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In a land of distrust, and a time of hashtags, the destiny of a great videogame empire rests on the shoulders of a young radio show and podcast. Its name... One Life Left.

Although we should probably give grudging respect to our two Super-Special Guests who also help us discuss how videogame journalism is going to the dogs. In the corner of the fine upstanding British Game Press we have Rob Crossley, Associate Editor from CVG. He talks about the differences between the trade press and the consumer press. SPOILERS: There aren't many differences nowadays as long as you're interested in paint.

In the other corner representing American Gaming Journalism we have Leigh Alexander, Editor-at-large at Gamasutra and part-time Weather Girl. As well as telling us how the UK and US games press differs, she informs us about Wuzzles and gives us tips on the best way to get a free PS3.

And because of what's happening in journalism it means we can't go on about our karaoke as much as we usually do. We know, we've got sad faces all round as well. We do have time to talk about Derek Williams' amazing stage presence and how it helps make you more attractive to the opposite sex. If you want to join the Derek Williams Fan Club then please send a postal order for five pounds attached to a self-addressed Games Media Award to One Life Left c/o Resonance FM.

All this and the return of Craig The Rage? We spoil you sometimes.



1. Volt 44 - Dime and a Half 

2. severeTstormer - Dunce Dance 

3. National Broadcast Network - Disco Train

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