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Sorry for the lack of a show last week, but it was in order to get you fully prepared for our summer break. Yep, we're off for all of August and will return to air on the 5th of September. So this means that we wanted to tie off our loose ends like Clive Anderson* before we go off to America / watch cricket / look for Pokemon / all three. Now if you recall, one thread that has been through all this season of OLL was David McCarthy's forthcoming soft/hard launch of BFB Champions Global Kick Off. And for this thread to be fully tied off we got David back in the studio to tell us about how it is going to be what experts (us) call "The Pokemon Go of football games". Well, Cybird are soft launching it in different countries like what Pokemon Go did so we feel safe enough to make that comparison.

Tomorrow (as in Wednesday 28/07) we're doing a special Pokeoke at the Loading Bar, which is a Marioke but only about Pokemon. It's going to be a one-off special so bring your pikachu jumpers, your best singing voice and a friend or (mew)two.

We also did a bit of Microsoft Role Play, made an announcement of behalf of Lewis Schaffer and found out that Captain Tsubasa is the Japanese version of Olive et Tom. And John Life Left made a return to the airwaves along with some Local News courtesy of Sega Badawi.

Cheerio and enjoy Summer!
Team OLL x

* By which we mean that we will tie off our loose ends like how Clive Anderson does it, not that Clive Anderson is a loose end.


Track list:
1. Ballacr75 - Domenica
2. Comb Over Cat - Ping Pong Tick Tock (What it Sounds Like When an Indie Game Gets Shoved in Your Ears)
3. Clip Head - Oktobaby
4. Baeka - Summer's Over

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