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It's not a new season of One Life Left if at least one of us can't make it to the second episode. And Scanters was very happy to take the hit for the team this episode to go boozing on the way to Oslo. It's a hard life being head of HR and News for Europe's leading videogame radio programme. Ann was so on top with her HRing this week by managing to arrange a news-reading substitute, although he did let her down slightly by having a bit of a Network moment. True newsreaders would never do that.

Frederico Fasce from ETT was this week's Super-Special Guest. He gave a very good reason as to why he wouldn't be able to attend our next Marioke event, which meant that we were prepared to ask him about Game Happens - the Italian gaming event he runs with his girlfriend - and the work that he does for ETT. As a result we confirmed how intelligent we were and also learnt about how games are useful in psychological testing (we'd have needed more than an hour for us to do that one).

We move into a fascinating sphere of audio adventures by giving a commentary about an old issue of Edge (warning: contains Nokia N-Gage news) and also got Simon's hot take on the toys to life market, which in turn led to us uncovering a whole new market to move into. And you get some Local News too.

Team OLL x


1. 0b111 - OreoMilkshake_1989
2. Tuxic - 1st Round

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Hey everyone, we're back, Back, BACK. And you know that the show is going to be a great one when before it even starts two thirds of Team OLL gets kissed by Nunhead's own Lewis Schaffer. Although it doesn't help that we forget what number season we're on. But you know this as you can see it in the episode description. If you can't be bothered to scroll up, we've finally hit our teens.

While we were away Ste watched cricket, Ann became a Twitch superstar and Simon went to PAX. No surprises there then. What was a bit shocking (after all the talk at GDC) was that Ste is into VR - how could he turn on us like that? Wait, he's using it to make a cricket game? Ah, all is right with the world.

The Super-Special Guest this week is Simon Haynes, who is making Super Arcade Football. It's already in Steam Early Access and is an attempt to bring videogame football back to its fun arcade roots. We try to find how he has altered the rules of football to make it more fun as a videogame, what's it like to be a friendly rival to the runner Dan Marshall's Behold The Kickmen and can Simon think of a great metaphor for feedback?

As well as that, you provided and presided us with some excellent letters, Sega Badawi gave us some more Local News and everyone got invited to Ann's birthday party. Assuming you're ok with it being a Marioke event as well.

Team OLL x


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2. Brink - Total Bae
3. Impulses - Sodium Rising

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Well folks, it's the final day of GDC 2016, and what an amazing time we've had. We've spoken to dozens of guests, hosted two epic Marioke sessions, experienced more virtual realities than we ever dreamed possible AND learned how to pronounce HTC Vive. Incredible scenes.

But before we go, join One Life Left, Gamasutra and super special guests Fred Wester from Paradox, Eric Zimmerman, Jesse Schell, Riot Games Kimberly Voll, Martine Spaans, Kanye Zone superstar Stephen Barlow, Robert Yang, Positech's Cliff Harris, Henrik Johansson from Mediocre Games, Dan Adelman, Robert and Peter Curry, and Anna Kipnis from Double Fine as we see out GDC in style.

Team OLL x

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Stories! Awards! Pink Pants! Join One Life Left, Gamasutra and twelve more super special guests as we guide you through the ins-and-outs of GDC 2016.

On today's show we're joined by Matti Larsson from Zordix, Joseph Humfrey and Tom Kail from inkle, industry legend Lorne Lanning, Steve Meretzky, Tadhg Kelly, Scott Brodie from Heart Shaped Games, Zach Gage, Chris McQuinn from DrinkBox Studios, Steve Gaynor, writer Chris Kohler, and Frank Cifaldi from Digital Eclipse.

Team OLL x
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It's day three at GDC, and now the expo's properly underway it's time to find out if this VR stuff is any good. Luckily we've got a small army of super-special guests to help us work that out.

Guests include Tommy Refenes from Team Meat, Ryan Burrell, educator Kerry Turner, Lee Perry, Robin-Yann Storm, FourbitFriday’s Tyriq Plummer, Jake Birkett from Grey Alien Games, Luuk van Aggelen and Bram Simonis from Pillow Games, Katie Goode of Triangular pixels and Gamasutra columnist Katherine Cross.


Team OLL x

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Show two from GDC, and the first from the convention floor! Join us and twelve super special guests as we talk about what's coming up this week, how many VR panels can fit into one lineup and we continue to ask the all-important question 'How do you pronounce Vive?'

Featuring John Warner from Over The Moon Games, Andy Nealen from NYU, Tarn Adams from Bay 12 Games, Kongregate co-founder Emily Greer, Fullbright's Nina Freeman, Henrike Lode from Lohika, Romana Ramzan from Glasgow Caledonian University, Professor Mary Flanagan, James Portnow from Snow Cannon Games, composer Laura Karpman, and Mare Sheppard & Raigan Burns from Metanet Software Inc.

Team OLL x

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One Life Left is back to present the official GDC podcast with our good friends Gamasutra. We thought we'd take it easy with our first show by having a relaxed recording in a hotel room, but what we ended up with was a bumper show packed full of more people than we've ever had on before. 

Join us as we talk to TWENTY-SIX (26) amazing guests, hear from developers new and old, chat about game jams and game collectives, discuss how to #network, and get into the big debate about how to pronounce the HTC Vive. 
On the show were:


Charles Cecil - Revolution Software

Martin Kvale - Independant

Tim Garbos - Triband

Joel Nyström - Ludosity

Hannah Flynn - Failbetter

Harry Tuffs - PixelTrickery

Lottie Bevan - Failbetter

Martine Spaans - Tamalaki Game Publishing

Jonatan Van Hove - Independant

Matt Boch - NYU

Sarah Brin - Autodesk

Simon Parkin - New Yorker/Gamasutra

Brandon Sheffield - Necrosoft Games

Rami Ismail - Vlambeer

Grant Shonkwiler - Epic Games

Dave Evans - Playcanvas

Brian Francis - Gamasutra

Adriel Wallick - Train Jam

Philippa Warr - Rock Paper Shotgun

Eline Muijres - Dutch Game Garden

Eduardo Ortiz Frau - Audio Producer

Shahid Kamal Ahmed - Independant

Alex Wawro - Gamasutra

Runa Haukland - Hamar Game Collective

Catharina Bohler - Hamar Game Collective

Marianne Lerdahl - Hamar Game Collective

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This week's episode is a Denmark special. And in order to celebrate Denmark we got the programmers of James Pond, 3D Construction Kit and the amazing International Rugby Challenge in to talk about it. Oh. Wait. We were thinking of Domark, not Denmark. Luckily our SSG booker didn't make such a mistake and, after Sandi Toksvig and Sofie Hagen refused to return our non-existent calls, we got Jacob and Simon from Gameswing on as our Super-Special Guests. They were there to talk about their new (and first) game Stikbold, which is coming out on XBox One and PC on 1st April and on PS4 a few days afterwards. We asked them about how the game developed from its early start as a Dodgeball game at the Nordic Game Jam to its expertly published current state.

We also found out that we really don't like the word sunsetting, fingernails being left in the studio or not being allowed booze on trains like they are in Denmark. This is our last episode before we go to GDC (which will be podcasted) and when we return we will be ten years old, so be prepared for an anniversary special. John Life Left and Sega Badawi provided some features and we also heard about the latest YouTube Superstar. Finally someone in the extended Team OLL will know how streaming works.

Team OLL x


1. Please Lose Battle - Goodbye Joy
2. Cangrejo - Spider Dance - Undertale
3. Klamm - Goblins

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Welcome to episode 280 in One Life Left's quest to understand how Twitch actually works. This week's person trying to show how the video streaming service actually helps people understand videogames is Sam Murray - Coceo from Senshudo tv. He tells us about how he avoids all kinds of handers - both front and back kinds and possibly even side ones - to provide an unbiased set of reviews using Twitch. As well as that he got us annoyed because we never actually got any bribes when we worked at videogame magazines. OR MAYBE THAT'S WHAT WE WANT YOU TO THINK.

More importantly, as it was a Leap Day, Ann had the pick of three men to choose to propose to. Or would the patriarchy hold her back (again)? Simon's son had learnt a new swears and Simon learnt what his wife gets up to when he's not around. Sega Badawi dropped some local news on those assembled, we had some Conker chat that didn't involve K-Stew and we figured out how Tomorrowland affects reviews. It was a good show.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. Nikola - Syncopatience
2. Panda Chan - TFATFJ - Corruption

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Psst, don't tell anyone, but this week's show is a gossip special. Unfortunately we don't quite know what this actually means, so we're not actually sure if any real gossip gets spoken during the show. If there is it's almost certainly scurrilous and without foundation, which is our favourite type of gossip (it usually involves conkers).

Our Super-Special Guest was Dan Simpson, who is a videogame poet (which sounds like a great idea for a feature - hint hint Craig The Rage). We asked Dan how he got into poetry, what proportion of indie developers like poetry immediately and also if there is anything that Kieron Gillen isn't prepared to introduce. Dan also created a crowd sourced poem for the National Museum of Scotland which sounds like something we'd do, if you replaced 'poem' with 'karaoke song' and 'National Museum of Scotland' with 'pub'.

We also found out what Belgium was like, turned down the London Games Festival, Ann went around the studio and Simon's wife isn't going cheese tasting. Sega Badawi provided us with some local news and we told you where you can get the last ever tickets to our GDC Marioke party. You should bid on them. Especially if you're going to GDC. Don't be the ones to miss out!

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. HavocCc - Nanoloop Live Improvisation
2. Robert Wells - Medieval Polyphony
3. Ixen - Relaxing Desert Night

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