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One Life Left -- s05e23 -- #119 -- Deaf Jam


It's the penultimate episode of Season 5. That comes right before the Ultimate episode of Season 5, which means, as a warm-up act, this One Life Left has quite a lot to do. Does it do it? Find out inside. 


Also in #119:


++ Two guests -- an OLL veteran, and an OLL newcomer


++ News on Ste's contribution to the Global Game Jam 2010


++ And Craig The Rage returns, albeit in a slightly muted form


In fact, sorry about the overall sound quality today, which is partly because we didn't soundcheck, but mostly down to a problem with the Resonance recording device thingy. And sorry for the delay. There was an actual power cut while I was uploading last night. I have never had a power cut before. Funny how these things happen just as Eurogamer start a podcast, isn't it?



Music on #119:


4Mat - Matryoshka

Smiletron - BRKtime


See you next week!


Team OLL xxx


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