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Due to circumstances beyond our control (his football kit was still in the wash) Ste couldn't make it in today, so naturally we got on to hypothetical phone to ask our hypothetical friends at Hookshot Lnc if we could borrow Parko to be a guest presenter. The language we heard down the phone we literally unbroadcastable (although that doesn't appear to stop them having a podcast) so we had to turn to Gav Murphy from Regular Features instead. Which actually turned out to be such a good idea that we're now pretending the call to Hookshot Lnc was actually a hypothetical one.


And as well as Gav we had a Super-Special Guest in the form of Rising Star Games' Yen Hau. Despite failing in his role as product marketing manager by not bringing in any food, he did manage to give us some Deadly Premonition t-shirts that we'll give away next week to the best letters.


We also told you about our excellent Christmas Party which looks likely to be our best ever. Mostly because we're doing some actual planning this time around, which as you'll all know is very unlike us. If you fancy coming then go to



Team OLL x




1. SpellingPhailer - Coffe and Crayons

2. Soleviio - The Boy who fought the Lightning


3. Dr. RemiX - Dub Quest

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