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With Simon having booked the day off to do something special Team OLL was at a loss at how to replace him. Luckily Doncaster’s premier top-light entertainer and former market stall holder Derek Williams was passing by so he was willing to offer his help at no extra cost. Well, apart from the constant promotional considerations for his various side-projects that Derek took the opportunity to advertise at every gap in proceedings. But we highly recommend all of Derek’s side projects, as well as his above, below, front and back projects.

Another project that we highly recommend is Dreadbit Games’s Seraph and – no! But yes! – we had the creator of the game Daniel Leaver on the show to promote it. Seraph is a skill based acrobatic shooter inspired by a film starring Christian Bale, but not that one where he shouted at the film crew (that inspired how we treat people on The List when we’re at GameCity). Daniel showed us what the sound effect for slowing down is and also explained what he does at Dreadbit (2% director, with the rest (which we believe to be 68%) doing anything else to help with the game).

We also EXCLUSIVELY reveal who we think will be the new cover star of FIFA 17, curate for the pope (although he’s kind of a curate himself) and hear some local news from Sega Badawi (who is finding it difficult to find non-political stories to satirise). Oh and we play some live Pokemon Go, which we suspect is something you’ll be hearing for the next few months. Hey, it makes a change from VR doesn’t it?

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Volt 44 - Axe Grinder
2. Nanode - Runner
3. Jakim - A Man in Trouble

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