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We start the episode a little confused. So confused that Ste mentions how it’s our first show together for a few weeks, er, except we were all together last week. Ste did have an excuse in that Team OLL got together over the week to once again give the gift of Marioke to Nordic Game. Apart from Simon who decided Belgium was much better, which it would have been but he failed to go to Ghent or Bobbejaanland.

Anyway, after last week’s lack of an SSG we went overboard by getting a guest who had just flown in from America - and boy were his arms tired! It was Glenn Gregory from ID@Xbox, which is the main route to getting your indie game onto to Xbox platform. We bombarded him with questions that he actually gave a straight answer to like: Is there still a place for traditional indie games? What does Ann need to do to promote her indie game that she hasn’t made yet? And: How many games have been released on the ID service? This last one wasn’t a question we asked, but we did find out the answer in the show.

One other thing that means Glenn will always be a Friend Of The Show is that he managed to give Ann and Ste the opportunity to audition to be a Sugababe. Were either of us successful? We may never know. We also had some Local News, had a joke stolen by time-travelling television people and realised we’re getting old. What a bummer of an ending.

Team OLL x


1. Veenomn – Big Boofer
2. amateurlsdj - Stellar

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Apologies for the delay in releasing this episode - our Caretaker was at a team build in Doncaster. Unfortunately Derek Williams wasn’t providing the after-dinner entertainment but there’s always next time.

Simon was finally back in the country and on the show after a world tour that took in Toronto, Great Yarmouth and Greece and also a flight that was delayed 27 hours. Luckily this meant that Simon had plenty of opportunities to play the Switch in various locations and with different people, including ex-contributors Taliah and Dexter. So without an SSG we decided to discuss the Switch in more detail. Do we think it will change the videogame world? Or how it will change the tea break at cricket matches? And can we persuade Ann to buy her own Switch?

We also found out if Ann passed her driving test, the first line of Ste’s Nordic Game talk and Simon’s cunning plan for his Playstation. Sega Badawi managed to find a non-election story and we had a good idea for a Game Jam.

Team OLL x


1. Kal – On My Own[sgb-mix]
2. Ocean Palace – Zero Leaf

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Another week without Simon, but we’ve been promised that he will definitely be here next week. However, going by his Twitter as at Wednesday, this promise might not be kept. At least Ste will be here, even though Simon thinks Ste won’t be.

As one of Simon’s roles is to book the SSGs, we had to resort to sending a signal out. Luckily Lukas Roper answered and became an SSSG (Skype Super-Special Guest). When Ann found out what Lukas had previously worked on you could hear her gasp in admiration and you can too. Lukas is currently working on the excellently named Corrupt Cup Contest, which is a tongue in cheek online multiplayer game based on the ongoing FIFA scandal. It sounds like it’ll be great fun, although if Team OLL decide to play each other it’ll be a little boring as we all play by the rules and won’t stab each other in the back. Maybe.

Ann tells us a very interesting fact about the oceans and gives us some useful lessons in hacking while Ste made a quite good joke about Whitstable and is worrying about his new talk. We also had a feature from Sega Badawi, who is finding it difficult to have news stories that aren’t about the UK election.

Team OLL x


1. Ampliflyer - Post Physical
2. Mute Hero - BGM 00

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Team OLL managed to get approval from our HR director to go and record a show from the floor of this year’s Nordic Game Jam, which was held in Copenhagen between 20 April and 23 April. So, as Resonance locked us out of the studio this week because of the bank holiday, we decided to release an episode from the first day of the Jam.

Team OLL x


1. Amateur LSDJ - Journey
2. Israel Junior - Spring Song
3. Vincentizghra - Mergefusion
4. YERZMYEY - Agartha
5. VCMG - Swashbuckler Saga

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After a break for the Easter holidays and to go to Denmark, we’re back! And, as usual for when we have a break for a holiday, we’ve left a member of Team OLL in another country.

And our Super-Special Guest had a very apt name for this week’s presenting team with Stephane (Ste + Ann) Ferrandiz from Gamevil making his first appearance on the show. He was here to talk about War of Crown, which has all the best bits of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics, but none of the bad bits. It’s also has real time PVP so we tried to find out how easy that is to do (presumably we’re thinking of doing it in Marioke).

We also spoke about Snooker, came up with a cheap way to make a mini NES and Ann told us about her massive bruise that happened at the Nordic Game Jam. It’s been a difficult two weeks.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Amateur LSDJ - Equestrian
2. DEgITx - Remember Your Name
3. Leave Luck To Hell - Pheonix Down Syndrome

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It’s the fourteenth season of One Life Left! Miracles can happen if you believe in them! For instance, Ste has a tan and could potentially be djing at Ann’s wedding for up to 22.5 minutes! Oh, and the caretaker could forget to press play and record, thereby missing important chat from the beginning of the episode so had to make a seamless edit (sort of)! Miracles!

Some people could argue that one such miracle would be Failbetter Games getting all of their Kickstarter money for Sunless Skies within one day, but we’re not too surprised by that as their games are rather excellent. And it was EXCLUSIVELY announced on One Life Left so it’s successful monetisation was assured.

This week’s Super-Special Guest was Cash Decuir from - no! But yes! - Failbetter Games so we got to talk to him about how you write for a game like Sunless Skies, what lessons were learnt from their previous Kickstarters and which flying insects are a force for good.

We had a debrief about our Marioke Live event, with the conclusion that it was excellent and that YOU should be there next time. Plus we raised enough money for Resonance that they’ll have no choice but to keep us on air. Sega Badawi gave us the latest Local News, Ann reviewed Wedding games and we also had a bit of goat butter chat. Standard videogame radio show stuff really.

Team OLL x


1. Himsy Pimsy - The Bell
2. Not too sure, we’ll update the website when we remember who did this

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It’s the last day for GDC X One Life Left presented by Gamasutra 2017 and we are all very sad, but luckily we have a sofa full of guests to cheer us up.


Today we talk pitches, perfecting vocal performances, and why there is blood on the walls and wine on Kris’ shoe.


Thanks to all our lovely guests, viewers and listeners. See you next year!


On the show were:

Brian Upton, Game On The Rails

Jon Ingold and Joe Humfrey, Inkle

Tony Gowland, Ant Workshop

Glen Gathard, Pinewood Studios

Sarah Elmaleh, Freelance Voice Actor

Stephen Barlow, Freelance Voice Actor

James Parker, Ground Shatter

Anisa Sanusi, Frontier

Chris Wilson, Cardboard Sword

Barbara Lippe, Entrez

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GDC X One Life Left presented by Gamasutra is joined by more brilliant guests for our show today. It’s Thursday, so the cracks are beginning to show, but we still managed some great networking. Tune in to find out which business deals we brokered on the sofa today.

On the show today were:

Mike Jungbluth, Volition

Ryan James, Naughty Dog

Rhodri Broadbent, Dakko Dakko

Andrew Maximov, Naughty Dog

Grace Carroll, Creative Assembly

Matt Lees and Paul Dean, Shut Up and Sit Down

Nic Tringali, Bithell Games

Teddy Diefenbach, Square Enix

Robin Arnott, Independent

Colin Northway, Northway Games

Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris, The Tiniest Shark

Michael Lee, Schell Games

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GDC X One Life Left presented by Gamasutra is live from the show floor, talking to more amazing guests and, for the first time ever, smelling their games.

Tune in tomorrow for more sensory experiences.

On the show today were:

Rebekah Saltsman, Finji

Kert Gartner,

Rayna Anderson, Eidos Montreal

Itay Keren, Untame

Tanya Short, Kitfox Games

Richard Rouse, Paranoid Productions

Herman Narula, Improbable

Martine Spaans, Tamalaki Publishing

Lisa Brown, Independent

Jenn Sandercock, Inquisiment

Alex Fleetwood, Sensible Object

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GDC X One Life Left presented by Gamasutra is live on the conference floor and we are Twitch streaming together for the first time!

We’re joined by some incredible guests who chat carousels, cash and the coldest GDC on record. Tune in again tomorrow for more.

On the show were:

Gemma Thomson, Kaludoscope

Richard Lemarchand, USC

Holly Gramazio, Matheson Marcault

Mark Cooke, Shiny Shoe

Kenny Young, AudBod

Grant Shonkwiler, Shonkventures

Shawn Allen, NuChallenger

Emily Short, Spirit AI

Soren Johnson, Mohawk Games

Hannah Bunce, BBC

Tanya DePass, I Need Diverse Games

Brandon Sheffield, Necrosoft Games

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