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Sometimes One Life Left is scheduled against big events, which means that some of our listeners usually have to catch up through these podcasts. Luckily this week all that was happening at 7pm was an England match - which pretty much everyone agreed was a 7/10 performance.

For some reason Simon was away this week (which HR are investigating), but he managed to book Luke Williams as a Super-Special Guest before he went off. Luke was on for his fourth or fifth appearance and took his third or fourth chance to talk about Worlds Adrift. Except this time Worlds Adrift has finally been released. As it’s an open world MMO we found out if Americans are nicer than Europeans, why Team OLL was missed off Bossa's big sky ship event, and if the game broke in a good way.

We thought of a great mod for The Last of Us 2, Ann decided she was going to become great at Fortnite, then realised that she was already a legend in Worlds Adrift, Ste showed even more love for Smash Bros, and we found out if Luke enjoyed swinging.

Team OLL x


1. Brink - Tough World
2. Pointless - Pulse Wave Rave Party
3. Klamm - Discoveries

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The full team is back in the studio for the second week in a row, so that should mean that we had no issues with playing jingles correct? Assuming that the Caretaker made the edits that needed doing then the answer is yes.

Our Super-Special Guest was the games designer and writer-for-hire of Little Mix fanfic Holly Gramazio. She clarified some points of order that related to our first episode of this season as she part-curates the amazing Now Play This festival and runs design superstar company Matheson Marcault - our favourite gaming company with the initials MM (at least until Media Molecule are on the show). We find out all about Holly’s new Kickstarter project Art Cards, which cards were rejected from Art Cards, whether people prefer to be Arty or to Party, and what border control think of her job.

Ann brought her backpack into the studio and also found a great loophole for doing E3 news that she should have implemented twelve years ago. Simon has a new purchase that he hasn’t opened yet and jointly proclaimed his love for Kingdom Hearts with Ste. We also found out why Ste has an Android phone. The answer probably won’t shock you.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - The Door into the Summer
2. Amateur LSDJ - Naval

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The full team were back from their bank holiday off including Simon (who had also taken another four months off for some (literally) small reason and we were willing to answer the most important question in gaming today: Is caviar vegetarian?

We managed to get Tom and Sam from Roll 7 into the studio to tell us all about their new game Laser League 1.0, which sounds (and is) excellent. We found out what it is like to be beaten at your own game, how useful feedback from the public is (remember to send in your letters to us) and what colour their new game is. Hey - some running jokes just span multiple seasons.

We also find out that Ste didn’t want Sam to talk very much on the show, if we had a shark in the studio, try to remember if we’re on Spotify (spoiler: not yet), and find out rough Simon is with his Switch.

Team OLL x


1. Klamm - Doc (seems to have been deleted from Chipmusic - Ed)
2. sudstep - Beach Episode
3. amateur lsdj - Peace Outro

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We’re back! And as usual for us coming back for a new season, we’re not on next week. We also don’t have a Super-Special Guest, Super-Special Simon or the Super-Special reviews theme. So normal service has resumed.

We are also proud to announce that One Life Left is GDPR compliant, which famous person an Italian Ste looks like and that Ann has forgotten her headphone and hairdo preferences. There’s also a review of how Marioke has taken over the world and we tell you all how great Now Play This was.

Not only that you get to find out if our partners are snorers or not. As we said, normal service has resumed.

Team OLL x


Track list:
1. ada Mills - prelude (NES)
2. Lognes - Artificial Intelligence Assistant
3. Justbeenwarpzoned - Ignorance

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This is our final episode from 2018’s GDC. Ste finally manages to get the subject onto ice cream, but we also got to speak to these fab* Super-Special Guests:
Robin-Yann Storm (@RYStorm)
Esben Kjær Ravn (@esbenravn)
Daniel Nye Griffiths (@D_Nye_Griffiths)
Mare Sheppard (@MareSheppard)
Raigan Burns (@raiganburns)
Carli Velocci (@velocciraptor)

Hosted by:
Bryant Francis (@rbryant2012)
Kris Graft (@krisgraft)
Ste Curran (@steishere)
Ann Scantlebury (@scanters)

Team OLL (and Team Gamasutra) x

* Clever wording we know, cheers

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Our fourth GDC episode sees us missing Kris for the first set of Super-Special Guests, but we manage to get him back partway through the show. Speaking of which, the Super-Special Guests on the show were:
Robin-Yann Storm (@rystorm)
Joel Nyström (@reallyjoel)
Nathalie Lawhead (@alienmelon)
Bennett Foddy (@bfod)
Robin Baumgarten (@robin_b)
Frank Cifaldi (@frankcifaldi)
Vincent Diamante (@vincentdiamante)

Hosted by:
Alex Wawro (@awawro)
Kris Graft (@krisgraft)
Ann Scantlebury (@scanters)
Ste Curran (@steishere)

Team OLL (and Team Gamasutra) x

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First there was an episode of One Life Left from GDC 2018. Then there was another one of it. Then there was another one of it (we need a new joke for episode 4). Featuring the following Super-Special Guests:
Jennifer Hazel (@rx_pixel)
Osama Dorias (@osamadorias)
Laura Bularca (@sarienn)
Emily Short (@emshort)
Will Porter (@batsphinx)
Andrew Barron (
Jennifer Scheurle (@Gaohmee)

Hosted by: Kris Graft (@krisgraft)
Ste Curran (@steishere)
Ann Scantlebury (@scanters)

Game played during the intro/outro: Puyo Puyo Tetris

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It's our second episode from GDC 2018. Featuring:
Jonathan Ying (@Fancymancer)
Kate Edwards (@geogrify)
Anna Lapinsh (@treslapin)
Gabby DaRienzo (@gabdar)
Luis de Leon (@luisfdeleon)
Brendan Greene (@playerunknown)
Ben Myres (@_benjamming)
Tammy Duplantis (@tambalaya)

Hosted by:
Kris Graft (@krisgraft)
Ste Curran (@steishere)
Ann Scantlebury (@scanters)

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Recorded live in San Francisco, 19/3/2018. Presented by Ann Scantlebury, Ste Curran and Gamasutra's Kris Graft. Guests: Jerry Belich (Jerrytron) Eline Muijres (Dutch Game Garden) Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) Martine Spaans (Tamalaki Games) Tadhg Kelly (What Games Are) Daniel Nye Griffiths (Improbable) Martin Jonasson (Grapefrukt) David McCarthy (Cygames) Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency) Adriel Wallick (Train Jam) Quintin Smith (Shut Up & Sit Down) Matt Boch (Harmonix) Leigh Alexander (Reigns: Her Majesty)
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Here is this week's podcast. 


No-one reads this bit anyway, do they?






Your friends at O??


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