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Sorry about the lack of a show last week, two thirds of Team OLL were ill but luckily we were all back to seventy percent full health, except for a microphone that was rather crackly. Poor microphone. This week's Super-Special Guest was the tea demanding Alex Fleetwood, who came in the show to show off Fabulous Beasts, which Ann has decided is "a mix of Pokemon and Jenga". We ask Alex about how his Kickstarter going and get a live update on the Power of OLL on sales. Alex also confirmed that Fabulous Beasts will definitely be ready by November. Unless it's delayed.

John Life Left made a return to our features section, along with Sega Badawi. Simon Parkinson incurred the wrath of Scanters, Simon had the latest news whispered through a door by Lord Sir Charles Cecil and Ste made a cricket bat on his computer. We're also incredibly close to confirming our GDC Marioke Party and Ste is doing a Reads Like A Seven event on 11/02. Why not attend both?

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Alex E - He's a Mellow Fellow
2. Put the Heart On - You Make My Heart Sing
3. Robot Orgy Massacre (feat. Laffe The Fox) - Ignore The Ghost

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