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We still don't have a Simon this week, and there's not even another Simon to replace him so it's just Ann and Ste hosting today. This means that tops stay firmly on, but Ste does get his legs out for the listeners.

And perhaps it's the air to his knees that caused him to temporarily confuse our Super-Special Guest Brynley Gibson with Britney Spears, although Brynley wearing the schoolgirl outfit didn't help.

What did help was Brynley bringing in Art Academy, the latest game he has executive produced for Headstrong Games. Ann hasn't picked up a pencil or pen since her last Ann Art feature so she needed some tips and tricks which Art Academy provided.

That means that Ann Art has returned so if you can identify all of her videogame drawings from Ste and Brynley's descriptions then e-mail us and you could win a prize.

But surely having a show with all these features and Derek Williams and Dr. Avatar means you have already won?

Team OLL x


1. MilLs Dj - Cosmic Crash
2. NUCLACE - Over Encumbered
3. Balloon Bear - Untitled Demo
4. Jellica - Tat do I is Owl

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