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There's one thing we pride ourselves on at One Life Left and it's our professionalism. Actually, that might be an over-exaggeration, but we enjoy being Europe's only Videogame FM Radio Show as it means we have to show a bit more class than those AM radio or internet only shows. There's always a chance that a SSG could ruin things for us, so we make sure that they are well informed about the three rules of radio. If they break any of those then we could be in trouble.

Lucky then that there's no chance our SSSSG (Super-Sub Super-Special Guest) Hamish Todd from Girih Games would break those rules and cause us any problems right? Of course not. Instead Hamish tells us about how easy it is to not finish stuff and how Jonathan Blow is an inspiration when designing games (which goes against one of Simon's personal rules of videogame radio). We also possibly uncover an explanation as to why Ron Atkinson (breaker of rule number 3) kept referring to a footballing move as 'eyebrows'.

As well as this we have our regular features with Derek Williams, Simon Offends A Country (France this time), Wondering Which Animals Have Breasts on their Backs and a round-up of our new social media enterprise #chatterbOLLx. Ok, one of those is a regular feature, but surely the other three must return in future episodes. And we don't mention Taylor Swift as much as we thought we would (that's likely to happen next week).

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