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We feel bad for Techland, the creators of Dead Island. All that work they did on making a really good trailer ruined by them sending the wrong version by accident.

Luckily, we don't do anything as daft here at One Life Left. There's still no super-special guest so it's just Ste, Ann and the Feminist Whore presenting. However, we more than make up for this by providing you with a haunting Glee-style rendition of the Assassin's Creed theme. Except without any twenty five year-old pretending to be cheerleaders.

We also help explain how to make games via the medium of cakes. It's just like that episode of Ace Of Cakes where they made a cake, but about videogames.

Contributors this week are Derek, the doyouinverts' Austerity Pleasures, Ella's Game Design Masterclass and Matt & Steve's Amazing Pokemon Week. Something for everyone, as long as everyone likes either the games chart, cheap games, how to make games or Pokemon.

In other fourth-wall breaking news, the caretaker is going on holiday for two weeks so Ste will be back in charge of uploading the next two podcasts. Therefore do not expect them to be released every Tuesday like the caretaker has almost done every week. And how do you repay him? By tweeting the show or writing to the website moaning about how it was a few hours late or because there wasn't even a show that week. You lot deserve Ste and his poor podcast uploading timekeeping skills.

Team OLL x

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