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We'll admit it, losing the GMA this year hit us hard. People take loss in different ways and we decided to imagine it was a happier time. Say three years ago when people actually liked us enough to give us awards. Or send in letters.

One person who still likes us is Paul Kercal, our Super-Special Guest for this week's episode. He cheered us up by doing some amazing drawings on his numerous tablets, which we'll be uploading to the website soon. It was also interesting to hear how he first met Simon, which may have been the first 'first meeting of Simon' story that could actually be broadcast on the radio.

But how did Ann first meet Ste? The truth (as imagined by Simon) will be heard in this episode. There's also a birthday shout-out to Friend of the Show Leigh Alexander who will also be attending our Videogame Karaoke that is happening this Thursday at 9pm in Nottingham (as long as you're reading this before the event has started).

It all adds up to another excellent episode of One Life Left! Well, apart from losing the GMAs again. That bit really sucked.



1. Zeropass - Bound to Nothing 

2. The VIRUS Empire - Proximity Defense

3. skyhaunt - Ghost Night Festival 

4. Les Incoiffables - Mayuko Takata

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