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Ann is back from being Big In Japannnnn because she drank all of their alcohol. This meant that we've had the full team back in the studio for the first time in ages. It also meant that Ste didn't have to worry about trying to figure out who would do the news. Although he didn't really have much time to worry about it last week if we think about it.

Our Super-Special Guest this week was our third most famous guest ever. This obviously means that he has as little to do with videogames as possible, and is not Simon Parkinson or K-Stew (they're still fighting it out down at the bottom). Oh, we'd probably say who he actually is at this point. It's Iain Morris, co-creator of The Inbetweeners. We found out how videogames helped inspire The Inbetweeners, if mentioning Pro Evo Soccer on a TV show gets you any freebies and what it's like to break Ricky Gervais' back (presumably it made him humble).

Ann told us that she was learning to drive, Ste scared all his cats away on Neko Atsume, Simon learnt that his son had some strange choice of phrases and Sega Badawi somehow managed to do some local news. Oh, and our Christmas party was announced for Friday 18/12, look for the details on Facebook (link in our, er, links section below). We'll tell you where to get tickets as soon as we can be bothered to set it up.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Klamm - Phoenix
2. Justbeenwarpzoned - Veni Vidi Vici

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