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Finally, everything is back to normal. No legal issues causing us to miss a week, no trips to Sweden or San Francisco breaking up the series. So let's have a roll call. Ste? Check. Ann? Check. Simon? Check - wait - you look different Simon. For one thing you have your top on. And you also have a Pong tattoo on your arm.

Oh, of course! Simon Byron had booked the day off for holiday so instead we welcome EOTS/FOTS/SSG/G Simon 'Parko' Parkin. He explains the differences between writing for Eurogamer and writing for the Guardian in such a way that it's likely he won't be employed by either of them anymore. But they should keep him employed as we think his failed poetry method of reviewing is great.

The features this week are the excellent Derek Williams, Craig 'The Rage' McClelland and Duncan Timiney. That is: they're all excellent. Not just Derek. Please don't send in any more letters of complaint. Unless they're about Parko.

Our listeners sent in a load of prospective tattoos for Parko to add to the Pong one. Which one did he choose? The only way to find out is to listen to this episode.

Team OLL x



1. Je mappelle - Lobby

2. Axilion - Behaviour

3. AnthRamen - Nocturnal Bits

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