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One Life Left -- x05 -- Christmas Special '08 -- Christmas Mixtape

Hello! As you probably already know, OLL’s Christmas gift to you isn’t a show, but a mixtape of sorts, badly-put-together by Ste. The tracklist is below. It’s probably best not to read it if you haven’t listened yet, because it’s best to be surprised. But when you have, check back here and visit the page of the artist you love and buy something from them. It’s about time, right?


Happy Christmas, and see you on January 5th!


OLL Theme // Iain Cook

Killing In The Name // Uoki-Toki

Breaking Wave // Random

Chip 2 Bit // Trash80

Salut! France // Errors

99 Problems // Jay-Z vs Combat Dave

Girl Gamers (Live) // Craig ‘The Rage’ McClellan (+ Derek Williams on Synths)

I Love Love You // Guitar Vader

It Dies // Mr. Miyagi

Sexy Back // Justin vs Combat Dave

Space Music // Sexy Synthesizer

Technologic // Daft Punk

Playerd // Copy

Door (Covox Remix) // Ram Rider

Kicks // She

CRIMEWave (LAZRtag HARDer Remix) // Crystal Castles vs Health

Free Market Economy (Live) // Derek Williams

Sponsored By Destiny // Slagsmalsklubben

Put That Pussy On Me // Spank Rock vs CFCF

The Crystal Cat // Dan Deacon

Heartbleeps // Hiroshi

You Take My Breath Away // The Knife

Umbrella // Rihanna vs electronicMESS

Star Child // gwEm and Counter Reset


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One Life Left -- s04e15 -- #87 -- Snow Business

It’s 6.15pm, in the studio and we’re all set up, missing one guest. Ste makes the call. Hey Ellie Gibson of Eurogamer Dot Net! Where are you? “Hey Ste! I’m in Soho!” Are you still on for the show tonight? “Yes, totally. It’s an 8pm start isn’t it?” Uh oh. No, Ellie, you’ve got 45 minutes. Pause. “It’s OK, I’ll be there!”



So begins Ellie’s sprint across town which, just like Ste’s in episode #81, is perfectly timed and finishes with ten seconds remaining the show’s 30-second theme tune. That’s why we’re a bit giggly at the start of the very festive #87 and that’s why her mic doesn’t work. We deal! We absolutely deal. We would not have been able to deal with that last week.


Oh, last week.


On to this week, and the last episode of this year. It’s the most feature-packed episode of One Life Left this season with very special Christmas editions of Free Market Economy, Best Worst Games, and a new, exclusive doyouinverts Christmas single. There’s also the return of a classic One Life Left feature that hasn’t appeared for at least a season and some brilliant Christmas music, including:


SNOBLIND – Receptors

Unironic Christmas Medley – Savestates

Last Christmas (hot digi remix) – Goto80 (a brilliant but essentially emergency choice that I think we played last year)


We’ll see you next year. Do email us in the meantime and keep watching the site for Christmas blogs and things. Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy everything.


Ste, Simon and Ann

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One Life Left -- s04e14 -- #86 -- Math Problem It's Simon's last show before Christmas! So what better way to celebrate than with a return to One Life Left values of old: awkward silences, and dozens of technical errors. Welcome to the world's greatest videogame radio show. So what have we learnt? Firstly, that we shouldn't let Ste drink for three days and arrive at the show a physical and emotional mess, incapable of working even the most basic elements of the desk, let alone delivering any kind of insight into the gaming industry. Secondly that if we absolutely have to do that, we shouldn't do it in front of Brammers, Eurogamer's Editor. And thirdly sometimes apologies just don't cut it. Seriously, sorry. This is not the best episode and if it's your first you should probably click back a few although there are, as ever, some highlights. Taliah! Best Worst Games! Sweet music! Off-air libel! An introductory I'm Dave Green joke cut off by Ste's seratonin-deficient incompetence! Oh God. Music on #86: Heartbleeps by Hiroshi Heathens (8-bit mix) by Bracken Ryu the Red Nosed Ninja by Doctor Octoroc Sorry. Sorry! (And sorry this is late, too. For obvious reasons.) See you next week!
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One Life Left -- s04e13 -- #85 -- Bucks Fizz Bucks Fizz -- champagne cut with orange juice for reasons of cost masked by reasons of taste; the sort of drink you have at a company party just before everyone gets fired or a wedding where there's nothing to celebrate. And this is the episode just after the One Life Left Christmas Party, and the apologies section is back. Uh oh...

Whatever! The past is the past, literally unbroadcastable or otherwise, and the future is here right now. Five features, including a new song by some time best-friend-of-the-show Spencer Lee and a Very Christmas Craig The Rage.

And today marks an important point in One Life Left's history -- the launch of our very first CD, as press-released on Eurogamer here. You can buy it from Amazon here. Please buy it from Amazon. It is seven quid. Buy it now! BUY IT NOW. Then we can make another one.

Apologies for the broken mic problems near the end, which stopped Ste from being as enthusiastic as he'd like about Think Quick.

Music on #85:

Umbrella by electronicMESS
The Opposite of Sick of You by Think Quick

See you!
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One Life Left -- s04e12 -- #84 -- Terrain Man

We’re halfway through Season 4 (like the day after the summer solstice it’s all downhill from here) but if you think we’re getting complacent, thing again: One Life Left #84 is a special episode with a special guest. But who’s the guest? And what’s the occasion?



It’s Rock Paper Shotgun’s very own Kieron Gillen! And it’s Simon Byron’s birthday, so he has the night off. Consequently this episode of OLL may sound a little bit different (we’ve not had to edit out any slander for a start, and we talk about video games quite a lot) but you can still expect the same quality of Xeroxed news, half-hearted reviews, games industry gossip and improbably brilliant features.


Download the episode from here and as always, tell everyone you love to do the same.


Crucuially (and you’ll hear this throughout the show) this is the last episode of One Life Left before our Christmas Party. It is HUGELY IMPORTANT you attend, whether this is the first episode you’ve listened to or the last. We’ll be recording a show, live, and an audience will make that better, but the radio part’s only a fraction of the day’s events; there’s our CD launch, live music performances, your chance to make friends / make enemies / make out with some games industry legends. It’s free. And it’ll be brilliant. I have no idea why you aren’t writing it in your diary already.


Oh, you are? Sweet! It’s at The Blue Posts on Rupert St, Soho, and it’ll be going on from 2pm until late, late, late. We’ll see you there, and for the after party, and the after-after party, and etc.

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One Life Left -- s04e11 -- #83 -- Troll Booth Om nom nom nom? What? No! The OTHER kind of troll, the one that resides on the internet and says naughty things to gain a lol-some reaction. That's what OLL's big mouth feels like this week. But who are we trolling, and why?

Oh, no-one, deliberately, obviously. We're nice! We love everyone, even the gaming industry legends we insult. That's why we promise to keep the really salacious anecdotes to the off-air stuff at the OLL party. But the best kind of troll is the accidental one, the off-hand quip you regret later, and while there's no apology section this week we expect we'll need one in #84. Sorry! Sorry.

OLL #83 also contains no less than five separate features, the continuation of some threads from episodes past and some excellent listener-letters. If you want to be on next week's show you're welcome to send us stuff, of course. Otherwise just tune in, silently listening, and enjoy. It is a fun one, we think.

Also, keep an eye on the blog for more BONUS CONTENT from presenters and contributors alike.

Music in #83:

Hello by Uoki-Toki
In the Year 200X by 8-Bit Metal
I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire

Special thanks to Derek, who's struggling through computer problems to maintain his excellent contribution record.

ALSO. RSVP to our party. It is going to be awesome.
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One Life Left -- s04e10 -- #82 -- Party Favour No last-minute dramas this week, except that the show before ran on for three minutes into our slot and we were outraged. And which week is this? It's week in which Simon organised one party but mostly One Life Left got excited about another one. It's show #82. And we'll let the actual content of the show reveal itself to you, with all the features, news, reviews and music waiting for you like a girl on stage awkwardly awaiting carnal instruction. No spoilers, except to say we do actually genuinely talk quite a lot about videogames in this one. I know! We were quite surprised too. Especially Ann. Most pertinently, the Facebook party page for people who want to join us at our once-a-year Christmas bash on Saturday 29th of November is here. If you are reading this then you are genuinely invited. We want to see you there. You will have fun. Music in #82: Not a lot, really, but the one chiptune thing we played is worth it... Sexy Synthesizer -- Follow Me Love Machine -- Girls Aloud I'll leave you to guess which one that is. Oh, and two contributions from our friends, of course. No spoilers. See you next week!
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One Life Left -- s04e09 -- #81 -- Rush Hour No time for a long explanation here because 1/3 of One Life Left is getting a flight to Lyon in a few hours, which leaves precious little time for sleep / lying awake, regretting all the things you said today. But we should explain why there's three minutes missing from this week's show... Public transport. Ste left Brighton in plenty of time to reach the Resonance FM studios but a series of problems on the British rail network (four separate issues, detail fans) left him fighting his way through rush hour as Ann and Simon broke out the emergency CDs. Ste made it with seconds to spare -- the theme was about fifteen seconds in -- but, as a few weeks ago, we weren't set up to record. So that's why the show starts just after Ann's pleas with Simon not to talk about what she got up to on Friday night at Nottingham Game City. Some of our listeners will already know. The rest will have to put together pieces from the fragments of information here, in episode 81 of Europe's favourite tenuously-related-to-videogames show, One Life Left. Music: Spring // Resplendent / Downey Illusional Hop // Anthony Lofton & Joshua Morse Glasgow Mega-Snake // Mogwai That's it. See you next week. Oh, and please come to our party on the 29th of November. It's going to be brilliant and you'll be able to buy a CD! Srsly.
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One Life Left -- s04e08 -- #80 -- Mother's Day We're One Life Left's parents and we love all our children, but our eightieth (recognised) child was certainly born under a bad sign. Seconds before the show started we were shouted at by our beautiful engineer, Maria, for a crime we didn't commit, so we shouted back; and then, when the show finally started, two of the mics weren't working. The only person who could save us? Maria. Uh oh!

But save us she did and so, beginning with an early hit of mood-music to cover up the tense sounds of an audio caesarian, episode eight of season four pukes and mewls its way into your ears. This episode: Craig, Derek, Mathew and Taliah all entertain with winning contributions, a couple of engagements for you to add to your diaries, some news of some NEW OLL merchandise and a very, very, very special guest.

And gossip, reviews, news, Simon Byron's Memoirs, etc.

Music in #80:

Destiny's Child // Say My Name by Copy
Niji No Kawa by she
Animal Crossing Traveling OC ReMix by Kaijin
Bright Tomorrow by Fuck Buttons

Blogs about contents to come later in the week, hopefully. And OLL at GameCity, of course. See you all on Thursday?
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One Life Left -- s04e07 -- #79 -- No Prizes No prizes for naming this week's guest after the first, ooh, three words of the show. No prizes for working out what's up with Ann's voice, either, particularly if you've been reading our blog. And, if you were lucky enough to attend the GMAs last Thursday, no prizes for guessing what most of this week's apology section concerns. Uh oh, it's OLL #79: the post-party regret.

But the show isn't just about red faces, recollection immediately followed by regret. There's also the bits in between, the features and news and jingles and stuff. You know, the good stuff: Craig 'The Rage' McClellan takes on the Nintendo DS, Taliah looks at Ridge Racer and Mathew Kumar recalls Seaman on the Dreamcast.

And, midway through, just after the letters section and essentially out of nowhere, we announce OLL's next public gathering and invite you all. We'll do a proper blog about that this week but for now please accept our audio invite. You should come. It promises to be awesome. There might even be prizes.

We also play some astonishingly good music on #79:

Sun Lights Stars (Covox Remix) by Ram Rider
Earthbound -- Twoson Hits The Road -- OC Remix by djpretzel
Coloris by She.

And, you know, everything else.

Please enjoy -- protest on our forum if you don't, or even if you do -- and we'll see you in a week (and maybe *see* you in ten days). Exciting times!

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