recalls how alcohol brought about what might be the worst decision in One Life Left's history


Talking of which, Simon's at Nottingham Game City nights tomorrow, so if you have a moment go and see him.


Music in #123 from Anamanaguchi, Smiletron and Grilly. Please do tell your friends / blogs / followers / whatevers about One Life Left, because we depend on word of mouth for warmth and comfort. We'll be back live on Monday at 7pm, or you can wait for the podcast to come out on Thursday. 


See you then.


Team OLL 


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With ex-ex-exclusives galore and freelance journalist Daniel Nye as our first guest of the season, Episode Two is the hottest show we've recorded for a long time. Literally, not figuratively; it's like a sauna in the Resonance FM studio, and every bit as sexy.


ie Not at all. Still, the episode features:


++ Ann making a good joke


++ The unresolved introduction of a David Soul LP*


++ Daniel's (doomed, but completely noble) efforts to try and engage Ste and Simon with intellectual games chat


Music from Little Scale, .hnz and Fighter X. 


Email us: or follow us on Twitter (@onelifeleft). Letters totally appreciated (perhaps we need a weekly topic -- maybe the topic this week should be 'what should our weekly topic be?'). Would be contributors can pitch ideas to that address too, we're always listening.


See you next Monday (or Thursday for the podcaster listeners).



Ste, Simon and Ann


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One Life Left -- s06e01 -- #121 -- False Starts

Hello. We're back.


Discussed in Episode 1 of Season 6:


++ Where we've been


++ What we're going to do next


++ Videogames (a bit)


Wanted for Episode 2:


++ Letters about anything (to team@onelifeleft)


++ Suggestions for things to do at Nottingham GameCity


++ People to tell people about us, because we've been away



Excellent music this episode from the brilliant Knuckle Joe and Downstate. 


Oh, and hi. It's good to be back. We're sorry it has been so long. If you enjoy One Life Left, please let people know because we rely on word of mouth for listener figures, which are currently at zero. We're back properly now for the forseeable future (we cannot see further than 23 weeks ahead) so we'll see you next week. 


In the meantime, follow us on twitter at @onelifeleft (you can follow our individual accounts at @steishere, @scanters and @byronicman if you want more personal nonsense). 


See you!


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Half-Minute Hero News #4

It's the last of our Half-Minute Hero-inspired news sections. Five stories, super-fast: it's everything you need to know about the last seven days of gaming. Although one is already out of date. Curse this modern world. But enjoy!

Direct download: HMHnews_020310.mp3
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Half-Minute Hero News #3

It's the third of our Half-Minute Hero news "bites". If enough of you request, we'll issue the last line at normal speed, so you can set it as your ringtone. Enjoy!

Direct download: HMHOLL230210.mp3
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Half-Minute Hero News #2

Bong! It's the familiar chime of news, but in an unfamiliar setting: welcome to Half-Minute Hero news number two. Five stories, delivered at breathtaking speed, but with the sort of rubbish jokes you've come to if not love then certainly expect. Tune in same time, same day next week as our journey to newsmageddon continues. See you!

Direct download: HMH_news_160210.mp3
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Half-Minute Hero News #1

Hello! And welcome to the first of four bite-size news features, crafted in celebration of Half-Minute Hero as we try to cram the week's news into 30 seconds. We fail. These podcasts are available on the Rising Star Games Hoshi website (http.//, but delivered to OLL iTunes subscribers as a special treat for the ears. Enjoy!

Direct download: HMH_news_090210.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e24 -- #120 -- No Chickens

So this is it, then, the final episode of our award-winning fifth season. We all knew it was coming, especially Ann, who can count. Sing along to the theme, grab a handkerchief, say your goodbyes: it's going to be emotional, that's for sure. 


In episode #120 of San Antonio's favourite videogame radio show:

++ Figuratively billions of features from all our favourite contributors, including special season-closing songs from Derek Williams and The Doyouinverts

++ Steven Poole reveals the three rules every good troll must follow

++ Season 5 ends :(

But don't worry, because we'll be back soon. There'll be bits and bobs on the podcast feed in the meantime, and do keep listening to Resonance because it's excellent. We'll see you in March. Bango!

Team OLL 

PS: Music on #120 was from the brilliant little scale and Derris-Kharlan. Find them, like so much of the music we play, at 

Direct download: OLL_s05e24.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e23 -- #119 -- Deaf Jam


It's the penultimate episode of Season 5. That comes right before the Ultimate episode of Season 5, which means, as a warm-up act, this One Life Left has quite a lot to do. Does it do it? Find out inside. 


Also in #119:


++ Two guests -- an OLL veteran, and an OLL newcomer


++ News on Ste's contribution to the Global Game Jam 2010


++ And Craig The Rage returns, albeit in a slightly muted form


In fact, sorry about the overall sound quality today, which is partly because we didn't soundcheck, but mostly down to a problem with the Resonance recording device thingy. And sorry for the delay. There was an actual power cut while I was uploading last night. I have never had a power cut before. Funny how these things happen just as Eurogamer start a podcast, isn't it?



Music on #119:


4Mat - Matryoshka

Smiletron - BRKtime


See you next week!


Team OLL xxx


Direct download: OLL_s05e23_V2.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e22 -- #118 -- Framing It Coming up on this week's description of this week's One Life Left: a hastily written paragraph describing the content of episode #118 of Africa's favourite gaming radio show*. Apologies this is somewhat late. Will explain on the show next week (it's nothing really exciting, just something else Ste's been working on). Episode one hundred and eighteen of One Life Left features the following content: ++ Reviews Editor Taliah, who recently turned nine, discussing boyfriends ++ Our consider response to Eurogamer's new podcast ++ Lots of framing, just like this See you next week. (Still looking for a web designer / webmaster. Enquiries to the show's address, please.) Team OLL xx *Possibly.
Direct download: OLL_s05e22.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e21 -- #117 -- Ribs Out One Life Left returns! New episode! New decade! New resolutions, to be polite and professional and considerate to copresenters, broken straight away! Happy New Year! It's 2010 and hey, we live in the future. A future where: ++ Halo appears on the PS3, ++ It's acceptable to discuss the abilities of Ron Jeremy on a videogame radio show, ++ and Music videos featuring rain are always the best. The future, ladies and gentlemen, is now. Apparently our shows are going to be in the national radio archives or some such now. Our ancestors are going to be mortified. Music on #117: Spoon by Coda, Helium Stare by Downstate and The World Can't End Today, It's Already Tomorrow In Australia by Rhodo4. See you next week! Team OLL xx
Direct download: OLL_s05e21.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e20 -- #116 -- Bango It's the week of the OLL Christmas Party, which means it's the last episode of the show before christmas. So no guest this week, just the team reflecting on a magical year of adventures, awards, and typical incompetence. Bango! Also in #116: ++ Ste returns from 10 days of drinking, manages to just about hold things together ++ Simon loses it in the letters section ++ Ann comes up with a new catchphrase Music in Episode 20 (OMG, only four left for the season!) all comes from Overclocked Remix, who celebrated their 10th anniversary recently. Happy birthday! One last thing: come to the Christmas Party. You'll regret it if you don't. love, Team OLL xxx
Direct download: OLL_s05e20.mp3
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 One Life Left -- s05e19 -- #115 -- MCs Three

Look, it sounds a bit like MCV, which is where industry gatekeeper and this week’s superguest Michael French works. He’s editor-in-chief, no less: making him, literally, the man in charge of the games industry’s news. Marvel as we give him the customary OLL grilling, and manage to glean literally none of his secrets.

Elsewhere it’s business as usual. We’ve features, chat, a joke (of sorts), music and no Ste: he’s drinking in a holiday camp once again. We secretly suspect he’s a Redcoat . And when we say “secretly” we now mean publicly. No Ste means horrific desk errors, due to a the schoolboy one of not actually numbering the tracks on the CD. Our Twitter Poll (@OneLifeLeft) encouraged us to leave the mistakes in. Blame the listeners, not the broadcasters. You know Chris Moyles records his shows a month in advance, don’t you?

Hey, write us: We love your letters. But if that’s not enough, we sometimes reward those who take the time to correspond with free things – this week, we have PSP Minis D-Cube Planet and Circles as prizes, thanks to the kindness of developer GameShastra. And as we – or Michael – call it: these can soon be enjoyed on the PS3. It would have been another One Life Left EX-EX-EX-excusive if the podcast had been up on time.

Next week: the team reunite, for our last show of the year. And most importantly, the last show before the OLL Christmas knees-up (December 18th, from 5:00pm, with a live show at 8:00pm. The Blue Posts, Rupert Street, Soho). It will be literally unbroadcastable: hear it while you can.

See you soon.

Lots of love

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One Life Left -- s05e18 -- #114 -- Press Gang Episode #118 of One Life Left brings the gang back together: Ste's back from Venice and Simon's back from a fact-finding mission to Gamespot. Ann hasn't been anywhere, but that doesn't stop her delivering a world exclusive from nowhere in the letters section... This week they're joined by another special guest. It's one of the secret rulers of the games industry: Steve Owen from Gamespress. Press, you see? Press and gang. Press gang! Right. Rather than spoiling the rest of the episode, which features a bonus Craig the Rage that wasn't in the live show, here are three things you should remember to do in December: 1) Come to our Christmas party 2) Come to our Christmas party 3) Come to our Christmas party. We'll see you there. Music in #114 from the Depreciation Guild. Find us on Twitter / Facebook. Oh, and tell your friends! See you next week. Team OLL xxx
Direct download: OLL_s05e18.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e17 -- #113 -- Special Ish

One Life Left – S05e17 – #113 – Special ish


Ann: check. Simon: check. Super-special-guest Neil Long, editor Official Nintendo Magazine: c heck. Ste: ...


Yeah, dad’s away this week, so it’s happy fun party time at OLL Towers, with a special celebration in aid of the 50th issue of ONM, in “shops” now.


Bottles of Blue Nun are downed, cigarettes are smoked out through the toilet window and a couple are discovered upstairs amongst the coats. CALL YELLOW PAGES TO TIDY UP!


Aside from a record – and show – breaking two desk errors, it’s actually business as usual at One Life Left. There are only two songs, mind, so fans of The Killers will have to wait until next week, when we *think* Ste is off again.


Write us:


Bye! Bye! Bye!

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One Life Left -- s05e16 -- #112 -- On the Fence Lesser radio shows might think twice about podcasting an regretful hour of bickering, giggling and general idiocy (factual AND behavioural). But One Life Left sees it as an opportunity: this week’s mistake is next week’s hour long apology. Onwards! Also : ++ First details of the Christmas Party, which is on Friday 18th December in London. PLEASE COME. We have a venue and booze and everything ++ Microsoft’s Dan Maher neatly dances past all kinds of journalistic traps set by the cocksure One Life Left ex-ex-exclusive hunting team ++ One Life Left, you’re stupid! Farmville wasn’t made by PlayFish. Please write in and tell us that some more. You know the address Two covers for music this episode: Hot ‘n Cold [Katy Perry] – Mudkipz The Fear [Lily Allen] – Bit the Medusa Ste is away for a week taking a partially-earned holiday , but Simon and Ann will be back next week, presumably with the apologies music on a loop. See you then! Team OLL xxx
Direct download: OLL_s05e16.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e15 -- #111 -- Biology and History Warning: the following episode of One Life Left contains Biological / Historical terms some people may find offensive. Listener discretion is advised. As a dedicated listener to One Life Left you'll know we often go to great lengths to secure exclusives. In this case not just by having two Nintendo representatives as special guests on the show (Wii HD confirmed???) but by going back in time and getting Ste to Creatively Direct a game that's just been announced for Xbox Live and allowing Ann to give ask him ex-ex-exclusively about it. What game? Chime. Chime is the first game from One Big Game, a charity initiative led by tall, handsome ex-Guerilla guy Martin de Ronde. The idea is that a developer donates a game and some production time, is backed by donations from whatever other organisations publishing that game would require (QA, audio support, and so on) and all the proceeds from sales of the game go to charity. In this case the developer is Zoe Mode, the games studio where Ste is Creative Director. This week Ste had to do interviews with the press which left him a bit rattled by misquotes and even worse) misnaming. You could call it karma; Simon and Ann call it AMMUNITION. Also in One Life Left One One One: ++ Rob and Rob from Nintendo chat about new Mario, new Zelda and the Wii's virginity ++ OLL are generally furious at Activision for not getting invited to the Modern Warfare 2 party ++ Ann doesn't seem like herself. She's probably distracted by the play she's in at the moment, right? Music (uncredited in the show thanks to incompetence, genuine apologies): The Grand Scheme bu RushJet1 French Whores by misfitchris See you next week! Team OLL xxx
Direct download: OLL_s05e15.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e14 -- #110 -- Boys Own Back in the studio after a midweek adventure to Nottingham GameCity. What happened? Who's missing? Was there an after party? And what happens next? Find out in this week's episode of One Life Left. Oh, and we talk about videogames, too. In #110: -- Nottingham GameCity postmortem, ie seven minutes of black holes and revelations. -- Why Ann's excited about being under 30 -- A grasping, fruitless search for the right word to describe all-male elf-on-elf action (suggestions?) Also reviews, features, music and more. Music in #110: I bid Ye Farewell by AndyExpandy. Do feel free to add us to Twitter / on Facebook / email us (especially important) / call us / send us videogames etc. We'll be back next week with a full team and special guest. See you! 2/3 of Team OLL xx
Direct download: OLL_s05e14.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e13 -- #109 -- Definitive List Critical success: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED (5g)! Next up, popularity. Research shows that means coming up with arbitrary games-related lists and getting them Dugg, and so it is that OLL brings in the help of a List Expert. Definitive? We'll see... ++ Lots of chat about Nottingham GameCity and the things we're going to do there ++ Not one but Two! Listener! Guests. You could have been one of them if you followed OLL on Twitter*. ++ A handful of salient points about the videogame industry engulfed in a morass of immaturity Probably not going to get the popularity this time, then. But still, Nottingham! GameCity is almost upon us and we are so, so excited about it. Hopefully lots of you will be there, either for our low key live show (lunchtime in the square), the chiptune masterclass (5pm at Muse) or One Night Left in the evening (8pm at Muse). And after that? Who knows. We're staying in the IBIS hotel but don't worry if you've already booked for the other one -- we've no idea where the after-party will be... Music in #109: White Tiger by Sabrepulse A Chiptune to Save the World by Syphus and Combat by Arman Bohn *And you lived close enough to Resonance, and you were free tonight, and you were checking your Twitter feed obsessively, and you wanted to. Obviously.
Direct download: OLL_s05e13.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e12 -- #108 -- Words and Awards We went to the Games Media Awards. We took enthusiasm, mischief and pocket-sized bottles of vodka to spike our drinks. We were fifteen again and primed for trouble. And then...

No spoilers, obviously. No expectations, right? Also:

+ Mark Ward of Warner Bros pops in to talk about words, awards and Scribblenauts with Ann, with some success and many yelps of delight

+ Breaking news of the Craig the Rage project we've hinted at for a while and how you, yes you, can acquire it

+ Taliah makes her One Life Left comeback and brings a friend.

Music on #108:

Italo Night by YERZMYEY
All I Want (Unicorn Kid Cover) by Superspink!

I promised a new doyouinverts track on Twitter but that last-minute Craig news pushed it out of the show. It'll be on next week. Which will be our last show before AMAZING TIMES at Nottingham GameCity. See you there!
Direct download: OLL_s05e12.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e11 -- #107 -- Superstar DJs One Life Left -- s05e11 -- #107 -- Superstar DJs

Superstars? Has the whole three-time award-nominees thing finally got to Team OLL? Not really; the superstars in #107 are in a special interview segment and the DJ part is to do with OLL's even at Nottingham Game City...

What else? Lots else, including:

* Simon does a little bit of spot character assassination on our GMA competitors

* Ann doesn't know how piracy works

* Ste forgets to record the show, hence the late podcast

Talking of the podcast, those of you who aren't subscribed on iTunes or on our Libsyn RSS feed won't have heard Ann Life Left (or the BAFTA special we put our last week). You should sort that out immediately because it's brilliant.

As mentioned at the top news of One Night Left, OLL's amazing event at Nottingham GameCity has leaked (courtesy of a huge poster in Nottingham and observant OLL listener Beth). We talk about it on the show and there'll be more info here later but please, keep the evening of the 30th free. It's going to be amazing.

Music on #107: Hiroshi and MoxoM ft Smiletron.

See you next week, by which time, with any luck, we'll be three time award-disgracers. Follow that action on Twitter (onelifeleft / steishere / byronicman / scanters). Bye!

Team OLL
Direct download: OLL_s05e11.mp3
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One Life Left -- x08 -- One Life Left Presents: David Braben - A Life in Videogames Live at BAFTA

David Braben did something great 25 years ago. Then he did some other great things. Then BAFTA asked him if he wanted to talk about all of these things in front of a microphone. Then BAFTA handed over the audio to One Life Left and here we are.


You should listen if you liked Elite, if you like videogames or if you have ears.


Find out about more BAFTA things at


We’ll be back next week and we are totally looking forward to it. Email!




Direct download: OLL_x08.mp3
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One Life Left -- x07 -- Ann Life Left #1

Two boys down and one girl left. But wait, isn’t three the magic number? Thank goodness this isn’t Europe’s only FM broadcasting maths radio show. Sadly this is a videogame radio show/podcast, and the boys with the knowledge are in America. So, for one week only, Ann Life Left invites two female friends on to talk games(ish).


We discover some girls really don’t have the greatest gaming credentials.

We decide that doesn’t matter.

We do the games industry a favour and solve the Top 10 Worst Things About Games.


Also, pretty much the best music ever played on OLL this week, all from


Womanizer – omgben

Halo – Pirates with Paper Hats

Hot N Cold – Play it Loud

Total Eclipse of the Heart – Chalices of the Past

Umbrella – electronicMESS


Very special show next week, then back the week after with a regular show. What’s regular? I don’t think we know any more!


Ann + friends.


Direct download: OLL_x07.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e10 -- #106 -- Show Offs We thought the show was off, you see. And then Ste put off his trip to the US by a week, Ann wasn't doing anything all that important, and, well, we're all show offs. So show on! Episode 106 contains the following unordered delights: ++ No Simon! Not that that's a treat, you understand, and we know you'll miss him terribly. But it's a major feature of this episode that's worth calling out for your attention. It's just Ann and Ste in the studio, no guests, no frills, plenty of rambling, several features and some music. Not as much music as we say at the start, but some nonetheless. ++ Those features include a brand new S.Minton track, Derek doing some minimal industrial economising this week, and the irrepressibly analytical Dr Avatar. No Taliah this week because Simon wanted to be around to 'explain'. Sinister. ++ A competition! I know! And the actual, genuine, honest-to-God One Life Left phone number which you can use to ACTUALLY, genuinely, honest-to-God phone us. So do that thing. Also news of next week's show which is going to be astonishing, a disaster or both. Music on #106: Something Happened When You Were Born by minusbaby and Olden Days by syphus. Do email us, add us on Twitter and most of all, tell your friends. There'll be special things going out for the next couple of weeks. We'll be back as a full team on the 12th October. See you then! Ste and Ann xx
Direct download: OLL_s05e10.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e09 -- #105 -- Emergency Services Emergency Services because, like the rest of the world, this week OLL is talking about 999 and 911. What? No, we're not actually talking telephone numbers. We're discussing the dates that saved videoaming this week: Rock Band's 9/9/9 Beatlapocalypse and Guitar Hero 5's response on September 11th . That's right. Discussing. One Life Left #105 features that rarity for Europe's favourite / only videogame radio show, an actual serious discussion of videogames on the radio. We're just trying it out, don't be scared. Also in #105: + Lots of excellent features incuding Mathew Kumar's Best Worst Games, Dr Avatar's horrifying game injuries and the ever informative Week o' Wiki Wah Wah + Exclusive, if essentially sketchy, pre-information information on OLL's long-rumoured presence at Nottingham Game City + We finally reach the point where we can't even remember our own phone number Music in #105 is from, tracks specifically by Derris-Kharlan and Chipzel. We're away for another couple of weeks now (Simon and Ste have to go to the US, Ann has to stay home and look after the cat). In the meantime we hope to put up some secret stuff. Even if we don't, please do write, tweet and call. Assuming you can find the number. We couldn't. love, Team OLL xxx
Direct download: OLL_s05e09.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e08 -- #104 -- Dream Cast You want dreams? Easy. Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little listener. No! Wait! Not now! Wait until the episode's finished at least. Come on. Wake up. This isn't... Oh, fair enough. But if you ARE still awake here are some of the things in episode #104 that might keep you that way. + Dave Green (I'm Dave Green!) returns to teach Ann the joys of the BBC Micro and to chat enthusiastically about some exciting events he's organizing + Ann ex-ex-exclusives her news a little by announcing a new Sony handheld device! Although we're still not sure she noticed she was doing it. Look for the story on Kotaku tomorrow AM. + Features: Derek's back, Science Officer considers giant crabs and Craig 'The Rage' McClelland takes on Noel Fielding. Who wins? No spoilers! Also letters, reviews (in which Ste startles himself by noticing just how contrary he is), music from Sabrepulse and Henry Homesweet, and lots of somewhat unprofessional giggling. We had a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy listening. We'll be back in a week. Probably. See you then! xxx
Direct download: OLL_s05e08.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e07 -- #103 -- Broken News No time to waste on snappy / elegant / laborious intros tonight. We're on the cusp of a three week break which means we've got three weeks worth of game-related nonsense to get through. So look! Urgency! Enthusiasm! Two guests! One Mic! Actual news! It's One Life Left!

And hidden like ruthless game tigers amongst the wild jungle of news, music, reviews and gossip you'll find on this week's show...

+ Pat Garrett, king of, brings the HARD FACTS and RUTHLESS BREAKING NEWS and some PRESSURED GUESSWORK

+ Mathew Kumar, gaming journalist and Best Worst Game contributor brings the GOSSIP, ARROGANCE and doesn't RUIN OUR RADIO SHOW LIKE HE RUINED SOMEONE'S PODCAST*

+ Craig the Rage visits The Big Chill, the doyouinverts are Coming Out and Dr Avatar has some bad news for Kirby

There's also a bonus Taliah for podcast listeners (we ran out of time during the hour). Apologies if you notice some sound problems this week -- there were a few problems with the desk which Resonance are going to fix over the next few weeks. And that's why we're not here until September, too, but we might put some secret things up on iTunes. If you're not subscribed, sort that out immediately.

Other things to do while you're waiting for us to restart:

- Call / write / follow us on twitter (@steishere, @byronicman, @scanters, @onelifeleft)

- Find someone for Ann to Tw-interview and let her know

- Get OLL in the London Lite (or, frankly, anywhere we don't belong)

- Link us on your super popular blog! Or website! Or livejournal! Do the kids still use Livejournal? Is that cool? Oh God

- Suggest some guests! I think Stephen Fry's a bit busy, though

- Send us email on a subject of your choosing. The address is in the show

- Start an international games industry OLL-sponsored fight. Uh oh!

That's it. See you soon!

Ste, Ann, Simon and The One Life Left Team

*Made it ^x more awesome.
Direct download: OLL_s05e07.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e06 -- #102 -- OLL, O.B.E. Not to be competitive, here, but how many videogame radio shows can say they've had an Officer of the British Empire as their weekly superguest? We're betting one. And, what ho, chaps, it's this one:

Ian Livingstone, President 4 Lyfe of Eidos, Fighting Fantasy hero and founder of Games Workshop stops by the Resonance FM studios for a chat with the team about life, games, and turning to page 73 to find out.

In this week's show:
* Controversy! As Ian Livingstone DECLARES outright favouritism for a system!
* Intrigue! As Taliah meets a boy!
* Predictability! As Ann 'gets' Twitter, after some explanation.

Plus news, reviews, letters (there was a prize this week so get writing), music (Hash Pipe / Seal of Quality and Charizard / Zantos!), etc.

You'll note a little bit of The Bike Show at the start of the podcast. It is, obviously, One Life Left's favourite show about bikes ever, ever but it's also worth listening to even if you've no interest in the subject. That's one of the things we've always hoped to do with OLL. It's definitely true here. Try it.

See you!
Direct download: OLL_s05e06.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e05 -- #101 -- Standing Room Only Summertime and the living is easy. The radio presenting not so much, thanks to the hottest studio since the bad old days of '06 and an impromptu physical challenge. Welcome to a giggly, grouchy, fractious, slightly unbalanced One Life Left. In this week's show: * Returning special guest Leo Tan pops in to tell us about The Gathering, Capcom's nerd sanctuary in London where One Life Left plan to drink and play games for free! * More diaphragm than ever! As the team attempt to complete the whole show standing up as if they were four Chris Moyles, except somewhat more tolerable * Twitter! Wah wah wah twitter this wah wah wah onelifeleft / steishere / byronicman / scanters wah wah wah wah wah. Also you might notice some L/R balance issues, especially in the theme at the end. Stick with it though, there's an Easter Egg there. Music on 101: PLEASE SEND US INTERESTING THINGS. Either phonecalls, emails, letters or whatever. Your contributions (and those of our amazing feature contributors, and the music, and the other bits that aren't us) make the show. So go, go, go.
Direct download: OLL_s05e05.mp3
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One Life Left -- s05e04 -- #100 -- End of a Century Hello. Welcome to a very special One Life Left. Why? Because -- OMG -- we're 100. Numbers aside, we've always been 'special', haven't we? And this is every bit as special as our previous, metaphorically and occasionally literally unbroadcastable hours with features, news, reviews, music and game-related nonsense aplenty. In this week's show: * The team sing! It's OK, they get that bit done with pretty early on. The cake comes later. That's not even a lie, * Superguest Jon Hare, creator of Sensible Soccer, one of the greatest videogames of all time, tells us about his new projects, * We actually play Best Worst Game, promise. Also new stuff from Dr Avatar and The Doyouinverts. Music on 100: Cruisin' Mah '95 Pimpmobile by Kulor Le Road To Bordeaux by Thomas Armstrong Facebook / Twitter / Email / Call us (details in the show). We'll see you next week and for a while after that, we hope.
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One Life Left -- s05e03 -- #99 -- 99 Not Out It's been a busy seven days for tawdry, frivolous news, which means it's up to Ann to raise the bar. Can she do it? No, obviously not, but listen to her try: for the third time in four weeks, it's ALL NEW! One! Life! Left!

In this week's show

* Ann gets giggly about celebrity death,

* An official response from the Lego Game Team concerning last week's proposal,

* And the team introduce themselves for the first. Time. Ever.

Plus new features, old features, reviews, music, and a few minor technical glitches. You might also be able to see some video of us somewhere. I'm unclear on how that works. Hm.

Music on 99:

Suspension by Smiletron
I Breath in Black and White by 4Mat
Beat It (Wavedude Remix) by MJ

Facebook / Twitter / Email / Call us about our Episode 100 special. We might see you at Develop, right? Good.
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One Life Left -- s05e02 -- #98 -- Trauma Center It takes a special kind of show to carry off two comebacks in three weeks but here we are. After a one-week hiatus to take stock, hire and fire, One Life Left returns rejuvenated, reshaped. All three presenters are back, too. Seriously, someone needs to have a word with HR. Still, One Life Left isn't just Ste, Simon and Ann doing their best to make silence sound inviting. The show would be nothing without fabulous features submitted by listeners, and Episode 2 contains some of the very best. There are the beloved regulars, of course, and the return of two Season 4 favourites, but there's also something brand new sneaks in at the end. Consider the Trauma in the title is a clue. Elsewhere, OLL's brave experiment in listener interaction continues. The thing about listener interaction is that it requires participation from both parties. The first party -- the broadcaster -- requests the interaction. The second party -- the listener, that's you -- responds in kind. Phone us, please. The number is in the show and Ann is waiting for your call. Music in #98: Leave Everything / Move On by Covox Sparks by Cornbeast Soulja Boy! Crank those pink squares! by Jay Lever Email: Twitter: Search for us on Facebook and join our page / group
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One Life Left -- s05e01 -- #97 -- Guess Who's Back? One Life Left -- s05e01 -- #97 -- Guess Who's Back?

Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back...

For the newcomers: One Life Left is back. What? Oh! It's a radio show about videogames. It's presented by Ste Curran, Simon Byron and Ann Scantlebury. Ste and Simon both work in the videogame industry and have done forever. Ann, after close to a hundred episodes, now knows what a videogame is. We assume. Possibly.

We broadcast on FM radio, courtesy of the brilliant Resonance FM, in the United Kingdom on Monday evenings and podcast the show later that night. We don't talk about videogames all the time and we try to be inclusive. Lots of our listeners don't play videogames all that much, just like Ann. Some of them don't play at all. 

For the veterans: Oh, wow. Tonight was totally fun and we've missed you. Promise.

Season 5 Episode 1 contains: Ste, Ann, Simon and a very special guest. News about videogames, Music that sounds like videogames, four tiny features loosely themed around videogames. Lots of chat about E3, some chat about Ann's cat. That sort of thing.

Music in s05e01: Three Kings by Swampyboy, Relapse and Corecontax (apologies for failing to credit the final two in the show), 8 Bit De La Mort by the incomparable Jungle Fiction, and Raw Footage Trash80 Remix by Leeni.

Other stuff: Hey! You! Please write to us / call us / tweet us / whatever. You're a huge part of why we do this and it's genuinely awesome to be back. The next show is in two weeks' time and after that return to our usual a weekly schedule. We've lots of new features and guests and surprises to come over the next 23 episodes.

One more thing: OLL is completely independent and relies on word of mouth to bring in new listeners. If you listen to the show and like it all we ask is that you tell your friends. Then they'll tell their friends, they'll tell their friends and pretty soon we'll be able to tell the whole world about Ann's cat. Thanks! And see you in a fortnight (or less, if you follow our Twitter / go on our forum / etc).


OLL xx
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One Life Left Presents: Nolan Bushnell ‘My Life In Videogames’ recorded at BAFTA   It’s another One Life Left special, as we meet Nolan “the father of videogames” Bushnell ahead of his brilliant BAFTA presentation: “My life in videogames.”


After a quick interview, we’ve the full, unedited session, so you can experience the event as if you were there. Turn off your mobile phones!


Laugh! As Nolan reveals secrets behind the development of Pong!

Cry! As Bushnell reveals some of the things he did wrong when developing the Atari 2600.

Pretend you’re  blind and deaf! When you realise the videos weren’t recorded, so you have to imagine what they were like.


It was a top evening, and one you’re all able to enjoy thanks to BAFTA’s generosity.


Keep an eye on the BAFTA site for more brilliant games-events worth attending.


We’re hoping to do more specials throughout the year, so make sure you’re subscribed through iTunes or the RSS button on the side. It’s our gift to you, because we love you.

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One Life Left -- s04e24 -- #96 -- Poole Over Season Finales are meant to offer closure, but What mortal could write an ending for a season that's included all-star contributions from Joe Cornish, Iain Lee and Simon Byron's niece? Only one man: it's official OLL literary expert Steven Poole, author of Trigger Happy, the definitive book about videogames!

Steven's bar-raising appearance not withstanding, what else can you expect from the last episode of OLL for a little while? There's a spectacular three-way song fight between Season 3's most tuneful contributors. There's what Ann declared before the show to be her 'worst news ever', no small feat. There are reviews, there are chiptunes, there are small sobs as we say goodbye. Boo! Hoo!

There's also reference to these awesome listener-contributed remixes which we didn't have time to play:

Spencer Lee's "No Butts"
Blinn's "OLL Amiga Mashup"

Amazing. Thanks, chaps. And thanks to SteVader too, who rescued this show after someone (not us, obviously) broke the Resonance backup machine.

Other Music on #96

The Doctor's in Danger: Mahamajama
Hotncold: Bit The Medusa
The Kat and Marie Waltz: Orenji

And with that One Life Life Season 4 is done, done, done. New listeners, don't fret: twenty-four episodes of varying quality are available on this website or iTunes right now (you can even go back as far as the start of Season 3 if you really want). Old listeners, don't fret either. We'll be back. In a little while. Maybe in less time than you expect.

Why? Well, we talk about that at the end of the show. But the abbreviated version: make sure you're subscribed on iTunes or following our RSS Feed. We'll be running some exclusive subscriber content over our break. And we'll still be broadcasting new content on Resonance 104.4 FM.

One final note: if you've ever considered doing a feature for OLL now is the time to suggest it. We'll be launching season five with a new lineup of contributors and one of them could be you. You should know the address to email by now.

Bye! And don't forget to write / tweet / facebook / stalk,


Ste, Simon and Ann
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One Life Left -- s04e23 -- #95 -- Authority Complex OLL faces up to the challenge of a Simon-less show this week in the only way it knows how: by packing in half a dozen features, keeping the libel to a minimum and staying well inside our comfort zone. News. Reviews. Authoritative commentary. You’ll find half-assed attempts at all of those in the penultimate episode of Season 4! Our run of excellent guests continues, too. Dave Green (I’m Dave Green) joins us in the studio to teach us about some more retro hardware. There’s some improvised music and a listener competition, and Ann has a special request for email mischief. Also brilliant returns for Best Worst Game, Odds On O’D and Game For A Laugh. We are fortunate to have them all. You might find there’s some stereo imbalance during some of the recorded features this week. Apparently one of the CD players is a bit off-kilter. Some post-production tinkering only resulted in multiple Audacity crashes – we’ll try and fix it in the live broadcast next week. It’s our finale! Do join us (and our special guest)! Music on #95: Swapping Harpoons with Ron Moss – Poke-1,170 8-Bit Symmetrical Girl – Chalices Of The Past
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One Life Left -- s04e22 -- #94 -- Ha Ha Bonk What goes ha ha bonk? That’s right, it’s the sound of the OLL team laughing their heads off at this week’s guest: comedy writer, stand-up performer and irreligious troll Christina Martin! Also, Ann and Simon giggling as Ste bangs his face on his mic again. Either way (both ways, actually) it’s OLL #94!

Look, we’re twenty-two episodes into this season and you should really know the drill by now. We can probably be a bit less formal. Maybe even try bullet points. Ninety-four features the following things, in no particular order:

News. Reviews. Music. Obviously.

TWO brilliant, brilliant, exclusive, exclusive new songs.

Discussion including – but not limited to – Christian game reviews, The King of Kong, and a comprehensive answer to the question, “Are university games courses worth the effort?”

Sorry about the delay to the podcast. The team are feeling a bit under the weather this week but hope to have their collective health back together for next week’s penultimate episode of season 4. What happens after that? The last one, of course. Duh. See you!

Songs in #94:

Skins Theme Remix by Pandotrix
Red Flowers by Hurrigame Boy
Talking to Animals by Swampyboy

(It’s possible one of these didn’t make it onto the podcast because of TECHNICAL ISSUES but if you’re curious they’re all available at the brilliant 8bitcollective website).

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 One Life Left -- s04e21 -- #93 -- EU/AU

Desk checked: check. Guests checked: check. Live in three... two... one...
Oops. With Ste in America selling the rights to USA Life Left, it’s down to Simon and Ann to hold the show together. But following an anarchic Bike Show, there’s little time. It’s fair to say there are more errors with the desk in the first 10 minutes than the first 10 minutes of any show. But we muddle through as only One Life Left knows how: poorly.

Joined by Eurogamer editor Tom Bramwell and a genuine, actual One Listener Left from the other side of the world, it’s kind-of business as usual: if the usual is a broken studio recorder (thanks for saving the show, Derek Williams!), friendly racism, and  quite  a lot of actual chat about videogames and that.

Features include Derek Williams (thanks!), Mathew Kumar (thanks!) and a special As Seen On TV (hmmm), but the highlight has to be three-and-a-half minutes of Craig “The Rage”. Astonishing stuff, which’ll long be remembered after the theme rolls.

Music includes: something from Street Fighter II (or III) HD Turbo Nutter Graphics Edition, a brilliant reader-submitted song, and a dance remix of the Marble Madness theme.

Join us next week when we’ll be welcoming yet another SuperGuest. And the return of Ste, who’ll no doubt have a go at us for not making up an icon or nothing when we were only doing our best, which is patently not good enough.

Hats off!

(PS: Massive, massive thanks to Derek Williams who’s tirelessly pieced together bits from an intermittent feed to ensure this appears in your ears in some capacity. As such, the quality varies – the Internet’s fault, not Derek’s – but it’s uploaded here because surely it’s better than not being uploaded here at all. Thanks Derek!)

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 One Life Left -- s04e20 -- #92 -- Tan Man

Just... a... few... minutes... more...

Nope, that's enough waiting - after an extended, weather-enforced hiatus, TEAM OLL is back, back, back, BACK!

Wait! Back, back, back, BACK!?

Yep, four backs – and three tits – in the studio this week, as we continue our series of SuperGuests by welcoming Leo Tan, the Best Man At Street Fighter In The Country, to the warm and cosy confines of Resonance FM HQ.

(Incidentally, does anyone know if The Bike Show made it in to work last week? We bet they did, the swots. We were too busy rolling round in the snow and putting carrots in the middle of snowmen to bother turning up to the office.)

Laugh! As we, um…

Cry! As we, err…

Groove! As we, well…

WHO CARES what’s in the show?  Plug your earphones in, kick back, and relax as we entertain in the way only we know how: not very well. Enjoy!

(NB: Simon here. I thought Ste was going to put this up, but he’s gone to America. I don’t know whether he intended to, and no doubt I’ve buggered up bits of it, but I thought it best we get this delivered to your iTunze ay-ass-ay-pee, what with the fact we weren’t on air last week. He’ll shout at me when he returns. He’s like that. It’s why I wear makeup and long sleeves. But he’s not back for 10 days or so. Next week, it’ll be just me and Ann and no SuperGuest  so please, please, please send letters, jokes, features and songs to Thankyouloveyou. X)

Songs in this episode:

#1: Some. I can't remember. I'm sure Ste says what they are. 

#2: See above.

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One Life Left -- s04e19 -- #91 -- Bond Life

"Goldeneye,” sang Tina Turner. "I found his weakness. Goldeneye, he'll do what I please.” She wasn"t singing about One Life Left, but she might as well have been. We're weak, he"s pleasing: it's this week"s special guest, Martin Hollis, Producer and Director of N64 classic Goldeneye!


Why's Martin on the show? Well, listen and you"ll find out, doofus. But if you're impatient, here"s the précis. It's to fend off questions about his current projects. What does Martin think about working with the next generation of videogame hardware? Is it true Nintendo are thinking about porting Facebook to the DS?  And is he really working on the spiritual successor to Goldeneye right now?


Elsewhere, in a minor news coup, Ann reveals the exact launch year of the PS4 and the Xbox-wait-a-minute-I-can-do-this, Derek complains there aren"t enough games for him to sell in January and The Rage is missing, presumed poached. There's also some excellent music, a triplet of reviews and plenty of unprofessional bickering.


One Life Left! No time for sweetness -- but a bitter kiss will bring us to our knees. Thanks, Tina.


Music on #91:


How To Kill a Man From Outer Space // SAVESTATES

Arctic // CFCF

Glitch Test // Vastik Root


See you next week. And join our Twitter feed at /onelifeleft. Go!

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One Life Left -- s04e18 -- #90 -- Lee Way

Following #89 was never going to be easy. If we could stop time we would but with all the crushing inevitability of a discrete, week-based counting system episode ninety of One Life Left arrives. The only solution? Another OLL Superguest. This week, we introduce our brand new comedy correspondent: it’s Iain Lee, from off the telly! And the radio! And the internet!


And now our bit of the radio and the internet, too (our TV show’s still at the pilot stage). Iain joins us to chat about how you make show about videogames for television and to help us demonstrate one way of making one for radio: don’t talk about games very much. It’s what OLL does best!


But don’t worry, secret gamers; there’s lots of chat about your super shameful hobby, too. Alongside news and reviews we have Mathew Kumar delivering another Best Worst Game, while Odds On guides you gently through another way gambling relates to gaming. And sound the NEW FEATURE siren! Give your warmest welcome to Game for a Laugh, OLL’s new, regular phone-based quest.


There’s also the return of the One Life Left Game Show. It’s Ann vs Iain, of course. Who wins? Listen to #90 now to find out.


Music this episode:


Chiptune Superstar // She

Arcade Catastrophe // ZibraZibra (thanks, Hikari!)

Sorry Slash I Love You // ChippedTeethSmashedElbows


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One Life Left -- s04e17 -- #89 -- Yo Joe It begins with an interview because, hey, we don't let just anyone guest on One Life Left, much less give them the coveted title of OLL's Resident Film Expert. It's a formality, though, and post-theme we welcome our new colleague: spoiler warning! It's Joe Cornish, the tall half of TV / Radio / Multimedia's Adam & Joe. O. M. G! Read more below. Aside from the special guest star it's business as usual this week -- music, news, reviews, and one brand new feature that seems to work out pretty well. It's probably best you just listen, really. Oh! And if this is your first One Life Left here are some primer notes (there's a more detailed history in the About section). -- We broadcast across London on the brilliant Resonance FM live every Monday evening, then we podcast the show the day after. We are Ste, Simon and Ann. Hi! -- We're a radio show about videogames but not like that. You should be able to enjoy One Life Left even if you haven't picked up a joypad in weeks, months, years or ever. Um, that's our intention, anyway. -- We mix inane chat with music that sounds like videogames and features from brilliant regular contributors, including Craig 'The Rage' McClellan (our resident gaming poet) and Derek Williams (a market-stall trader in Doncaster who plays a synth and tells us what's been selling this week). -- We've been doing this for nearly three years and we welcome (and encourage) listener contributions. You can join our growing guerilla army in our Facebook group, on our forum, or by subscribing to our podcast on iTunes for free. Please do that. Here's a link to the start of Season 4 so you can catch up. Music in #89: Tetra Star -- Robots Need Love Too MC Chris -- Nrrrd Grrrl (Schizmo's Chiptune Remix) Nullsleep -- Salvation for a Broken Heart and Taliah, of course. See you next week when we'll be joined by another brilliant guest. Who? There's a clue in the show. Jeu Fini!
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One Life Left -- s04e16 -- #88 -- Two Out Of Three Ain’t  Bad

It's a reasonably Happy New Year as two-thirds of One Life Left mark their first day back in the office with resolutions, chat, songs, mistakes and one off-the-cuff comment we regret (cut from this podcast; you really should try and listen live).

Yes, OLL is back with a bang, though not as big a bang as it would be had Ste returned from his holidays in time. He's stuck in Lapland, arguing with Father Christmas about the existence of Peter Molyneux.

So cue emergency call to I'm Dave Green, who ably fills Simon's shoes whilst Simon occupies Ste's red high heels and pretty dress.

This week's show is filled to the brim with actual gaming chat about games, a special "best-of" 2008's news special with Ann (who's ill), a special Derek Williams' Free Market Economy with Derek Williams (who's poorly), a very special Craig "The Rage" McClellan with Craig "The Rage" McClellan (who's sick), a distraught Taliah, and, well, spoilers etc.

One thing we're certainly not spoilerising is the identity of our incredibly incredible special guest next week, who's reasonably certain he'll make it. A few clues inside; join the speculation on the forum, but whatever you do, do send us stuff to ask him or her (it's him).

Music this week is:

• An excellent Super Shinobi/Madonna mashup by Brian Flanagan (cut short on the show: download the full version from the site shortly)
• Fever, by show-saver Spencer Lee
• The loading music to a classic C64 s-s-s-shmup by Rob Hubbard.

Apologies to those who sent musical contributions (and we're unsure of whether we can name); we should have played your songs, but Simon panicked at the desk and forgot his running order. They're in the bank, so to speak.

Normal service will be resumed next week, when Stephen! returns, just in time to welcome (hopefully!) our very, very, very special guest.

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One Life Left -- x05 -- Christmas Special '08 -- Christmas Mixtape

Hello! As you probably already know, OLL’s Christmas gift to you isn’t a show, but a mixtape of sorts, badly-put-together by Ste. The tracklist is below. It’s probably best not to read it if you haven’t listened yet, because it’s best to be surprised. But when you have, check back here and visit the page of the artist you love and buy something from them. It’s about time, right?


Happy Christmas, and see you on January 5th!


OLL Theme // Iain Cook

Killing In The Name // Uoki-Toki

Breaking Wave // Random

Chip 2 Bit // Trash80

Salut! France // Errors

99 Problems // Jay-Z vs Combat Dave

Girl Gamers (Live) // Craig ‘The Rage’ McClellan (+ Derek Williams on Synths)

I Love Love You // Guitar Vader

It Dies // Mr. Miyagi

Sexy Back // Justin vs Combat Dave

Space Music // Sexy Synthesizer

Technologic // Daft Punk

Playerd // Copy

Door (Covox Remix) // Ram Rider

Kicks // She

CRIMEWave (LAZRtag HARDer Remix) // Crystal Castles vs Health

Free Market Economy (Live) // Derek Williams

Sponsored By Destiny // Slagsmalsklubben

Put That Pussy On Me // Spank Rock vs CFCF

The Crystal Cat // Dan Deacon

Heartbleeps // Hiroshi

You Take My Breath Away // The Knife

Umbrella // Rihanna vs electronicMESS

Star Child // gwEm and Counter Reset


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One Life Left -- s04e15 -- #87 -- Snow Business

It’s 6.15pm, in the studio and we’re all set up, missing one guest. Ste makes the call. Hey Ellie Gibson of Eurogamer Dot Net! Where are you? “Hey Ste! I’m in Soho!” Are you still on for the show tonight? “Yes, totally. It’s an 8pm start isn’t it?” Uh oh. No, Ellie, you’ve got 45 minutes. Pause. “It’s OK, I’ll be there!”



So begins Ellie’s sprint across town which, just like Ste’s in episode #81, is perfectly timed and finishes with ten seconds remaining the show’s 30-second theme tune. That’s why we’re a bit giggly at the start of the very festive #87 and that’s why her mic doesn’t work. We deal! We absolutely deal. We would not have been able to deal with that last week.


Oh, last week.


On to this week, and the last episode of this year. It’s the most feature-packed episode of One Life Left this season with very special Christmas editions of Free Market Economy, Best Worst Games, and a new, exclusive doyouinverts Christmas single. There’s also the return of a classic One Life Left feature that hasn’t appeared for at least a season and some brilliant Christmas music, including:


SNOBLIND – Receptors

Unironic Christmas Medley – Savestates

Last Christmas (hot digi remix) – Goto80 (a brilliant but essentially emergency choice that I think we played last year)


We’ll see you next year. Do email us in the meantime and keep watching the site for Christmas blogs and things. Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy everything.


Ste, Simon and Ann

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One Life Left -- s04e14 -- #86 -- Math Problem It's Simon's last show before Christmas! So what better way to celebrate than with a return to One Life Left values of old: awkward silences, and dozens of technical errors. Welcome to the world's greatest videogame radio show. So what have we learnt? Firstly, that we shouldn't let Ste drink for three days and arrive at the show a physical and emotional mess, incapable of working even the most basic elements of the desk, let alone delivering any kind of insight into the gaming industry. Secondly that if we absolutely have to do that, we shouldn't do it in front of Brammers, Eurogamer's Editor. And thirdly sometimes apologies just don't cut it. Seriously, sorry. This is not the best episode and if it's your first you should probably click back a few although there are, as ever, some highlights. Taliah! Best Worst Games! Sweet music! Off-air libel! An introductory I'm Dave Green joke cut off by Ste's seratonin-deficient incompetence! Oh God. Music on #86: Heartbleeps by Hiroshi Heathens (8-bit mix) by Bracken Ryu the Red Nosed Ninja by Doctor Octoroc Sorry. Sorry! (And sorry this is late, too. For obvious reasons.) See you next week!
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One Life Left -- s04e13 -- #85 -- Bucks Fizz Bucks Fizz -- champagne cut with orange juice for reasons of cost masked by reasons of taste; the sort of drink you have at a company party just before everyone gets fired or a wedding where there's nothing to celebrate. And this is the episode just after the One Life Left Christmas Party, and the apologies section is back. Uh oh...

Whatever! The past is the past, literally unbroadcastable or otherwise, and the future is here right now. Five features, including a new song by some time best-friend-of-the-show Spencer Lee and a Very Christmas Craig The Rage.

And today marks an important point in One Life Left's history -- the launch of our very first CD, as press-released on Eurogamer here. You can buy it from Amazon here. Please buy it from Amazon. It is seven quid. Buy it now! BUY IT NOW. Then we can make another one.

Apologies for the broken mic problems near the end, which stopped Ste from being as enthusiastic as he'd like about Think Quick.

Music on #85:

Umbrella by electronicMESS
The Opposite of Sick of You by Think Quick

See you!
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One Life Left -- s04e12 -- #84 -- Terrain Man

We’re halfway through Season 4 (like the day after the summer solstice it’s all downhill from here) but if you think we’re getting complacent, thing again: One Life Left #84 is a special episode with a special guest. But who’s the guest? And what’s the occasion?



It’s Rock Paper Shotgun’s very own Kieron Gillen! And it’s Simon Byron’s birthday, so he has the night off. Consequently this episode of OLL may sound a little bit different (we’ve not had to edit out any slander for a start, and we talk about video games quite a lot) but you can still expect the same quality of Xeroxed news, half-hearted reviews, games industry gossip and improbably brilliant features.


Download the episode from here and as always, tell everyone you love to do the same.


Crucuially (and you’ll hear this throughout the show) this is the last episode of One Life Left before our Christmas Party. It is HUGELY IMPORTANT you attend, whether this is the first episode you’ve listened to or the last. We’ll be recording a show, live, and an audience will make that better, but the radio part’s only a fraction of the day’s events; there’s our CD launch, live music performances, your chance to make friends / make enemies / make out with some games industry legends. It’s free. And it’ll be brilliant. I have no idea why you aren’t writing it in your diary already.


Oh, you are? Sweet! It’s at The Blue Posts on Rupert St, Soho, and it’ll be going on from 2pm until late, late, late. We’ll see you there, and for the after party, and the after-after party, and etc.

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One Life Left -- s04e11 -- #83 -- Troll Booth Om nom nom nom? What? No! The OTHER kind of troll, the one that resides on the internet and says naughty things to gain a lol-some reaction. That's what OLL's big mouth feels like this week. But who are we trolling, and why?

Oh, no-one, deliberately, obviously. We're nice! We love everyone, even the gaming industry legends we insult. That's why we promise to keep the really salacious anecdotes to the off-air stuff at the OLL party. But the best kind of troll is the accidental one, the off-hand quip you regret later, and while there's no apology section this week we expect we'll need one in #84. Sorry! Sorry.

OLL #83 also contains no less than five separate features, the continuation of some threads from episodes past and some excellent listener-letters. If you want to be on next week's show you're welcome to send us stuff, of course. Otherwise just tune in, silently listening, and enjoy. It is a fun one, we think.

Also, keep an eye on the blog for more BONUS CONTENT from presenters and contributors alike.

Music in #83:

Hello by Uoki-Toki
In the Year 200X by 8-Bit Metal
I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire

Special thanks to Derek, who's struggling through computer problems to maintain his excellent contribution record.

ALSO. RSVP to our party. It is going to be awesome.
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One Life Left -- s04e10 -- #82 -- Party Favour No last-minute dramas this week, except that the show before ran on for three minutes into our slot and we were outraged. And which week is this? It's week in which Simon organised one party but mostly One Life Left got excited about another one. It's show #82. And we'll let the actual content of the show reveal itself to you, with all the features, news, reviews and music waiting for you like a girl on stage awkwardly awaiting carnal instruction. No spoilers, except to say we do actually genuinely talk quite a lot about videogames in this one. I know! We were quite surprised too. Especially Ann. Most pertinently, the Facebook party page for people who want to join us at our once-a-year Christmas bash on Saturday 29th of November is here. If you are reading this then you are genuinely invited. We want to see you there. You will have fun. Music in #82: Not a lot, really, but the one chiptune thing we played is worth it... Sexy Synthesizer -- Follow Me Love Machine -- Girls Aloud I'll leave you to guess which one that is. Oh, and two contributions from our friends, of course. No spoilers. See you next week!
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One Life Left -- s04e09 -- #81 -- Rush Hour No time for a long explanation here because 1/3 of One Life Left is getting a flight to Lyon in a few hours, which leaves precious little time for sleep / lying awake, regretting all the things you said today. But we should explain why there's three minutes missing from this week's show... Public transport. Ste left Brighton in plenty of time to reach the Resonance FM studios but a series of problems on the British rail network (four separate issues, detail fans) left him fighting his way through rush hour as Ann and Simon broke out the emergency CDs. Ste made it with seconds to spare -- the theme was about fifteen seconds in -- but, as a few weeks ago, we weren't set up to record. So that's why the show starts just after Ann's pleas with Simon not to talk about what she got up to on Friday night at Nottingham Game City. Some of our listeners will already know. The rest will have to put together pieces from the fragments of information here, in episode 81 of Europe's favourite tenuously-related-to-videogames show, One Life Left. Music: Spring // Resplendent / Downey Illusional Hop // Anthony Lofton & Joshua Morse Glasgow Mega-Snake // Mogwai That's it. See you next week. Oh, and please come to our party on the 29th of November. It's going to be brilliant and you'll be able to buy a CD! Srsly.
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One Life Left -- s04e08 -- #80 -- Mother's Day We're One Life Left's parents and we love all our children, but our eightieth (recognised) child was certainly born under a bad sign. Seconds before the show started we were shouted at by our beautiful engineer, Maria, for a crime we didn't commit, so we shouted back; and then, when the show finally started, two of the mics weren't working. The only person who could save us? Maria. Uh oh!

But save us she did and so, beginning with an early hit of mood-music to cover up the tense sounds of an audio caesarian, episode eight of season four pukes and mewls its way into your ears. This episode: Craig, Derek, Mathew and Taliah all entertain with winning contributions, a couple of engagements for you to add to your diaries, some news of some NEW OLL merchandise and a very, very, very special guest.

And gossip, reviews, news, Simon Byron's Memoirs, etc.

Music in #80:

Destiny's Child // Say My Name by Copy
Niji No Kawa by she
Animal Crossing Traveling OC ReMix by Kaijin
Bright Tomorrow by Fuck Buttons

Blogs about contents to come later in the week, hopefully. And OLL at GameCity, of course. See you all on Thursday?
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One Life Left -- s04e07 -- #79 -- No Prizes No prizes for naming this week's guest after the first, ooh, three words of the show. No prizes for working out what's up with Ann's voice, either, particularly if you've been reading our blog. And, if you were lucky enough to attend the GMAs last Thursday, no prizes for guessing what most of this week's apology section concerns. Uh oh, it's OLL #79: the post-party regret.

But the show isn't just about red faces, recollection immediately followed by regret. There's also the bits in between, the features and news and jingles and stuff. You know, the good stuff: Craig 'The Rage' McClellan takes on the Nintendo DS, Taliah looks at Ridge Racer and Mathew Kumar recalls Seaman on the Dreamcast.

And, midway through, just after the letters section and essentially out of nowhere, we announce OLL's next public gathering and invite you all. We'll do a proper blog about that this week but for now please accept our audio invite. You should come. It promises to be awesome. There might even be prizes.

We also play some astonishingly good music on #79:

Sun Lights Stars (Covox Remix) by Ram Rider
Earthbound -- Twoson Hits The Road -- OC Remix by djpretzel
Coloris by She.

And, you know, everything else.

Please enjoy -- protest on our forum if you don't, or even if you do -- and we'll see you in a week (and maybe *see* you in ten days). Exciting times!

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One Life Left -- s04e06 -- #78 -- Broken Record We've never been afraid of tempting fate -- would we self-herald as Britain's favourite videogame radio show if we were? -- but the news we received this morning might make a weaker team opt for humility and caution over bravado in the future. Still, we wouldn't be One Life Left if we weren't big-mouthed idiots so please enjoy our 78th hour of published regret.

Inside you'll find, amongst other joys, the return of our gambling contributor Odds On O'D and a brand new doyouinverts track inspired by one of One Life Left's favourite websites. There's also five pieces of expertly-stolen gaming news, some new music and Ste talks about how he went to Tokyo by mentioning SHIBUYA a lot.

Also apologies. Genuine apologies.

Please write to us. You'll note midway through the show we make a plea for your help. We will replace that plea later in the week so keep reading for an update on that. For now, enjoy our hour and keep your fingers crossed for us on Thursday.

Music in #78: Sonic the Hedgehog Metamorphic Rock by Darkesword
One Car Family by 240 Interceptor
Monsieur Revee by best-friend-of-One-Life-Left Spencer
and, as mentioned, more from the doyouinverts.

Apologies for the (jetlag-related) delay. See you soon.
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One Life Left -- s04e05 -- #77 -- Illegal Alien

This show is sponsored by:

CD prepared? Check. Guests – or co-presenter – in studio? Check. Over-ambitious list of things to chat about? Check. Studio door locked just in case The Man tries to interrupt the maverick broadcast? Check. Memory card inserted into the memory card machine so the show can be recorded and podcast if that’s a verb? Check. Record pushed?

 With Ste away in Japan, good ship One Life Left is left in the (dis)able(d) hands of Simon, Ann and guest co-host Tom BrammersMcBramwell from off of


Ste's List Of Things To Do is largely ignored as we ramble our way through radio exclusives such as:


Then: The Phone! After all, when better to experiment with technology than when the desk is being driven by someone who's only driven a desk once before, and that
went very badly? I know: now.

Still, it seems to go reasonably okay, until the shock twist at the end of the show, when at which point literally – literally – all seems lost.

This episode is bought to you – unedited - thanks to One Life Left best friend Spencer Lee. Who not only provides one of the show's audio high points, but saves this episode. Literally.

Thanks Spencer. OLL salutes you. Thank him here: Thanks also to Derek, whou would have been there if Spencer wasn’t.

Oh, music:
Knights of Cydonia 8bit (ripped from YouTube)
Agony theme, Psygnosis
Two listener contributions
Lemmings Rap 7inch, SFX
Commando them, Rob Hubbard

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One Life Left -- s04e04 -- #76 -- Desk Job

In which Simon assumes control of the One Life Left radio bus, Ste cowers in the front seat and peers between his fingers, and Ann makes out with boys on the back seat.

Welcome to #76, in which three important announcements are made. We’ll blog them in detail later in the week but I don’t think it’s a spoiler to those announcements concern:

i)                    The WINNER of One Life Left’s most popular competition ever, to name a Beer at Nottingham Game City

ii)                  One Life Left’s amazing, unique, ill-advised event at Nottingham Game City

iii)                Ste’s absence next week.

Which is why Simon’s driving this week. To learn, you know. It wouldn’t be One Life Left if the preparation wasn’t ill-considered and last-minute.

To alleviate the pressure / add to the complexity, we have a guest for the first time in Season 4. Ellie “Gibbo” Gibson returns to the airwaves to amuse, entertain and talk about videogames. We are lucky to have her. We (abruptly) welcome a new feature, too – ‘The Best Worst Games You’ve Never Played’ by Mathew Kumar. We’re looking for a jingle for that segment so if you can provide, get in touch. And the regulars are all present and correct too – poetry, gambling, chart musings and more.

Music this week:

The Suspense Is Killing Me – Boy 8-Bit
Shempi – Ratatat
Electric Touch (Mighty Mi / Stev1der Mix) – Kanye West v. MGMT
Toejam & Earl Bumpin’ OC Remix

Ok. See you soon!

Ste, Simon and Ann xxx

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One Life Left -- s04e03 -- #75 -- Saddle Up Yo, gaming tough guys the broadcast / podcast world over, know this: One Life Left has never been afraid of making enemies. Our independence allows us that freedom. We can say what we want about whoever we want and still be sure we'll continue to not receive free things in the post (please send us free things in the post). We're a videogame show with principles. Our main principle is that because we don't have the opportunity to sell out you can be sure that we haven't.

So yeah, we're tough. Last week on the blog, though, we chose to pick on the wrong people. We stepped outside our videogame comfort zone and chose to pick on men with bikes. And this week, The Bike Show acted exactly how you might imagine The Bike Show would: with grace and humour, inviting us on to the last five minutes of their (professionally produced, diligently prepared, also podcast) show. You join us just after our unexpected backie, three presenters giddy from a magical bike ride through Resonance FM.

So, allow us a moment to calm down and then enjoy the news, the features, the music (see below) and the epic, astonishing letters section featuring actual post. And enjoy the post-production too, since this is a recut of Season 4, Episode 3, largely deglitched. If you feel like you're missing out you should really tune in live but actually, this time the podcast listeners get the better deal: the new feature (no spoilers) is here in full, the victim of a dodgy last-minute CD burn in the FM-broadcast show. It is excellent.

With luck we'll have another new feature next show and our first guest of the season. Maybe even the Nottingham announcement we've been teasing you with for some time. Do enter the competition, and write to us using our contact for or at the address in the show -- your letters are consistently brilliant and make us happy.

Music: Thank You Mario But Our Princess Is In Another Castle / the Mountain Goats and Kaki King
Magical 8bit Tour / YMCK
Street Fighter II Sly Thai Guy OC Remix / Kaijin

All to be added to our music links page imminently. Do let people know about the show if you think they should know about the show and keep checking the blog for irregular / nonsenseical updates. We'll see you in a week.
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One Life Left -- s04e02 -- #74 -- Second Hand A rambling preamble in lieu of the one that we can't do now we're back on Resonance: You know, knowing your own mind isn't as easy as it sounds. You need to know something about everything. But there are lots of everythings in the world and you're expected to have something to say about them all. Sometimes you already hold an opinion on something, sometimes the opinion you hold emerges when you begin to speak and sometimes you arrive at the point where you need to have an opinion and you're still none the wiser on what that opinion should be. Like, for example, when you're considering second hand games, or zoo animals, or whether you should go to the park alone.

ENOUGH. Features, music, news, gossip, nonsense, regret, vague attempts to get listeners arrested. The second episode of series two was plagued by technical problems most of which have mysteriously vanished for the podcast. If you are that hot for awkward silences, miscued tracks and giggles I suggest you tune in for the live broadcast (7pm, Monday evenings, Resonance FM). Some things can't be fixed in post: there is no still no telephone guest so if you're tuning in for the promised hot phone chat you'll have to wait until next week. And we still don't talk about games enough.

Songs for #74:

Kickle's Processional -- The Depreciation Guild
Arkanoid 1999 (2000 Remix) -- Chris Abbott
TLC / No Scrubs -- Copy
Breaking Out (Demo) -- The Protomen

Oh, and you only have three days left to vote. We are not going to win this vote without some kind of Titanic effort, so go find a cruiseship and crash it into iceberg. Metaphorically. If you loved us you'd do that. We'd do it for you.

Subscribe on iTunes, write to us, join our Facebook group, all that kind of thing. Thanks!
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One Life Left -- s04e01 -- #73 -- Wave Hello

Kick, punch, you all remember…

Hello. We’re back. It has been too long, except it’s like we’ve never been away.

News. Music. Reviews. Five features. Three overexcited presenters. Gossip and rumour, salacious implication, momentary regret, six shrugged shoulders and quickly on to something different.

Today: new engineers, new babies, new plans, the red ring of death, Atari, Nottingham GameCity, songs to fall in love to and repeated pleas for you all to email and vote for us in the GMAs. Do that, do that now. We are the rank outsiders but it would be excellent if we beat the BBC, and all that might take is a couple of clicks from you.

Enough. Click to listen, go on iTunes to subscribe, explore the new website, send us an email and join our Facebook. This is One Life Left. We are back, and we will be hanging out with you for a while, if you don’t mind. Tell the world.

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One Life Left -- s03e24 -- #72 -- Any Other Business

It’s the last episode of Season 3 of One Life Left and we have an agenda. That agenda: to tidy up all the loose ends from the other shows in Season 3, to apologise and move on. It’s a departure from our previous (unwritten) agendas which, for Simon at least, mostly involve swearing and libel. But Simon isn’t here. In his place, no-longer-a-mystery-guest Jonathan Smith, who calms Ann’s nerves with a steely gaze and fearless hands. That will make more sense after you’ve heard the news.

The news which, because you demanded it, includes a post-news-section gossip with someone who attended the Rock Band conference. Extra news, only a week late! Fear not, though, because we manage to get through a lot in our final hour-and-five minutes. We have two phone guests. We have four features. We have two incredible WORLD EXCLUSIVE REVIEWS, a scoop so great any other podcast would be issuing press releases right this second: one of Grand Theft Auto IV and one of Lego Indiana Jones. Beat that Major Nelson! Or anyone else we care to pick a fight with, frankly.

And then, at the very end of the episode, something truly awesome: some Other Business. You can wait for that. Do wait. It will be worth it.

Any Other Business could refer to another part of the episode too, which is almost entirely unedited. You will notice the part where it is particularly unedited. It would have been almost effortless to cut it out but we have left that in because we found it funny. It is super indulgent but hey, this is the last show, and perhaps gives those who weren’t ever able to make it to a preamble a taste of what that was like, i.e. surprises, muffled noises, nonsense and giggling.

The sound on #72 might be a little worse than on previous shows. We’ve had a few problems with the desk today, to the extent that for a couple of hours it looked like the show wasn’t going to happen. We’re going to refit studio OLL shortly. We’re looking for way to fund that. We’re thinking of selling t-shirts! Or Ann’s hair.

And that’s it. Thank you to all our guests and contributors, thank you to Resonance FM and to Eurogamer and thank you all so much for putting up with us this season. It has been a genuine pleasure. We’ll see you soon, we hope – if not in Malmo or at the (recently postponed) One Life Left Wrap Party then for Season Four. Keep checking, or our Facebook page for details on that. We’ll let you know as soon as we do.


The One Life Left Team


PS: If you didn't know by now, we have a group! That's new, and a brilliant way to compare notes on awesome music with other listeners. We are very close to the 500 mark on Facebook, so help us surpass that by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here -- clicking around our friends list there is a good way to find out about the bands on the show. The OLL forum is here and if you want to email us with letters or things to play you can do so at the address in the show: team at one life
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One Life Left -- s03e23 -- #71 -- Telephonic Spree Those of you who can think as far back as the start of Season 3 might remember that we often promised to call people and never ever got around to it, mostly because it took about a dozen episodes for Resonance to get around to installing the phone. We make up for that today by using our Skype phone on no less than four occasions! To varying degrees of success, as you'll find out.

What else can we reveal without spoilers? Well, contrary to our hastily penned trailer on Eurogamer there aren't any reviews this week -- blame the fight we had about Riff last week and not wanting to turn Simon's last episode of the season into another row. But to compensate the news section contains actual news, an OLL regular returns to debut new material, Derek's still Derek and Craig 'The Rage' McClelland continues to hurt.

The show is presented almost completely unedited* so you'll please forgive the minor errors. Post production could have fixed them all, e.g. by highlighting the whole One Listener Left section and pressing delete, but we're all about honesty. Also laziness. We do forget to call someone as Simon mentions at the end of the show but perhaps we'll remedy that next week.

By we I mean Ann and Ste, because Simon's off on holiday now. He'll be back for the OLL wrap party which is tentatively scheduled for the 26th of April in London somewhere (we're seeking a venue, so write in if you can help with that). Ann and Ste will return next Tuesday for the OLL Season 3 Finale with a very special copresenter. Please join us then.

Oh, music: It's quite a musical episode. A Lemmings remix by a friend of a listener, a track from ex-OLL-standards Colon Openbracket, a quick blast of a new CFCF remix (vs Sally Shapiro) and a Mega Man II remix by Johan Agebjorn.

Hey! We have a group! That's new. Also, please join our Facebook Group and help us push on to the 500 mark by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here -- clicking around our friends list there is a good way to find out about the bands on the show. The OLL forum is here and if you want to email us with letters or things to play you can do so at the address in the show: team at one life

*Of course it doesn't have the half hour preamble in which we checked the mics, Ann made us drinks and Simon called Simon's sister and talked about celebrity conquests. For that sort of thing you'll have to listen live. Sorry!
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One Life Left -- s03e22 -- #70 -- Event Horizon Maybe you'll have noticed by now but episode 70 of OLL clocks in at well over 63 minutes. That means it's the longest One Life Left ever, assuming you don't count the Christmas Party which you shouldn't because that was essentially unlistenable, if not literally unbroadcastable.

But despite loosening our belts by five whole percent we still didn't manage to squeeze in all the OLL fatness we'd planned. Sure, we got the features done -- three contributors make the most of their spots in the audio sunlight (can you have audio sunlight?) (no.) -- and the news is there as always. There are more reviews than ever, live section One Listener Left, no obvious libel and another game-person hunting mission. Plus there are two important, exciting event announcements, one of which is revealed below so hey, SPOILER WARNING. You might want to listen and then come back.

Spoiler buffer zone for those slow to decelerate. We missed things! It's such a packed show. Sorry about that. We didn't miss them deliberately. We will carry them over to next week, no worries. If you are expecting a better letters section or the best Ann Fic ever you will have to wait a little while. Oh, and we also didn't mention the very special guest coming to our party.

What party? Well, on April the 26th we'll be doing another One Live Left from a pub in London. There'll be live performances from feature contributors, special guests, prizes, music, booze and dancing. Venue to be announced but it will be brilliant and you should come. More details to follow. See you next week.

Join our Facebook Group and help us push on to the 500 mark by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here -- clicking around our friends list there is a good way to find out about the bands on the show. The OLL forum is here and if you want to email us with letters or things to play you can do so at the address in the show: team at one life
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One Life Left -- s03e21 -- #69 -- Mistakes and Regrets Those of you who tune in live to the preamble might be surprised to hear that actually, all things considered, OLL is pretty well prepared. We have a list of things that we need to get through and a rough schedule detailing how we're going to do it.

So, everything's in order for One Life Left #69, right? We have the news (check), some reviews (check), features from OLL's beloved contributors (check) including a very special never-before-broadcast snippet from the OLL archives (check). We don't have any letters but we'll do an appearl for some midway through the show and I'm sure that'll work out (check).

We do have some music, though (check). And we have a vague plan to track someone down that may or may not come to fruition (check), we're going to talk to a listener and give away a game, phone one of Eurogamer and we're going to say something so unbelievable and irresponsible in the first ten minutes that we'll need to edit it out in post production (check). Wait, what was that last one?

Never mind, I'm sure it's going to be fine.

Two things for you to do over the next week.

1) Write to us, because our Inbox was pretty empty this week.

2) Partake in Simon's Wikipedia challenge, as revealed halfway through the show.

You could combine them. That would be efficient.

Join our Facebook Group and help us push on to the 500 mark by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here -- clicking around our friends list there is a good way to find out about the bands on the show. The OLL forum is here and if you want to email us with letters or things to play you can do so at the address in the show: team at one life
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One Life Left -- s03e20 -- #68 -- Dolled Up Like a perfect adventure game it begins with a quest: a listener who wants us to make something happen. And it finishes with... Well, you'll have to listen, won't you?

But while the narrative road that runs through One Life Left #68 is untested and overgrown with hazardous distractions, the journey still takes us to some familar places. There's the palatial, long-standing Casa Derek, of course; the glorious peaks and gloomy valleys of The Rage; Ray Silvergun's bonsai gardens; and Mount Odds On O'D. That's not an imperative. Please don't try.

There's also Ann's adventuorous news, Simon's adventurous backchat, Ste's 'adventurous' handling of the desk* and a genuinely adventurous guest who tries to avoid talking about some super secret game-related stuff and ends up talking about cocks instead. We'll have more of that sort of thing next week. I mean the game-related stuff. Well, either, really.

What else? Oh, just listen. Incidentally, #68 is the 20th episode in Season 3, which means we're truly on the home straight now. There are four more live 'standard' episodes this season. We'll talk about our plans for after that next week, I think. See you then.

Join our Facebook Group and help us push on to the 500 mark by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here -- clicking around our friends list there is a good way to find out about the bands on the show. The OLL forum is here and if you want to email us with letters or things to play you can do so at the address in the show: team at one life
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One Life Left -- s03e19 -- #67 -- Present and Correct

Present because there are presents, correct because there were no major sound problems this week. Simple.

So simple and trouble free that there are, for the first time ever, two phone guests. In fact there were four but the other two (Simon’s Mum and another listener) were part of the pre-show preamble which we meander through for about half an hour before we hit 8pm and hit record. That’s right: those 30 minutes are lost forever, except in the heads of the 60-odd privileged listeners who were unfortunate enough to tune in a bit early.

In addition to those guests we have all kinds of minifeatures, some reviews that actually almost touch on being actual reviews, lots of game music remixes (though not, you’ll note, Ann’s idea of remixes), an interview with a band who don’t sound very sure they know what videogames are, and a competition that you’re going to have real difficulty winning. Another reason to listen live if you can.

There is no One Life Left next week. Ste’s off to LA, Simon’s off to see Muse and Ann’s going to cram like she’s in a High School movie montage. We’ll return for episode 20 at 8pm on the 19th of March refreshed and rejuvenated with at least one announcement. Exciting.

Music in 67: My Brain by Mr Glide, Bootstrap by Pluxus, Candy by God knows who ft. some Japanese girls, Zelda 3: A Link To The Piano by Zoola, and that might be it. Actually I’m not CERTAIN we played the Pluxus track but if we didn’t we intended to and we will soon.

Join our Facebook Group and help us push on to the 500 mark by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here -- clicking around our friends list there is a good way to find out about the bands on the show. The OLL forum is here and if you want to email us with letters or things to play you can do so at the address in the show: team at one life
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One Life Left -- s03e18 -- #66 -- Fuzzy Logic Welcome to the severely delayed OLL #66. Delayed because the audio quality within is, uhm, what's the technical term for this? Ruined. Let us say ruined. Because something, some technical thing, went wrong two minutes into the show and we're still not exactly sure what it was. Everything seems to be fine now but we'll need you all to be alert next week if it happens again.

So in many ways this episode is actually worse than last week's test but it could have been worse. It has been lovingly stitched back together by OLL engineer James Scott and we offer our unreserved thanks to him. There are many reasons why you should be grateful too. The majority of those are the features, of course: Craig, Derek, Odds on, Taliah and Ray Silvergun producing spectacular work for our Eurogamer debut. There's also a new feature: One Listener Left, in which you can participate if you listen live during the next show.

That will be on Tuesday at 8pm. There will be preamble* and cake before that from around 7.30pm. Visit the website then for a link to the stream as soon as it goes live. Oh! It's probably wise to point out at this point we will be taking a week off after this in order to (try to) fix the studio problem permanently. Good luck with THAT, Ste.

*Thankfully as listeners were quick to point out all the idiotic nonsense before the show was in perfect quality, leading us to believe that Studio One Life Left is sentient and taking delight in taking the piss.

Music in #66: well, it's mostly fucked, isn't it? But Butterfly Kisses by The Depreciation Guild, Rhona by Acrnym (sic), and Pacman (Glass Cage OC Remix) by Israfel.

Join our Facebook Group and help us push on to the 500 mark by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here -- clicking around our friends list there is a good way to find out about the bands on the show. The OLL forum is here and if you want to email us with letters or things to play you can do so at the address in the show: team at one life
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One Life Left -- x04 -- Eurogamer Test Transmission -- Can You Hear Me Now? Usual caveats for an OLL special: this is not a typical One Life Left if such a thing exists, and if this is your first time here you should probably go back a few episodes and start listening there. But if you're a veteran...

Presenting, an unexpected 'treat'as part of the build up to Tuesday's First Show On Eurogamer Radio: The OLL Test Transmission we recorded last week. This was really just meant to be a technical test but we decided the best way to do that was by doing the show exactly as we normally would. So we went onto A Popular Gaming Forum and asked them to help us out by listening. They listened! Sweet!

So yeah, it's quite dodgy at the start because we're still trying to find our way round the revamped Studio OLL (and you'll especially enjoy the major hiccup about 20 minutes in, which I've left in for illustrative purposes). But by the end it's fairly standard OLL stuff, mumbling, rambling and off-track discussion over chiptune music and Ann's disinterest. There's also a new live listener count which we expect to prove invaluable over the next few weeks.

Some notes that I'm not sure we mentioned during the show or that are worth repeating:

* The first proper broadcast is at 8pm on Tuesday. Be there. If you have technical problems let us know and we'll ask our new, awesome off-site engineer Mark.

* We're going to have the mics up during show preparation beforehand (perhaps from as early as 7.30PM). This stuff will not be podcast, obviously. We might have a Skype name for you to call in and say hello.

* Same goes for after the show. So if you want to hear all that you'll have to listen live.

* Podcast details stay the same. You don't have to resubscribe.

That's it. See you on Tuesday!

Music in #x04: Whatever I could find on iTunes in the heat of the moment, so: Sponsored by Destiny by Slagsmalsklubben, Machine by Mark Denardo and about half a second of something suitably overwrought by Desaparecidos.

While you're waiting for Tuesday's premiere, join our Facebook Group and help us push on to the 500 mark by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here -- clicking around our friends list there is a good way to find out about the bands on the show. The OLL forum is here and if you want to email us with letters or things to play you can do so at the address in the show: team at one life
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Is this thing on?

OK. You might think you've guessed the news by now. Listen on, listen on. At least as far as Ann's news, and then read on.


So. OLL #65, as well as carrying the weight of The Announcement, has all the stuff you'll have learnt to tolerate in the previous sixty-four episodes. There is A Stoic Lack of Interest with Ann Scantlebury. There is Belligerent Shouting with Simon Byron. And there is Panicked Fumbling with Ste Curran. That last sentence is the newspaper pull-quote on the poster of Ste's life.

There's gossip, a phone guest, a top five and an impromptu apology. There is poetry, brilliant, furious poetry. There the return of the doyouinverts. There is Derek! Derek! Derek! And we have news on Simon's Florida summit with Taliah.

It is One Life Left! There is gaming, content, nonsense and conjecture. But really the episode's all about the announcement and we are so goddamned excited about that that it's difficult to play this piece of text distant and cool.

Clarifications (and spoilers for those who'd rather hear us talk about it on the show first): for you, you right there, you, our favourite, it doesn't mean a great deal of change. In fact it barely means any change at all except that a) we're allowed to eat and drink in the studio again, b) guests get to sit on a couch, and c) FM listeners won't be able to pick up OLL but an awful lot more gamers will.

There are other advantages, too. Not least, and there is a hint of the future here, that the idea of live shows outside of our weekly slot on the schedule is no longer a dumb, unattainable dream. If World War III breaks out in a week's time and we want to tell you something live from the OLL studio we can.

Assuming you're still alive. Is it really broadcasting if there's no-one there to receive?

We will find out.


Music in #64: Farfar by Hugg & Pepp (for Simon's reaction), Can't Get You Out Of My Shed by Printed Circuit (for Ann), Kom Igen Komissarian by Slagsmalsklubben (for old time's sake) and The End of Radio by the brilliant, brilliant Shellac.

While you're waiting for our Change, join our Facebook Group and help us push on to the 500 mark by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here -- clicking around our friends list there is a good way to find out about the bands on the show. The OLL forum is here and if you want to email us with letters or things to play you can do so at the address in the show: team at one life
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One Life Left -- s03e15 -- #63 -- The Hardest Word Can it ever be a good sign when you find the three minute apology backing music just isn't long enough?

In One Life Left #63 we try to make the best of it. Apology One is standard enough stuff, backed by our midi-synth version of Nirvana's Hallmark anthem. Apology Two? That occurs in the letters section where One Life Left responds to its first ever piece of hatemail. And Apology Three is the most special apology of all; so special, in fact, that we bring in a phone guest to help us.

We had to turn down our mics for the second part of the phone conversation because we were giggling. I am not sure that helped the sincerity of the apology. There is a relatively interesting point, slightly preachy point here which will probably make more sense after you've heard the show and the context of the third apology, so feel free to skip the next bit.


One Life Left is intended for adults. This isn't necessarily because we behave like adults (like Game Theory) or swear very much (like just about every other game podcast). It's because Simon and I speak from the position of two adults who have played and worked with videogames for twenty years and think they're ridiculous and brilliant and terrible; exactly the same things we think about the industry that pays our wages. So a lot of the stuff that we talk about is a naturally adult videogame fan's perspective, loaded with cynicism but still prone to bouts of childish glee.

So based on that we imagine that the bulk of our audience is in the 20-40 age bracket, as are we. That's backed up by the letters we receive and that's who the show's for. We kind of forget that there are other people out there too, forget that our audience isn't just those who explictly decide to download the podcast but that we're actually broadcasting across the whole of London, live, and forget that we probably should warn people who haven't experienced One Life Left before that:

a) Just because games are often for children doesn't mean a show about games is for children,
c) Children probably shouldn't listen to One Life Left, not least because they'll find it boring
b) We try to behave but sometimes, you know, things happen.


Anyway. One Life Left #63, like all the One Life Lefts before it, is almost entirely free of swearing (but not quite) and sort of somewhat free of bawdy humour (but, yeah, not really). It has lots of features, a review of the new Advance Wars where Ste tries very hard to do an ACTUAL review while sorting something out in the studio and some excellent new music. It also has a phone guest, as mentioned. This means we can use the phone and will try and use it at least once a week.

Next week: a very special studio guest, at least one new feature and Ann investigates CFCF's name. See you then.

Oh: while you're listening, join our Facebook Group and help us push up to 400 by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here -- clicking around our friends list there is a good way to find out about the bands on the show. The OLL forum is here (and mostly talking about Advance Wars) and if you want to email us you can do so at the address in the show: team at one life
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One Life Left -- s03e14 -- #62 -- Speccy Eight Eyes Speccy because this week's One Life Left is a Spectrum Special, obviously, but eight eyes? Two eyes per person and none of us are wearing glasses which means this week we have a guest. It's One Life Left's resident expert, Dave Green, and he's here to talk Ann through a bit of gaming history. Enjoy the live loading sounds and try and play with the team as they guess what decades-old televisual delights Dave's brought with him in his big sack of retro.

He genuinely does have a big sack of retro. It took him a while to pack up and he made small talk with the Resonance FM show that follows us which is more than we've every managed. Turns out an expert in everything is an expert in smooth, too.

Sorry for the delay to this week's podcast. Straight after the show Ste went to Milan and left the uploading in Simon's more-than-capable hands. Unfortunately hands aren't enough in the modern age and first computers, then internet connection, then God-knows-what else let him down and led to a four-day-delay. If it happens again you'd do well to check the Facebook (you're a member by now, right? Or are you one of the people who left last week?) or One Life Left's sister blog, The Triforce Dot Com, for further updates.

So, listen, struggle past the slightly slow start and into an hour-and-a-minute of news, reviews, features, nostalgia, anecdotes and circuit bending. While you're listening, join our Facebook Group and make up for the leavers by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same slightly-too-ubiquitous-for-comfort-now site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here and clicking around our friends list there is a good way to find out about the bands on the show. The OLL forum is here (and mostly talking about Advance Wars) and if you want to email us you can do so at the address in the show: team at one life
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One Life Left -- s03e13 -- #61 -- Hot Coughy Coughing: an action that the body takes to get rid of substances that are irritating the air passages. That's what Wikipedia has to say but, as typical with Thinngs Teenagers Know, it's missing the bigger picture. Let One Life Left help out by providing you with an audio example in episode 61. Coughing: an action that masks juicy bits of gossip, allowing the team to indulge in salacious industry rumour whilst keeping its communal throat clear.

Also Coughing: an action everyone gets to hear when Simon's clearing his throat while the mics are up. Oops.

Hey! Enough of Wikipedia, where the One Life Left hosts' profiles are under threat! Welcome to episode 13 of Season 3. Unlucky for some, in this case anyone expecting an Ann Art this week. There isn't any because Ann 'didn't do it'. We've put that in quotes because it's a quote and Ann's learning to be a journalist, as you'll hear in the first half of the show. Besides, we've got plenty to make up for the missing competition: a new feature, several regulars, news (when do we not have news?), reviews (of a sort), and the ever-excellent letters section marred by our muddling. Oh, and some brilliant new music.

And that's it, I think. Really, you might as well hit play (if you haven't already) and make your own mind up. Though it's probably best if you download the show and put it on your personal MP3 player of choice. Then you can listen to us while you walk around town. Everyone will thing you're listening to something hyper-hip and now and choice but you'll know better. And we have cover art these days and everything.

Tune in next week for a special guest, a one of a kind competition prize, a new feature and -- hopefully -- something new from Ann, if only a feigned interest in our subject matter. See you!

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One Life Left -- s03e12 -- #60 -- Hearing is Believing Firstly Happy New Year. Enough smalltalk. This will be quite brief for reasons that will soon be obvious.

The podcast is uploading now. It is late and it is late because the podcast has been, um, in post-production for a little while. We've tried not to edit in Season 3, partially because it's a more honest way of living but mostly because we're lazy. But you will hear the problem a few minutes into the show: we forgot half of our backing music. So I've fixed that now (not disguised it, you'll note) but it's taken a while and here we are.

SO, hearing is believing and the episode you're about to listen to has been DIGITALLY RECREATED for your pleasure as if we were a piece of virtual reality software from the early nineties. That's right: One Life Left is officially both in its time and ahead of its time. We are Pixar, using bleeding edge tech to enhance your entertainment experience. We are idiots, using technology to cover up for our incompetence.

Enough! The Christmas break is over and the team are back, back, back again. And with all that's happened having happened (has anything actually happened?) the gang can't possibly avoid talking about videogames for a full hour, right? So here's what happens. SPOILER WARNINGS: four of the regulars from last year return, as do plenty of in-studio features and lots of unexpected asides. Simon presents Ste with a reading from something unexpected, Ste brings in an unexpected toy, and Ann has unexpectedly played two games. Plus Christmas present chat, lots of letters, competition results, reviews reviews reviews, a couple of new songs and plenty more.

Right. Sorry to those who listened live. In another way you're tremendously lucky because you got OLL acoustic. See you next week.

Join our Facebook Group and push us past Resonance FM's membership numbers (again -- we've already passed them once) by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same slightly-too-ubiquitous-for-comfort-now site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here and clicking around our friends list there is a good way to find out about the bands on the show. The OLL forum is here (now populated by users with festive names) and if you want to email us you can do so at the address in the show. Altogether now: team at...
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One Life Left -- x03 -- Christmas Special '07 -- Festively Unbroadcastable As you might have guessed by now (and those tuning into Resonance on the 23rd will have surmised) our One Life Left Christmas party it was literally unbroadcastable in the end. Fear not! We're sticking it here for you, essentially unedited. Because we said we would.

But why was the show literally unbroadcastable? Well, two reasons, really:

1) Technical!

Actually, thanks to our amazing on-site engineers Martin (whose voice is the first you hear after Ste's apology) and James we managed to overcome most of the problems. If it wasn't for them there wouldn't be anything for us to apologise for. In a good way, because we wouldn't have recorded anything more than the sound of The One Life Left Team sobbing into booze as our best-laid plans collapsed in front of literally dozens of listeners.

Still, despite their best efforts (and because of our dodgy technology) the audio quality here is poor.

Most of the show, particularly the news section, ended up masked by an irritating whine from somewhere in our hastily-rigged system of wires and pulleys. The magic of post-processing has reduced it in most places and all but eliminated it in others, but you'll notice some fluctuations in our voices. There's also some stop-startyness (technical term) mostly confined the song judging part, which is down to some kind of minidisc jutter as far as I can make out.

The most major problem, though, is that the minidisc recorder we were using is super-sensitive; despite our best efforts in pre-show fiddling the volume from our mics peaked throughout and so the show remains cursed with that hideous crackle the moment mics 1 and 2 go above whisper. Since mic 1 is the overly excitable-Ste and mic 2 is the mostly boistrous Simon... Well. You get used to it but it isn't exactly pleasant. Forewarned.

2) Performance-based!

We had an amazing time that afternoon and the atmosphere in the podcast reflects that. Will that raucous humour translate to people who weren't there? Hmm. There are certainly some brilliant bits -- if you find the whole thing too annoying at least skip forward to Craig 'The Rage''s live poetry, make sure you hear Ann's filthy fiction and yeah, you'll be hearing more clips from Derek Williams' four-song set in future OLL's -- but you may find the rest of it leaves you feeling like you're... Well, on the outside of a party looking in. Which you are.

Have I set your expectations low enough yet? It's not ALL bad. But for the technical issues someone better than us at audio editing could probably make an hour of typical OLL-standard radio out of this. Pad it out with music a bit, drop in a few of the pre-recorded features. Actually, probably by taking the 8-bit Peoples back catalogue, copying it over us in Audacity and then deleting our bit entirely. But regardless there's SOMETHING here, if only proof the event actually happened and encouragement for you to come to the next one. So do that. We have plans but we'll talk about them when we make our return for real. See you in January.

Join our Facebook Group and push us past Resonance FM's membership numbers by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same definitely-too-ubiquitous-for-comfort-now site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here and clicking around our friends list there is a good way to find out about the bands on the show. The OLL forum is here (now populated by users with festive names) and if you want to email us you can do so at the address in the show. Altogether now: team at...
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It's Christmas Time / There's no need to be afraid. Because Simon isn't here. Why? It doesn't matter. We can't answer questions about oft-inexplicable disappearences of One Life Left staff and family members. No, I'm not sure you understand that statement. We literally can't.

However explanations are completely unnecessary in this instance because the One Life Left Team is bolstered by the entirely explicable arrival of Tom Bramwell from Eurogamer! In a break with OLL's rudest convention he's allowed to contribute almost from the very start, i.e. to the news which is something of a relief as it gives Ste more time to play around with buttons so he can miscue jingles. It also actually adds some, you know, news analysis to the news section.

That's the weirdest thing about OLL59. We talk about videogames! I mean, often it's kind of accidental but Tom keeps drawing us back in -- Guitar Hero, Aquaria, why he's decided to hate Rockstar's Table Tennis without actually playing it. Even Ann take a more forthright and less disinterested role in the actual, you know, videogame bits of the show (and there are some this week). She even goes so far as to ask Tom some actual game-related questions, AND talks about a moment where she considered buying a game on a whim. Go Ann! In another 60 hours she'll be bitching about Smash Brothers mediocrity with the best of us.

The team -- all three of them, promise -- will be back in January. Subscribers (via iTunes or RSS) should expect a festive gift around about the 23rd, assuming it's broadcastable. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We'll see you in 2008.

Join our Facebook Group and push us past Resonance FM's membership numbers by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same slightly-too-ubiquitous-for-comfort-now site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here and clicking around our friends list there is a good way to find out about the bands on the show. The OLL forum is here (now populated by users with festive names) and if you want to email us you can do so at the address in the show. Altogether now: team at...
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One Life Left -- s03e10 -- #58 -- Gin and Juice Hello, welcome to - NO DON'T TOUCH THAT - to One Life Left, Europe's only - THAT'S MY EMAIL ACCOUNT STOP READING IT - videogame radio sho - LEAVE ANN ALONE -- radio show broadcasting on -- SIMON JUST... Oh. The End.

That's right. Goaded by a google (is that our collective noun? Email in please) of One Life Left listeners addressing things to the team 'and Simon', OLL's firey co-presenter is off the rails in OLL #58. And as much as it SOUNDS like the team are generally fractious and flirtatious here the issue came to the fore in the five minutes before the show started. See, Ste asked Simon to watch his levels. As in the levels on the desk which measure how loudly he's going off the rails.

Which means Simon spends the whole show shouting and interrupting and watching his levels, Ste spends the whole show stumbling through half-finished anecdotes all the time feeling he's picking his way down rainbow road and only delaying the moment he plumments, and Ann bats her eyelids a little, smiles so sweetly and considers the ways she could murder a man.

Still, Levelator's hopefully flattened the thing out a bit which means if you can pick your way through the mumbling and amateurish form you'll find Craig 'The Rage''s best poem ever, Taliah, Derek, plenty of letters, the four entries to OLL's PixelH8 competition and much, much more.

Most important thing to remember this week: it's the One Life Left Christmas Party on Saturday so do try and make it -- details on the Facebook but essentially The Blue Posts on Rupert St, Soho, London from 1pm to until we pass out.

That's it. See you in a week for the very last OLL of 2007 (festively broadcastable events not withstanding).

Join our Facebook Group for reasons discussed in this episode by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same slightly-too-ubiquitous-for-comfort-now site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here (poor old MySpace: once it seemed like the world would be theirs, but now it is the new Friendster, which makes Friendster the new actually-meeting-people, which is just so over). The OLL forum is here and if you want to email us you can do so at this address.
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One Life Left -- s03e09 -- #57 -- Just Like That There's an informal code of conduct amongst the One Life Left Team to try and avoid doing anything on Tuesday evenings. So Ste's cancelled his weekly buff'n'tuff session at the gym, Ann no longer goes pole dancing at the gym or elsewhere and when Simon needs to break the legs of a games reviewer he makes sure to keep it to a weekend. It's recreation, after all. Essentially a sport.

But sometimes the unavoidable happens and Ste's at the mini-GDC in Lyon right now which means OLL #57 comes to you live (pre-recorded) from the One Life Left bunker, deep in the heart of West London. Recorded over a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon and pieced together over another dozen on Sunday, this is a bitty, peculiar edition of Europe's favourite (only) videogame radio show. It's not the episode you'd take out to meet your friends and family, to prepare them for our long life together. Sorry about that.

All that said it retains the easily imitated essence of One Life Left, notably reviews, news, features and music and lots and lots of inane chat. Actually at one point the chat gets dangerously close to non-inane (ane?) as the chaps discuss GamespotGerstmannGate and Ann sits quietly looping her headphone cable like the special girl she is. But don't worry. Before and after that we're gossiping with initials, doing DS magic tricks and making improptu phonecalls to our favourite PC gamer.

Music, magic, and music as magic. What more could you want?

Notes and queries: A broken cable meant we had to record in mono and several of the features were pasted in afterwards so please excuse the slightly confused reactions in some sections. We'd have apologised for this but when we tried the backing music was so peculiar it was literally unbroadcastable.

In fact the audio levels were messed up throughout the show BUT we've used something called Levelator to even it out. If the whole thing sounds dodgy it's because of that. If it sounds better it's because of that. I know for sure it's louder than usual.

Oh, and I had to cut out eight minutes across the hour so it'd fit in Resonance's broadcast slot. There is an unedited version that'll go on the DVD when we're super famous.

Join our Facebook Group for reasons discussed in this episode by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same slightly-too-ubiquitous-for-comfort-now site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here (poor old MySpace: once it seemed like the world would be theirs, but now it is the new Friendster, which makes Friendster the new actually-meeting-people, which is just so over). The OLL forum is here and if you want to email us you can do so at this address.

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One Life Left -- s03e08 -- #56 -- Softcore Romance Remember the announcement we promised to make last week and then didn't? The one we said we'd make this week if you read the descriptions, which I assume you do because you're reading this? Well get this: we actually make that announcement this week. It is awesome and concerns how you can participate in a festive One Live Left (sic). Just as awesome is that we remembered to tell you that, and not just that. We remembered to tell you everything.

That's right. Everything. For the first time in Season 3 every single thing we promise both to you and to ourselves actually happens. It's all here, from the announcements we need to make, the jingles we're meant to play and the musical discs we've decided to spin right through to playing every single feature we've got scribbled down in front of us on the running order. We even remember to run a hugely special competition in addition to the rollover Ann Art (that's always special, of course). We almost don't remember to do a Top 5 but Ste pushes it through. And Ann remembers to put her top back on at the end of the show. J/K LOL.

So. What does One Life Left make of the Jade Raymond 'thing'? Find out here. Could people care less that Nintendo have been slagged off by Greenpeace? Find out here. What is the actual difference between the two classical categories of pornography? Find out here. Can Ann play Fur Elise on a Nintendo SP? Find out here. And which apparently-gone ex-contributor makes their unexpected reappearance in episode 56? Find. Out. Here.

Enjoy. The flash player should be back and working this week. Letters on a biblical theme (or whatever, really) to the usual address. Those of you who follow the instructions in the episode should expect some kind of missive on Friday.

If all goes to plan next week's episode will be a special recorded from the OLL bunker so if you've got anything you think we should deal with or apologise for make sure to let us know before we do that, i.e. before Saturday at 2pm. If all doesn't go to plan Simon and Ann will be doing a Ste-less show live next Tuesday as he will be at GDC in Lyon. Bonne chance, Team.

Join our Facebook Group for reasons revealed in the episode by clicking here, or identify yourself as a fan to others on that same slightly-too-ubiquitous-for-comfort-now site by clicking here. Our MySpace is here (poor old MySpace: once it seemed like the world would be theirs, but now it is the new Friendster, which makes Friendster the new actually-meeting-people, which is just so over).

Music in #56: Virt -- Across Rooftops , Pixelh8 -- Girl Fight and Beats for Beginners -- Lazer Beams For Eyes (Beats vs ZZZ Remix) (and the regular awesome contributions from Iain Cook, Simon Parkin, thedoyouinverts, Uglifruit, Nick Parton and The Lost Levels).
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One Life Left -- s03e07 -- #55 -- Poorly Performed In One Life Left's experience* there are three sorts of letters that come in card-backed brown paper envelopes.

1) Signed contracts from the BBC offering million pounds to transfer our special brand of broadcast magic to Radio 4,

2) Legal threats from easily offended games industry professionals who we might have erm accidentally defamed or you know whatever,

3) Glossy, black and white spy photos of the team being touched in and / or touching at least four separate places.

Imagine the rush when we arrived at the studio to find a brown, card-backed envelope waiting for us. Real post! Addressed to us c/o Resonance! Without us ever giving out the address! This could be great! Or terrible!

Experience the thrill with us as we bite our lips and open it live on air.

Oh yeah, there's other stuff that's actually games-related too. For example, Dan Griliopoulos, Reviews Editor at Official Xbox Magazine as recently as last week and now A Free Man, breaks his monastic silence on the things that matter. Like how you really pronounce Koch, whether Mass Effect is just one long corridor after another, and what happens when games journalists stop journalising.

Actually, it's something of a reviews special this week as we cover Call of Duty 3, Super Mario Galaxy, that new Metroid one on the Wii which one would assume is exactly like every other 3D Metroid game ie a lifetime of scanning, Zoo Tycoon on the DS (?!) and whatever Ann's been playing. Ann? Ann?

Oh whatever. Ignore her, ane enjoy the two comebacks from people you might have thought gone forever, and the moment when finally, finally, we get someone on the phone.

Important things we forgot to do across the hour of :

1) The Jade Raymond thing. We'll do that next week.

2) The Facebook 'secret' thing. We will probably just announce this on Facebook this week even though we forgot to trail it. But we'll talk about it next week for sure.

3) A 'write to us about this'   for the letters section. Jesus Christ, it's not rocket science. Next week, next week.

4) Credit the music. It was CFCF's remix of Justice's D.A.N.C.E. and 6955's awesome 'Museum'.

Thanks for listening. Join us next week for more things we haven't really thought through, including attempted Skype-with-a-Developer nonsense and a non-Ann-art related competition and ANOTHER feature resurrection. See you!

* Imagination

Sort of handy links:
One Life Left Facebook Group
One Life Left Myspace
One Life Left Forum
And email us at about anything, really.

If Ste sounds angry it's because he had a terrible sandwich in Costa before the show. If Ann sounds angry it's because she's trying to work out what 'bitchkrieg' means. If Simon sounds angry it's because Ste is gesturing. Levels are a bit all over the place again this week, apologies for that.
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One Life Left -- s03e06 -- #54 -- Keith and The Girl First things first. As mentioned last episode, the One Life Left team is a (wo?)man down in #54. Don't let that put you off. Why?

Bang! A more-than-capable, super hot OLL Substitute who once almost KILLED Simon!

Zip! An interview with new game superstar Keith Chegwin!

Kapow! Exclusive videogame gossip, exclusive to our exclusive show. Exclusively!

Ka-ching! David McCarthy's Reviewing Masterclass continues to blow the secrets behind games reviewing wide open!

Whoosh! Ann visits the Sex Pistols!

Etc! Brilliant music, awesome news, amazing features, acceptable letters, ill-considered competitions and a very special review!

Of course, there's lots more inside the podcast for you to discover. So much so that we actually ended up with three things we didn't play this week because we didn't have time. It'd be a bit of a waste to slot them into the podcast so they'll be part of next week's show.

Which will therefore include the return of two amazing features, our continued attempts to get a guest on the phone, a sweet competition prize and we imagine not a single word about Super Mario Galaxy. We'll all be sick of it by then, right?



See you in a week.

Extra links:

Facebook (the race to 300 -- and to exceed our host station's total --  is ON)
Weird Facebook 'Company' thing (it puts an OLL badge on your profile!!!!!!)
MySpace (we really need to update this, don't we? Be our friend anyway)
Forum (for sarcastic game discussion and barely related)
Email Us (with whatever's on your mind -- suggest a theme for thee week after next's letters section)


Tell your friends. Tell your forums. Tell the world. Thank you.
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One Life Left -- s03e05 -- #53 -- Take Two We'll be honest because hey, we're 53 episodes in and we think we've known you long enough to trust you, to call you a friend: you almost didn't get to hear this episode. At 9.05pm on Tuesday the 6th November the OLL team found itself in Trouble and the sort of Trouble which gets a capital to distinguish it from the kind of trouble when Simon tricks Ann into saying rude words. Yes, this was Trouble: One Life Left's precious, intricately constructed show was fast disintegrating in the turbulent wake of the previous studio occupants. Who were still around. And didn't seem in any hurry to leave.

Why wouldn't they leave? Why was the studio covered in lager and wires and coats and... tissues? Why were there tissues on the floor? It wasn't really The Team's fault, not this time, but it was six minutes, seven minutes, eight minutes past nine and things were going badly. Really badly. By nine minutes past they'd degenerated. Broken equipment, curious lights blinking on and off, level needles dancing as if posessed and headphones that didn't so much add clarity as obscure what little sound we were generating. Simon had already uttered the word we've heard too many times already, the word no-one wants to hear -- unbroadcastable -- but we were broadcasting, Oh God we were already broadcasting.

The only thing to do? Take a breath, apologise to the live audience and reboot, reset, restart. You are listening to Resonance 104.4FM. It's... Just after ten past nine. And that means it's time for One Life Left.

Wake up, wake up, podcast listners! It was all just a bad dream, those bad things never happened, those bad people were never here and this is One Life Left, rattled but reinvigorated. News, features, music, bad jokes and bickering. The results and restart of Ann Art. David McCarthy helpfully provides some instructions for would-be games reviewers. Derek, faithful Derek gives us his Firework Market Economy and there's a tribute poem to much-missed Craig 'The Rage' McClellan. Oh, and we get round to reviewing some videogames in an actual reviews section this week, although we're really mostly distracted by repeated attempts to Skype with Broken Sword creator Charles Cecil (we'll pick this up next week).

Apologies once again to those who endured the first ten minutes live. If you were being extremely charitable you could called it 'Exclusive material' and claim it had been 'Released to dedicated live as a show of gratitude'. Actually it was doe-eyed terror reflected in the headlights of an SUV driven by the spirts of selfishness and incompetence. You almost didn't hear this episode. Still more apologies in advance to those of you who'll wish you hadn't. We'll be back to normal (?) in #54, except with one of the team missing for the first time in Season 3. Who? Tune in in a week to find out and enjoy their temporary replacement (though I wouldn't exactly recommend you listen live).

Other things we need to say:

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One Life Left -- s03e04 -- #52 -- SafeSearch Off Celebrity is a curse: just ask Keeley Hazell, the Page 3 stunnah hired to front (lol) EA's Simpsons game at the London Games Festival. Work's exhausting when you have to keep your top on, which is why One Life Left operates a clothing-optional policy inside the studio; after all, there's precious little chance to catch your breath when you're Europe's only videogame radio show. The One Life Left private jet (the tube) taxis in to the most glamorous part of the capital (London Bridge station) and the team saunter (stumble) into Resonance FM's state-of-the-art studio.  They're fresh (?!) from performing One Live Left at Nottingham Gamecity, ready (!!) to deliver a third show in just over a week. Let's see how Ann's news (!!!?!?!?!) stands up to the strain, shall we?

Also: letters, reviews (singular), music, the Top Five (now with its own theme), informal Page 3 gossip, and Odds On OD on the brink. Plus the last ever Craig 'The Rage' McClellan -- at least for now. Oh, and bonus instructions for all our regular Google Image Searchers on how to find a new picture of Ann on the internet. You'll have to listen for that.

If you were lucky enough to hear this episode live when it was originally broadcast you'll have heard Experience Points and Ann Fiction in the left channel only which, as Simon pointed out at the time, is a bit like having the girls lean in and whisper in your ear. It's fixed now but you might notice some glitching, which is a lot like having me fumble around with dodgy audio connections near your ear. Sorry.

Also a bonus Free Market Economy which was missing from the Resonance transmission because of British broadcasting regulations concerning taste and decency*.

If you enjoy One Life Left please tell your friends, your family, your favourite forums. Join our facebook: we're raising a private army and it's going pretty well. But most of all email us to let us know. We thrive on attention, because that's how celebrity works. Just ask Keeley Hazell.

*Because of a bad CD burn. Sorry Derek!
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One Life Left -- s03e03 -- #51 -- Nothing Like Tempest

There is a legend that states that should One Life Left ever produce a radio show that is less professional than the last then the house of Scantlebury will fall. It’s half eleven on Tuesday night, just after Episode 3 of Season 3 and as far as we know she’s fine – she’d text if she wasn’t, wouldn’t she? – so let’s assume we’ve continued our slow tramp up the quality mountain and made some definite improvements. In order:


1)      A new ‘Corrections and Clarifications’ section designed for us to make amends to you, the listener, for all our lies and half-truths. Please use responsibly.


2)      Live gossip from the videogame BAFTAS, text-messaged in from an insider spy

3)      Another astonishing secret expert guest who comes with his own theme tune. In all caps: who PLAYS HIS OWN THEME TUNE LIVE.

4)      A competition! An actual competition! To win exclusive Ann memorabilia!

5)      Intermittent (and unnecessary) barracking of both Jeff Minter and The Hoosiers

6)      A curiously-enraged Derek Williams

7)      The podcast appearing a record 116 minutes after broadcast.


Plus all the usual stuff: music, letters, inside jokes and highly regarded (or at least regarded) features.


Thanks to Kotaku and The Guardian for the coverage this week. If you have any more places you think OLL should be, please do us the grandest of favours and let them know (and then let us know that they know). It’s always lovely to hear from you about anything else, too. You should know the email address by now.


What else? This Thursday is OLL’s very special* appearance at Nottingham Gamecity. We have no idea what that’s going to be like but please, come and say hi and enjoy a drink with us afterwards. Friday is the OLL affiliated curry-evening and Saturday is Ste’s talk about his Mum. Sunday we’re doing Handheld of a sort at the London Games Fringe thing at 333; more info on that in the show you’re no doubt already subscribed to.


Subscribers may get a secret gift later in the week. We’re not sure yet.


We’ll be adding pictures to our Facebook group later this week (Ann’s in charge) so if you haven’t joined that maybe you should. Our MySpace friends page is a good place to find all that music that Simon hates so much. And the One Life Left Forum has lots of people talking about videogame pants and much more besides. See you there.

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One Life Left -- s03e02 -- #50 -- Three Separate Places It's Episode 50!


Episode 50!

Where does the time go?

Episode 50!

It seems like only yesterday etc. and so on.

Episode 50. A half century of episodes. If you have made it this far, well done. If you are new, well. Good luck. We'll make it through this together.

Because this is One Life Left and that is how we do things: together, through thick and thin, audio shambles and occasionally otherwise. Episode 50! Or by another way of counting the second episode of series three and we're already into the swing of things with news, music, letters and gossip-based coverage of the Games Media Awards. OLL was nominated, remember! Did we win? Find out inside, where old features return, new features continue and the One Life Left crew stumble through their fiftieth hour of radio nonsense.

Oh! And a very, very special studio guest completes the lineup.

So download, please enjoy, keep listening (subscribe at iTunes to make us especially happy) and email us to let us know your thoughts. Oh, and  we would totally appreciate it if you tell a friend or your favourite forum. See you next week.
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One Life Left -- s03e01 -- #49 -- Back, Back, Back We're back. Oh, how we're back.

How are we back? With a new studio, a new series, a new (post-watershed!) timeslot, and a newly-rejuvenated team back from holidays all over the world and ready for a fresh, super professional start. You'd hope so, at least. In reality we're the same as ever, working with unnervingly unfamilar equipment and full of the giggles. We'll calm down. Well, again, you'd hope so. We are the only videogame show in Europe in the world, after all. Citation needed.

Still, listen: there's new game music and new game jokes and new game features, with more to come over the next few weeks. We're newly award-nominated, too. The only thing we're really lacking is new news. If you want to point Ann in the direction of some, do email her.

We also have a new producer. He is called Robin. If you hear us talking about Robin, that is who we are talking about. We miss and love Patrick and Kristin but they are dead now.

(They are not dead.)

Some minor housekeeping. Shows from this point in will be broadcast wholly unedited. We have a brilliant new solid-state recording device that allows us to do that quickly and easily, so what you hear in this MP3 is exactly what went out at 9pm on Tuesday on London's Resonance FM to the delight / consternation / confusion of literally dozens of listeners.

We need letters for next week. Please email us at the address in the show or with the contact form on this site and say hi. Also: we haven't issued any press releases about the relaunch yet but if you want to tell people about us please do. We'd quite like Season 3 to hit #1 on iTunes again so we can talk about how we hit #1 on iTunes again.

Expect more exciting One Life Left developments over the next few weeks. And don't miss us at Nottingham Game City -- we'll be doing another live broadcast from there, just like the brilliant one we did at Develop except for hopefully literally broadcastable.
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