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After a week of depressing news there was only one thing that we could do: Get the Guardian's Keith Stuart on the show and gently bully him. Except we didn't even feel like doing that, so we just talked to K-Stew about his book, A Boy Made Of Blocks, that is coming out soon. Oh, apart from the time when Stew-buryness let us use his Twitter, like in that show that Katherine Ryan does on itv2.

We also delayed the selling of our Marioke tickets for Develop in Brighton for gloomy reasons. However, we decided to start selling them during the show to see how the economy has bounced back since the events on Thursday. And we got to hear how the establishment is coping with the changes as Lord Sir Charles Cecil rang in (even though he should've known that we were on air).

Actually it was a fairly interactive show this week. We had the latest news from Sega Badawi, did a live rendition of the Doctor Who theme and also played Dino Dini's Kick Off Revival via flow chart (which appears to be the best way to play it). Will you enjoy it? If yes score 7/10, if no go to Serial.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. NoyemiK - EVENT_2.M
2. Daitenshi - Layer Cake
3. MicroD - Marks of Wear

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