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It takes a lot to be someone that Mike Bithell wouldn't be prepared to kiss. This week's Super-Special Guest - Tony Gowland from Ant Workshop - is just that person. Could it be because Tony has managed to make a game with a genuinely interesting idea and that has made Mike jealous? If anyone knows anything about jealously it's definitely One Life Left. If there were no jealousy in this business then we'd have a lot more GMA awards.

Anyway, Tony's game is called Binaries, it's out on the 4th April and he was only too happy to tell us the main colours of the game. And in Binaries knowing the colours is actually a key factor in the gameplay. Honestly, it's like our apparently stupid questions are actually incredibly clever. We also found out why Tony changed the name of the game and what's it's like to be championed by Mike Bithell.

John Life Left tried monetising his feature whilst Sega Badawi still did his purely for the benefit of news. In addition Ste gave some useful advice on running a Kickstarter, as well as doing a little rap. There was Jonathan Blow chat, a further update on our GDC Marioke Party (and what to do if you missed out on a ticket, but still want to come) and a quick mention of our Pre-GDC Marioke that's on this Friday.

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Track list:
1. Garvalf- Mere Hiver
2. Cyan Coloneels - Without Any Fuss, The Stars Went Out

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