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We're in full preparation for the GMAs which for most nominees means they're getting speeches ready in case they win, but in our case we're just doing lots of press-ups with our tops off to get ready to push over various gaming luminaries. If you're going there be warned: you could be on our list. (There is no list, we just push over people who get within range if we've had enough to drink).

Luckily our super-special guests Ben Hogg and Daniela Pietrosanu from board game distributors Esdevium didn't need to be pushed into coming on our show. They were won over by our possibly award-winning professionalism such as Ste turning up literally as we were going on air, Ann cracking up at one of her own jokes and Simon. We did get lots of good board gaming ideas and got annoyed at those licensing deals that mean we can't buy the Uncharted board game over here. Perhaps we should ask Lord Sir Charles Cecil to buy us one when he's over in America picking up his Kickstarter millions.

Annoyingly Ann forgot to ask Ben and Daniela about her idea for SingStar: Take That The Board Game. We're sure she'll have a working version available at our Christmas party for us all to enjoy.


Team OLL x 



1. Solarbear - How to Properly Use a Semi Colon

2. National Broadcast Network - Our Eyes Will Become Lasers 

3. hutsvoid - On the... 

4. Sketchman3 - Nite Ride 

5. Jredd - Beyond (our CD skipped a bit so listen to the proper version) 

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