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WARNING: Simon once again forgets about sound levels and decides to shout "Get out" at a very loud volume fairly early on in this episode. This will be very annoying, so be prepared. Guy Cocker never has to put up with stuff like this. Sorry.

But the rest of the show is at a good level for listening to. The quality? Well that's for you to decide. Ste is back for the first show in four weeks and as if to add the pressure we had Simon the intern doing some independent verification on how well we produce a radio show. Luckily we had an excellent Super-Special Guest in Laughing Jackal's Alasdair Evans who spoke about his latest release, the py-rogue-a-like Flame Over, if it has any ghosts in it and what Sony Mobile are like to work for.

Ste temporarily changed into being a thesaurus, Ann went overboard with the selfie stick and Simon had a weird emphasis on the word 'spreads'. We also had features from Super Roger World, Sega Badawi and possibly a Super-Special-Secret Contributor!

All from the GMA's second-favourite Radio Show or Podcast :(

Team OLL x


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We're sorry that we weren't on air last week, but Ann Life Left was so great that we felt you would need an extra week to recover. Whilst we allowed Simon to come back on air after he promised that he had learnt his lesson, Ste was being belligerent so we left him on a mountain in Norway. This resulted in a different show to the ones that you're used to. A show where mic levels and timetables were not appreciated.

However our Super-Special Guest Christos Reid was someone that we greatly appreciated. He came in at extremely short notice and proved to be an excellent guest. So much so that Simon had to merge the reviews and letters sections, but it was done so smoothly that you'll never notice. We found about Christos' time in media, why he created a game jam and what his Dad thought of his games.

Dr. Avatar made an appearance along with Sega Badawi. Sega has been moaning for ages about needing a weather presenter to help his local news feature so Simon and Ann decided to give a break to Cara Ellison who was in the middle of a typhoon in Japan. In the weeks to come we'll be auditioning Helen Lewis for our economics editor and Simon 'Parko' Parkin to be our Eye In The Sky.

Ste will be returning next week and we'll be moaning about losing in the GMAs. Unless something amazing happens! Other than this week's #THIRDSDAY which will definitely be amazing!

Team OLL x


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Sometimes - if we've been really good and very lucky - Ste and Simon are both unable to get to the studio. This means that Ann is given free reign and can curate her own videogame radio show. So we welcome into the studio Rock Paper Shotgun's Philippa Warr as a Super-Special Co-Presenter and Leigh Alexander, Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris, Kerry Turner and Monica Ion as the Super-Special Guests.

In addition to the four SSGs we had messages from all around the world from Arielle Grimes, Tina Kalinger, Nathalie De Los Santos and Merritt Kopas telling us about how they work with games. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this episode.

Next week all will be back to normal, for which we can only apologise.

Team OLL x


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It's the second week back from our summer holiday's so obviously Team OLL are back to working perfectly in alignment. Except for the slightly dodgy start at the beginning, but that happens to every podcast and radio show right?
As usual after a #THIRDSDAY we analyse in rigorous details what were the successes (everything) and what were the failures (nothing). Except this time Simon wasn't there as he wanted to awkwardly interact with the repeating funny man who repeats things repeatedly Stewart Lee. Luckily this week's Super-Special Guest Ed Fear didn't meet Stewart Lee so he should have been at #THIRDSDAY, but he wasn't. So where was he then?
We never found out the answer to this so instead we decided to ask Ed about his new game which is Pigeon Dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend. Unfortunately we got confused about whether doves were pigeons, so we had to rely on Simon's wife on asking most of the questions. By the end of the show Simon and Ed were new BFFs which must have meant we were doing something right.
Ann started working as an amateur game designer, which didn't start that well and we perfected our video game producer impressions. Sega Badawi and Super Roger World made appearances too.
Ste and Simon are away next week which means next week is hosted by Ann. These are rare events but are always excellent so make sure you tune in!
Team OLL x
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Oh my God we're back again. Our summer break was so hectic that our parents refused to let us hang out with each other and it's only since school has started that we've been able to get together and talk about games and stuff.

Luckily Ollie Clarke is seen as a good influence so we were allowed to talk to him at great length about the amazing new game that he is working on - LA Cops. Unfortunately he wasn't allowed to tell us the exclusive news that he wanted to tell us, but if any synesthetes could translate what we did manage to find out it would help us greatly. We also found out if there was a red line between Simon and Ollie. What we found out may shock you (sorry we've got to get this habit out of our system).

Ann brought back an old joke but with a new twist, Ste tried to find out when it was best to ignore people, Simon had headphone and bag problems and we all got confused about what makes a niche. (Cheese, eggs, milk, cream and pastry - Hard of hearing Ed) We also had a really good discussion about GamerGate but chose to delete it from the podcast as we felt the general public wouldn't be able to cope with the truth. If it is included on this episode then something went wrong and we advise you not to listen to it.

What we do advise you to listen to are the features performed by Sega Badawi and Super Roger World. And our singing at the fifth #THIRDSDAY of the year! If you get this podcast on the day that it is released then you have NO EXCUSE for not attending. Unless you're Simon.

Team OLL x


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This episode was actually recorded two weeks ago so prepare yourself for vintage/retro One Life Left. Ann had a karaoke injury, Simon was in a grump and Ste was possibly replaced by an imposter so we had to use the latest in eye tracking technology to suss him out.

Luckily we had an excellent Super-Special Guest in Ground Shatter's James Parker who came all the way from Bristol just to be on our show. Actually, this is why the episode is two weeks late as knowing the state of Britain's public transport he'll probably only just be getting home now! He told us what it was like to work with Mike Bithell before fame changed him, what you buy when you quit your job and - more importantly - a bit about the King of Fighters style game that he's working on.

And that's not all! We also had Vlambeer's Rami Ismail and the Train Jam's Adriel Wallick dropping in. Rami talked about his games distribution helpsite / Lady Diana's dead boyfriend tribute site whilst Adriel needed hashtag branding advice for the next Train Jam that's going to be held. Annoyingly it's not being held the day before Wednesday otherwise the most apt hashtag would be #ChooChooChoosday.

We also had Sega Badawi make a recorded appearance and lots of amazing letters from our amazing listeners. Hope you enjoy the summer holidays!

Team OLL x


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One Life Left returns after a two week break and everything has changed. Or at least one thing has: the caretaker is on holiday, which means Ste is back to uploading the podcast which means it's frankly some kind of miracle that you're even reading this. If there's a second miracle and you can hear it too, here's what to expect:

* Super special guest Rachael Reynolds talks Sunless Sea, Fallen London, drops some exclusive news involving another dev studio and teaches us how to do interviews

* The team discuss their various engagements, including Simon's fun at Develop, Ste's adventures in Joensuu and Ann's trip to Kelis

* There's some promotion for the not-at-all-confusing third #THIRDSDAY, this time on a Wednesday, i.e. potentially tonight, so see you at The Loading Bar

* Reviews, news, features, letters, etc. And lots of music, talking of which...

Track List:

1. Iron Ore - Sentiment

2. Klamm - Score

3. Calavera - About Us

4. Motionride - Whatever You Wish

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After her adventures in journalism Ann is moving into new worlds. She's going to join Pip in our roster of esport athletes by winning the co-ed Hearthstone tournament. The only possible spanner in this plan is that she doesn't really know what Hearthstone is. Will she be able to learn this important information during the show?

While Ann's working this out we interviewed this week's Super-Special Guest - Iain Simons from GameCity. We quizzed him about why GameCity is amazing (mostly for Iain to say why we're amazing), corrected him about the GameCity prize winners and found out about what's happening at the closing ceremony. But will the Sheriff that's attending the closing ceremony be Alan Rickman or Tony Robinson?

We also brain stormed ideas for what we're going to do for this year's GameCity, then gave up and offered you (yes you!) the chance to do it for us. Not only that, but we were given an EXCLUSIVE about an attendee that has got our pushing arms twitching in anticipation. In addition to all this amazing info we had features from Super Roger World and Sega Badawi.

Team OLL x


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It's pretty tiring work curating the latest and more important video game news. Which is generally why Ann (and local news cub reporter Sega Badawi) steal it from Eurogamer. But last week. Last week was an exception. Ann did some journalism and it's tiring work. She also shed a little light on her unbiased method on how she curates the news (further to the curation that Eurogamer had already done).

And we needed to be on impressive journalistic form this week as our Super-Special Guest, Phil Elliott from Square Enix's Collective, used to be on Five Live. Despite previously only being used to medium wave, he stepped up admirably to FM surround sound. He told all about Collective, how it got off the ground, why it's Collective and not The Collective. Unfortunately Ste didn't get to pitch his idea for a Lara Croft karaoke card game. Fingers crossed it will see the light of day soon!

In other Ann related news she invented a new unit of measurement, managed to beat Million Pound Journalist Cara Ellison to the EXCLUSIVE review of the Kim Kardashian game, did an excellent visual joke and saw some tiger cubs. Simon became Philippa 'Pip' Warr's Moba/esports agent and Ste left his phone on.

Team OLL x


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One Life Left prides itself on its news team. Ann has been with the show as a cub reporter and we've seen her grow into the excellent news journalist that you hear today. But she doesn't really get the support from Simon and Ste that she deserves. As you will hear in this week's episode where the lads don't expect her to get any proper journalism done with respect to Atari and their LGBT statement. You can expect to hear the All Apologies music next week.

We didn't have to apologise to our Super-Special Guest this week who was Darren Grey from Roguelike Radio. He managed to help clear up the differences between Rogue and Roguelikes. Luckily we didn't ask him what the difference was between a Roguelike and The Like as it would have gotten terribly confusing. However, after our advice he will have to amend the name of his podcast slightly or he may be hearing from our legal team.

Also on the show Simon asks a rather technical programming question. He's changed. Ann thinks of skinny jeans and Ste talks about cricket. They haven't changed. Sega Badawi reads the local news and Super Roger World speaks to his agent. And if you would like to change the list of contributors (by creating a new feature) then send something in to the usual address. Thingy's going to do one again and she's been away for AGES.

There's a review of how our second #THIRDSDAY went down amongst the footy fans and Ann promoted the show during the Radius Festival by not actually mentioning the show. But that's because she's a journalist not a promoter. Plus Ste wasn't there to point at her, which is the usual gesture that makes her say our web address.

Team OLL x


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