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Bonjour! Welcome to a very French One Life Left, or at least a very French first few seconds for no reason that we can determine. Any ideas why Ann's gone Gallic? Emails to the usual address. We'd love some letters next week...

Also on the show:

++ Special guest, GMA Lady-in-Chief Caroline Miller gives OLL the once over before the commiseration ceremony at the end of the month

++ A Zumba-d out Derek Williams makes a special appeal for musicians to lend him a helping hand

++ The team spend a whole song trying to find a rhyme for 'Virgin'

And the usual features, news, reviews and chat. Music this week courtesy of Je Mappelle, Fantomenk, MisfitChris and Victory Road. Tune in on Monday for a new episode or bide your sweet time for another podcast next week. It takes an awful lot to get it up for you these days, you know (no offence). Hopefully we'll manage to get next week's episode on the internet before our beloved Fluffer / Caretaker returns from his much deserved break... 

Until then,

Team OLL xxx

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