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Due to Ann being in Japan, Ste being in India and Simon drinking in the afternoon there was no show last week. Luckily Ste and Simon managed to make it into the studio this week in order to provide you with some gaming related entertainment. However, would we remember to inform you as well as entertain through our acclaimed news section? Errm, sort of.

We did remember to book a Super-Special Guest and this week's SSG was Gareth Williams from Premier PR. It was probably for the best that Ann was off this week as last time Gareth was on the show he deeply offended her and the show was literally unbroadcastable. We spoke to Gareth about what it was like to be the proto Guy Cocker on CNN, how PR is different to journalism and who has the best idea for a video game?

Sega Badawi remembered to do some local news and we had a new feature from one of MCV's 30 under 30. And we sort-of announced our Christmas Party without actually confirming the date or where it would be held. But we're sure details like that won't hold you back.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Virtual Hawaii - Fountains
2. Quavosh - Pixel Jumper Tropical Theme
3. MilLs Dj- There's No End

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