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We tried getting Lewis Schaffer on the show to be able to find out if he really does eat toilet paper and, if so, whether he eats it folded to the front or back. But really we wanted his son on the show so we could finally work out what League of Legends actually is. Unfortunately we didn’t do a great job of arranging it so we contacted the next League of Legends expert we knew: HRH Lord Sir Charles Cecil.

Luckily we managed to catch Charles in a rare talkative mood and managed to find out lots of information. He’d just been to that burger shop Simon owns and told us various tales involving topics like the Congo (he didn’t tell us what he drank there), the Gunpowder plot, religion and Turkey (the country). We even managed to get a mini-audition for a new Weather Presenter on the show due to the strange weather across the country. And there’s an EXCLUSIVE! reveal about Charles’ latest game.

Other than that we were all a bit under the weather, reminisced about buying Tamagotchis, had a LIVE NEWS UPDATE from Ste and had some Local News.

We also announced our Final Marioke date of 10/11 and announced the Christmas Marioke date of 08/12. We’ll tell you where to buy the tickets for the Christmas event soon. See you there! Apart from Simon as he’s off.

Oh and expect delays in the upload of the podcast for the next two weeks as the Caretaker is off on holiday. He didn’t even check it with HR!

Team OLL x


1. Hide Your Tigers - Candlvwax!
2. Nanoloopbandit - Bank 7

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Alternative title: Babylon Zune

This episode was brought to you by the freshers’ flu. In fact, even the caretaker is writing this with a very snuffly left nostril. As a fun side quest why not see if you can count how many times we cough away from the microphone?

Our SSG (no additional S required) was James Parker from Ground Shatter. He risked our germ-filled studio to talk about his latest game Rico. It’s a co-op FPS where you kick doors and shoot men. Kind of Rainbow Six but with the boring bits removed (which depends on if you consider the non-shooty bits boring). Ste of last year would have hated this game but it’s now right up his violent street. James has even made the game incredibly timely by adding in a certain animal (that will probably be out of date in two weeks’ time). As Ann is in HR she asked a very pertinent ethical question about the baddies, but James had an apposite response.

Sorry about the different vocabulary in this episode intro. The cold must be affecting the caretaker in ways we didn’t know possible.

We also found out what Simon has found under his stairs, why Ste got sent dirty pants through the post and chatted about spiders and toilet roll a bit too much for a radio show about videogames. Sega Badawi informed us of Local News and we’ve come back from Finland via a castle in a river on an island. This is literally where videogame karaoke can take you.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Jerkemy – Zero Days Without A Gravity Wave Incident
2. MicroD – Rhotic Stagger

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There’s a fable about how you go on One Life Left twice: once on the way up and once on the way down. So what does it mean if you are on the show for a third time? In Tony Gowland’s case it means that you are releasing Binaries on Switch. Tony was on as a SDSSSG (Slightly Delayed Super-Special Guest) to tell us about the (lack of) difficulty in porting to the Switch, how helpful Nintendo are and if you should make a game controller smashingly frustrating. Tony is also making a game that’s a twin stick shooter influenced by Ghostbusters, which has to be great doesn’t it?

The team had an alright week. Ste had a week of teaching and Simon got a little confused about who Ste had actually been teaching, Ann walked in front of the Patron Saint of Resonance FM and Simon’s man crush is getting worse.

We also found out that we need to find a Nick Faldo to help Tony out, that Simon can tell brilliant jokes from a content perspective and that Sega Badawi is just about managing to find some local news. And Marioke is off to Dundee on 17 November so we’ll see you there.

Team OLL x


1. d0us - Tactical Bacon
2. Amateur LSDJ - Fleur

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This week saw the whole of Team OLL back in the studio and there’s been some major developments. Simon is getting into virtual currency, but only the type of virtual currency that costs him actual currency. Ann is potentially back in VR and Ste is keeping track on how many waters he has drunk. Well, for us they were pretty major.

For the second time in as many weeks we welcomed a Skype Super-Special Guest onto the show. This week’s one was Brandon Edler from Finish Line Games (dammit, we should’ve chosen The Edler Scrolls as the episode title). He was on mostly to talk about NBA, how nice people in Toronto are and how nice people in the Games Industry in Toronto are. Oh, and we let him talk about Finish Line’s excellent adventure game MAIZE, which has just been released onto PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

Maize is a videogame about sentient corn and was inspired by the classic Lucasarts games, as well as the new style of adventure games. We also found out how the move from PC to consoles has gone, how bored Brandon is of corn puns (ignore the episode title Brandon) and how many corn renderings does it take to set a PC on fire.

Sega Badawi finally uncovered some local news and we promoted our Marioke gig at Leamington Spa this Friday. It’s for charity so if you could come and add to the atmosphere you’d be even more of a FOTS than you already are.

Team OLL x


1. ATKstat – This Isn’t Over
2. Amateur LSDJ – Victory
3. YWN – Bqck In Bluck

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As our tradition with the second episode in a new season of One Life Left we do not have the full team in the studio. Unfortunately Ann drew the short straw and was absent due to illness, but she managed to send us in her news for Ste to read it out. Will he be a good Ann replacement?

We had a Skype Super-Special Guest this week and it was Jaakko Maaniemi from 10 Tons games. They are one of the elder statesmen of indie developers so it was interesting to get an experienced viewpoint of how indie games have changed over the years, which platform is currently the best and why, and what are the challenges for indies at the moment. He also spoke about 10 Tons latest game Time Recoil, which is a twin stick shooter that nods respectfully in the direction of Max Payne and Hotline Miami.

In addition to that we hear about Mario going tops off (he obviously listens to the show), try to work out if we are actually on air and we repurpose information from the internet for our own benefit.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Matt D – Watch Out!!
2. Jiar - We Did It Reddit!!
3. Cecil The Goat - Hoof In Hoof

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After going off on our summer holidays we’re back! But does this count as a new season or not? The official OLL Style Guide isn’t clear on the matter but we’ve taken a chance and decided that the fifteenth season starts here.

This is what we did on our holidays:
- Simon blanked both Ste and (FOTS) Rami in Germany
- Ann and Ste went to an esport
- Simon got annoyed by Sonic Mania
- We all found out that you can do other stuff on a Monday other than make a radio show

So in other words, it was business as usual. At least with Simon being back we managed to book a Super-Special Guest. Book being the special word as the SSG was Nate Crowley, author of 100 Best Video Games (That Never Existed). The book started life as a series of tweets to avoid writing a book, which seems a strange way of not writing a book. We found out what was the first game that Nate made up and how many people have been tricked by the book. We’re offering up our copy in an auction so put your bids in.

Team OLL x


1. Tangy Phoenix - Free
2. Cecil The Goat - Sometimes I Feel Good

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It’s our last show of the current season, and we were already one person down with Simon going to Canadia. But would Dan Marshall have listened to our pleas last week and be our Super-Special Guest, or will we remember to not mention him on the show?

In related news Ann does a review of Dan Marshall’s Behold The Kickmen and we had Sega Badawi as our Super-Special Guest. It was Sega’s first time in the studio and we took full advantage to ask him about reporting from the Mushroom Kingdom. We even got him to do a live local news, which he nearly did perfectly. Although he did slightly spoil Weaselspoon’s letter about Edinburgh by rabbiting on about footballers so the links below detail the shows that he mentioned.

The other link relates to the news story that Sega found out on his rounds. How will Ste and Ann react to his investigation? Presumably the same way that our CD player took the first attempt at playing the news jingle.

See you in about six weeks!

Team OLL x


1. Amateur LSDJ - Explosion
2. Feryl - Summer Is Fading
3. Alone - Your Eternal Adventures

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There’s no Super-Special Guest this week, despite our best efforts as you will find out during this episode. Instead the team get together to chat about videogames and prepare for our AGM. Have we all met our objectives for the year?

But mostly we spoke about Splatoon 2. Have you played Splatoon 2? It’s rather good.

We also referenced an old show presented by Craig Charles, cured and caused the common cold, busted the myth of Crash Bandicoot and Simon realised he could’ve stopped a disaster.

Cheerio and don’t get cooked… stay off the hook!
Team OLL x

Definitely not

1. Club Cult - Bull Shift
2. Klamm - Solar_Sailer
3. We Danced - Untilted 6

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After ten years of hosting One Life Left it seems that Ste thinks it’s time for an image change and he’s now going to become the bad boy of videogames. Not content with skinny dipping last week in Finland, we learnt about how he broke the rules in his youth. It’s a shocking revelation that we need to warn you about here so that it doesn’t offend you too much.

We were happy to finally be able to put a monetary value on how much an appearance on One Life Left will bring you, thanks to Gary Penn being our SSSG last week. Dan Marshall will be kick(ball)ing himself about how much he’s missing out due to his dodgy internet connection.

We also planned a trip to Bury, found out that Radiohead are trolling us and Ann found out what the lads do behind her back when the news is on.

Come to Married-oke this Friday - the Bad Boy won’t be there but it will still be fun!

Team OLL x


1. Johan Andersson - Ghost and Goblins (Surf Mix)
2. Veenomn - Big Beat
3. Sudstep - Like We Used To

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(Who, who, who, who?)

There’s no Ste this week. After literally getting out of his sick bed to dj at Ann’s wedding celebration he then literally went back to his sick bed. This meant that Simon was in charge of the studio so there could be problem with the wrong jingles being played. Luckily our Super-Special Guest that we’d booked ages ago wouldn’t let us down right?

We activated the ESSSG (Emergency Skype Super-Special Guest) beacon and Denki’s Gary Penn answered the call. He had a haircut especially for the show but it would also get an outing for his big interview with Jonathan Smith this week’s Develop Conference. Denki had been working on Crackdown 3, but have recently been taking the opportunity to test a few new game ideas out. One of which has come to fruition as Autonauts, which you can download for free on

We also spoke to Gary about working on magazines (which involved the Mario coin sound needing to be used), how making games helps you learn about ropes and which pubs he went to in Bath. There was also confirmation on the official OLL Style Guide pronunciation of and Ann got married!

And it was Engineer Week this week at Resonance FM. Thanks to our excellent engineers, we literally couldn’t do the show without you.

Team OLL x


1. Gigatron - Bubble Bobble Theme
2. Pinozulp - Gods (Into The Antanifull)
3. Captain MoreGain - Return To Monkey Island

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